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Writing about women in 1887 is the complex agenda

Taking on the challenge of writing the yellow wallpaper essay would commence with a thorough reading and analysis of the story. Literature like a mirror truly reflects the culture and history of the times. The position of women in society is often debated in these liberal times of the 21st century. The depressed mental condition of the narrator in the story seems to tally with women in weaker societies today. Such women are traditionally denied equality with men like at the workplace and in society. The weaker sex need not be so weak after all in a digitally savvy age! The subject matter of the story as we understand presents a controversial topic. A large number of the yellow wallpaper critical essay does exist that helps us better understand the dilemma of the 1887 woman as well as women’s lives in 2015.

We need to be quite familiar with the essentials of writing too like the techniques of

writing an opinion essay. First comes a familiarity, close understanding, and appreciation of the story. After that is achieved, the cumbersome though challenging task of putting together information on the story would be possible. Careful planning, textual references, character sketches and technicalities of writing are necessary. Once the rough work of writing is done, essay editingwould help in the process of detecting errors of grammar and punctuation, improving expression and word selection, and ensuring a smooth flow of language and ideas.


Different kinds of essay writing do develop a cognitive and writing skills especially at a school level when students are exploring the big world of ideas. History encourages us to look before at bygone centuries and thus to reach a better understanding of our present world. Thus the process of writing a compare and contrast essay would be a good exercise. Such an essay requires two kinds of connections, the more original the better. Firstly the drawing up of similarities when we compare like the parallel between a journey and a lifetime. To make relationships stronger, pointing out contrasts or differences would be a useful skill too. The difference in size between an ant and an elephant would be an excellent contrast though similarities exist in that both are sentient beings endowed with life.

Go multimedia and write research papers to communicate ideas

Surely the yellow wallpaper essay is developing further with the various viewpoints as if seen from the differing levels of peaks from a range of mountains. Each vantage point represents a different approach. The next stage may involve putting all the acquired knowledge and approaches in the form of an effective powerpoint presentation with all the passion for the digital that now rules society. A series of screens in vivid colors backed up by portraits, images and illustrations could compare the two worlds of 1887 and 2015. The content would read like a chapter of the history of women across more than a century. Have women radically changed since 1887? Only in the developed countries perhaps with traditional Asian and African countries in the same dormant condition of bygone centuries!

The next important milestone in developing the yellow wallpaper essay would be a greater challenge. Starting the process of understanding how to make a thesis and framing an argument that would be supported by various information, facts and figures can be a daunting task. Besides the format for presentation of the thesis that is purely technical like starting with an abstract and ending with a bibliography, the content itself like the survey of the literature and backup material can be a laborious process.

If the thesis reads something like ‘The 1887 woman was no different from the 2015 woman,’ we would have lots of compare and contrast exercises, arguments, and facts and figures on two strong sides. A one sided topic would present a weak debate, as true about national parliaments as essay topics. From the point of view of America, the argument would not hold. Yet a majority of women if we go by numbers belong to the backward societies where women remain in depressed conditions. The narrator herself is dominated by men and millions of women today languish behind the veil. Some societies do not allow women to drive either.

It is certain that the yellow wallpaper essay would present a world of meaning of lost values and a numbing sadness at the plight of women in the male-dominated world. Maybe nature intended it that way but national constitutions cannot accept that. God did not say that either. The physical weakness of women could be the motivating factor against male superiority. Men fought battles all along but nowadays women join the army and police.

While the yellow wallpaper essays on various websites and in hard copy publications may be intellectually stimulating, we are making a mistake. In understanding psychological, social and anthropological concerns with regard to the status of women, we seem to be overlooking the human element. Women traditionally suffered all along somewhat like the Jews and it is high time that attitudes change. Now that LGBT rights are vehemently being supported in many parts of the world, why do we not accord an equal status for women? World organizations like the United Nations could take the lead and we have numerous organizations that would follow in regional associations.

A selection of the yellow wallpaper essay topics would be stimulating indeed as an eye-opener and reminder that we cannot take things for granted. What lies beneath the surface and between the print should not be missed. Surface appearances often do not depict the truth since we like to brush things beneath the carpet. Facades do not represent reality. The cute smiles, attractive dresses, cars, and fashions may yet hide depressions supported by medications and addictions like parties and substance abuse. Medical research may have improved with regard to the understanding and treatment of nervous conditions but the Charlotte Perkins Gilman yet haunts the mind.

Some thought provoking questions to promote better understanding :

  • Why does the narrator remain unnamed in the story?
  • What could be the figurative meanings associated with the color yellow?
  • Analyze the creativity in the story and compare them with the rational aspect.
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