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Theories of Kant for Company Ethics

Early progress in computer handling had little effect on careers, But as calendar year goes by artificial intelligent possessed evolve to a point where with the ability to think like a human as increasingly more large amount of new skills were being captured. With these robots, automation or software it is possible to replace people who's worked well in making industry, service industry or even agriculture industry. Since the notable progression in computing technology which moves from improved commercial robotics to automated translation service. Andrew McAfee feels that these transition had becoming the reason why behind the sluggish employment development of the previous 10 to 15 years as the fast technical change has been destroying job faster than it is creating them. (Andrew McAfee, 2012) Therefore, a fresh argument had risen through the years among company and employees whether should companies should be accountable for the unemployment induced by their information system. Hence several moral viewpoint had been brought up to response to the concern where from ethical egoism point of view thinks that companies should not responsible for unemployment much like the info system they are able to reap the benefits of a permanent income therefore this is a morally right action. But Kantianism perspective will be talked about throughout this short article to respond to this issue.

Kantianism is a deontological ethical theory that concludes that the only good thing on the planet that can be called good without certification is an excellent will. (Michael J. Quinn, 2003??) This bring us back to the issue where should companies be responsible for unemployment caused by their information system. From Kantianism perspective, companies should be in charge of unemployment as Kantianism theory had remarked that when ones challenges between what ones' want to do and what ones' ought to do, what ones' want to do is no more important. Ones should only focus on what ones' must do (Michael J. Quinn, 2003). Therefore, the conversation below will look into several categorical essential formulation that were suggested by Kant with an in depth view to determine whether companies should or should not be accountable for from Kantianism perspective.

Categorical Essential first formulation poses the basic conception of fairness and universalizability where you will see a consistent legislations that were tailored for everyone rather than there cannot be one rule for me and another for everyone else. For illustrations, in case a company starts to retrench employees which were caused by their information system and experienced that it is ok for your company to retrench their employees by doing so companies will be denying and eliminate the relationship between employees and employers where employees will eventually lose rely upon their employers as they might just get substituted anytime by Information System which leads them to lower productivity and the whole act of earning them unemployed will be self-destructing. The desire to have reliability will drives the first formulation where could companies retrench employee reason behind their information system? Certainly not, If every companies in the whole starts to apply information system and swapping their worker with it, it will cause an tremendous chaos to the entire world overall economy where 40% of low income manual labor will lose their careers in United Status and also shifting the bull's eye onto the middle class personnel where jobs like accountant might be substituted by software too. This would lead to severe lack of foundation income for his or her families where day to day expenses is a huge problems for these individuals. (SHOULD ADD MORE IMPACT ONTO THE COMPLETE SOCIETY LATER)Since if every company implements information system and triggers unemployment, everyone would be unemployed that may disrupt the whole current economic climate and lead the whole world to poverty all due to a personal interest. Therefore, it is incorrect for a business to cause unemployment because of their integrated information system and company have to responsible for this issue that were triggered by them entirely for maximizing their gains.

Categorical Essential second formulation can be seen as the action in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of another, never simply as a mean but always at the same time as an end. (Michael Rohlf, 2010). Therefore, portrait that rational company is to be valued for its own sake "as an end" and that it is therefore illegitimate ever before to take care of a logical agent merely as a means to a finish. Looking back to the case study provided, by putting into action information system and creating unemployment, company experienced treated their employees as a mean to a finish. The business sacrifices the job opportunity of their employees in order to attain a lesser cost for their product and higher efficiency but at the price tag on retrenching their employees. It was wrong for the company to retrench their employees as the business is treating their workers as a working machine rather than a logical agent with whom they can work with and make an effort to collaborate machines with individuals instead of replacing all of the employees to only automations. According to Kant there are two types of beings one being known as people and other known as things. (H. J Paton, 1964) A person consist of infinite value whereas things have a finite well worth and can be bought or sold. In cases like this, company had treated their employees as a 'things' rather than a 'person' as company weighs in at them as a finite well worth and retrench them to be able to achieve company's need which is to secure a low cost production and being able to maximize shareholder's riches. Therefore, company is responsible for the unemployment cause by execution of information system as regarding to categorical crucial second formulation, there must be moral exchanges between functions, as each functions treat the other person not exclusively as an object of instrumental value by itself but as things of intrinsic value too. Thus, company should acknowledge their employees as autonomous and logical human beings that are capable of willing freely and not upset or frustrate the independence and autonomy of their employees by channeling causes or dangers to retrench them just because their production is not on par as machines.

Categorical Critical third formulation explained that maxims as proceeding from our very own making of laws ought to harmonize with a possible kingdom of end. In lay man's term this means that in considering morality, we have to visualize ourselves making laws in a Kingdom of men and women who are ends in themselves and really should not act selfishly or be swayed by thoughts which inside our case company applying information system in their firm. Whilst these automation may help in increasing the overall productivity, reducing down total product cost and also ends up with a higher earning will not mean that ones want to do it, instead company should assimilate or implement incomplete machines that could help in increasing the overall productivity. In so doing, these company can make law for rational people where whenever we are torn between widespread moral regulations (retrenching employees with no proper reason may cause upsets to them that may demoralized them and finishing their source of income) and particular needs produced in us (implementing machines to maximizes revenue), you find a rational answers to aid the issues (inter-cooperate human being and machines together) which does achieve a particular desires and will falling towards either part.

That said having the ability to take a look at several Kant's perspective, we could conclude that Kant got several viewpoint where first formulation focuses on universalized guidelines where ones react only on that process of action through which you can at the same time will that it should become a common legislations where if guideline is universalized, any companies that integrated information system must retrench their workers, employees loses their job and thus reducing the purchasing ability which would ends up with more overall economy downturn. Which means rules is self-defeating and it company should be accountable for the unemployment caused by their information system. However, the next perspective focuses on looks into dealing with people as leads to themselves alternatively than means to ends. Therefore, company should not treat employees as a mean to end by retrenching them just because they had found a better substitute for them instead company should treat them as a rational people where collaborating them into finding and catching up with new skill pieces to work on other fields. Lastly, Kant's third formulation state governments that in everything ones do and every autonomous action ones makes, ones must picture himself/herself as a person writing the law for a new kingdom where every person must treat every person else as result in themselves which company have to find a rational theory of act to solve the issue between maximizing revenue and unemployment where it will harmonize both gatherings.

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