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Themes of Midnight's Kids Essay

Salman Rushdie's novel Midnight's Children explains to the story of Saleem Sinai and occurs throughout the good India in the past year 1915-1978. Because Saleem is usually approaching his 31st birthday, he explains to his existence story to his companion Padma, since he prophetically foresees his impending fatality. The retelling of his life commences with his Grandpa, Adaam Aziz, and the incidents leading to Saleem's birth. Saleem's character is definitely interesting due to events and qualities that contain set him apart. Having been switched with another baby at birth and was born with telepathic capabilities. Importantly, Saleem was born in the exact hour of India's independence coming from British rule. This relationship leads to the turning parts of his existence coinciding with assorted major events that happen within India. The story concludes with Padma proposing to Saleem, and recommending that their very own wedding land on his 31st birthday. Saleem refuses the proposal because he prophesied that his fatality would be about that time.

Salman Rushdie presents his readers to numerous challenging ideas through the novel. The attention to details regarding Indian history, geography and traditions are data that Rushdie is a local of India. "Salman Rushdie is the essential migrant: created in India, schooled in England, forced simply by his parents to move to Pakistan and finally exiled in Britain"( Schröttner). The story includes a large number of major topics that are not only particular to India, but could be universalized as well. Rushdie includes the juxtaposition of destruction and creation, and fate and freewill, as well as styles surrounding personality crisis and fragmentation.

The theme of break down vs . creation repeatedly looks throughout the new. The most dominant symbols on this theme happen to be Sal...

... complex thought of life and death.

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