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Tourism And Hospitality Procedures English Airways Management Essay

The main purpose of undertaking this research is to get a detailed understanding of the various reasons as to why market environment evaluation should be done on the organisation. What external and internal factors influence the progress of the organisation? It also gives a concept of just what a marketing strategy is, why it should be carried out and exactly how it can help in long, medium and short term. The research also includes the primary goals or goals. It also answers to the question as to what are long, short and medium term aims and why should an company implement it. The study defines the word operational strategy and exactly how it'll be implemented in short medium and long-term. It also highlights on the operational objectives and what exactly are its uses for short, medium and permanent. In the end research on current operational performance is done. Some suggestions are detailed as well for advancements.

Company Background

British Airways is the major international airline in the world. It is based mostly at Heathrow Airport in London and has a network of global plane tickets with partners such as USAir in america, Qantas in Australia and TAT European Airlines in France. English Airways functions 95 million travellers per annum using 441 international airports in 86 countries and more than 1, 000 planes.

In 1919 following the 1st world battle travel gained level of popularity with people. Advances in technology supposed that Plane & Travel (AT and T), the forerunner of BA launched the world`s first daily international appointed air service. It offered services from London to Paris and within five years a few other airlines had began traveling to Britain. In March 1924 the four best of the: Handley Page, Instone, AT and T and Uk Air Sea Navigation merged into one larger company called Imperial Airways and offered flights around English Empire. In 1935 English Airways Ltd was created from a number of small privately owned companies and quickly progressed into a firm of similar size. By 1939 the Uk Government nationalised both airlines, the Imperial Airways and English Airways and created a fresh government managed body known as the British Airways Organization (BOAC). In 1949 BOAC was segregated in two individual entities, the English Euro Airways, which carried out short haul plane tickets into Europe and BOAC which continued to serve the rest of the world. Because of fuel prices and professional concerns in 1970 the British government decided that the two companies should merge and in 1974 after a 4 season process the two companies came jointly as one know as the English Airways. Yet, in 1980 the government sold its shares in BA and privatised it. In 1990 BA launched its corporate and business image using its unique livery. Inside the same year English Airways launched two new services in the air travel market. We were holding called the earth Traveller services and Euro Traveller services. THE PLANET Traveller services would provide intercontinental services whereas Euro Traveller services would provide services on brief haul flights which included more comfortable chairs, in-flight entertainment and better wedding caterers facilities. In 1998, a fresh business centre the Team European countries Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 1 was introduced which was outfitted with personal computers, modern connections for laptop. Facilities like faxes, mobile phones, checking, photocopying and printing were also provided. Electronic Ticketing was also created on international routes in the same yr. In the year 2001 BA released a "New Value Move" which empowered passengers to buy full fare local and Club European countries e-tickets in large and receive a 10-18 per cent discount. (www. british. com). In the year 2010, English Airways decided to merge with Iberia, the Spanish Air travel to make a new company called International Air travel Group (IAG). . This merge was made a decision to bring more success and make IAG the world`s biggest air travel group. This aircraft taken 57 million individuals annually and flew to more than 250 places. (www. news. bbc. co. uk/1/buisness/8608667. stm).

In the entire year 2012, IAG got decided to dominate BMI Baby from Lufthansa. This deal was created to help build new long haul routes and then for the airline business. (www. itv. com/news/story2012-03-30/ba-completes-bmi-takeover-deal/)

Mission Statement of British Airways

"To be the undisputed innovator in the world travel. We are passionately committed to excellence and the highest degrees of customer service". (Nigel Evans, David Campbell and George Stonehouse, 2003, pg17). A objective statement identifies what an company is and just why it exists, In case of English airways, its lifetime clearly expresses that it`s there in the market to provide high level of customer support. It also claims that it's the first choice in the flight industry which it has demonstrated in the modern times.

