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Tourism Industry Results On Uae Market Tourism Essay

Nowadays, many countries make an effort to diversify their countries' earnings, nor give attention to few sources. Economists stress on the bad effects of the extensive usages of natural resources on countries that only be based upon natural recourses as the key income source. Therefore, most of the countries look for new source of revenues to increase their countries' GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Travel and leisure industry became an important sector that contributes (give some shape when you can get) in many countries GDP across the world. United Arab Emirates is one of the essential oil overall economy that is diversifying from depending on coal and oil contribution to other areas. (give research of Abu Dhabi Eyesight 2030, they have discussed about this purpose) UAE makes great efforts to build up its travel and leisure sector to experience a substantial role in the country's market growth. There are plenty of activities which take part in developing the tourism industry in UAE such as creating travel and leisure government bodies (give name such as. ), organizing celebrations (give some name. eg. Solution 1 also attract travellers), taking part in international situations and involving trade to market about UAE travel and leisure.

UAE is a federal government which involves seven emirates. It is ruled by H. H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President. Abu Dhabi is the administrative centre of the United Arab Emirates. Every one of the seven emirates add on the development strategies and GDP income. UAE free market attracts many investment funds either from inside or outside the country and creates an excellent place for business. Political steadiness and free trade insurance policy without income (personal and commercial) taxes make UAE an excellent place for financial assets. UAE's GDP rate is increasing annually as shown in the following graph which demonstrates the country's healthy market.

Source: TradingEconomic. com; The World Bank Group (give full reference point such as Yr, place etc. )

From the 21st hundred years there was a rise in the UAE overall economy dependence on variety of sectors like manufacturing, trade, and tourism. The UAE was on the best 32nd on the World Economic Forum's Global Competitive Index for 2006-2007 and got 29th put on the networked Readiness Index in the same Website (United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Current economic climate, 2007). In 2008, Travel and Travel and leisure sector's contribution to the UAE GDP rates it to be on the top of the 11th countries of the Middle East with an amount of 22. 6% and rate of 13. 5% based on the World Travel and Tourism Council (Personnel Report, 2008). As a result of this achievement, UAE helps to keep on producing more tourism tasks. One month before, news announced that UAE will put $234 billion on the future tourism projects which might lead to 85% of travel and leisure investment in your community by 2018 (AlArabiya, month ? 2010). Also, the amounts of tourists raise 16% (from ------ to -------- give body if it is available) comparing to last year relating to Abu Dhabi Tourism Specialist since UAE is one of the countries that has a rapidly increase quantity of tourists.

Establishing Tourism Authorities

Although there is no impartial ministry for tourism in the UAE, UAE Ministry of Overall economy and Federation of UAE Chamber of Business and Industry take part in developing the travel and leisure sector in UAE through provide many facilities and services that encourage visitor to visit the united states. Therefore, lots of the international hotels, companies are encouraged to start new branches for their firms around UAE Emirates. The number of tourism specialists in the UAE boosts because many of the Seven Emirates have confidence in a vision to make their emirates to be the most attractive places for vacationers. Abu Dhabi Travel and leisure Authority, Dubai Division of Tourism and Business Marketing and Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Specialist are types of tourism authorities that contain established in various cities. Sharjah Business & Tourism Development Specialist was established in 1996 to be accountable for organizing activities related to commerce and travel and leisure locally as well as internationally. It produces a strategic intend to achieve the Emirate's goals by using a myriad of media to show Sharjah as historical attractive place and at the same time a place for leisure and entertainment activities. In addition, it boosts the Emirate participation in local and international tourism exhibitions (Sharjah Commerce and Travel and leisure Development Power, 2010). Dubai Division of Travel and leisure and Commerce Marketing is the next by establishing time frame in UAE. It was founded in 1997 to promote, plan and evaluate the travel and leisure activities in the Emirate. DTCM is accountable for advertising Dubai as attractive place and increasing the amount of vacationer to Dubai. It managed 18 offices about the world which accomplish assets in hotels, departments and exhibitions in Dubai. Providing training and high standers skills for employees in the travel and leisure sector under the supervision of experience in the field is another role for DTCM (Dubai Team of Travel and leisure and Business Marketing, 2010). Since Abu Dhabi moved into the travel and leisure sector nowadays, its Tourism Power was founded in 2004. Nowadays, many holidaymakers' eye are on Abu Dhabi as a good place for travel and leisure because of the great initiatives of the Abu Dhabi Travel and leisure Authority. ADTA cooperates with private and open public organizations in the Emirate that are involved in tourism field. Meetings and exhibitions organizer interact with ADTA to develop the city tourism view. There are many physical constructions process to aid the city travel and leisure. Focusing on Abu Dhabi shore and Islands to generate international tourism opportunities are things Abu Dhabi Travel and leisure Authority in charge of. Al Saadiyat Island is one of Abu Dhabi huge projects that will play an important role in the campaign of Abu Dhabi tourism. This project provides lots of the international museums to the land of Abu Dhabi like Louvre (Abu Dhabi Travel and leisure Power, 2010).

