Tony Hoagland 's `` Poor Britney Spears `` Essay

In this assortment of poetry Tony Hoagland masterfully describes the American tradition with informal language and humor in numerous poems like, "Poor Britney Spears, inch In Compliment of Their Divorce, and My own Father's Terminology. These poetry are well constructed and have good imagery.

Initially, Hoagland brands American lifestyle with the poem "Poor Britney Spears, " which runs on the comical title that blends in properly with the initially couplet, "is not a sentence in your essay I predicted / to utter in this lifetime", when using word choice that is simple yet successful. Which leads to the subject with the poem, Britney Spears a celebrity whose rise and demise, most small adults/teenagers know about therefore , enabling the reader for connecting easily together with the main concept of the composition. Which is that people find enjoyment in finding celebrities do well as much as that they like to find them fail for example , in Stanza 8-10 Hoagland asks, "Is the girl a kind of voodoo doll / onto whom we job / each of our vicarious dreams of succeed and humiliation", sadly this is exactly how Spears is remedied, as well as other famous people. However , highly successful people seem visitors to embrace "the mainstream wish machine" in the end this is American culture and were would we become without the "coliseum as well as full of dazzling lights and tigers", one other powerful that helps depict the way you have become a modern day day Rome.

The 2nd poem getting analyzed is Praise of Their Divorce, and the main thought is that divorce could be a good a thing, although it is frowned on in the modern society. Divorce is becoming even more widespread through American traditions and Hoagland uses metaphors and similes to help illustrate this image. For example , in the second stanza Hoagland wrote, "that person and that female setting of in difference...

... Great tits'" which will really allows illustrate the generation distance since the visitor "was conceptualized in the ten years / between ‘Far out' and ‘Whatever'"; which in my estimation shows the way the father was more of the difficult guy type who believes in tough love and a long haired young adult thats trying to be a rebel of several sorts. General this one of my favorite poems because it shows America within a different time frame while even now showing how that generation gap will almost always be there.

To summarize, this is a creative and fun take on beautifully constructed wording that for me help get the attention of the younger audience through the use of humor and simple word choice. This book by Tony adamowicz Hoagland is now my favorite beautifully constructed wording collection. While I may not ever before become a devoted poetry, Unincorporated Persons back in the Honda Empire will definitely include a place in the book shelf for quite some time to come.

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