Tragic Heroes In Things Fall Apart English Books Essay

The purpose of this written activity is to give the mark audience a more flexible method of think about Okonkwos position after he passed away for the reason that because he dies tragically, will not mean he is to certainly be a tragic hero. The primary audience because of this written job is those who often review the "between the lines" framework of Achebes work. This is a perfect task to allow them to be question for or against. Another market is also those who just don't mind spending time in Achebes meaning in "Things Fall Apart". The written process connects to "Language and Culture" because there are different interpretations of what a hero to the culture really is. Obiereka has mentioned "That man was one of the biggest men in Umofia. You drove him to destroy himself; and today he will be buried such as a dog. . . "(208) In the Igbo culture, Okonkwo will be cured similar to an pet when he's dead when compared to a savior with their customs and practices. The region of communication, mass communication is best suited for this job because this area is meant to be utilized for students to mention their own opinion into one of the kind of texts for a more inventive approach. The precise type of content material I have selected is an thoughts and opinions column since it conveys my purpose of the written activity because what better way to bring about a question than an thoughts and opinions column. An judgment column is one of the sole text messages that is directly related to my purpose, which saying my prospect on the problem of Okonkwo's loss of life of course, if he is highly recommended a tragic hero.

Written Activity #1: Point of view Column: My Idea that there surely is no Tragic Hero in Achebe's "Things BREAK APART"

According to Aristotle a tragedy is "a theatre. . . which recounts an important and casually related series of events in the life of any person of relevance, such occasions culminating in an unhappy catastrophe, the whole cured with great dignity and seriousness. " The novel Things Fall Apart, compiled by Chinua Achebe starts as a story about the life span of a man named Okonkwo. It recounts the occurrences beginning with his child years and ending along with his fatality. Part I of the book is about Okonkwo, his family, and the traditions and culture of his clan. PARTLY II the white men came from England, taking with them their own culture, religious beliefs, and federal government. Part III focuses on the struggle between the clansmen and the missionaries. Okonkwo's delight, ambition and overconfidence play a sizable part in the fight for freedom. Relating to Arthur Miller, "the tragic sense is evoked in us whenever we are in the occurrence of a identity who is ready to lay out his life, if you need to, to secure a very important factor - his sense of personal dignity. . . Tragedy, then is the result of a man's total compulsion to evaluate himself justly. "

In the finish of Things BREAK APART, Okonkwo does perish for his cause; however whether or not his loss of life can be labeled as heroic is debatable. As the community was having a gathering in regards to what must be done in response to the invasion, they were met with five judge messengers. The head messenger demanded passing, and was faced with Okonkwo. Once the messenger purchased the meeting to stop, Okonkwo drew his machete and beheaded the person. The very next day the area commissioner arrived to adopt Okonkwo away, only to discover that Okonkwo acquired hung himself. It can be argued that his death came from his "underlying concern with being displaced. . . his have difficulties. . . to get his 'rightful' position in his population" (Miller). It could be argued that he was too happy, and that the worthiness of his life was too great to be condemned by the white men. A tragic hero "insists on expressing himself even though he must are affected for his self applied assertion" (Hibbard, Holman, and Thrall). That is true in Okonkwo case. Also, it is stated that "the hero is not arbitrarily struck down but has in some way contributed to his show up" (Hibbard, Holman, and Thrall). This is true for the reason that Okonkwo have choose to wipe out the messenger, and did take his own life. Within the novel, Obierika, Okonkwo's best friend, pertains to the Commissioner how he feels about Okonkwo's fatality; "That man was one of the greatest men in Umofia. You drove him to destroy himself; and today he will be buried such as a dog. . . "(208)

The way in which Okonkwo took his own life can also lead to the debate that he was no hero, but that he required the easy way out. "The pathetic is achieved when the protagonist is, by virtue of his witlessness, his insensitivity, or the very air he gives off, not capable of grappling with a much superior power" (Miller). It could be arranged that his death was relatively pathetic as opposed to heroic. It is also hypocritical that Okonkwo did the trick so hard to be reputed and to operate for his own traditions, and yet got his own life, which in the clan was considered an abomination. "It is an criminal offense against the Earth, and a guy who commits you won't be buried by his clansmen. His person is evil, in support of strangers may touch it" (207). For the tragic hero "the destruction of the body is, however, often accompanied by such enlargement of the nature that, no subject how awful the results of the problem, the hero has triumphed over them and subjugated them by his greatness of brain" (Hibbard, Holman, and Thrall). Okonkwo's death was quite reverse. His heart was by no means enlarged, if anything it was reduced. Also greatness of mind was not achieved through his loss of life, and in no way possessed he triumphed. "His destruction in the attempt posits a wrong or an evil in his environment" (Miller). Instead of Okonkwo's death delivering heroism and enlightenment, it only brought evil. He had potential to be always a tragic hero, instead he was basically tragic.

