Tourism Case Study: Common Studios

The main goals of writing the report are to execute a case study on how the universal studio can attract the local and tourist into investing in to the place. The article would cover why universal studio is able to do so and their unique features attracting the both traveler and local into spending it. The way they are better than their rivals (break free theme park) or how are they in a way inferior compared to their competition using the swot research. How will there be a increase in the travel and leisure in Singapore because of the universal studio room.

Understanding how universal studio has been proven and their importance in bringing earnings to Singapore market and assisting in the raise of travel and leisure.

The article would be predicated on my first palm observation in the way the universal studio room works and came to it success on my first palm observation, making a visit to the universal studio room trip myself and feel in the point of view of the tourist and local how come the place price going and buying by heading there. Nearing my friends who had been there because of their reviews regarding common studio and how do they feel about the place for a better understanding apart from my own bias view or performing a survey about how they people feel about universal studio room. Interview my pal who is working there to have a clearer picture of general studio room and what they will their daily routines contains of maintaining the circulation of individuals every day.

What is a universal studio?

Universal studio is a style park created to raise travel and leisure in Singapore. The theme recreation area is located at Sentosa within Resort World Sentosa. Genting group was the one bidding to build a second integrated hotel in Singapore. On 19 April 2007, the start of building the Holiday resort World Sentosa ( RWS ) was commence. After couple of years of construction and the area was then opened to general public at 18 March 2010 lately. The universal studio brings about lots of wonderful attractions delivering 24 videos - themed rides and attractions experiencing new rides and shows predicated on blockbuster hits. It is both locally and tourist tempting place for Singapore to construct upon.

History of Universal studio

Genting group was the investor that arrived to bid successfully upon building designed resorts in Singapore located at Sentosa. Commence of creating the RWS and widespread studio starts off on 19 April 2007. The park was finally exposed on 18 March 2010 after three years of engineering. The playground was exposed for sneak preview during the Chinese New Time period to promote and allow people find out about the place and great spot to invest the special event.

Sneak preview week began on 14 to 21 February 2010 from 5pm to 9pm every evening. The playground was exposed for sightseeing purposes as nothing of the trips is operational which serves the purposes of promoting and tempt the visitors to see how great and wonderful the place was to be spread around anticipating the official open of widespread studio and invest upon the place. Guests need to pay 10 dollars only to goes in the go to the long awaited common studio. Also, team members are permitted to bring their families to go to the park before the public are permitted to achieve this.

After the state opening, a few of the attractions would be opening later at another timing anticipated to unfinished construction and safety of the folks. The most significant roller coaster has been hailed due to the safety and problems they encountered when the drive is exposed.

Achievements of general studio

Universal studio has brought about some attractions and rides which is available in other countries and brought it back to Singapore for the local people. Local people have the ability to enjoy the attraction which is often found in other countries locally. Each ticket would cost about 62 us dollars for weekdays and 72 dollars for weekend for adult go. With such an expensive ticket it'll certainly bring more income for Singapore. The area contains 30 restaurants including food force carts and 20 unique retail stores located all around the park. 7 areas of movie themed world and 22 attractions have been designed.

Not only are they in a position to access the General studio, they are able to venture into the sentosa island which also serves the reason for tourist attraction. It has taken the best movie - themed attractions filled within the seven areas to life. Bringing in locally and tourist in to the dazzled place packed with dream for and both children and people where they have been wishing for.

It has brought about entertainment to people and turning moments to lasting stories of people who stopped at there. There would be themed hotels open to serve the needs of people and their selection of preference. It offers successfully brought Singapore a distinctive theme playground which is the only one within Singapore.

Aims of Common Studio

It has efficiently brought Singapore a distinctive theme park attracting lots of holiday and locals to visit it. Their aims for market are to bring travel and leisure and inexpensive of Singapore to a greater heights. It is to keep quality service and entertainment to the people who visited it for lasting memories. Hoping they might be back to visit the place again on the next trip back again to Singapore.

What is so unique about Common studio?

The unique things about universal studio room is the 7 areas of movie themed world which has brought movies characters alive giving guests memorable visit and trip making to money paid advantageous.

The 7 zones of themed world consist of The Lost World, A long way Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci - Fi City, Hollywood and NY. Each one of these places are built upon the movies themed and blockbuster strikes. The place created is dependant on the movies displaying personas appearances, shopping and dining areas bringing the movie to life.

