Time Management Benefits: University or college Students

Time management refers to a variety of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when achieving specific tasks, jobs and goals. This place encompasses a wide scope of activities, and these include planning, allocating, setting up goals, delegation, examination of time spent, monitoring, organizing, arranging, and prioritizing. Many people sometimes forget about that successful people all manage time well. They value every second of their time, and ensure that none of it is wasted. To become successful, time management is important because students must balance their time sensibly among many commitments such as classes, analysis time, family, friends, and perhaps employment.

If time is not supervised properly, it is easy for students to place off the important jobs or job and concern only on favour activities. Procrastination most likely to happen when there is certainly the least of energy management. From an article in Wikipedia, entitled "Procrastination", procrastination identifies the deferment of activities or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behavior as a device for dealing with the anxiety associated with starting and/or concluding any job or decision. It influences most students at some stage of the studies. They try to escape doing a specific activity that full with boredom. However, the task which is not

getting started can make you feeling stress and finally panic in which it will impact students' educational performance. The way to get over this is to breakdown each process into small sub responsibilities. A schedule will help you dedicate appropriate time and energy to each sub task. Students have to maintain productivity and concentration by scheduling difficult tasks through the most effective work time.

Students may use their analysis time correctly and balance other commitments insurance firms an effective designed and arranged schedule. How to design and placed on an activity into a routine are the key terms. Consider investing a while into learning how to start carrying this out. Students can spend the time in advance and get back the dividend by getting installation a weekly plan. Thus, students will see the goals and goals they have set are attainable.

1. 2 Assertion of Problem

University life is full of challenges. Most of the FPPSM students think it is hard to balance their studies, campus activities, work and sport. Furthermore, students always complaint that they are unable to review and do project till previous minutes. This can lead to poor educational performance. Sometimes, they spend a lot of time for leisure activities and still left their assignments behind their mind. All these problems happen because almost all of the students do not deal with their time properly. So, it is important to learn how FPPSM students control their a chance to keep balanced perspective on every area associated with school life.

Most of the FPPSM students have low level of personal willpower. So, they rarely follow enough time schedule that they had made themselves. In addition, they also seldom follow the time that plan by lecturer in the course outline. They neglect to notice the a number of important weeks that cause past due submission.

Furthermore, most of the FPPSM students feel stress and cannot concentrate in the lecture room. They go through stress because they do not deal with their time properly. The students may well not have skill to manage theirs. So, they will feel stress when they can not finish their projects or study promptly. Because of this, they will sacrifice their sleeping time to finish almost all their work. They are all why the research emphasizes on time management among FPPSM students.

1. 3 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of research is to investigate the awareness of FPPSM students about the value of energy management. This study will lead students to understand more about time management and make inquiries into the value of your energy management with their academics performance. From the research, relationship among the effectiveness of time management and academic performance can be diagnosed.

Besides that, the study will survey the method employed by successful students and describe the way the successful students manage amount of time in order to balance their studying time and extra-curricular activities. By conducting this research, FPPSM students may get more descriptive information about how exactly the successful students use their time prudently among school activities and their personal life or cultural life. The study may identify the means of FPPSM students used to release their stress by using leisure time. Usually, an efficiency time management through leisure activities can help overcome the academics stress. Stress is indirectly afflicted to the educational performance.

The research will review the life style of FPPSM students and students may learn the importance of balance their analysis life with free time. It helps to release stress and make the study become more effectiveness. The study expected bring recognition toward students to increase their time and make sure they are used enough time more wisely.

1. 4 Aims of the Study

The objectives of the study are:

To investigate the effectiveness of time management on the academic performance of FPPSM learner.

To research the difference between the successful students and other students in time management.

To determine the number of students with proper plan planning.

1. 5 Research Questions

How effective is the time management against FPPSM college student educational performance?

What will be the distinctions between successful students and other students promptly management?

How a lot of FPPSM students have proper routine planning?

1. 6 Significance of the study

The finding of this research will help FPPSM students to control their time sensibly by knowing which items they need to pay attention to. Tasks that are scheduled or revision for the next test will be important. Furthermore, the finding will enable the students to lead a more healthy life by aiding them find the time and energy to spend on all the important regions of their life. Besides, students who are under stress induced by work fill pressure can be easily prevented with the help of time management. Work will complete on time and their stress level will remain at a standard range and leave a positive effect on their health.