Macro and Micro Analysis

The marketing environment can be defined as "all the factors or factors which straight or indirectly impact marketing activities"(JA Bennett and JW Strydom, Intro to Travel and Tourism Marketing 2001:p24). The marketing environment includes Macro and Micro factors. Macro factors are external factors which are uncontrollable also to which an company has to conform. These factors include politics, economical, social, technical, environmental and legal factors. Micro factors are those factors which can be managed by an company. It can help an organisation to build up a strategic plan and helps in long-term profitability. These factors include consumers and customers, stakeholders, suppliers and employees.

Macro Examination on English Airways

Macro analysis generally known as PESTEL examination helps an organisation to identify, and monitor its weaknesses. In addition, it helps in figuring out the different developments in the surroundings so as to gain competitive advantage.

Political Factors

Politicians and governments have a significant participation in the flight industry. The federal government often makes a decision the extent, mother nature and geographical syndication of demand. The main element political factors are: government policies, stability or instability in abroad market, overseas trade insurance plan and privatisation. Politics instability is a major be concerned of any air travel industry or tourism destination. For eg: In 2005 because of the terror disorders in London many passengers lost confidence in soaring with English Airways. According to visit media article a United kingdom Airway`s jumbo plane which was likely to travel over US was repaid to Heathrow airport because of suspicion on a US passenger soaring in the same aircraft. Such incidents resulted in the loss of the customers leading to the drop of profitability of the air travel business.

Economic Factors

When considering economical factors the differing demands in flight should be considered because as the overall economy expands the demand in airline industry also seems to grow. Included in these are inflation, unemployment and income levels, rates of interest and taxes. One such negative change throughout the market was recession. When British market was strike by recession in '09 2009, the degree of Uk Airways World Cargo was right down to 8. 1 %. Due to this downturn Uk Airways lost its main passengers, the corporate people as they thought we would fly with low priced airlines. British Airways decrease the amount of cabin crew staff on long-haul flights which resulted in a lack of 1, 200 careers.

Social Factors

Social Factors include demographic and ethnical aspects. Because of the demographic changes progress of grey market has resulted. The greyish market spends more on leisure and travelling. Lifestyle fashions and tastes change more than a period of time which results in customers going to interesting places often long-haul spots.

Technological Factors

By the assistance of technology, British Airways has managed to get easier because of its individuals to get updated information about the flight. For eg: about any new holiday packages or any new facilities that this has unveiled in its aeroplanes etc. Passengers are able to book and purchase seat tickets online which in exchange helps in building online sales. By the help of technology, British Airways has provided its customers with a web based check operating. This service is very productive during peak time for eg: Xmas, as it can help in lowering queues. Uk Airways new Boeing747 300ER fleet have used the latest in-flight entertainment system. This new system features on demand film and Television audio encoding and interactive games. These systems are touchscreen with a handheld controller. (www. reactive. com). Producing such innovative facilities will there be to attract a large number of customers. Technology on the whole has helped the flight industry to be global as customers not only within United Kingdom can journey with the flight but also offers opportunities to different customers in different countries to soar with British Airways.

Environmental Factors

These factors derive from physical environment that influence the economical activity. For eg: global warming, weather, sound pollution, natural disasters. British Airways aims to provide excellent service without harming the physical environment. As a result it has introduced Airbus 318 having a low Nitrogen Oxide engine in order to minimize air pollution. A new programme called Weather Change has been unveiled which mainly handles the reduced amount of carbon dioxide.

Legal Factors

Legal Factors are factors concerning the regulations of the country which have to be abide and followed by an travel, tourism and hospitality organisation. The law ensures that people do what is merely and right for the sake of the employees, customers and complete market. For Eg: European Union`s Deregulation allows an airline to make their own decision in relation to market gain access to, capacity as well as fares. (Shaw Stephen 2004).


The micro examination could be described by Porter`s Five Causes.

