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Timeliness And Method Of Internal Communication Management Essay

This final chapter will provide a synopsis of the info & most important studies of the research. Next, a wide examination of the conclusions and amelioration aspects will be provided in order for the organization to boost their current business strategies with regard to commercial reputation. Finally strategies for advancements will be presented.

5. 2 Conclusions

One of the parameters analyzed in the research is the way, timeliness and approach to interior communication within the organization is conducted as part of the Corporate and business Communication variable. In this specific case, the inner communication had not been rated as high as it ought to be when evaluating its importance in the day- to-day business operations. Although the vast majority agrees that interior communication within an organization is important to smoothen and help in the core duties that the business has to carry out and that it also influences the organization reputation, it was established to be substandard.

When new assignments are introduced, they are not discussed internally as the employees want them to. The lack of this information implies that they, in almost all of the cases, find out about certain innovations in the media instead of being the first ones to be up to date. Additionally it is very remarkable that, even though the SBAB is categorized as a vertical company, the management decisions are not well communicated to the employees, relating to 50% of the respondents. If a business has a vertical types of conducting business, where almost all of the decisions are made by the Di in dialogue with the management, it is a must for the business to have an impeccable top down communication. That is with the main focus to prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications in the main business. The employees totally arranged, with a report of 70%, that the business is being managed in a top down way.

A lack of internal communication can even be recognized externally by the duty payers that may result in too little credibility towards the business itself. This clearly shows that, although team conferences have as their main aim to talk decisions taken by the management, this is actually false. However, although the fact that decisions are not well communicated, the employees don't get information from the exterior world.

Another essential requirement in the communication process is the timeliness of the communication. In this type of case the organization scored a low grade just because a most the respondents disagreed with the statements that information is timely provided when a new event is going to take place at work. Another aspect that did not report as well as it will is information regarding change management. Most respondents think that changes are implemented and later on when questions seriously behalf of the employees, they get the information about the change.

Based on the questions asked by the researcher on the internal communication aspect of the communication, the partnership with the organization's reputation was founded to be always a average one with a correlation coefficient of. 615. In other words, a positive relationship was set up between both of these variables and therefore the internal communication moderately influences the organization reputation.

With respect to the external communication variable on the other hand, a fairly large percentage of the employees neither agreed nor disagreed with the statements about the organization's attempts to communicate strategies of new jobs and other situations with the external audience. These percentages surpass 50 % of the quantity of respondents. However, they acknowledged SBAB's attempts in interacting effectively and proficiently with the external stakeholders but there is certainly more to be done. Furthermore, almost 82% of the respondents definitely decided on the fact that the exterior communication comes with an effect on the organization's reputation.

In this circumstance the correlation coefficient for this variable, exterior communication, in relationship with the organization's reputation, this is proven to be. 880 which means that there is certainly a high relationship between both of these.

These replies on the statements regarding these two variables regarding communication, are the key reason why the employees offered a 6- (5. 92) for SBAB's overall communication efforts. The changing that has greatly impacted this symbol is the internal communication aspect which they consider to be below what is acceptable.

The last variable to be examined in romance with the corporate reputation is the organization communal responsibility strategy. The SBAB has scored very high in its initiatives to give back again to the world. The organization's strategy of presenting back to the less lucky children of the world and the engagement of the personnel in this process is a major reach with 95% of the respondents agreeing these efforts help in the organization reputation building. The entire mark provided because of this business strategy is an 8. 05. However, the relationship between CSR and corporate reputation was also set up to be moderate (. 619) because, as stated in the literature review, it is not mandatory for an organization to adopt this strategy in the reputation building process. Nevertheless, if this strategy is well applied and consistent, it'll definitely impact the stakeholder's understanding of the organization.

For the business to know very well what the steps are that need to be been subject to in order to improve its way of doing business, it will know how it actually executes. Predicated on this, an evaluation was also performed on the existing reputation of the organization. It could be concluded that, although a lack of inside communication was discovered, the employees do not feel that the SBAB presently has a less positive reputation. A lot more than 80% say that over time, they heard more positive news about the SBAB than negative. Although there's a relatively large amount (respectively 41. 7% and 50%) that say that the news headlines that they listen to about the SBAB in the mass media is not necessarily positive and they do not necessarily receive a positive reaction when they inform an outsider that they be employed by the SBAB.

5. 3 Recommendations

In order to improve the reputation of the organization, the following actions should be taken to energize a clearer, well-timed and transparent communication to the employees.

The management should entail the employees more in the process of making decisions that straight affect the employees. In other words, encourage more bottom-up communication as the employees can give valuable input in certain situations because they work in the field and definitely know better. This can be done by polls maintained by the manager of each team. In the event a certain rule will be adapted, for example the team managers must accumulate with the team members and let them vote on the suggested change. The supervisor of every team must present their ends up with the management ending up in the accompanying quarrels. After these have been analyzed, decisions can be made in workers related aspects.

Assign a person and an alternative when absent who are only accountable for all communication towards the organization itself and the exterior audience (a Communication Officer). This to be able to avoid misunderstandings and confusion about who is the the one which gives the appropriate information.

Management meetings are mostly organised once a month. Decisions considered and other significant information in regards to to new projects and workers, for example must be communicated to the Communication Official who will create a newsletter, on a monthly basis, to inform the internal audience properly. After the employees have been up to date, decisions about the external audience must be made public through press releases and, where possible, television interviews. This previous part is in order to achieve a larger awareness. All of these efforts must be achieved by the Communications Official, thus by centralizing of the information channel, to be able to also prevent misunderstandings and misunderstanding by the press. This every month bulletin will only cover management decisions and other objective information. To get more subjective information about new colleagues, birthdays and other personnel-related, non-work related activities, the BAB Aktueel must be shared quarterly as it happens to be done. .

In order to make a higher-level of awareness of the core tasks of the business and its corporate and business sociable responsibility strategy, a regular column can be publicized in newspapers (both in Papiamentu and Dutch) as well as in short television program of approximately five minutes to be shown during best time on both local television channels, where a worker of the business is interviewed about tax legislation changes, just how and reason of any tax audit also to spotlight the organization's efforts in helping 150 less fortunate children of the contemporary society etcetera.

A timely and appropriate communication isn't only part of the reputation building process but also in the maintenance hereof.

A approach to continuously monitoring the corporate reputation is also via an evaluation form that has to be handed out by the tax auditor to the duty payer. Although paying taxes and fixing what didn't go well is not the most favorite subject and people have a tendency to be negative about any of it; however, if the process has gone according to the rules and with the esteem needed, the organization can also receive valuable reviews from the external stakeholders also.

If these suggestions are aligned next to each other, the conclusion can be drawn that for the organization to be identified positively among both interior and the exterior stakeholders, well-timed and exact communication is the main element aspect. The communication within the business itself and from the business towards the outside world is like the heart in a body. It is the main organ and one which life is extremely hard without. A even corporate and business communication will definitely aid the key business and from an external viewpoint the business will be considered a translucent one.

Corporate communication


Figure 1 Human body and the heart and soul function

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