1. 7 Scope

This research will be conducted in Faculty of Management & Human being Learning resource Development(FPPSM) the respondents are the first, second and third calendar year of Human Tool Development, Management Technology, Marketing, Accounting, and Industrial Mindset students. The respondents are 50 students from FPPSM between your ages of 19-25 years old plus they were selected randomly. The questionnaires were sent out on another and 4th February 2010.



2. 1 Classification of your time Management

First of all, this part of research will start by introducing the definition of your energy management. Clarke explained that time management is a system, set of tools and skills that when combined will help you to gain more out of your allocated time and also enable you to be able to use your time to accomplish what you would like and what you need to accomplish. Furthermore, time management is the control and target of a person's activities to making everything do match specific durations and schedules, and try hard to make that fit happen, if our tasks can actually be accomplished at that time.

As we realize time management is life management. It is the center skill around which everything that you do revolves around. It can be said that the grade of your daily life will be determined by the quality of your time and effort management. Time management is really the external demonstration of self-discipline in your life. The most effective thing humans have are time. We are able to always get additional money but once we spend our time it is fully gone forever. Firstly, to be a successful student they need to realize how valuable time is and then they need to understand the principles if they are going to control it effectively. ("Time Management")

In addition, time management includes your day-to-day activities plus your long-term future would like and goals you have set yourself. Some skills included in time management are planning, goal setting, taking care of your job or arranging things you need to get done or would like to do. A

diary is a very useful tool to help scholar control their time wisely. In a diary they can plan their planned things you can do in advance by knowing what they need to focus on such as task and revision for the next test. However, improve of their time management skills is essential for student to reduce their stress and anxiety which comes from their school life.

2. 2 Efficiency of the time Management on the Academic Performance of FPPSM Pupil.

According to Dozier (2008), with appropriate time management, students will be able to have more accomplishment. He also explained that the benefits of time management. University students can live an bought life with an increase of more time. Besides, university students will be able to reduce physical stress and avoid procrastination.

According to the study of Ohio University from Karpinski (as cited in Kok and Teo, 2009) result of academics will be affected if someone put in a lot of time online. 2 hundred and nineteen of Facebook users were investigated by a research and discover that undergraduates experienced grade point averages around 3 to 3. 5 is a Facebook users Alternatively, students can get the higher GPAs if their less involve in Facebook. A similar situation will appear if student addicted in participating in game. If students can manage their free time or free time well, maybe it can avoid their result from getting bad. Someone will neglect to do revision if he or she playing game without control. Student who addicted in game even be talk to study but he or she maybe always considering their game. It'll totally jeopardize their performance in college and social romance.

The research newspaper by Ranjitamisra and McKean (2009) investigated the inter relationship among educational stress, nervousness, time management and leisure satisfaction among 249 university or college undergraduates by age group and gender. The results show that females experienced higher self-imposed stress and even more physiological reactions to stressors than males. They are taking care of their time more effectively than males. Through the results, we can find that point management has highly correlated to academics stress. In addition, state anxiety got a greater relationship with reactions to stressors than trait nervousness. Besides, we also realize that leisure activities will typically reduce academic stress.

In the research entitled "Total time and productive time management", Analysis, Study combine to Test, and Rest encoding are the factor inherent that will affected to learning and retention (Izawa, 1999). From the study, time management may influence the effectiveness of learning process.

Besides, matching to Weissberg et al. (as cited in Schumm, 1992), time management is important to the majority of the undergraduate students and it becomes their major personal need to make the learning process be more effective. University students are burdened by coursework, task, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities. The time management skill is a strategy to improve undergraduate students' self-control. Briton & Tesser (as cited in Schumm, 1992) discovered that there is a relationship among student self-report and their class point averages.

2. 3 Difference between the Successful Students along with other Students with time Management.

There was several view point from expert about become a successful students by managing time wisely.