Threat of New Entrants:

This step points out the level to which new competition may decide to enter a business and reduce the level of income being received by current businesses. The risk of entry depends on the lifestyle of obstacles of admittance, for eg: economies of scale, capital need, product differentiation, usage of distribution stations etc. Whenever we consider British isles Airway`s current position, it is very problematic for any new airline to contend on a worldwide level in its introductory stage. However Easy Jet, being a new entrant and a low cost airline have gradually chipped away at BA`s Western dominance. (www. scribd. com/doc/37165183/British-Airways)

The Bargaining Power of Buyers

This step explains how purchasers or customers make a difference a business by pulling down prices, and by bargaining for higher quality or more services. English Airways customers have all the right to strike or complain if they are not happy with the assistance. For eg: when there is a strike at Heathrow Air port in 2005 due to the miss handling of luggage's, customers got found an alternative airline to soar with which resulted in lots of lack of revenues of English Airways.

The Bargaining Electric power of Suppliers

According to the step, suppliers can push bargaining electricity on a business by increasing prices or lowering the grade of purchased good or services. For eg: if the petrol price fluctuates, English Airways fares also fluctuates as it struggling to change the decision of its suppliers as the petrol market is similarly in conditions of prices.

The Threat of Replacement Products and Services

The threat of substitutes enables clients to improve to an alternative type of air travel which fits their needs when there is a price increase. When considering long haul flights the choice would be brief haul spots. All buyers are not flexible in relation to cost. This may be a menace to any long term airlines as buyers would thought we would fly with low priced airlines.

Competitive Rivalry

A determinant of the competitive status of the majority of the establishments and their overall profitability is competition among organisations within the industry. Rivalry raises when competitors attempt to enhance their market position. As English Airways manages in both short haul and long term flights, it faces competition in both. For eg: Air France, being truly a long haul flight competes on routes, services, comfort and quality whereas Easy Aircraft being a brief haul air travel competes on air travel fares.

SWOT Analysis on British Airways

SWOT Analysis helps managers of company to consider the durability, weakness, opportunities and threats of an company. By conducting a SWOT Analysis managers have a specific idea of the organisation`s current situation and really helps to take actions in order to maximise opportunities and reduce dangers and weaknesses. It also gives a concept of if the airline is able to make it through in the competitive flight market


Gaining customer assurance and trust is another biggest strength of any flight as this is something industry. After the mishandling of luggage at Heathrow Terminal 5, it was very difficult for the flight to gain customer`s trust but as BA has increased its punctuality and baggage targets, it has earned back the trust. British Airways has a strong brand image scheduled to which there may be raise in sales as it imposes top quality prices. Some of the new low cost airlines plan to merge with Uk Airways because they are struggling to get customer identification and financial steadiness. Having British Airways brand name can help in building it. For e. g. , BMI Baby. Having knowledgeable, skilful and trained staff help in obtaining airline goals and provide quality service which makes English Airways gain competitive benefits.


One of the weaknesses of English Airways is their inadequacies in marketing strategy. By building up their competitive criteria, having faithful clients and by producing market plans to catch the attention of more clients they can get over this shortcomings. The other weakness is poor software development which is lost through a higher degree of inner staff moves. Furthermore the decision of inefficient software leads to complication in improving flight software. Another weakness may be the weak current economic climate of Spain anticipated to which IAG has made severe financial losses and anticipated to which IAG is trying to break its relationships with Iberia. This weakness hinders the enlargement of IAG group.


Opportunities are those factors that help an organisation to grow and expand. It also assists with maximising the profits of the organisation. For eg In 2012, Olympics gave an possibility to British Airways to recover its financial deficits which was due to recession. The merge between English Airways and Iberia, the International Airlines Group has been given a possibility to enter air travel industry. Because the end of the tough economy, there has been increase in the tourism industry which includes benefitted English Airways by making additional earnings.


Threats to any flight or tourism organisation can weaken the positioning of the organisation. Threat to Uk Airways could be an powerful competition with its challengers. For e. g. : Airlines such as Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, and Cathy Pacific cause a competition to British Airways on price and routes. Another hazard may be the safety and security of its individuals and team member. Financial performance of the airline and the airline`s procedures could be affected adversely if the right safety and security measures aren't considered. For eg: In the entire year 2008, Uk Airways cancelled plane tickets to Pakistan after having a hotel was bombed in Islamabad.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing Strategy is the building blocks and the key element for reaching success. Corresponding to Kotler 2011 claims that online marketing strategy is the marketing reasoning by which the business dreams to create customer value and achieve profitable associations. For an effective and effective marketing strategy, an organisation should be aware of its marketplace because every target market has different needs and needs. A marketing strategy helps in marketing the right brand to the right target market. Possessing a well-defined marketing strategy will help in the progress of the organisation because marketers have knowledge of what the organisation expect in long term. It can help in enabling its customers know that their brand is present in market.

