To Fall months by John Keats

John Keats (b. 1795-d. 1821) is probably one of the most important of the Romantic poets. Although he only resided to be about twenty-five, his writing surpasses the maturity and understanding of life that most his age would have possessed. The works he's most well-known for are his 1819 odes and the words he had written. An ode in particular, To Fall months, is one in which nature is employed to help the presenter work through the designs of growth and perhaps death. The use of characteristics is typical of a poem written in the Intimate Time, which advocated the aesthetic experience rather than the use of logic and reason which were used in age Enlightenment. To Autumn is considered by many to be "one of the very most perfect brief poems in the English literature" and has also been one of the most anthologized poems in the English literature. It is almost hard to assume that a poem which such a legacy could have been compiled by a then at the time twenty-three year old John Keats.

To Autumn is a poem containing three stanzas with a rhyme scheme of your B A B C D E D C C E. It appears that Keats got the rhyme system for his first four lines from the rhyme design of the Shakespearian sonnet. The rest of the lines seem to be Keats' own rhyme program. The first stanza appears to use the idea of growth by explaining a beautiful warmer summer months scene:

To flex with apples the mossed cottage-trees, And fill up all super fruit with ripeness to the core; To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells

Keats uses paints a sensual field of warmer summer months that is prosperous and in its excellent. He creates an ethereal serenity impacting all of the senses. He writes, "To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells/With a special kernel; to set budding more. " From those two lines alone eyesight, flavour, and smell are all activated to enjoy the lush summer that Keats has created.

The next stanza has transitions the audience in to the next season, autumn. Keats personifies autumn as a harvester. However the harvester is not harvesting. Fall months is depicted almost sluggish, just in a state of rest with no changing:

Thee relaxing careless over a granary floor, Thy locks soft-lifted by the winnowing breeze; Or over a half-reap'd furrow audio asleep,

Because there is almost a standstill without changing, therefore that you will see forget about growing. The harvester is not harvesting yet will there be, meaning there will be a period that the harvesting will start. At this time in the timeline of the poem, prime is just earlier and decay of youth is rapidly getting close. In this stanza, Keats uses the symbolism of the poppy blossom to represent the closely approaching death. He writes, "Drowsed with the fume of poppies, while thy hook. " The term fume is so important since it is only a faint whiff of what's to come. This stanza should go from being sublime and blissful to towards the end being almost despaired and yearning for it to be summer once more.

In the 3rd stanza your day is ending, which means that most likely the harvester did the harvesting. This implies the finishing of fall months and the close strategy of winter. Winter is definitely a symbol of dying and rebirth in books. The speaker areas never to think of Springtime, implying that there will not be one. Keats writes, "Where will be the songs of Planting season? Ay, where are they? Think not of them, thou hast thy music too. " Keats also uses the dying of your day to imply the dying of life. He depicts parrots chirping as the sun is setting. Often times birds are used to symbolize a soul making its way over to another world. The firmness of this final stanza is not despairing or mournful, nonetheless it feels content which is as if the speaker has made peacefulness with the inevitable death. Understanding that Keats composed this poem in regards to a year and a half before his death, already showing signs of Tuberculosis, it is safe to say that poem is a look into his mind about how he himself was working through his impending death. At the end of the poem, the presenter has accepted his mortality and made tranquility with it, much like Keats appeared to do.

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