Time Table Generator Job Computer Technology Essay

It is very important for the designer to evaluate/define a amount of success of the job. It is done to ensure jobs boundaries, constrains, scope & other elements. Qualitative evaluation must be done rather than a quantitative analysis. The qualitative conditions like if the system being developed satisfied the entire primary component and relating to the program requirement standards and even is it in a position to solve the issues that stated at the start of the paperwork. All the useful and non useful need must be achieved to ensure that objective have been achieved. In other word, we can say it is merely like assessing between what we had done and what we'd suggested to do. Even though some of the features can't be implemented as stated in PSF because of your time and reference constraints. Previously programmer was anonymous about the answer of the suggested problems but gradually able to deal up with the issues. System is prosperous in providing the majority of the perfect solution is of the problems.

For this technique the main conditions for the user to ensure its success are:

Fulfilling all aims and customer requirements - All of the goals and uses requirements must be satisfied for successful task development.

Functionality - analyzing and applying functionality of the desired system to be developed.

Usability - Elements such as Learn potential, familiarity and recoverability will be evaluated here.

Level of Content - Complete and well offered information and content available in the machine is shown.

Project Management -Following the Gantt chart and handling the job in a specialist manner throughout the task development from starting to end within proper time & tool.

Research and Research - Research is very important for a good system.

Documentation - The paperwork should be able to produce proper formatting and in line with the requirement specs.

8. 1. 1 Rewarding all aims and consumer requirements



User is able to able to keep in mind all the day to day activities tasks


User can set the proper constraints based after faculty load


User can easily view his/her time-table of the day


User can effectively add, delete and modify the feature of Faculty


User may easily view his/her weight matrix of the day


User can physically revise the time-table generated


The design is based on the user specification


User can apply the various principles and tactics of Software engineering





Most of the features can be come to from the key page


Report of the produced Time-table


Ability to gauge the load accurately


Addition and deletion of the faculty information and the topic information


Constraints based after the admin choice


Can copy the same plan to other day





Having a good and interactive interface


Allowing consumer to navigate anywhere anytime


Allowing user to recover from error


Allowing customer to send upgrade the information


Allowing an individual to change the password


Allowing individual for manual editing


Level of Content

It is a strategy to indicate the amount of depth in which the contents in the application is implemented. Designer has taken care to supply the in-depth level of the system. The user must understand the efficiency of the machine because until and unless he'll not understand the system it'll be a tedious task for him to use a system. Setting right constraints will avoid the user to engaging in a warning note. Correct analysis of the load matrix will reduce the tension of the faculty.

Project Management

For the successful job development task management is essential. For proper job management it is vital for the designer to control proper time & learning resource throughout the job. At the initial stages of planning & analysis the Gantt chart was prepared with the proper slack time. The milestone was putted so to as a way of measuring check on the job development. To manage the things, the developer used PMBOK methodology of task management for planning this job. One of the major downsides in the task management is enough time taken in defining the constraints of the machine for which the time-table is usually to be made. When integration tests was occurring, many problems started to arise and some of the problems got longer than expected. As a result, the developer falls short of time. One of the major disadvantages in the task management is the time taken in utilizing the algorithm for producing the time-table.

For the successful development of the project, devoting time on research and examination is essential.





Analysis of questionnaire


Research on. NET architecture


Research on Algorithms


Research on Database


Research on programming languages


Research on development tool


Risk analysis




Research on UML.


Research on implemented methodology


Above is a table showing the set of research and research field which have been achieved through the development of the project.


Proper documents is one of the major conditions judging the machine. System documentation is essential to make clear about the machine. The designer has tried it's best to document almost all of the things. Each chapter described here is easily grasped as the dialect used is very much simple & clear for any sort of audience.

The format of entire documentation has been based on the expectations of APIIT paperwork. Which includes the 3 major areas having several chapters in each. All the referenced materials are properly citied and their resources are also noted down in the bibliography site, and they are all done in standard Howard referencing style. For any existing spelling or sentence structure mistakes the paperwork has been examined extensively. Specific information are been converted into table format which provide better and easy reading.