: SHORT-TERM Marketing Strategies

Short term marketing strategies are strategies including sales promotion, coupons, newspapers, Television set, online adverts, posters and billboards. These strategies are carried out for a short while to achieve maximum sales. The most common and inexpensive online marketing strategy would be internet marketing. When arranging a airline flight on the official website, adverts offering bundle holidays can be viewed easily and can draw in a large quantity of customers. For eg: "Flights from London Gatwick+7 times hotel from 699 per person. Also coupons offers great savings on British Airways plane tickets for eg: save up to 65%on British Airways Seat tickets. These coupons are available for a short time frame which not only benefits the air travel but also helps the clients to believe that they are respected thus bringing in more customers.

Medium Marketing Strategies

Medium Marketing Strategies are strategies that help to maintain customer romantic relationships with regular customers. These strategies include critiquing and considering their feedback, upgrading them regularly with new promotional offers and by bringing out programmes like regular flyer factors which helps the customers to gain things whenever they take flight with United kingdom airways and by becoming a member of the executive team. Medium Online marketing strategy can be put in place by building Customer Marriage Management (CRM). Through CRM British airlines have the ability to upgrade the name, address, phone number and email address of the regular customers.

Long Term Marketing Strategy

Building a long term marketing strategy is vital for the successful long-term run of the flight. British Airways permanent strategy is always to improve brand image and goodwill. For eg: In 2008, British Airways was costed with price repairing scandal over gas which resulted in customers boasting their money back. Also due to the strikes in 2011, which lasted for 22 times British airways endured 150 million pounds which posed another threat to its brand image. Bettering these bad publicities would assist in increasing the brand image and would assist in keeping customers. Another permanent marketing strategy would be to expand globally. A worldwide expansion provides a boost to the revenues of the airline and provides more choice to the clients, thus attracting more customers. For eg: Japanese Airline and English Airways broaden their codeshare on Tokyo-London Routes. Through this expansion 23 routes are connected between London and other European metropolitan areas and eight routes between Tokyo Narita and seven local and international locations.

Marketing Planning Objectives

According to Kotler marketing planning objectives can be defined as the quantitative and time specific accomplishment measurements as to what is expected of marketing program. When an organisation places it marketing targets it should clear and simple such that it is easily understood by its employees and a particular time should be set for its achievements. A well set marketing objective will help in the growth of the organisation. It also assists with maximising the profits of the company.

Short Term Marketing Planning Objectives

A short term marketing planning aim is always to increase just as much sales as you can and to bring maximum profit to the flight in a brief period of time. This can be done by growing and maintaining associations with key customer communities and intermediaries. Also it can be carried out by distributing product information, fares and schedules through travel agents, on British website and by directing contacting the call centres.

Medium Term Marketing Planning Objectives

Medium planning objectives are goals that assist in building the long-term marketing objectives. By providing efficient customer service and by interacting with customers' needs and would like will help in retaining existing customers and can encourage new customers to journey with BA.

Long Term Marketing Planning Objectives

These objectives should be established carefully so the airline can support for an extended period of time. British isles airways permanent objective would be to build on the leading position in London by making London a solid base to provide the major international long term markets. Another purpose would be to provide premium service to all its customers. This can be done by training BA personnel to deliver excellent customer service. British airways in addition has opened up new routes for eg: London Heathrow to Leeds Bradford or London Heathrow to Alicante which plainly implies that English airways intends to grow itself with in the country and internationally.

