To improve a manual system


Our task is to boost a manual system to a automated system, so we determined an area bookshop which possessed limited amount of functions so it's going to be easier for our project.

The opportunity of the project is to analyze the need for a bookshop system, and also to find advantages to formulate a highly effective computerized bookshop system that will eliminate the existing problems.

In this technique of analyzing, information were from the staff as well as the customers

Proposed system is expected to have simplified Bookshop system that will get rid of the difficulties and disadvantages of not having something.

The system is also expected to satisfy both customers as well as the workers in having productive and effective Bookshop System.

Systems Submission Summery

The Director of the Book Shop wanted us to create and execute an computerized IT system to displace their current manual system. He needed an effective and successful system that they expect more earnings out of this investment to the IT system. He needed something which is absolutely user-friendly because he didn't want the workers to be unsatisfied with employed in the new system.


As we been to the E book Shop and spoke with the workers and the clients we discovered the followings as main points for the look and what they expect us to do;

  • Most of the workers had a normal knowledge of processing.
  • Staff has a dread that they could not be combatable with the new IT system.
  • Customers have to hold back long to find literature and billing.


We recommend the shop to have a complex system that may cover all the areas however the simple interface so that any individual can use the machine easily.

  • Use barcode system for the reserve. There for the clients wating time can be reduse.
  • Keep a backup data of the users daily. In case of some thing happen to the system.
  • Use camers in area the catalogue. If some users doing damage to propety esily can identified.
  • Create a pc area for the users. To acess to the internet and also to search the literature.

Time and Cost Estimation

As we believed the total program will need around 75 times to be developed. We are planning to finish the project within 72 times, but we stored 5 times extra incase of disaster.

As the publication shop is not a company which is not increasing huge gains they wanted us to stick to an inferior budget. After our main evaluation we made a decision to complete the job for 385, 000 LKR.

Expected outcomes

By using robotic system we hope to overcome these disadvantages of the manual system. In manual system all the things in the machine have to do manually. So it causes to make great deal of problems. Then using automated system we cam over come these exact things. Using robotic system get this to advantages to the system.

    • Can keep full information about complete sellers who providing literature and stationery items.

In the manual system we have to keep information about whole sellers in catalogs or some times that aren't composed some where and keep that in mind of the owner/supervisor. Then they neglect or loosing paperwork, nonetheless they lost information about entire sale sellers.

And other thing is all the suppliers are not offering items at same reward. Some are cheaper than others. So buying cheep items can make more revenue. With large numbers of whole sale distributors, it hard to compare and choose seller to buy items for sale. In automatic system it is simple because everything of whole sale vendors is in a single place and analyst it quickly.

Not only the price but also we have to care about quality of items. Other wise if our customers not gratify with goods our sales will do down. So we have to care about quality also. In this system can keep history of whole deal sellers can we can build confidence about goods they give to us. Of course, if we've recode of who's the vendor provide each item if we feel something wrong while selling that people can transform or complain about this. From that we can keep self-confidence between us and costumers.

    • Can keep information about stock.

When advertising items it must to have enough stocks. If it generally does not has can't continuing selling process. Of course, if doesn't have that what customer want assurance between customer and shop will break. Then keeping stock details are the easiest way to avoid these disadvantages. And currently these are replacing great deal of items once at a month. Then some are finished sooner some are not finish in that month, so that method is not very good. And it need more space for stock.

By by using a automatic system it is straightforward to keep stock details. Director can easily see easily what item is getting finish and he can replace it. Then space needed will be less. Keeping stock space less will allow the manager to add more stock when he needs based on the type of goods.

    • Can keep reservations.

If customer needs to reserve reserve it can reserve on the machine then it can keep on stork till customer buy it. It can help to enhance confident of the client. On the machine it is vary easy to do it.

    • Can keep information about customers.

Customers are the key thin. Then keeping customers information is vary important. In manual system does not have method to keep customers information. When give special present or discount to customers it is vary use full.

  • Help to see sales.

Observing sales pays to to regulate businesses. Like controlling stocks, getting visitors to work, trading more for each item. . . etc.

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  • 90% of customers place more than 5 orders with us
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