8. 2 Advantage of the machine for the Targeted User

There are a lot of benefits of the system for the targeted audience:-

Time Saving as now users can make the time desk automatically in no time.

The time-table generated can be printed directly from the form itself.

Complete documents for the faculty and the subject information can be easily managed.

The fill and performance matrix can be easily computed.

Every faculty can see their time-table and complete time-table after login.

Effective time-table will lead to the optimized use of resources.

It will boost the efficiency of the personnel and the non-public working with the planning of timetables.

Easy to build different views of the created timetable. i. e. , faculty view and college student view.

Saves the development time.

The intangible benefits are as under:

Productivity: Gentle constraints include the selection of the lecture timing by lecturers will enhance the productivity if put in place. But only admin can put the very soft constraints.

Timesaving: it requires many days effort to make a suitable time-table physically but by making use of this software it can be created within few minutes with respect to the familiarity with environment of the software.


The success of task heavily depends on the knowledge gain by the programmer that will assist him in future to make good job proficiently and effectively. The processes were frustrating sometimes with obstacles and difficulties encountered along the way. A lot of things were learnt throughout every single stage of the project, simple things such as proper time management, and also the importance of major research. The other learning benefits from this task are:

Following are a few of the data gained by the builder that are.

Time management and proper scheduling

Ability to research extensively.

Use of technologies to write better application

About better task management

About basics & various areas of time table creation.

Using developing tool

About Genetic Algorithm and other search techniques

About encoding skills in VB. NET

Proper Analytical skills.

Ability to model the prototype using UML

Proper adoption of strategy according to project selection.

Effective assessment strategies.


As always Limits are with everything whatever the work it may be. These limitations come up due to many factors such as lack of knowledge of the creator, time limitaions or the system restrictions. The developed software has the restriction related to the application that is established and they're listed as follows:

The various restrictions imposed within the machine are:

It will run only on House windows platform.

The user can only just provide type to the Computer by selecting the correct option according to choice.

The user is capable of doing only one operation at the same time.

The user can perform only limited task that are developed in the application.

User cannot view the logs of the recent work.

The user cannot regenerate the same program.

The program can be produced much more interactive.

It can't be used online since it is a standalone application.

There can be difference between design and execution.

Developer took some features as concern and described it he could not implement.


After research and evaluation the builder found the majority of things that were needed to implement in the system to make it more effective. The designer has came to the realization that some more features can be added in the proposed system to make it better if additional time is given on project.

Below is the list of future enhancements that could/would be carried out by the developer

The scheduling can be carried out based on the experience of lecturer. i. e. , Last year student shouldn't get any lectures from the inexperienced faculty or the new faculty.

The subject matter can be allocated based upon the issue level. i. e. , the program writing language can be placed to the first half of the time. As the students can understand the items most easily in the first 50 % of the lectures.

The constraints can be made more adaptable. i. e. , you will see faculty of changing the constraints as per the choice of the faculty also.

Online Release: The program can be produced online so that all students & faculty can view time stand from anytime in spite of taking a look at from notice plank only.

Make the application work on various platforms aside from Microsoft platform.

Search center can be provided to search based on the available faculty while manual editing.

If given second opportunity for Developments

If the creator was provided with another chance to help make the system then your developer would definitely plan the development of the system in an improved way than it was presently done. The changes that the developer would bring in to the System are as follows:

Conduct more efficient data gathering consultations.

More and even more better utilization of top features of the. Net.

Add up more features in the current application

Would have performed testing in an improved manner

Would did implementation in more effective manner.


The creator has figured the job "Time Stand Generator "is completed effectively. All the features mentioned in the PSF are executed and working properly. In addition to the consolidated report of time-table as it was special feature. Most of the things were new for the programmer to code. Because the developer has generated such a major software in. NET first-time yet the builder has successfully applied the features. The creator has gained very good knowledge in VB. NET that will help him a great deal in industry. A lot of the expected feature that the builder expected cannot be able to implement because of your time and knowledge constraints. So, by the assistance of critical evaluation and reflection of the machine, the developer can evaluate its system within an appropriate manner. The suggested system has successfully targeted some of the needs and problems faced by individuals in the site.

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