Operational Strategy

Operation Strategy as can be involved with setting wide policies and programs for using the sources of a company to best support its long-term competitive strategy. Decisions manufactured in an operational strategy are related to the look of an activity and the infrastructure needed to11 support the process. Selection of appropriate technology, location of the process are some of the decisions manufactured in process design whereas work payment structures, quality assurance are a few of the decisions designed for the infrastructure (Chase-Jacobs-Aquilano, Operational Management for Competitive Advantage 10thedition).

Short Term Operational Strategies

Short Term Operational Strategies can be a proper management of earnings and yield as it helps in forecasting demand and pieces prices for all different seats that exist in English Airways. This strategy can be executed during the busy seasonal time as it helps in getting maximum profitability. Regarding to a Uk Airways PLC record 2011, a growth in passenger earnings and BA`s cargo income can be seen. In calendar year 2011, English Airways made a total income of 9, 987 million including a 17. 0 per cent increase in traveler income and 8. 8 % growth in cargo revenue. This was due to increased demand and strong product yields.

Medium Operational Strategies

Medium functional strategy would include a proper capacity management. During seasonal period the quantity of car seats available should meet the demand positioned by customers. In the case if this management is badly been able it can cause severe income loss and unnecessary involvement of seasonal staff. To be able to have an effective capacity management, Uk airways has presented a new Airbus A318 which has a passenger capacity of 107 which will be very convenient during seasonal durations. Another medium functional strategy is always to create a strong customer romance as this is actually the backbone of Britis

h Airways. This can be done by resolving their complaints if any about the assistance provided or by researching their feedback for just about any further improvement.

Long Term Operational Strategies

Long Term Operational Strategies would include Uk Airways growth by producing new aircrafts. For eg: Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner which can be supposed to be delivered in time 2013 and 2017. This can be achieved by successful technology and correct infrastructure. United kingdom Airways can also achieve long term operational strategy by making sure its customers and staff are safe and secure on board as well as on ground. Some of the safety measure are background and unlawful checks of all flying and surface personnel, CCTV systems on floor, security settings for cargo, courier material, mail and wedding caterers etc(www. britishairways. com/travel/security/public/en_gb). This plan helps in increasing customer confidence when flying with British Airways and also permits staff to comprehend how important the safety measures are for the permanent survival of the flight.

Operational Objectives

An operational Objective can be explained as a measurable short-term goal that helps a business in obtaining its tactical or permanent goals. These goals should be SMART in aspect that is specific, measurable, agreed upon, genuine and time hypersensitive. A specific purpose indicates that objectives should be well identified and clear. It talks about how an company is going to accomplish its objective. By measurable it indicates if the goal is achievable and what lengths it is from its completion. To attain these objectives the complete organisation should concur and work together as a group. By directly working with customers, employees can become more clear in differentiating lofty goals from reasonable. Time factor plays a essential role as an objective entirely is determined by it and it also enables an organisation to know very well what resources are needed to complete those goals. (www. yourbuisness. azcentral. com).

Short Term Operational Objectives

British Airways short-term operational objective will be a proper use of earnings and yield management by interacting with customers' needs and anticipations and by giving quality service. Maximum success should be achieved by keeping the bills low. Another objective would be to provide quality customer support which help in encouraging to take a flight with British isles Airways in the long run. Staff training would be another aim as it can help to provide quality standard service for long term and also the staff fully understands why retaining customers are of primary importance.

Medium Term Operational Objectives

It would include an development of flight systems within the next one year which will be good for its future development. For eg: according to the "The Hindu" newspaper English Airways will be extending its airline flight network from Hyderabad and Chennai from summer season 2013 due to increase in customer demand in Hyderabad and Chennai.

Long Term Operational Objectives

It would include placing Total Quality Management into practise, as it not only focuses on delivering the required expectations that meet customers need but also contains the workforce in order that they feel motivated and hence deliver useful service. Another objective would be monitoring and reviewing risk management as this might enable Uk Airways to foresee any car accident beforehand and provide a safe environment for flying. Another objective would be to use technology proficiently and effectively. For eg: By developing "The Global Flight Inventory" Uk Airways has added value because of its customers and suppliers and Boeing. This might assist in monitoring air travel inventory and would allow supplier to forecast demand effectively.