Apps (1990) stated that methods of successful students are used to manage their time. The students are blocked to learning mainly cause by time-stealers. Time stealers means that we do not have recognition when time flying. Time stealers include procrastination, unclear priorities, daydreaming, frustration and anxiety. On the other hand, successful students are time savers and time makers. Time savers means that save other time by eliminating the time-stealers. Time-savers include time inventory, every week time plan, regular monthly calendar, "to-do" list and saying no. Then, time-makers refer to gain additional time in life. Time manufacturers include working better, using spare moments effectively and holding time. (Apps, 1990)

According to Rochita (2009), many college or university students find it hard to balance their time with study and other cultural activities. Most of them are sidetracked by social activities and struggling to cope with the analysis. So, university students need to control or organize their time to keep up their CGPA. First of all, they can go to a quite destination to study instead of review in the dorm. For the reason that students may be sidetracked by their roommate. Then, university students should stay prepared by recording all the planning in a planner or notebook. Furthermore, college students should keep a to-do list above their desks to really know what they are supposed to do every day. Finally, college students should eliminate the clutter.

Furthermore, Grabmeier (2009) mentioned about the effects of procrastination. Insufficient quality of work is one of the effects. It will lead to students' academics performance and the most important is students' work will not accomplish before deadline. Besides, Grabmeier also suggested some ways on how to become a successful student.

From the study conducted by Britton &Glynn (as cited in Schumm, 1992), ninety freshmen were surveyed using a musical instrument that included items related to choosing goals and sub goals, prioritizing goals, making duties and subtasks from the goals, list the tasks on the "to-do" list, scheduling them, and then having them out. In the article, it mentioned that short-range planning, time attitudes and long-range planning are participating in roles in college students' academics performance. In order to become a successful university college student, short-range planning and time attitudes are essential to the cumulative level point average. Out of this article, an efficiency time management may be one of the factor influence to their academic performance.

2. 4 Number of Students with Proper Agenda Planning.

Ex-Ramapo students' come back for panel debate with Course of 2010 which survey by Loffredo (2010) reviewed about, students need manage their time well. For example, balance study time, socializing, entertainment and sport to keep healthy life. Maybe students can complete their work in right time without do until night or finish previous minutes. If students end their work in early time, maybe miscalculation can be lowering. It can help student get the good mark in project.

Besides, from this article "Students learn to manage time" from College or university Counselling Centre sponsors program to help students be successful and figure out how to manage time. The author of this article is Jackson, (2004) claimed that college student need to manage their time in analysis and socializing. It is because students can improve their relationship between friends. Daily program is required to control their time more effectiveness. Stress maybe can be reduced if students have good time management. A lot more important things will be done first before it is too past due.

According to Barnes (1992), an effective learning is determined by self-awareness. The awareness of students may have an effect on the potency of study and directly give impact to the academic performance of students. A research conducted by Maddox (as cited in Barnes, 1992) described that learning in the afternoon is better than their studies at midnight. A proper time management may reduce students' hour of learning. Besides that, a great time management could impede the pointless things from consuming more time. The unneeded things may cause time being wasted. Time management should be measurable. Students may manage their review by including appropriate time for leisure. Students should figure out how to indentify and list the priority things. Predicated on Barnes's judgment, time planning is useful and should be considered a guideline but also needs to be flexible. The flexibility of your energy management allows us to offer with the surprising things.

Then, Hirsch (2001) mentioned that "life is what goes on if you are making other programs" (p. 102). It means life is filled with unexpected events that can interfere with carefully planned schedules. Although some interruptions can be avoided by planning activities to ensure each activity are done properly, other activities could appear unpredictably. However, no timetable will work on a regular basis.

2. 5 Recent Research

This research choose the studies of "A comparison between your Time-management Skills and Academic Performance of Mature and Traditional-entry School Students" conducted by Trueman and Hartley (1996) and "How Business Students Spend Their Time - Do They Really Know?" conducted by Tanner and Maples et. al as the referrals to perform this research.

The respondents of the research of Trueman were all the first-year students of psychology at Keele which were 293 students (Trueman, 1996). On the other hand, the respondents of the research conducted by Tanner were 212 business major students (Tanner & Maples et. al). For our research, there will be 50 respondents from the Faculty of Management and Individuals Learning resource Development (FPPSM), UTM.

The research conducted by Trueman (1996) focused on the partnership between time management skill and the first year students with different ages as the research conducted by Tanner & Maples et. al centered on the awareness of business students spending their time. However, our research concentrates about how FPPSM students take care of their time and it includes first, second and third season students.

