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Total quality management and service

There a wide range of methods for you to clarify Quality, for example Service or product which meets or surpasses the expectations of its consumers is known as Quality Service or product. Product quality and Service Quality has were important role in Hospitality Industry because if you exceed your Guest Expectation they'll surly get back to you and they vll also recommend you with their relatives and buddies, which will raise the business. Hospitality Industry is well known because of their Products and Service and so it is important to allow them to maintain and slowly but surely increase there quality matching to their customers need.

Defination Of Quality:

According to Oxford Dictionary " Quality can thought as a amount of Excellence"Juran's defins Quality as "fitness for planned use" the defination says that Quality is appointment or exceeding customer goals.

Ref: http://www. shsu. edu/~mgt_ves/mgt481/lesson1/lesson1. htm

Example: In case the Guest Remains in the 5 legend hotel property, he's quite sure of the merchandise and service he's heading to get from them, of course, if the hotel is prosperous in providing expected service which means they have given the visitor quality service and products.

According to Deming- Quality should be targeted at the needs of the consumer, present and future.

Ref: http://www. balancedscorecard. org/TheDemingCycle/tabid/112/Default. aspx

Example: Inside the hotels there are guest who vist same property more offently may be on a monthly basis, hotel should keep carefully the record with their special needs such as which kind of room they prefer, any special dietary requirement, any special products they like having in there room for eg. Fridge, admirer etc. And providing all the registered needs of the guest on his every vist, i called as Quality Service and Product.

Both this is have almost same and therefore is quality can only be achieved if the guest is content with the service and products.

According if you ask me "Getting good Service or Product for less amount is quality"

For Example : For me residing in B&B is more satisfying than a big property because you get all basic things and service in suprisingly low price than a large hotel.

Difference Between Product Quality And Service Quality

Product Quality

Service Quality

Product Quality can be held once purched.

For eg, reservation of room in a hotel.

Service Quality can only just be Experienced as Good or Bad

For Eg, food service given on table.

Product quality, is not determined by service quality

Service Quality is dependent on Product Quality

It is Tangible, for eg it can be seen

It is Non tangible, can only be experienced

It is capital structured, for eg. Room s, food,

It is labour based mostly, staff can only give service

Product Quality can remain constant.

For eg. Rooms remain same

Service Quality can not be constant.

For eg. Depends upon nature of personnel when he's offering service.

It includes features( eg food, interior etc), problems(a/c in room is not working)

It includes Delivery Time( providing service on give time), Understanding of Delivery( can give explanation in what is served to the guest)

The above given tips shows us that both Product Quality and Service Quality performs very important role in hospitality industry. If both the characteristics are well balance by any company they can easy achieve their goals. From customers viewpoint both qulaities are important. For Example if the luxuries hotel, providing all facitiles to the guest but cant provide service relating guest expectation, than it's sure visitor vll not come again.

Implementing Quality Model:

There will vary types quality models available now such as, Total Quality Management, EFQM, Balbridge Honor, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Six Sigma, ISO 9000, Bench Marking and Threat Analysis and Critical Control Tips (HACCP) this quality models are helpful to almost all different business.

Hilton Kensington:

Six Sigma can be an very important model in hospitality industry :

Six Sigma is very important model in Hospiality Management, Hilton Hotels have used this model, the model helps every firm to increase revenue, it does increase customer commitment, it also reduce cost,

  • To maintain best inventory : Hilton hotel as good records of their inventory, there is perfect count of most equipments found in restaurant, in kitchen also chef has proper count of all food items required, keeping track of of machines are done on regular basis. In restaurant and other team of hotel trainings are given to all staff about things required in there specific departments, by which personnel has good knowledge about their inventories.

  • Minimize wastage/pilferage: Atlanta divorce attorneys department of the Hilton hotel there is very low wastage because of trainings they get from the department heads. For instance in the front office all the newspaper which are used are recycled, all the water bottles which can be opened and which includes normal water in it staying are earned restaurant and are used in breakfast, it can help lot of wastage.

  • Reduce enough time : personnel of department get all required trainings on regular basis from division director and also from GM, they are simply advised how to work fast and effectively, for example: if the front office personnel are trainined with latest software's, and system they can check in the guest quickly therefore Hilton has all training which helps to decrease the time.

Hilton hotel helps to keep record of each staff and working out they received, which helps them understand how will knowledge the personnel is.


In these given report I have disscussed about different explanations of quality in the Hospitality industry and the various quality theories produced by the quality experts like Deming and Juran. The record also mentions the difference between service quality and product quality. I have also disscussed about use of Six Segma in Hilton London Kensington.



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Mr stephane F&B Manger, Hilton London Kensington, Particular date 1 oct 2009

Mr Daniell Operational director, Hilton London kensington, Date: 2 oct 2009


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