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The art of using a tip calculator

Fortunately, these days a tip calculator can be found literally everywhere, including even your droid phone. So, it would be foolish not to take advantage of this free option.

Well, if you're used to eating out with a group of your pals, you know for sure how it's hard to figure out who actually owes what on a check and what a tip needs to be. Well, while just splitting a check evenly might appear to be a tricky solution, calculating varying totals for every person for different purchases can't be easy too. However, if you're a lucky owner of an Android phone with the installed tip calculator, then you'll definitely succeed in finding tips and portions.

The given helpful guide will provide you with a detailed overview of the tip calculator on your phone and you'll learn how to use this extremely helpful application in the proper way.

What you should do with your Android tip calculator

First of all, you require opening your tip calculator app. To do this, find the corresponding icon on your mobile device and press it. Then, if for some reason you don't have the tip calculator on your phone, that's not a problem at all. Just visit the Android Market and install the long-awaited tip calculator on your phone.

Secondly, you require calculating the tip for a single. In order to do this, you should enter the overall amount of the check and then pick up the level of the tip you're going to provide.In fact, the tip calculator app enables you to choose 15%, 20%, or simply input a custom tip amount. Your app will display the actual tip amount as well as total amount built around on the percentage specified by you.

The third step of yours will involve calculating check shares for a group

At this stage, you definitely can't do without your tip calculator app, it really shines there. There are two basic ways to find tip and total for a group of people with the help of your tip calculator:

You should split a check evenly. You require inputting the number of folks participating in your party and picking up a corresponding tip percentage. Your great tip calculator application will instantly calculate the overall tip amount. After this, you will only require splitting the check into portions equal to the total number of folks in your party.

Then, you should split an uneven check. The matter is that folks are used to paying for precisely what they've just ordered. In most cases, they find checking subtotals and calculating tips rather a daunting and unnecessary task. Nevertheless, we'll do it. You require inputting the subtotal amount s for every friend of yours into your tip calculator app and picking up the required tip amount. The tip calculator will precisely calculate the exact amount of check along with the tip every person should pay.

The use of Google as your tip calculator

Have you ever though what's the sine of 57 degrees or the cube root of 31? Sooner or later you'll stumble on the necessity to deal with relatively complicated calculations. That's the exact situation when a good calculator comes in handy.

Here above we've just talked about your phone's tip calculator. Alternatively, you can successfully use Google for the same purpose.

Well, many of us would like to rely just on a calculator already embedded in our brain all the time. Unfortunately, that's impossible for most of us as it requires corresponding skills, ongoing practice and dedication.Average people often find themselves in another calculation crisis and require help from outside.

Fortunately, these days we're all surrounded by PCs, extremely powerful calculating devices. If you're an active Internet user, you can conduct all the necessary calculations right in your browser window. You only require to make use of corresponding Google options.

By the way, that's not a new option. Quick-witted folks have been being successfully using the Google search bar for their math needs. However, a full-features calculator was introduced by Google approximately in 2012.To get to this stuff, you only need to type "calculator" in your Google search tab. If you don't want to waste your time, just enter your calculational queries right into the search bar and let Google work out a good answer for you. That's a very useful approach especially if your math needs don't go beyond basic arithmetic.

The good news is that Google can do even more. For instance, it can easily handle square roots and exponents. Just input anything like 12^3 and Google will give you an answer 1,728 or 12 x 12 x 12. By the way, the exponent doesn't necessarily need to be an integer. So you're free to calculate, for instance, 5^3.5 or any other decimal exponent.

As mentioned above, apart from exponents, the great Google calculator is capable of handling roots. For instance, if you type "the square root of 81", you'll most likely get 9 in your search bar. You can also try the fourth root of 98. The outcome will be 3.1463, close to the number pi.

Google keeps numbers in mind

Perhaps, one of the most convenient things is that the Google calculator is aware of the values of mathematical as well as physical constants, such as Pi, for example. Just input "pi" into your Google search bar and you will obtain the expected outcome of 3.14159265359.

Google and geometry

That's not all, as another encouraging news should be delivered to you. Well, Google gets along with geometry. As for angles, it prefers measuring them in radians and not in degrees, so remember this crucial nuance. That's not a downside at all, as you can easily covert radians into degrees if required.

Google calculator tip and physics

Are eager to know the actual speed of sound? There's nothing simpler. Just input your question and Google will answer that it's 340.29 m/s - pretty exact we should say. You can take advantage of unit conversation to transform your 340.29 m/s into 761 miles per hour, for example.

Even the mass of Earth isn't the problem for this all-mighty Google. In a couple of clicks you'll learn that our planet's mass accounts for 5.97 x 10^24 kg. Are you interested in Avogadro's number? Google will inform you that's approximately 6 x 10^23.

Functions and Google

Well, you already know that it's not a problem for Google to handle both physical and mathematical constants. But what about mathematical functions? That should be a bit more difficult, to put it mildly. Fortunately, Google's built-in tip calculator easily copes with this stuff. So, you can calculate the sine or cosine of a particular angle. Just input "sine of 30 degrees" and you'll be offered 0.5, and that's absolutely right.

Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls there. If you input "sin(30)" you might not get the expected answer. It's because, as told above, by default, Google measures angles in radians. Perhaps, you should type the sine of some angle in radians. For instance, this might be sin(pi/4).

Finally, apart from regular trigonometric functions, the number one search engine also deals with natural logs, logarithms and exponentials.

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