Traditional Staff Management and Modern HRM

As the first step it is necessary to identify the difference between two functions with correct definition as follows;

Personnel Management - this is a administrative function performing operational level to keep records. That is mainly conducting reasonable terms in most cases to manage the employees working as group with proper details on individual departments. The ultimate goal is to get organizational success effective employees management.

Human Source of information Management - this is a modern practice of develop and put into practice personnel strategies to achieve corporate aims of the organization. This isn't just a management function and doing an additional proper role. Mainly consider to maintain and develop the organizational culture, prices, set goals, good structure, desire and perfect way to accomplish HRM objectives. (137410-difference-between-human-resource-development-traditional-personnel-management. html, 2010)

Even though the concept has been evolved still HRM is accomplishing previous practical activities of the staff management in advanced way such as job examination, HR Planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, training and etc.

Main Variances between Personnel Management and HRM

Personnel Management

Human Tool Management

Highly considering the labor force (employees) of the organization such as recruiting, training, obligations, explain the task responsibilities and drive those to useful activities.

This is a source oriented approach. Mainly concentrate the management function and drive the employees to the strategically / corporate objectives. It really is properly organized methodology.

Not clear about the targets of the management. Only goal to achieve useful aims such as daily performance to assess a person.

This is a forecasting of the organizational requirement. Continuously solution and monitoring performance of the employees and take immediate actions to change the operation to reach objectives.

This is basically an functional function which is focussing daily slight activities of the employees.

HRM is proper function with great deal of responsibilities to stay the procedure throughout the entire process.

This is retaining and administrative activity to modify the people in to right track.

HRM is more proactive develop visitors to be more exact, innovative, effective and successful in their responsibilities.

Role of an HR Director

In every single modern organization there must be a person to provide for employees with modern People Reference Management functions. Generally Human being Resource Administrator is responsible for this activity. If the business is having large number of employees need several described layers as this group.

Many studies suggest that teams, and organisations, are in their most successful when people are emotionally engaged and believe in what the team as well as company is seeking to achieve. Therefore it is crucial a team development and skill management plan is come up with to guarantee the high performance and cohesiveness of the new groups put in place and perhaps more importantly, gain the employees 'buy into' the program is the major responsibility.

A key role in providing this is the HR Director's role. The role is mostly to generate value for the customers, the organisation, their team as well as other stakeholders within the business. The HR Director is also responsible for preserving sales and safeguarding the brand from competition and other influential factors by creating customer oriented staff.

1. 3 Line Manager's Role

All line managers have to play a vital role in Individual Resource Management. Because of this it is vital that associates are obviously briefed about the objectives that need to be performed and achieved, what must be achieved, by whom, why, when and how to do them. The extent to which these need to be stressed by the range manager will depend on the people that are involved in the work, the task context and the type of this task. In occasions where team members are delegated certain obligations, the managers need not brief them in great aspect and entrust those to work separately as they see fit.

It is anticipated that the majority of the current employees of the LOCOG team will continue within the new general public private partnership. Hence, it is considered these employees should be transferred to their new employer under the same terms and conditions that they currently enjoy. An employee who's unwilling to accept such a copy should be allowed to make that decision.

The following goals have been set in order to accomplish the development of the teams within the recently structured organisation and this is the main responsibility of the line manager.

Increase the abilities, knowledge and capabilities of the team members predicated on their job features and responsibilities.

Increase the cohesiveness and coordination between team members and raise the level of transparency and communication.

2. Recruitment and Selection Process

2. 1 HR Planning process for the London 2012 Olympics

Initially should do situational research about the existing situation and future expectation. An evaluation of the current skill levels, knowledge, capacities, cohesiveness and performance degree of the marketing team members are examined and evaluated as the first step to recognize where they stand within the current organisation. From your analysis the next capabilities have been determined:

LOCOG regularly cash staff training highly relevant to their areas of work/knowledge.

Strong emphasis to recruit people within LOCOG.

Majority of employees have working experience for several years.

Strong practical skills across trading, marketing, resource, businesses, web, systems and fund teams.

Limited horizontal movements between functions with staff utilized to fulfil specific tasks.

Limited integration between departments credited to isolation of skill sets.

When looking to create a team it's important to keep in mind that the context in which a team operates will have an effect on how the team performs and the relationship that develops as a result. People apply organisational strategies within the context of organisational structures and to grasp how strategy may be carried out effectively it is important to consider management groups and team management within the new organisation.

Belbin (2004) has determined nine important team functions and designated individuals to these jobs based on proven personality theories. Each one of these tasks can be separated into three areas; action orientated tasks, people orientated jobs and job orientated roles. It is very important to consider which areas people within the current organisation get caught in when seeking to form clubs within the new organisation. Because of the current management procedure applied within LOCOG the majority of employees will land between action and folks orientated roles.