Operational Performance Levels

Operational Performance as defined by Symbol L Blazey (2009, p. 9)identifies the workforce, leadership, organisational, and ethical performance relative to success, efficiency, and accountability options and indicators. Whenever we consider the air travel industry procedures can be ground handling, passenger handling, network planning, arranging and maintenance. Good and even running of these operations are necessary for delivering a good customer service.

Key Performance Indications Of English Airways

There are 4 main key performance signals of British isles Airways specifically:

Financial: Achieving a solid financial performance helps the flight to provide enough shareholder results and also helps in the foreseeable future success.

Customers- United kingdom airways has provided its customers with on-board customer survey, online survey such that it gets a concept of the customer`s view on its performance.

Operations: By owning a smooth functional performance, customers' needs and goals are attained and a cost effective business is created.

Colleagues: The air travel needs to inspire its employees for the attainment of its goals. As the airline industry is quickly changing employees need to adapt with these changes and continue to provide excellent customer service.

(www. britishairways. com/cms/global/microsites/ba_reports0809)

Current Operational Performance Of British Airways

According to me, the current functional level of Uk Airways is standard. The financial performance of British Airways hasn't resided up to its standards. According to an article shared in "The Observer, Weekend 18th November 2012", it clearly describes the financial troubles experienced by International Airlines Group, (the merger between English Airways and Iberia) which includes made a lack of 16bn since 2001. This is due to redundancies, financial restructurings and bankruptcies. British Airways still carries on to make it through in this financial crisis but Iberia still continues to make heavy losses. Because of this financial downturn many of the Iberia personnel has been made redundant. This financial downturn is very harmful to the short term as it ceases the short-term sales and also for permanent as it hinders the expansion of the flight. The next key factors are the customers that soar with British Airways. Watching the opinions of customers is of the most importance for the success of the airline industry. On a customer review website known as "Review Centre" British Airways customers service has been rated the last. Low cost budget airlines like Easy Plane, Ryanair are being preferred over Uk Airways which isn't good for its brand image. These reviews build a question in your brain of new customers as to whether Uk Airways is the right airline to take flight with. The 3rd key factors will be the operations of English Airways. IAG cargo has helped within an upsurge in the revenue and yield management as there was an increment in produce by 2. 2 per cent and 8. 6 % increase in earnings. (NEWS RELEASE 29/02/12 English Airways World Cargo). This can help in building a strong financial part of Uk Airways. The last key performance signals will be the employees of the English Airways. The work push or staffs will be the people who help bring more business. They are the ones who need to understand what the primary goals of the airlines are and what their role in it is. An unfair treatment can de motivates the personnel and increase recruitment costs. A lot of new staff are being made redundant as the the airline is trying to save lots of costs. This not only de motivates current staff but also people who wish to pursue their career in the air travel industry.

Strategic Recommendations

Service from the heart

As something organisation, it is convinced that the customers are the backbone of their business. As a study project I came up to know that individuals who travelled once with BA did not prefer to journey again. This is due to service that had been provided to them. I would suggest that BA should run the business enterprise on a profitable way. They need to need well trained personnel who know more about customer mania and have the mandatory skills like team work, professionalism, responsibility. They should be devoted to work and really should have the ability to exceed the boundaries supplying a supplementary mile service to the clients to achieve the organisational aim. Therefore BA should give proper training to their staffs and recruit staffs who are interested in their work.

Serving the meals to the mandatory standards

BA should execute a review about their food and client satisfaction. BA should serve Vegetarian, None of them vegetarian dishes and drinks that suit different kind of customers. I acquired a chance to talk with one of my uncle 'Andrew', who travelled to India from London in 2005. Being a vegetarian he purchased a vegetarian sandwich for his breakfast time apparently they dished up him with tuna sandwich, so when he inquired about it the crew informed him that is the only vegetarian dish that they provide. So because of this bad experience he's not traveling with Uk Airways. The clients should receive meals according to there necessity as this makes the customers realize that there needs are achieved. If any grievances are placed they should also be dealt in a friendly manner which will encourage more customers to take a flight with the flight and will eventually lead to an effective business development.

