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Themes In After Apple Picking British Literature Essay

Robert Frost said, "A poem commences in joy and ends in knowledge" ("Robert Frost Quotes"). This is a idea of Frost that he placed into the creation of After Apple-Picking. The title After Apple-Picking illustrates that the poem is of a dying man who is looking back on his life, displayed by apple picking, and of his regret for unaccomplished wants. The old man only needs that he could do more before he dies, wanting it could give meaning to his life. Robert Frost uses shade, tempo and diction, and figurative language to build up the theme of life's wishes and significance around.

The tone of After Apple-Picking created the theme of the poem. You can find two main shades, a happy one and a somber one ("After Apple-Picking"). They get together to make the theme of wants and significance in life. The poem commences with a happy tone. The old man is happy and welcomes his destiny of death. He shows this by expressing things like he is ready for heaven; he is finally done with picking apples. In line eight he says, "I am dosing off, " he's indicating that he has done everything planned and is also ready for his wisdom. This tone creates the theme of dreams and the significance in life, but will not complete it. The later area of the poem is sad. He's finally accepting his destiny, when he realizes that he was incorrect and there were things he wanted to complete. Lines nine says, "I cannot rub the strangeness from my sight, " this is Frost's way of stating that he is trying desperately to erase the uncompleted needs from his head, which he's unable to do. The fact that he did not complete his dreams bothers him, and makes him get started to think his life possessed no interpretation.

The tempo and diction Robert Frost uses in After Apple-Picking grows the theme of the poem. A lot of the poem has a soft iambic rhythm, such as brand two, "toward heaven still. " That is an iambic tempo because the strain goes on the next syllable of most of the words. A number of the verses however, appear like they don't fit, like in range fourteen, "But I used to be well. " This isn't the iambic rhythm since it does not have the pressured syllable. Frost uses this rhythm in a clever way, showing the narrator dozing off but getting up because of his determination to complete life's wishes ("Poem: Robert Frost's After Apple Picking"). The old man was on his death bed clinging alive to complete those wishes, which he never completed. The diction is a curtail part in the introduction of the poem. Frost uses diction to build up the theme of interpretation alive in his poem. Words like "heaven" in-line two, "sleep" in line fifteen, and "thinking" in-line seventeen are curtail. They all start the development in the importance alive by referring to a life after this one. All are words used to spell it out death and the place that employs. Heaven represents the heaven God created, while rest and dreaming refer to his inevitable fatality. Frost evolves a sad spirits by using other words in the poem. Phrase such as "overtired" in-line 28 and "struck the earth" in-line thirty three make a miserable sense. These words symbolize the regrets of the old man. Overtired demonstrates he is completed chasing his dreams and must put them behind him, and struck to the earth means that those dreams and now unreachable. The tempo and diction both are Frost's way of showing people that they have to make the almost all of their lives and do whatever they aspire for before it is too past due.

Frost uses figurative vocabulary to develop his theme of achieving wants and living a life with meaning. A couple of two uses of the figurative dialect, joyful and gloomy. The figurative vocabulary in the first part of the poem is joyful and peaceful ("After Apple Picking"). The metaphor in-line two, "Toward heaven still, " is Frost's representation of the peaceful end alive. He is saying that because he helped bring signifying to his life through the love of Christ he will spend a long time in a joyful place. In line seven Robert state governments, "Essence of winter sleeping is on the night time, " this signifies the peacefulness of his passing. It is unhappy that he must expire, but this shows that he's not saddened because he compares it to the peace of sleeping on a cold winter evening. The second part of the poem is somber and depressing. Lines twenty eight and twenty nine says, "Of apple-picking: I am overtired of the fantastic harvest I myself desired. " This is actually the sad part of the poem. This is the old man stating that he wished to accomplish that much in life but had to stop on it because he reached the point that he could no longer continue. Collection 13 says, "It melted, and I let it land and break. " This symbolizes the dreams of the old man. He waited too much time to complete them, so they dropped apart. He came to the realization he was much too old to complete his desires, so he let them go. The figurative terms shows that the old man did not attain everything he required, which he felt would give more so this means to his life.

Tone, tempo, diction, and figurative terms are devices that Frost uses to set up his theme of concluding wishes in life and providing meaning alive. The happy and poignant shades blend together to build up specific elements of the theme, such as not concluding the wishes and having no value alive. The rhythm and diction are Frost's means of displaying that the old man is dying and his frame of mind changes from being pleased to being depressed. The figurative vocabulary explains how the old man was not able to complete his desires and changes his mind set from having meaning in Christ, to having no meaning at all. The point Frost is trying to make in After Apple-Picking is the fact if someone needs to take action then they must do it. He thinks people spend their lives aiming to bring their lives indicating by impressing others, but they should really bring so this means by completing with their dreams. Frost wants people to assess their life and discover their dreams and the meaning in their life.

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