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Tragedy In The Stone Angel English Literature Essay

The story of The Stone Angel shows that as the maturity of life may decrease some down, others such as Hagar strive and make striking steps towards freedom and independence. Hagar suffered a life governed under the control of others, specifically her dad and husband. Because of this she became a person of great self-reliance, a attribute that attributed to her often vein actions. With so many battles in her life Hagar became inept of exultation, and finally embroidered within her prideful tendencies. It was because of Hagar's arrogance towards others that lead to her isolation. The Stone Angel is a tragic piece of literature since it entices the audience to take a glimpse through Hagar's mind - engraving her stride for liberty at heart, as well as exceptional repression of failing woefully to attain it. With circumstances constantly stopping Hagar from achieving liberty, we pity her.

Differing from Hagar's father, Brampton's brazen comportment towards Hagar only obstructed her status of uncompromising pleasure. For instance, it was due to Brampton's impatient and rude interruption through the new minister's first sermon that induced Hagar to stop attending church and finally denounce faith: "I preferred possible damnation in some comfortably distant future, to any ordeal then of peeking or peering eyes" (90). When Hagar refers to god as an omniscient being by declaring, "Can God be One and viewing?" (93) she shows us the implications in her denouncement of god. It is religiously stimulating in the sense that Hagar reveals a figure that condemns god whilst fearing the view of others. But Hagar's distress surpasses that of her offenses. By deciding against the fundamentals of faith Hagar shows one of societies most tragic defects, the incapacity to adhere immediately with others' thoughts. However Brampton's outburst through the sermon impacts Hagar in a non-direct manner as well. Following Brampton's comment, "Won't the saintly bastard ever before shut his trap" (89) Hagar is achieved with her father's significant disapproval which he shows in a shrug that implies he would like "nothing to do" (89) with either her or Brampton. This shows that it's not only Hagar's faith that is disrupted by Brampton, but the way others perceive her is afflicted as well. Still the occurrence at the church is merely one of Brampton's downfalls. It really is finally Brampton's vulgar mannerism that spoils the relationship, causing Hagar to leave Brampton with her boy John: "We'll find a location of our own" (141). Once again, this is another example of Hagar reassessing her environment in order to seek self-reliance.

During the span of the book many of Hagar's associations present parallels. Due to her father's demeaning attitude towards her she produces a striving for freedom. Because of this she marries Brampton regrettably in rebellion, but exactly like her dad she abandons him as well. Ironically, Hagar eventually becomes what she has resented the most in her life, an authoritative figure. This is seen in Hagar's opposition to John's romantic relationship with Lottie Drieser's girl: "John-You'll not marry her?" (204). Just as Hagar's dad disapproved of the matrimony between her and Brampton; she disapproves of her son's relationship with Arlene Dreiser because of the difference in sociable class. It is credited to Hagar's frustrating sense of desire that causes her to overlook her pride and how her decisions will influence others. Hagar symbolizes not only a sufferer of tragedy, but someone who also initiates it themselves. Thus, this permits Hagar to further endure battling once she's realized the results of her actions: "Every good pleasure I might have obtained, in my man or any child of mine or even the ordinary light of morning, of walking the planet earth, all were forced to a standstill by some brake of proper appearances-oh, proper to whom? When performed I ever speak the hearts truth?" (292).

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