The research tool employed by Tanner (1996) was logbook. The students were asked to track record the time they spent for each activity for an interval of 1 week. However, the research instrument that our group used is questionnaire and interview.

From the study conducted by Trueman (1996), he found that the more aged mature students (aged more than 25 years) had a much better time management skills than traditional-entry students (aged significantly less than 21 years) and borderline mature students (aged 21-25 years). In addition, female students have a better time management skill than male students. However, our research will not examine these aspects. Furthermore, the research showed no differences between time management skills and educational performance. However, our research will to review the relationship between time management and students' performance.

From the study conducted by Tanner and Maple et. al, he discovered that technological distraction triggered business students scarified their study time without noticing it. So, our research will determine the amount of students who have proper program planning.

The past research helped our group to have an idea of how to perform our research and since a guideline for our research.



3. 1 Introduction

This section discusses the technique of the study. The main purpose of the research is to investigate the awareness of FPPSM students about the importance of energy management. The respondents are 50 students from FPPSM. Data for the research will be extracted from the questionnaires and also via an interview session.

3. 2 Research Instruments

In this research, two methods of research instruments had been chosen to gather the principal data. These devices are questionnaire for quantitative research strategy and interview for qualitative research methodology. A couple of 50 bed sheets of questionnaire formulated with 18 questions where every one of the questions are closed-ended or open-ended questions (Appendix A). There are different types of questions to be asked such as likert-scale questions, listing/choice questions, standing questions in the questionnaire. Within this research, the questionnaires were allocated to 50 respondents who are students from FPPSM. Students from FPPSM were picked to answer packages of questionnaire.

The qualitative data for this research originates from interview. We will interview two students from FPPSM. Among the interviewee who is an associate of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP), and another interviewee is a student from FPPSM who CGPA below 3. 5. Furthermore, we

prepare a set of questions before the interview (Appendix B). The reason of choosing this technique will be a lot of important ideas or opinions that cannot be accumulated through questionnaires.

3. 3 Respondents of the Study

The respondents are from first, second and third time of Human Tool Development, Management Technology, Marketing, Accounting, and Industrial Psychology students from FPPSM. A total of 50 questionnaires were distributed to students at different training and years in Feb 2010. A complete of 50 students from FPPSM delivered the questionnaires.

The interviewees chosen were Ms Lai Yit Sien and another college student who CGPA below 3. 5. The reason why for chosen Ms Lai Yit Sien as interviewee are she can control their review and extra-curricular well, and maintain her CGPA by obtained Dean List in earlier semester. Ms Lai Yit Sien is a 3rd year pupil of Human Learning resource Development. She actually is an associate of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP). Alternatively, another interviewee is a second year student of Human Reference Development. Her CGPA is below 3. 5.

3. 4 Research Procedure

A pilot research was conducted on 1st February 2010 to gain access to the validity of the research tool. This pilot analysis was done before we distribute the questionnaires. Each group prepared five pieces of questionnaire and sent out these to other group arbitrarily for pilot test goal.

During the real study, the questionnaires were allocated to the FPPSM students who are first, second and third 12 months of Human Resource Development, Management Technology, Marketing, Accounting, and Industrial Mindset students. Respondents were approached with an initial question of whether they have scheduling or planning activities because of their daily life. All the questionnaires collected after the respondents answer the questionnaires.

3. 5 Data Analysis

To analyse the info, the info from questionnaire were determined and came into into computer manually. Results were shown through frequency counts and other descriptive information. Graphs, tables, charts and etc. were used to provide a clear picture on the info examination. Interview data were used to validate the info from the questionnaire. The data were transferred into writing form.



4. 1 Introduction

This section discusses the finding and analysis of the study. The finding and research in earlier this will answer the research question of the research. Time management among FPPSM students can be discovered through the section below.

4. 2 Demographic

4. 2. 1 Number of Students from Each Course

Figure A Distribution of Respondents Based on Courses

Figure A shows the circulation of respondents involved with this research based on courses offered by FPPSM. There were 11 students from Bachelor of Research (Human Source Development), 12 students from Bachelor of Management (Technology), Bachelor of Management (Marketing), and Bachelor of Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) one another. There have been three students from Bachelor of Accountancy. Therefore, the total variety of respondents was 50 students.