Things BREAK APART can most surely be thought as a tragedy, however the protagonist is not really a tragic hero. Though he has many characteristics of the tragic hero, his fatality falls less than heroism. Maybe it's concluded that Achebe purposely ended Okonkwo's life in this way in order to convey to the reader a feeling of depravity; to leave the reserve lacking. The finish lacks an closing. The Region Commissioner just mentions that he may have the ability to use the story of Okonkwo to fill a paragraph of the booklet he's writing. This declaration completely diminishes the value of Okonkwo's life; perhaps in an effort to relate just how that these people which culture has been tossed away and eventually forgotten, aside from the occasional paragraph in a few random, meaningless book. An closing truly tragic.

Word Count up: 1004 words

Work Cited

Hibbard, Holman, Thrall. Excerpts from: A Handbook to Literature, "Aristotelian Tragedy".

Miller, Arthur. "Tragedy and the normal Man, " (an excerpt from the preface made by Miller for Fatality of a Salesman. ), 1949

Written Process #2: Rationale

The purpose of this written task is to give the mark audience of how mass media destroyed something that was once considered to be a sign of tranquility and calmness. In an over-all sense, the complete notion of this written activity is to warn the individuals who media is the main factor to the damage of peace, it's the reason we've cultural edges, discrimination between races, and provincial intellects. The prospective audience because of this written task is actually those who are not living under a rock and roll. At least those people do not have the effect of the multimedia to make their decisions on their behalf. This political animation is intended for the earth all together (hence the woman carrying the dove personifies the world. ) This toon doesn't have a particular race to it, it message or calls to every religious beliefs, every contest, and every culture (ergo the interracial features on the girl) and alert them that we are all effected by the same evil. The animation and its interpretation hook up to the option "Media and Culture" because it sends a message towards one of the key iniquities of media, and this is the hate talk. Hate speech requires various varieties, from words stirring violence, to those creating a local climate of hate towards defenseless groupings. Hate conversation has one common end result: it creates an environment of odium and prejudice that legitimizes hostility towards its focuses on. Hate speech 's the reason the dove is stripped from its olive branch and remaining to die. The area of communication, poetic communication, also attaches with this written job since it helps the audience think and create their own communication of what the toon is conveying. Afterwards they can flip it over and understand the true need for the cartoon. Poetic communication also will involve the audience to think imaginatively and appeal to them. Even more specifically, the sort of text I've chosen, "cartoon" (interpretation included) helps appeal to the audience more. As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a 1000 words" but a picture that oozes metaphors and subliminal framework is worth a countless number of words since each person in the audience has an alternative interpretation of computer. I did so not choose the other styles of text message because I did so not need to limit the audience's thoughts about the trunk story of the animation with words, I did so not need to stir them in any direction- I needed to see their own understanding on the evils of broadcast marketing.

Written Process #2: An Artist's Interpretation of the Media

"Hold a dove too restricted and you'll get rid of it, maintain it too loose and it'll fly away"

In this cartoon, one considers an interracial girl with a head scarf securing to a dove while it bleeds to fatality, still securing to its olive branch. The media's interpretation of the dove hauling an olive branch in the past years was symbolic of calmness but due to recent changes in press, the dove has only been seen as disruption of peacefulness. Nowadays, multimedia has slaughtered its dove and stripped it of its olive branch. A number of the categories in hate speech often observed in the broadcast multimedia consist of: False specifics include inappropriate, exaggerated, synthesized facts. Disruptive words creates and induces an "us vs. them" state of mind. Hard times often provoke blaming others as the foundation of trouble. Muslims, African Americans, and Jews have been regularly goals as scapegoats for those wishing to advance their own agendas. Dehumanizing metaphors call to mind messages including heroism, warfare, disease, etc. All this is included inside our everyday sources of media, and they all vary depending on what one thinks on or where these are from. Broadcast press, our main way to obtain news, influences our action and viewpoints. Hate speech 's the reason the dove is stripped from its olive branch and left to die. It has been stabbed by an arrow that reads "Insert Reports Station" and therefore every news train station is biased, they produce a heroic stature for the united states they represent and dehumanizes other vulnerable groups that do not have a respected position for the reason that country. The woman represents mother earth; she actually is interracial because she represents every race, country, and religion. She actually is not biased nor is she prejudiced which is why she is wearing a material that has the same color as the dove, it symbolizes her connection with peacefulness and also shares the pain that serenity has been inflicted upon. The price below the toon: "Hold a dove too restricted and you'll eliminate it, carry it too loose and it'll soar away" means that media has repressed peace and conveyed hatred instead and damaged its significance. The olive branch remains in the dove's oral cavity because it presents hope that one day, people may forgive their enemies and sew in the dove's wounds.

Word Count up: 400 words

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