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The Various Positioning Errors Marketing Essay

For occasion: kotak-mahindra positions itself in the customer's mind as one entity-'kotak', which provide customized answers to all the financial services needs. The positioning of the brand will be influenced by the competitive stance one wants to adopt.

Various Positioning Errors;

UNDER POSITIONING: Here the customer's have a blurred and unclear notion of the brand.

OVER POSITIONING: Here the customer's have too limited awareness of the brand.

CONFUSED POSITIONING: Here the customer's have baffled thoughts and opinions of the brand.

DOUBLE POSITIONING: Here the customer's do not admit the claims of the brand.


When it comes to marketing the business enterprise, there are three generic strategies you can use: focus, differentiation and cost leadership. This means that you need to reduce your costs and cross the savings to your visitors.


Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has been successful which consists of strategy of day-to-day low prices to appeal to customers. The thought of each day low prices is to provide products at a cheaper rate than opponents on a constant basis, somewhat than relying on sales. Wal-Mart can achieve this due to its large scale and efficient supply string. They source products from cheap home suppliers and from low-wage overseas markets. This enables the company to sell their items at low prices also to profit off slender margins at a higher volume.


The restaurant industry is known for yielding low margins that can make it difficult to contend with an expense leadership marketing strategy. McDonald's has been extremely successful with this strategy by offering basic fast-food meals at low prices. They could keep prices low via a division of labor which allows it to employ and teach inexperienced employees alternatively than trained cooks. It also relies on few professionals who typically earn higher wages. These staff savings allow the company to provide its foods for good deal prices.


Brand position in car-MAZDA

MAZDA's Brand Positioning Strategy

There are similar products throughout the motor vehicle industry. Mazda considers it vitally important to bolster its emotional bonds with consumers. To be able to create a great brand image through strong mental ties with consumers, Mazda didn't initially concentrate on brand strategy techniques, but rather searched for to define a brand DNA.

Target customers

Mazda's goal customers are those those who stay young, have a good capability to go to town, are always keen and are self-confident in their options.

Mazda's Brand DNA

Mazda's brand DNA is split into two ideas of Personality and Product. In order to gain pathos from the prospective customers, Mazda tried to create an image where Personality is thought as Stylish, Insightful and Spirited, and to guide Mazda's craftsmanship, Product is defined as Distinctive Design, and Reactive Drive.


Brand positioning is designed to develop a sustainable competitive border on product traits in the thoughts of the consumers.

The consumer choice depends upon the characteristics of the brand and the utility thus produced. brand attributes also called core worth, represent the fact of the brand.

FEW STRONG BRAND Capabilities:

Sustainability: A solid brand makes business competitive. A sustainable brand drives an organization towards innovation and success. Example:Grades and spencer's.

Inspirational: A strong brand should transcend/inspire the cateogary it is famous for. Example: NIKE transcendent jersey.

Appealing: A strong brand should be attractive. Customers should be seduced by the assurance one makes and by the value one delivers. Example:life insurance companies.

Sometimes a product can be situated in terms of two or more attributes simultaneously. The purchase price and quality attribute dimension is often used for positioning the merchandise. The product is associated with capabilities it have.

Ariel offers a particular benefit of cleaning even the dirtiest of clothes as a result of micro cleaning system in the merchandise.

Colgate offers advantages of avoiding cavity and fresh breath.

Promise, Balsara's toothpaste, could break Colgate's stronghold when you are the first to declare that it contained clove, which differentiated it from the first choice.

Nirma offered the good thing about good deal over Hindustan Lever's Surf to become success.

Maruti Suzuki offers great things about maximum fuel efficiency and safety over its challengers. This strategy helped it to get 60% of the Indian vehicle market.


Another way is to speak a particular image or position for a brandname is to affiliate it with a specific use or application-'Quality It Possess'

Surf Excel is positioned as stain remover ' Surf Excel hena!'

Clinic All Clear - "Dare to wear Dark".


Often the competition for a specific product originates from outside the product class. For instance, airlines know that while they contend with other airlines, trains and buses are also practical alternatives. Manufacturers of music CD's must compete with the cassettes industry. The product is put against others that, without exactly the same, supply the same school of benefits.


Competitors may be as important to positioning strategy as a firm's own product or services. Nowadays, a highly effective positioning strategy for something or brand may concentrate on specific competitors. This approach is similar to positioning by product course, although in cases like this the competition is at the same product category.

Onida was positioned contrary to the giants in the television set industry through this plan, ONIDA colour Tv set was launched with the communication that all others were clones and only Onida was the first choice. "Neighbour's Envy, Owners Pride".


Clinique, for example, has a strong image to be fresh, clean, and genuine, with a white-coat clinical approach to skin care and cosmetics. The normal user is identified to be always a young girl with oily skin. The challenge for Clinique is to keep its current image talents but to soften the fresh image (to help make the brand accessible to mature women) and reach out beyond the particular focus on oily, problem pores and skin to a broader audience. For instance, Clinique wish to inject components of elegance into the line, never to compete with the "elegant" position of rivals but to broaden beyond their strong professional medical position.


Recognizing the marketplace potential, Cadbury made a decision to add the Diwali twist to Celebrations. Along with the 1999 campaign that surprised people with `Diwali Ki Meethi Shubhkaamnaaye' and the `Har Pal Bane Ek Utsav'campaign in 2000, individuals were now reveling in the Diwali festivities with a box of Cadbury Celebrations. In 2002, with the tagline `Rishtey Pakne Do' the Full Dry Super fruit Collection was presented in the market that got family members along in festive times. Delving beyond family members, the 2004 Celebrations commercials starring Amitabh Bachchan cemented the heart of a friendly relationship with the tagline `Aisi Mithaas Jo Dosti Banaye Khaas'. In 2009 2009, Celebrations took the brand thought deeper in to the so this means of Diwali; it was now a symbol of new companionship, spreading contentment, and going for a moment to thank those who stay unappreciated for most area of the year. Experiencing the festive mood of togetherness, Celebrations started requesting people `Iss Diwali Aap Kisse Khush Karenge?'

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