4. 2. 2 Year of Students

Figure B Distribution of Respondents Based on Year of Students

Figure B shows circulation of respondents involved with this research predicated on year of students. There have been 34% of students from first year (17 students), 32% students from second 12 months (16 students), and 34% students from third year (17 students).

4. 2. 3 Gender

Figure C Syndication of Respondents Predicated on Gender

Figure C shows the gender of FPPSM students involved in this research. There have been 38 (76%) girl respondents and the other 12 (24%) respondents were male.

4. 2. 4 CGPA

Figure D CGPA of FPPSM students Involved in This Research

Figure D shows that the CGPA of respondents in this research. 29 out of 50 students achieved the CGPA 3. 5 to 4. 0. Twenty students have achieved 3. 0-3. 49, and only one learner achieved the CGPA 2. 5 to 2. 99. Furthermore, there were no students' CGPA were below 2. 5.

4. 3 Marriage between Time Management and Academics Performance

4. 3. 1 Effective Time Management

Figure E Frequency of Syndication in Surfing the Internet of Effective Time Management (extra-activities).

Figure E shows enough time spent by respondent surfing the Internet in a day. There were around 50 percent of the respondents put in significantly less than three hours browsing the Internet daily and 30 percent of the respondents spent more than six hours surfing internet per day. Searching internet may be a way to help students to get the information about research and assignment. Alternatively, some of FPPSM students are addicted in surfing internet.

Figure F Regularity of Circulation on the Elements of Effective Time Management (extra-activities).

Figure F shows the regularity of circulation on the elements in effective time management. You will discover 25 out of 50 respondents agree that they have the habit of exercise at least once weekly. Besides that, there are around 21 respondents agree that they go for shopping, watch movie and other entertainment at least once a month. There are a variety of respondents that are about 35 percent of the respondents having entertainment at least one time in 14 days. Entertainment like shopping and enjoying movie will be the ways to help students to release stress. However, students should avoid having too much entertainment in their life because it may influence their educational performance.

Figure G Rate of recurrence Syndication of Elements in Performance Time Management (study).

Figure G shows enough time of revision that a lot of preferred by FPPSM students. Most the respondents start their revision a week before examination. There were not more than 10 % of the respondents start their revision per day before examination.


Strongly agree



Strong disagree

Do not procrastinate





Study time plan





Balance in interpersonal and study





Table A Regularity of Distribution on the Elements (analysis) of Effective Time Management.

According to Desk A, majority of the respondents that tend to be more than 50 percents of the respondents agree that they don't procrastinate, having research plan, and able to balance both their cultural activities and study.

4. 3. 2 Non-Effective Time Management


Strongly agree



Strongly disagree

Participate in communal activities and neglect study





Time packed with unnecessary socializing




11Table B Rate of recurrence of Distribution on the Components of Non-Effective Time Management.

From Desk B, it shows the regularity syndication of elements in non-effectiveness time management among FPPSM students. There are 11 out of 50 respondents disagree highly that they will participate in cultural activities even they know they should be learning, and their time full of unneeded socializing. Generally, more than half of the respondents disagree that they will participate in interpersonal activities even they know they should be studying, and unnecessary socializing occupies too much of their days.

The finding in a position to answer the research objective that effective time management impacts academic performance. Predicated on the findings, there remain 60 percent of FPPSM students getting CGPA more than 3. 5 and having success time management. This demonstrates that there are a relationship between effective time management and educational performance.

According to find E, F, and G, they show the occurrence of circulation on the elements of effective time management in extra-activities and also analyze. A couple of more than 50 percent of the respondents in a position to balance their extra-activities and research. There is not much difference between your amounts of respondents that search the Internet less than three hours each day and surpass six hours per day. Internet is the most crucial tool in students' life. Students may browse the Internet for entertainment, social networking, or information searching. Besides that, almost all of the respondents have a habit in exercise at least one time a week. Exercise is ways to release stress. Thus, they are able to succeed with healthy mind and body. It is because exercise can assist in blood circulation. So, these are easy to memorize the notice if fresh in mind.

