3 Days: Little princess Twilight Twinkle Essay

I are Princess Twilight Sparkle; I use just seen the end on the planet. The seas boiled blood red, as well as the air clouded with spirits. I can will no longer fix this, not now anyway. With my own last about to die breath We preformed dark magic to warn my past home of her predicament.

several Days Before.

The sun shun brightly through the lightly clouded sky reflecting brightly from the bright green meadow grass. Twilight, and all her absolute best friends exactly where having a picnic, it was an unusual occasion that Twilight surely could visit her friends in Ponyvile within the past few months the lady was leading an trip to the historic remains of Old Equestria to learn more about long ago, although the expedition being a inability she was excited to find her apparently ancient close friends.

"Hey Pinkie, what would you put in this sandwich? It's kind of a strange texture. "

"I was out of vegetables and hay turf so , I put FUN in all of them! " Pinkie Pie says enthusiastically.

"What is that suppose to mean? " Applejack asks.

"It means your woman put the items that was in her party cannon into that them, see? " Offers a Dash draws confetti away of her sandwich in disgust "Pinkie Pie, usually you're just plain weird nevertheless that is low! "

"There not that bad! " Pinkie Says as states as she chows down on her fanfare sandwich. Everypony else right away stops eating and forces there sandwiches aside.

"So, Twilight how was the journey? I don't think I really could ever take a step like that, I'd never manage to sleep outside the house. " Rarity says "it wouldn't best for my complexion"

"Well, it was relatively unadventurous. Three other ponies and I went hundreds, maybe actually thousands of a long way through uncharted wilderness. On about the seventh month we strike a seemingly endless pile range, all of us didn't have the equipment to...

... through the hair. Enclosing all 6 of them in a bubble of bright plamic energy.

"Wait for me! " Spike says jumping into the middle. The ball of plasma shrunk immediately. They were gone, only giving the is still of the mean circle.


At the top of the watchtower Vitrina looked up on the stars, seeing them. Actors were the favourite part of her nights. The moon accustomed to be her favorite, yet after her long entrapment within the moon it informed her too much of her earlier, best to merely move on in the end.

"Watch Away! " Capricho turns her head to discover six ponies tumbling from the slanted roofing of the watchtower right toward her.


"I apologize Luna, I suppose I screwed that up. But seeing that you're here I need to talk with you and your sister. " Twilight grins awaiting endorsement from the dark princess.

"Alright, it will give you a chance to apologize for stealing a strand of her hair"

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