Organizing Celebrations & Exhibition

UAE Tourism Sector keeps growing and developing rapidly consequently of the government efforts to help make the country one of the attractive countries throughout the world. Tourism Specialists in the united states play a essential role in planning and managing celebrations, exhibitions and meetings to promote UAE position in the international tourism. They also don't take part in happenings that are related to the travel and leisure field, but as well in other occasions which may present UAE favorably. For example, Abu Dhabi Tourism Expert participates in the Hannover Rational one of the greatest industrial exhibition on the globe as part of its promotional plan of the town and the country. This Fair really helps to open some travel and leisure business with to the town. The Specialist also structured exhibitions and festivals such as Abu Dhabi international hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, Abu Dhabi Film Event and Formulation One Contest which is an excellent opportunity to appeal to international tourists to go to UAE and Abu Dhabi. Also, there a wide range of upcoming happenings that the expert will set up this month like World Green Tourism Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Junior Golfing Tournament and Abu Dhabi International Engine Show (ADIMS) (Abu Dhabi Tourism Power, 2010).

Dubai administration as well makes distinguish efforts to support UAE position in the international tourism world. DTCM structured many celebrations that become popular to people surrounding the world like Dubai Film Festival which released Dubai to the globe through inventing the most global and famous actors to present their work. Dubai Shopping Event is an important event that not only induces the financial ventures in Dubai, but also strengths the travel and leisure business of the city. GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) also participates in the introduction of the tourism sector in the country. This Exhibition brings businesses and folks who are enthusiastic about technology to Dubai to present the latest innovations enhancing the city tourism part. Another significant event that is prepared for entertainment and tourism purposes is Global Community. It is an event where countries from around the world get together to trade in a single place. This community is opened yearly in Dubai with an increase variety of local and international site visitors. Each Emirate of the United Arab Emirates tourism can be seen from different perspective. For instance, Sharjah is known of its ethnical tourism due to government's concern for museums and ethnical activities and events. Sharjah World E book Fair is an important event that is held annually introducing visitors to famous publications. It also conducts workshops and introduces different authors and critics to people.

On the other side, UAE performed many international meetings on business, medical, educational and technical topics in which it received many approvals for the conferences success. These countless conferences lead to put UAE at the top of the most well-liked countries to hold meetings. UAE was positioned the fifth of the greatest destination for holding conferences as stated in The Country Brand Index which was announced on the globe Travel Market in London (BusinessIntelligence Middle East, 2007).

Trade & Tourism

UAE technique to develop the tourism sector involves arranging many activities that lead to potential positive consequences. For instance, taking part in international exhibitions, event and conferences directs the entire world to make a successful business with UAE. Many famous organizations and hotels are opening their branches in most attractive part of the united states. Also, the number of visitors has been increased just lately. Inside the Dubai, you can find 70% upsurge in hotels occupancy from this past year (Kapur, 2010). Abu Dhabi hotels also show a raise in friends' number. For example, in August, the increase rate was 15% comparing to the same month this past year (Deputy, 2010). If we talk about the recent event that occurred few days earlier in Abu Dhabi "Formula One", we can get the huge earnings hotels may acquire from lot of guests from across the world. This event also enhances the business romance with other countries which might results to new financial investment. Due to tourism flourishing, UAE Current economic climate evolves and achieves good reputation. Therefore, UAE GDP is expecting to grow 2% by 2010 comparing to 1% increase in 2009 (UAE Interact, 2010).


It is clear as talked about above, that UAE administration tries to have different resources for helping its market and GDP. It really is sequentially not depending on oil and gas income, but it wants other resources like investing in travel and leisure industry. UAE made huge efforts in growing the travel and leisure and making the united states one of the distinctive country in tourism field. It arranged and participated in international exhibitions and conferences presenting the country id in many areas such as educational, politics, technological, economical areas. In my perspective, UAE Tourism will keep blooming and participating with an increase rate in the country GDP based on the country strategic plan. It is actually interesting to see these growing numbers of tourists from over the world visiting UAE and establishing valuable opportunities for international business. Since UAE is well known country using its tourism and financial sector, it has to maintain these achievements by maintaining the good method of trading with other countries. Also, UAE must think of an approach to develop other areas to motivate them up to be one of the competition countries numerous flourishing sectors surrounding the world.

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