Self willpower is one of the components of effective time management. Based on the findings, almost all of the respondents do not procrastination to complete projects. It is because they may have good self-discipline in managing their time. Many of them can follow their review routine. Therefore, they can do their tasks systematically to avoid last minute work. As a result, they can produce more perfect and less blunder assignments in order to get the higher marks because of their assignments. Indirectly, it'll improve their academic performance.

According to Barnes (1992), a powerful learning is determined by self-awareness. The knowing of students may affect the effectiveness of study and straight give impact to the educational performance. Based on the findings, majority of the respondents have self-awareness. Therefore, they aware their own tasks as students are to accomplish their assignments and get the good results. To be able to fulfill their responsibilities, they always have time schedule to complete assignments promptly. Therefore, marks will never be deducted by lecturer. The potency of time management will improve the educational performance.

From the studies, most of the respondents have study time plan and do revision a week before assessment. It shows the respondents believe that managing and planning their time to study and do revision is important with their academic performance. An effective time planning may reduce students' hour of studying at midnight. A study conducted by Maddox (as cited in Barnes, 1992) explained that learning in the evening is more efficient than their studies at midnight. Besides that, the students can choose the more suitable time to allow them to study. Insurance firms a highly effective time plan, respondents have sufficient time to study and understand the content of study. As a result, they can credit score better in the evaluation.

4. 4 Difference between Successful Students along with other Students with time Management

Successful student(more than CGPA3. 5)

Other college student (lower than CGPA3. 5)

1. What is your opinion about time management?

Way to control time in daily activities

Way to send out time and complete daily task

2. Do you think time management is important to the students? Why?

Time management is importance to everyone. People will feel pressure or insufficient time to complete their activity or assignment promptly.

Time management is important since it can avoid rush and do last minute work.

3. Have you got every other extra-curricular?

Member of Pupil Representative Council and program organizes by UTM in last semester but currently only joint program functional for academy or need by faculty.

No other extra-curricular

4. How do you arrange your time for review and extra-curricular?

Academy aspect is importance than curriculum when that aren't allowed to do two things at exactly the same time.

Priority study with time planning.

5. Do you are feeling stress with your present lifestyle? Why?

Everyone has stress but different level. Currently stress from sociable life, stress from task, demonstration, thesis and etc still can overcome.

Felling stress to do project and prepare test until midnight no enough recovery.

6. How do you maintain/improve your CGPA?

Take records while lecturer is clarify and point didn't come in the slides. Doing revision following the class, make an effort to refer and reveal back what has discovered. Furthermore, record and memorized tricks for test and final.

Take some classes of taking care of time effectively and pay attention to the advice from subject-matter expert to boost my time review.

7. How will you release your stress? Please give exemplory case of activity that you do to release stress.

Take a nap to recover from the exhausted setting and play video games and read some fiction novels.

I will go shopping, watch movie and episode.

Table C Comparability between Successful University student and Other Pupil in Time Management

Table C shows the difference between successful university student and other scholar in time management. Based on the conclusions, time management includes day-to-day activities with planning, controlling task or scheduling most importance thing. According to both interviewees, most of them have knowledge about time management. Because of this interview, interviewees who get CPGA more than 3. 5 have very good time management and can balance their analysis time and curriculum. However, interviewees who get CPGA low than 3. 5 have poor skill in manage their study time and leisure time. This interviewee explained that she didn't take part in extra-curriculum. Even interviewee who gets CPGA more than 3. 5 has take part in extra-curriculum but she'll refuse the activity if crush her analysis time. She is able to determine which thing is the most important but does not have self-control to follow her schedule. Furthermore, interviewee who gets CPGA more than 3. 5 explained that she are designed for stress currently. It really is probably because she has a powerful skill in manages time. In finding, managing the task or scheduling things need to done daily to help students control time wisely. At exactly the same time, other interviewee feels stress because she lacks of their time to rest for doing task and make the test until midnight. It revealed that she didn't plan her time effective and do daily timetable to be sure which thing need to be done first. Regarding to Dozier (2008), with appropriate time management, students will be able to have more accomplishment. Interviewees who get CGPA more than 3. 5 also show that she has good effectives analysis time which does indeed revision regular. She can arrange her amount of time in doing revision and prevented stress doing revision in last minutes. This is the way interviewee who gets CGPA above 3. 5 and she can maintain her CGPA. Interviewee who gets CGPA significantly less than 3. 5 needs improve her CGPA by joining an application and getting advice from subject-matter expert in improve her analysis time. Through the finding, additionally it is reinforced that successful students will schedule and plan activities to avoid time squandering and make sure each activity are done properly.