Firstly, The Lost World is divided into two areas Jurassic Playground and Waterworld. Having both two movie blockbuster hits which are popular amonst the people. The Lost World helps visitors to become familiar with more about dinosaurs and viewing the movies coming alive before their eye. There are rides featuring the point of view of dinosaurs and exactly how it is like to be surrounded with dinosaurs. Trips which contain the bird vision view of the place, plus some thrilling river raft drive guaranteeing us to be soaking moist at the of the trip. Waterworld is a water established attractions where we can reach see stunts, amazing explosion reside in this show.

Far A LONG WAY AWAY land is a movie themed place inspired by dreamwork animations mainly offering Shrek and the wealthy fairy tales life. Knowing the individuals that living within the story book walls coming to life. Shrek house had been build and there is Shrek 4D featuring a short and practical movie where we can in fact have the action from the seat in their short fairy tale trip. Junior roller coaster is available to for riding too.

Madagascar is also one of the dreamwork animation inspired theme areas where it features the dense tropical filled with wonderful personas of Madagascar in the movies. There is a merry go round where we can drive it to be feel like bordering the Madagascar identity and once again end up like a child. Alas not all the rides is exposed there which will bring people to goes back the next time when it's opened so as never to miss any wonderful attractions there.

Ancient Egypt is a location featuring historical pyramids and archaeologist site showing in films like the mummy much like it. Roller coaster is the most exciting rides in the general studio apart from the huge roller coaster which is not functioning till further notice. It allows us to have the fire and actually knowing more of historic pyramids.

Sci - Fi City is a place featuring the present day place of people where future place would look like bottom part on our high technology nowadays. Additionally it is where in fact the two major roller coasters situated at. It is just basically for sightseeing purposes since the majority of the attractions are shut down anticipated to safety issues.

Hollywood is a themed place which features the Hollywood boulevard where dynamic architecture, hand trees and walk of the fame. It features shows like where general monsters in a rock and roll musical performances bring happiness to visitors. Additionally it is where almost all of the shopping can be carried out. Many iconic Hollywood boulevard.

New York is a place where in fact the sidewalks and typical landmarks are being included. You can find facade group of movie scenes for real time movie productions. Where there are attractions that exhibited us how the movie has been produced and exactly how tedious the genuine filming would be getting a spectacular effect for the movie display.

Thus, all the 7 zones and attractions made up of universal studio make it exclusively special and the only theme park within Singapore.

Difficulties faced

Due to the complex problems, some might believe that the park is not up to expectations. The major rides are not operational till further notice might be turning some guests down into visiting the place for the moment. Not all attractions are opened which states coming soon. Thus, some should wait for awhile when everything is working to make the trip and money worthwhile instead, paying 5 us dollars for after time to go in for some sightseeing. Furthermore, the solution might not be available on the spot as there is bound admission visitors need to book in advance through internet. Some might not want to go about the fuss choosing the ticket and things.

Strategies ( SWOT )

SWOT Analysis


USS is found in the City State of Singapore - easily accessible and at the crossroad of major air traffic stream that can escort a huge potential market to the Studio.

It has a very strong charm to guests and travelers, as Universal Studio has already been a well-known Branding internationally.

The individual visitors attractions, shows and trips within USS are actually world-class and provide unparalleled fun and satisfaction to the visitor

USS can be an important component in a newly-developed Integrated Vacation resort in the Leisure Island of Sentosa, which include casino, conventions and meetings, hotel and F&B. Each area can sketch on each other to generate more business and raises revenue that could eventually donate to Singapore's growing economy.


USS must keep bettering and creating new destinations, trips, performances etc to bring duplicate visitors back again and support visitorship volumes.

USS is highly dependent on tourists' people to preserve its daily guests.

The admission charge is relatively high and you will be a major set-back to visitors.

Visitor numbers are high every day, so there is a dependence on advanced bookings of up to a week to ensure getting entrance tickets for a preferred visit date. However last-minute plan to visit USS may result to tickets being sold out and therefore people attempting to go would be disappointed.

USS requires high operating and maintenance costs and can take a long time for the investor to recuperate its total investment.


1. The local market probable is huge for USS. Strong economic growth in your community will lead to better spending. This can result to more visitors arrivals at Singapore, and USS.

2. The Singapore Travel and leisure Board has establish high concentrate on for travel and leisure visitorship targeting to hit 15 million visitors by 2015. USS is thus in a position to capture plenty of this quantity as it is a significant tourist destination for these visitors to visit.


Economic downturns and recession when it happens, will negatively impact USS in a major way, since going and spending will drop due to such poor financial condition.

New players and neighbouring countries will try to copy the success of the Integrated Resort principle and develop their casinos, theme-parks, hotels. All these will present a danger to USS as tourists are drawn from it.

