Things Fall Apart and Resident Kane Essay

Things Fall Apart and Resident Kane

Okonkwo, the main figure of Issues Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe. And

Charles Foster Sl?de of Orson Welles Citizen Kane, have value devices that

will be incongruous using their cultures. Therefore allowing them to be beaten by

contemporary society. These are two men with a great dependence on recognition. All their need for

something which was extinguished long ago. Okonkwos struggle to demonstrate his

success in the face of people who knew his father. Charles Foster Kane's void

that needs to be filled. The relentless quest for respect, power. Okonkwo must

get over the image of weakness inside him wonderful fear of powerlessness. The two

characters believe that their material possessions can easily earn these people the respect they

"deserve". Charles Create Kane is search for something more simple than

respect, this individual seeks his life. The road that should have already been followed was

dramatically altered, and his lifestyle took an entirely new direction. " I possibly could

have been an excellent man" this individual explains, in the event that he only had the possibility. The satisfaction of

these men who have zero faults in their own heads, but fight to erase the

faults they know other folks can find. This essay will convey the worth systems of

each persona in their traditions and the cinematic and fictional techniques employed

to magnify their presence in the works.

Charles create Kane was obviously a child that was very fond of his mother, because seen

in the first picture of the fresh characters existence. Charles' father did not seem to

have any kind of attachment to his son. Appearing quite ignorant, we are able to detect the lack

of a fatherly figure in Charles' life. This first picture is recounted in the

record of Mr. Thatcher. The person...

... s i9000 choked on that silver precious metal spoon". The only love he had

he misplaced. Okonkwo's lifestyle deteriorated completely. Whether a few aspects had been out

of his control, he blames it in the Chi. What must be understood is that your

Chihuahua is you, it is your notion and your inner self. Okonkwo gave up his

battle as they knew that no one might follow him. Each figure paved the

way to their misfortune, and suffered considerably because of their values. In the two

works issues fall apart.

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