4. 5 Quantity of Students with Proper Timetable Planning






Most of the time



Daily list







Task of high priority







Accomplish on time







Prepare a each week plan with specific objective






Table D Respondents with Proper Time Management

Table D shows the amounts of respondents with proper time management. Generally, almost all of the respondents have proper time management. Around 50 percent of the respondents have good attitude in doing daily list, determining the task of high top priority and accomplish the program on time. On the other hand, respondents sometime prepare a regular plan with specific target.

Surfing the internet





1. 52

1. 89

3. 01

3. 76

Table E Mean of every Activities that Most Preferred by Respondents

Table E shows the mean of every activity that happen to be preferred from respondents. The mean of searching the internet is 1. 52, it demonstrates most the respondents are most preferred to browsing the internet. Mean of research is 1. 89 and mean of entertainment is 3. 01. On the other hand, respondents are least preferred to sport, and the mean of sport is 3. 76.

From the studies, it can be pointed out that drafting an everyday list of things you can do is important for students. For the reason that daily list can be a guideline for students' activities. Respondents list out the duties to be done per day in order to prevent from spending their time. Besides, it can also avoid for missing any job which is need to do in that day. As we could see from Desk D, respondents always determine the task of high top priority each day. It is important when too many things need to be done in one day. By deciding the task of high priority, respondents can identify which activity is most significant for the coffee lover and then they will try to complete it even although time given is bound. However, the majority of the students do not prepare a every week plan with specific purpose. It is because they just plan the things they would like to do that are not specific in any objective. Sometimes, it is depending on their feelings and the easiness of the duty. They will put off the duty which is hard and complete the simple activity at the first.

According to Barnes (1992), a great time management could impede the needless things from consuming more time. The unneeded things could cause time from being lost. Time management should be measurable. Students may take care of their analysis by including appropriate time for leisure. Students should learn to indentify and list the priority things. Predicated on Barnes's point of view, time planning is useful and should be considered a guideline but also needs to be flexible. The flexibility of the time management we can deal with the sudden things.

Next, table E implies that majority of the respondents mainly prefer searching the internet. For the reason that students get tired of extended hours of lecture or get bored when analysis for a test. Therefore, students search the Internet for the purpose of entertainment to reduce boredom and tired of review. Besides that, educational purpose is another factor that causes students to be dependent on Internet. Academic goal means that looking for Information, reading online newspapers or academic forum.

Besides that, respondents least prefers to play any sport because most of the respondents feel that analysis is one of the important parts in their life. They know about their own tasks as a student to complete their tasks and get good results. To be able to fulfill their tasks, they often disregard exercise even though they know the importance of exercise. In addition, majority of the students are sensing tired to review and lazy to go to exercise even they have time for you to make it. Ex-Ramapo students' return for panel discussion with Category of 2010 that was reported by Loffredo (2010) mentioned about students need take care of their time well. For example, students have to balance review time, socializing, entertainment and sport to keep healthy life.



This research looked into the importance of their time management among FPPSM students, UTM. This research was conducted because many of FPPSM students feel difficult to balance their studies, campus activities, work and sport. Furthermore, students feel stress because of poor time management. To be able to carry out this research, primary data and extra data were used. Most important data were collected by arbitrarily distributing questionnaires to 50 FPPSM students. Besides, two interviewees from FPPSM were determined to become the respondent.

The objectives of the research were to research the potency of time management on the academic performance of FPPSM students. Furthermore, this research also investigated the difference between your successful students and other students with time management. Besides, numbers of students with proper scheduling planning were identified in this research.

The research found that there is a relationship between effectiveness time management and academic performance. A lot of the students who have effective time management will get higher CGPA. FPPSM students control their time effectively by controlling their study, public activity and entertainment. Furthermore, successful student has good skill with time management. Successful scholar can follow the schedule he or she had established and complete the duty as planned. In addition, over fifty percent of the FPPSM students have proper time management.

