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The task of developing argumentative skills

Why do we need arguments in the first place and what are they? Looking at both sides of the coin, the pros and cons simply sum up the business of arguments. If we think for a moment, we realise that the whole world is constantly busy with a debate like across the media on a 24/7 basis. It seems that too many controversies are going on. The recent Climate Summit in Paris clearly communicates the essence of arguments when India and China were blamed for excessive pollution. The problem is the vast populations compared to which America consumes infinitely more by a proportion of numbers. In terms of topics for an argumentative essay, we have several examples from the world of politics like the American Presidential race!

In fact, writing a compare and contrast essay would teach a great deal about the argumentative. By comparison, we point out the similarities like the huge populations of India and China. When we contrast two or more things, we are pointing out essential differences like the levels of consumption patterns of the Indians and the Americans.

While writing research papers, such skills are tested. It is no easy task to develop the tools and gather the matter to be compiled into a research structure. Much would depend upon the length and complexity of the task at hand, and the methods followed to gather the material. Such research papers depend upon thesis statements, and a simple example would be, ‘A bicycle is healthier than a car.’ In such an example that is essentially four-sided, we would consider the pros and cons of both the bicycle and car and weigh them, finally reaching a conclusion.

While considering a few thesis examples, let us remember that a thesis puts forward a statement that can be argued like the bicycle and car. On the other hand, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ cannot be argued because no harmful effect of the apple is known.

Great advantages can be derived by adopting the case study template. Living in a society of formats in every office and department, we realise how much easier our lives would be with such templates. Layouts and plans are followed in construction and architecture, computers and electronics, and even in military warfare. A simple example would be the listing of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in four squares by way of organisational analysis. We could develop such a template while writing the pros and cons for topics for an argumentative essay.

Academic, professional or vocational courses in schools and colleges take you through endless courseworks that are designed to test the learning of skills. Theory and practice combine and courses like agriculture, engineering and mountaineering to consider dissimilar examples would lay emphasis on practical work. On the other hand, the study of a language may be primarily theoretical like learning the alphabet and spellings, grammar and idiom, though there does exist room for practical work that teach lessons more effectively.

Considering coursework examples presents infinite activities from a whole gamut of training schedules that extend from driving lessons to army workshops. Yet the basis of such courses often deals with concepts derived from topics for an argumentative essay. Should all Americans be made to complete a year of community service? An argumentative topic like that would generate fiercely opposing views and people may come to blows, and what is worse may start shooting to defend their opinions. Courses would certainly not be in danger of violence in most cases though colleges and universities can become hotbeds of violence arising from racial issues for instance.

Soft courses like learning computers is an example of a field where almost everything is theoretical to begin with, and activities are centred on the desktop and the laboratory. Of course, the possibilities of violence are also infinite with almost everything being worked out through digital systems nowadays, and working from home via computers being the norm.

Improving argumentative skills with essay topics

As is very true with every activity, practice is a blessing and confers perfection if such a thing is possible. What would constitute a good topic for argument essay? That is a tricky question, but it should be debatable with enough arguments on both sides, otherwise the debate would fall apart like a one sided game with no opposition. The topic should be of contemporary interest and large numbers should be willing to fight and sacrifice for the issue. It should be a burning question, shall we say, to adopt a cliché. Being topically important and practical rather than tame theory alone, the topic should be challenging and raise some eyebrows like the debates held almost every day over a dozen television channels to sum up the day’s happenings.

Drawing up a list of topics would help to see the light and gain clarity! Should teens be allowed to buy violent video games? While most of us would be against allowing something as destructive as that at a young age, the reality everywhere is profoundly different. No parent thinks that it could be harmful in developing violent tendencies. Because of environmental problems, can we limit the ownership of cars? Can we imagine the hue and cry that would follow at the thought of giving up cars, as if life cannot be lived without vehicles? Yet we have many valid arguments against vehicles. Is a cat better than a dog? It sometimes seems that the argumentative is becoming a theoretical exercise alone.

Yet topics for an argumentative essay can be very revealing of certain dynamic truths of life and our own existence depends upon such an understanding. To find whats a good argumentative essay topic, mass media is one of those burning questions. Asking if mass media influences lives, whether you agree or disagree, is a valid argumentative question concerning our everyday lives. We are becoming more and more sons and daughters of the media just like we were products of the soil once upon a time. To consider what are good topics for an argumentative essay, controversies would never end like job reservations for women, animals in zoos, gun laws etc. The topics for an argumentative essay run as deep as oceans, tall as mountains, and tell many tales.

  • Should environmental factors influence economies?
  • Can zoological gardens become valid alternatives to natural environments?
  • Gay marriages should be legal all over the world so that benefits apply equally.
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