Having determined the roles necessary for an effective team to operate additionally it is important to consider the many stages that will take place after the development to the team. Corresponding to Tuckman there are five levels of group development that team performance goes through over a period of time; Forming (where the team members get together and the team is initiated), Storming (where in fact the team associates' ideas and perspectives contend with one another), Norming (where group harmony rises), Performing (where the group starts off working well with each other) and Adjourning (where the job is completed and the team is dispersed). Two factors the new company should focus on will be the resolution of social connections and of process activities to guarantee the cohesiveness and powerful of the teams through the many stages brought up.

2. 2 Importance of a Structured HR planning process

The execution of a new set up HR Planning process to be able to revise the role of marketing is a very significant change in culture for both the open public and private sector. It'll and can only work to the best result if all marketing and promotional activity in the Island is either under immediate control or can, to a great amount, be inspired by the new organisation.

The new company must be a real partnership if it is going to be successful. This makes it essential that private sector customers, who'll be making a contribution to the twelve-monthly budget, are given a substantial role to experience in partnership with EDD who continue being the major source of funding. Throughout the group, from its Mother board to employees and members, individuals should sign up to the relationship ethos and become empowered to look at a commercial approach to marketing and promoting LOCOG as a best game titles hut to captivate participants from all around the world.

2. 3 Selection and Retaining Methods


LOCOG need to section the inner customers in order to explain their buyer characteristics and their adoption mentality. Interview method is only one selection approach to the LOCOG. But it is necessary to retain all these existing staff by motivating and creating skill full and talented personnel. LOCOG is a special even and it is necessary to create suitable attitude of all employees.


Employee Type

Employee Type



Front Line

Support Staff

Employee numbers




5, 000

Buyer Characteristic






H/O based

H/O and field based

H/O and field based

H/O based

Customer Contact





Business Division

All Departments

Sales and Marketing

Sales, Marketing, Customer service

HR, Finance, creation, distribution

Access to communication channel











The internal customers within the identified sections can be characterised under followers, neutrals and opposes. Supporters will fully adopt the new changes within the company and embrace. The neutral staff has a central stance with regard change, and information on the short and long-term benefits to themselves and the organisation will take up and adapt to change. Oppose is fundamentally against change and has a traditional approach to the organisations environment.

Adoption mentality

Internal Customer




Front Line

Support Staff




Front Line

Support Staff




Front Line

Support Staff

It is very important to LOCOG to target the supporters within the management segment first with the internal marketing plan. They are attentive to change and quick to adjust and take up new strategies. Their personal ownership of the new internal goals will have a positive multiplier impact when person in the decision making unit adjust to the new changes. It is important to label the professionals as opinion market leaders within the business enterprise and therefore employees at the low degrees of the hierarchy such as the front brand and support staff segments are influenced by management.

In addition within each portion of professionals, supervisors, front brand and support staff there will be supporters, neutrals and opposers. We will therefore target the great things about the inner marketing plan first on the supporters of change in each portion after the supportive professionals have implemented the new innovative changes. Smith and Nephew will follow a structured internal communication plan to target the natural and opposers with each portion.


The new internal marketing arrange for LOCOG will be situated to the customer in a customer orientation framework, concentrating on the needs of the client and the huge benefits the new plan may offer them. This may be conducted in a SIVA (solution, information, value, access) method of customer orientation. This mixture of benefits relayed to the labor force through inner communication will encourage staff and business lead to adoption of strategies and adaption into wok procedures.

2. 4 Legal Process in basic Selection Process

Within Government l legal legislation there is sometimes a conflict between the needs and would like of the employees, and then the role of HR and political and policy decision making. Not all decisions made by administration are popular e. g. the study evidence in to the benefits of least wages recommended an unpopular reason behind action. This external conflict of general public opinion and insurance policy making can be alleviated partly through marketing, predicting and mitigating risk as well as concentrating on communications around insights.

Each and every European country is having individual or similar labour legislation and judicial enforcement. This has been adjusted according to the social habits and democracy of the country. UK operates an extremely liberal labour market compared to other countries. This legislation expectations with the minimum of legislative intervention and administrative 'red tape'. Occupation rights have taken shape around the normal law of deal and onto this central pillar have been bolted a number of statutory constraints in such spheres as working time, maternity, union protection under the law and minimum pay. The UK does not have a written constitution and its court system is continuing to grow in a rather piecemeal way. However, specialist occupation tribunals are empowered to hear almost all individual disputes and they're an integrated component in the civil judge structure.

Official guidance on maternity procedures (pdf)

Disability Discrimination Action 1995

Employment Rights Act 1996

Protection From Harassment Action 1997

National Least Wage Act 1998

Public Interest Disclosure Work 1998

Data Protection Act 1998

Employment Protection under the law (Disputes Resolution) Action 1998

Human Rights Work 1998

The Employment Relations Act 1999

Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 3312

Statutory Device 1999 No. 3323

(natlaw. html)

3. Principles and strategies for monitoring and rewarding employees

3. 1 London 2010 Project's job analysis process





Departmental Meeting Attendance


Completion of training


Developmental Objectives

Mid and Year End

Internal Marketing Awareness


Motivation Survey


Talent Development


In order to attain the organized team and talent development of person in the LOCOG these key performance indications need to be measured by using an agreed time size that is both reasonable and attainable for LOCOG the individual.