Competitor ( Get away from theme area )

Escape theme recreation area is an outdoor recreation area located at Downtown East, Pasir Ris. It isn't a theme recreation area where fairy tales came up alive like common studio. But a standard park comprising families and thrills rides catering for those ages. But the park is merely on Saturday, Sunday, principal and secondary and public holidays unlike Universal studio room which opens daily. It is catered more for local people as the going to the place is a lttle bit troublesome due to acquire to improve bus heading down there. Many travellers might not know how to get there. But widespread studio is a lot simpler because of the monorail services. Also, the operation times falls on weekends and open public holidays which make lesser tourist going to it because they are not able to go in the theme recreation area during weekdays as weekends might be loaded and there could be a lot of queues for the rides.

Surveys results

Due to the rejection of my email to conduct my interview for general studio, i decided to conduct a study on universal studio to ask them about their views to obtain non - bias and a clearer conception of the theme playground. Knowing how it actually catch the attention of the folks there and just why universal studio is able to bring a greater levels in both travel and leisure and economically. There are a total of 6 questions being asked where.

Firstly, do you think that it will probably be worth the money going to Universal studio room? The objective of this question asked is to see the result if just how many people feel that a costly admission ticket of universal studio is worth going right down to. Thus, if many agree with it, this means to say that universal studio room has effectively captured the attention of people thinking of going there and the entrance ticket is appreciated for money, and worth the price for heading there to go to.

Through the study, i have figured most individuals do believe that it is worth the money heading down to the General Studio Singapore. Whereas on the other hand, some find that it might not exactly be worth it.

Secondly, if money is not a factor would you visit universal studio room for once? The objective of the question is to assume if the admission ticket is affordable for everybody, are they willing to spend their time going to the place for at least once.

The survey consequence obtained is most people would certainly go directly to the place if money is no problem to them.

Thirdly, what do you think of the service of general studio? The objective of the question is to enquire about the service they provided is it was gratifying to bring a good reputation to the holiday and local people to make them go to the place again.

Majority of the people voted for average. Meaning the service provided have rooms for improvements thus, bringing better income for Singapore.

Fourthly, for many who had visited general studio what is your comment about? The objective of the question is to ask those people who had went to there to speak about their view from it and impression of General studio have gone on their behalf.

Some of the people acquired great reviews about general studio and said that they would go to the place again. Because of the great ambience and atmosphere it had created, it is worth the trip down the place. There is a number of different designs all found n one place.

But some said that it had not been really up to benchmarks, as not all rides are functional. Thus, it became a disappointment to them because they are not able to trip all when the entrance solution is costly. Thus, they should have the dependable to ensure all rides are functional before beginning.

There is also a comparison between Singapore widespread studio and other countries. Singapore one was small as compared to others hence little rides s available. But the effort remains for making the sole several themed theme recreation area within Singapore.

Fifth, for many who did not go Universal studio before what exactly are your views about the place? The aims of requesting the question is asking in what impression does Universal studio brings them. To check if they would ever wished to visit it.

Most of them have said that the impression that the widespread studio brought was expensive and glamorous. It is a fun and exciting destination to go but definitely a price to pay. It really is a place where cartoons and fairytale came up alive, a different theme park within Singapore. It appears to be made a vacationer fascination and point. But the price is still a little high and must consider as there could be crowds whereby one could not have the ability to finish off all the trips in one day as the park stops functioning at 7. But more choose going there once after it is completely operational to help make the money paid useful.

Lastly, how would rate universal studio? The objective of the question is to ask if in the end Universal Studio will probably be worth the amount of money and the perfect time to go.

A lot acquired chosen that it's average and this will depend if they want to go a not due to money factor and facilities of the playground. Coming up next is up to objectives and worth going. Thus, most people are more likely to go if the facilities are open bring a greater income for Singapore and tourism rate. Full facilities are more appealing to the people than current facilities. Which means that there might be more folks and income following the facilities are totally open.

This survey experienced served its reason for surveying the response they considered universal studio. While using study results being positive, this means that Singapore is success in building general studio room. Thus, with a confident response this means that individuals are attracted to it investing in the area which serves the purpose of tourist appeal point and contributing to economy sector of Singapore is a superb success.


Based on my first palm observation of the universal studio, USS has prevailed in appealing to the general public as well as travelers. It's been contributing a substantial amount of income towards Singapore's overall economy through the travel and leisure sector since its first introduction. It basically attracts a broad market segment and therefore that is one of the reasons because of its success. I personally discover that through such world-renowned tourists' destinations, Singapore's market will be impacted in a good way for a long time to come.

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