From this research, students will have better understanding and realization on need for time management. Students can figure out how to have an performance time management. It may help the

students to get better bring about exam and also provide as a learning process. Furthermore, students can identify which elements should be prioritizing and follow their own schedule. Therefore, they can have an effective time management.

There are some constraints for the study. This research conducted for FPPSM students only. Therefore, the sample size of the populace is small and cannot be generalized to other university students.



6. 1 Introduction

This section talks about the suggestion or recommendation predicated on the finding and future research. The suggestion can be considered a reference to increase the time management of FPPSM students.

6. 2 Suggestion Based on Finding

6. 2. 1 UTM

UTM can offer a lecture or advertising campaign on how to become successful scholar. The plan is compulsory to all students in FPPSM. The activities can include sharing experience of successful students; work with an expert which is vocation in field of management. It could improve the realization of students to get a good result. The event is compulsory to all students in UTM. Even though the findings mentioned that most of the respondents are good in managing their time but the findings is merely true to the test. We have to assume that beside of the respondents in this research, other students from different faculty also need to get some knowledge about how precisely to manage the time.

6. 2. 2 Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)

Ministry of advanced schooling encourages the university or college students to truly have a proper time management in order to balance their time wisely. Based on the finding of the research, most of

the students in FPPSM have proper schedule planning and also perform well in their academic. Ministry of higher education can prize the students who've achieved excellent consequence such as supply the scholarship or financial assistances to help them achieve their educational dreams. It can encourage more students to execute well in their educational. For example, the interviewee of the research had achieved a higher CGPA and at the same time she also productive in extra-curricular activities. Thus, the federal government can provide scholarship or grant as an incentive on her behalf. She also has been set an example to all students in FPPSM.

6. 2. 3 Faculty

The suggestion Faculty of Management and People Tool Development (FPPSM) is that totally enforce students to follow their time plan. To be able to success, students must enroll in the lecture and at the same time have the ability to balance their extra-curricular activities with proper time management.

6. 2. 4 Students

For the students, get started with using an educational calendar to keep keep track of the times. Successful students are required to identify the commitments, carefully taking into consideration the importance, and making choices about how to utilize their time. The secret to making steady improvement on students' jobs, especially academic jobs, is to split up each process into all the smaller component tasks. Academic work entails many steps. Predicated on the conclusions, students only agreed that they end their assignment on time and in a position to balance the interpersonal activity and review. In order to do well, students have to create a realistic deadline for every step. Often overestimate the quantity of work to perform. Take this inclination into account by start the assignments early on. According to the result, almost all of the respondents sometime attain their anticipate time. It means that majority of them do not deliver the results on time, even though they can get a good cause the exam.

6. 2. 5 Lecturer

For lecturer, it might be a good ways for students to plan their time if lecturer fixes the time of lecture hour to make certain that students can plan a set of things to do per day. For the reason that some of the lecturer will change the program of lecture amount of time in frequently. Sometimes, students struggling to complete their task based on the list that have been had written down. Advice for lecturer is the fact that prepares an overview for each subject and strictly employs it. Thus, students can plan their time by follow the put together that made by lecturer. It is very useful and effective if the students can plan their time at the beginning of the semester and procrastination can be averted.

6. 3 Suggestion for Future Research

Due to time and budget constraints, examples used in this study are limited and focused only on FPPSM students, it is highly recommended that further studies can be carried out on all students of UTM from different faculty and they'll be selected arbitrarily to see whether there are any similarities in the conclusions. Besides, the study that people were conducted is to research the potency of time management on the educational performance. This means that we only focused how effective of energy management affect his / her academics performance. For the further studies, it can be able to determine how enough time management affects on their lifestyle. Further research can check out their time management from other aspects such as background of students, personality or environment, to determine why students struggling to control their time properly.

Apart from that, future research might include an evaluation of faculty perceptions of how they think students actually spend their time during a typical 1 / 4 or semester. Moreover, it could be interesting to compare such faculty perceptions against procedures of how students actually spend their time. One issue involved in this kind of study will be matching faculty respondents with those of their students. This sort of matching will require the involvement of faculty such as personnel or lecturer as a respondent and disseminator of the way of measuring instrument to their students. Methodologically this will be inconvenient, but the findings will be a great.

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