In order to ensure worker motivation and job satisfaction, individuals will be asked to complete a motivational questionnaire and review on job satisfaction. This will in the beginning be on a quarterly basis. As determination and job satisfaction are straight associated with performance and retention this is an essential control system for the success of the development plan.


The performance of the marketing section will be watched against both marketing outcome such as the number and kind of marketing communications will customers as well as against the overall sales of smith and nephew.

Absenteeism and staff retention

This will be strongly measured against the prior year results absenteeism and staff turnover and its success is associated with all the areas of the development plan. Failing to lessen the factors will result in the evaluation of all other areas of the development plan.

Talent development plan

This will be strategy on the amount of successful applicants filling up inside vacancies within LOCOG upon completing the internal and external training of new skills and knowledge.

3. 2 Reward systems and Effect on Employees' Performance

The HR Director has a main role in monitoring and controlling the implementation of the program and is recognized by effective managing information systems. This rewording system plan also requires extensive cross efficient communication and uses collaborative alternatively than competitive approach to resources. The more cross functional conversation, the more realistic the costs and the better the ultimate external marketing communications.

Budgeting packages out an idea and clear goal that boosts coordination and determination through good rewording system. In addition, it enables control functions to be established to ensure a systematic and decided plan is satisfied. The HR budget is allocated top down, with HR being allocated a standard financial amount by insurance plan functions based on overall affordability, inspired to a diploma by historical spend. However, the advice going forward is always to have a bottom up planning and control approach once overarching targets have been decided with policy colleagues.

Whilst a high down approach predicated on profit or effectiveness would be desired for rewording system, the complexities of showing the contribution of marketing to highway casualty lowering is challenging A bottom level up strategy would indicate marketing industry standard and allow the complete team to be involved in the budgeting process. It would also encourage efficiencies and affordability with less pressure to spend the allocated budget without the risk that this would have implications on the next year's allocation. Agreeing an extended term strategy would be good for gain greater balance and certainty of marketing finances over an interval of many years.

With a focus on lowering overall communication spend across Whitehall competitive parity will be more visible than in prior years. Rather than competing for talk about of tone with other Federal Departments overall spend will be down and any greater costs will be under significant scrutiny.

3. 3 Monitoring Performance

Following Deming's control routine will ensure that the implementation of the plan is effectively watched against targets with action taken up to addresses and issues.

As well as providing a platform for control and monitoring, adopting an excellent model also encourages a quality mentality in the team that may improve outputs for both inside and exterior customers. The model will also set a standard and offer clarity for the internal customer base who have not historically caused the marketing function.

The balance scorecard procedure can be used to screen outputs over the four key areas of financial performance, inside processes, technology and learning and customers. Within each area goals, actions, limitations and regularity for review are recognized. Examples of procedures include:

Increase in profits via more targeted/relevant communications

Actual against forecast variance

Meetings and incidents attended

KPIS meet on service delivery

Number of complaints

Effectiveness of marketing communications e. g. intranet web page views

Staff turnover

Staff satisfaction

Objectives and training and development strategies in place

Innovation against benchmark

Customer satisfaction

Customer retention

Customer acquisition

Performance benchmarking against other Departments

Contingency planning should also be carried out given the restrictions of marketing operating in this new way and in new conditions. There are a few influences on the potency of this plan that we are unable to control, these should be discovered and included within the chance analysis. Because of the value and implications of decisions made by the Team, it is culturally very associated risk averse. This risk negative culture must therefore be reflected in the planning and implementation of the programme of work.

4. Leave from the Organisation

However, where this occurs, this employee should be considered to obtain voluntarily terminated his agreement rather than moving it and he would not, therefore, have subject to any redundancy conditions provided by the LOCOG following the event.

Where, however, there are no similar functions for a LOCOG worker in the new open public private collaboration or where there are significant variations between the role an employee currently undertakes and other assignments that continue to be vacant within the newly created general public private partnership, it would be unacceptable for the LOCOG to require that person to copy. In these circumstances, the Expresses should offer different suitable job for those employees within the public sector or acknowledge mutually satisfactory redundancy terms. Evidently, it would not be good and dependable to push employees into functions that they aren't suited, nor would it not be sensible to place the success of the new general public private partnership in danger if such people were placed into tasks that they didn't own the relevant knowledge, skills and experience.

An additional guard which will be provided to any worker who has used in the new general public private partnership - and which has been provided to other employees in similar circumstances - is that these people will be circulated with all vacancies that occur within the public sector and can apply for any such vacancies for an interval of a year following their transfer. If indeed they were to produce a job application they would be treated by the LOCOG as though these were a Expresses' staff, which means that they might have to undertake any of the recruitment functions that are applied on such events to internal job seekers.

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