Customer surveys

These help the airline to know if they have delivered the mandatory level of customer support up to speed as well in airfare. Customers can also provide a feedback about how the queues were dealt through the busy time and if they had to face any difficulties throughout their checking in. This gives a concept to the flight about their functional performance and which can help in improving their operational services if any mistakes are found.


Avoiding delays

British Airways should have proper and sufficient runaways, taxiways and gates as it'll be helpful during peak time. These facilities need a huge capital investment so having appropriate amount of these facilities will help in lowering delays and it will help in cutting down the expenses.


Building permanent romantic relationship with suppliers

Building long-term relationship with suppliers is important because they are the ones who deliver products needed by the airline. For eg, dishes, blankets, audio tracks and visual gadgets extra, if these are of low quality or have some type of defaults in it, it can spoil the whole experience. The flight should ensure that the suppliers completely know very well what good quality is. The products should be checked beforehand so that if any problems are detected it could be increased before it's delivered to its customers.

Comparison with competitors

BA should compare its performance level with low cost air travel like Easy Jet, Ryanair and also with other leading airlines like Virgin or Lufthansa as this can give an idea of what is lacking behind and just why customers want to journey with other flight rather than with Uk Airways.

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management is today's procedure of Quality Management. This process is a permanent process for ongoing improvement of products or services. This approach not only assures that the merchandise or service is off good quality but also means that the company`s staff interior such as the workforce and external such as suppliers and procedures are managed in such a way that they meet customer satisfaction. Proper training should be provided to suppliers and workforce in order that they understand how important maintaining the product quality standards is in order to achieve future goals. Employing this process will enable English Airways employees feel encouraged as they become aware they are equally important as the company doesn't just give attention to quality but on the workforce as well. Motivated workforce will thus help in maintaining the product quality specifications and in lowering faults.

Proper Training of Employees and Suppliers

Airlines are something industry. Reaching customers' needs and wishes are of greatest priority. Cabin staff, ground personnel security guards etc. all must be properly trained as these are people who come direct in contact with customers. They must have a proper understanding of the airline. This is provided by training the staff. Training should be provided to the organisational people as this one of the main element functions of the air travel through proper training performance level is improved. Proper and effective trainings help in reaching future goals and meeting customers' anticipations. Suppliers who source products to airline should also get proper training because if the customers believe by the look, quality and cost then complete customer satisfaction is achieved.


According if you ask me, British Airways, being truly a head in the air travel industry does not win the self confidence of its customers due to bad publicity. For e. g: British Airways being fined over petrol surcharge or trimming the amount of staff`s or staff have a hit against the airline. Due to such articles publicized in the newspapers or online has given an opportunity to its customer to choose alternative airline. This has led to huge financial deficits of the airline. BA should carry out public relations which can only help in changing the negative image of the air travel. I also think that British isles airways should run as an individual airline and not merge with any other airline as this has resulted in huge deficits of revenue and staff. This can clearly be observed when we see the results of the merge with BMI Baby or with Iberia. In the past few years staff slices have increased in amounts as the performance level of BA has lowered. If it proceeds for a long period, hardly any people would be considering working with this airline. According to the current monetary situation in United Kingdom some business remain struggling to endure after recession anticipated to which English Airways struggles to sustain its center cooperate customer`s. English Airways should lower its fare price to catch the attention of more customer and provide excellent customer support. In today`s world being progressive is very important for the success of the company, British isles airways on the other hand hasn't been innovative in the last few years which hasn't helped it in getting competitive advantage

Against its competitors for e. g. : Virgin Airlines.

British Airways should seek opportunities like Olympics as it will help in getting more customers. It can help to improve sales as people from across the world book seat tickets.

In the finish, Uk Airways should put into practice new strategies, which will help in attaining competitive advantage and will assist in being the first choice in the flight industry. Instead of cutting on personnel it will provide proper training as the service industry keeps changing. This may be good for attaining airlines goals and will also help provide excellent customer service as it's the backbone of the flight.

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