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The Turkish Soap Operas Multimedia Essay

Why do people at the last past years prefer Television shows? Why do folks have different thoughts about television shows?. May be because they're point out their daily lives and impacting their habit. also as they expose different cultures of different societies. , the soap operas and Television set series will be the most discussed nowadays Television shows People argue about Turkish soap operas that spread nowadays on Arab Tv set, the purpose of that research is the airing of the soap operas and its own results in Arab countries people on the communal, religious, tourism and cultural levels, while others disagree your operas so it triggers problems such as women privileges and love in Arab world

What is a soap opera? And what's the difference between a soap opera and a normal TV series? according to Dorothy Anger in her publication Other Worlds: Culture Seen Through Soap Operas is a long Tv set series more than hundred of episodes, these Television shows are present culture style, life-style, traditions and educational life of the societies, however the traditional TV series are short ones. They don't exceed thirty shows and they have many details than soap operas.

The background of TV series in the Arab world is at relationship with the Ramadan series. There are a few Arab TV series which like soap operas as "layaly elhlmiya" that appeal to the Arab audiences for years at different seasons waiting to really know what another action. . Fadi Ismail says in the article "Turkish Soaps Bubbling in the UAE" that "we're trying to find out if there are new report lines. " This means that people need a new stories that affect their daily life related to their life style and their cultural experience.

According to the visitors' needs, people accountable for TV shows starts off expressing new demonstrates is connected with peoples real life, Layal Abu Rahal expressed in her article "Noor, A Soap Opera to Test The Moral Compass" that Arab men were fascinated with the Turkish actress Noor and women were also admirers of the Turkish professional moaned.

Turkish soap operas and Television shows which began just lately to be revealed on the Arab Tv set programs, Ismail says "we saw an opportunity in turkey. " (Qtd in Abuzeid The chance is dependant on the raised percentage of people viewing the soap operas and the remarkable storyline lines as well. It had been popular success when the first Turkish soap opera started out showing on Arab Television set. Percentage of men and women watching it started to increase People became addicted to it and even it became some sort of turning point in their own lives.

People in Arab world get attached to the characters, events and the new style in the Turkish soap opera. They are afflicted by their new culture. Also, they are influenced by the Turkish people. They start search the differences between Turkish population and the enclosed Arab modern culture. People start to exhibit their own views, defending their thoughts and ideas.

There are positive public effects that appear in the Arab society due to viewing Turkish soap operas like the aftereffect of it on Arab women. . They believe that those Turkish soap operas are the best, as they have got things which we don't possess inside our Arab society. Because of this to these soap operas some women recently became alert to their rights. Some women started to look for themselves on the degrees of business and financial life, while other got the side of liberal life searching for freedom. Inside the Turkish soap opera the women appear as model of liberal impartial women who've their own job and job, financial independence and even their own houses a long way away of their families. They echo the ideas of Turkish women in freedom in Islamic contemporary society. Arab women explained to consider Turkish women to encourage themselves never stop struggling with for his or her lives that they have confidence in.

Women in Arab world have the courage to loud her voice as They look at the Turkish women for example of free women, although they are Muslims moving into Islamic society too. Women compare the male character types of Turkish soap operas to their men in Arab world. They are packed with love and love and not severe in their decisions, Arab women started to compare every thing as female individuals and to look over many problems that we lack.

On the sociable level, the Arab women are not the one ones affected by the Turkish soap operas, however the entire family as well. The Arab households watch the two series "Noor" and "Lost Years" and spot the family gatherings of Turkish young families and they're close to one another. The reason that leads Arab households to compare themselves to Turkish ones Muslim society tooand they a lot of arab culture. Where family members are living all in one house. These features seem to be to be a part of these Arab society.

Also on the cultural level, the Turkish population has a liberal view that's not present in the Arab contemporary society. The dressing code which Arabs have stress on it. Turkish people wear whatever they required with no limitations or edges. They looks good and they're fashionable society. Tamiko says in this article "Noor, Includes a Turkish Soap Opera Fueled Change for Ladies in the Arab World?" that " Noor fashion knock-offs were purchased in boutiques. " The Arab people are impressed by this look so they began to take what suits them and live with Turkish style

. The most recent aftereffect of Turkish people of soap operas on Arab population is that the statistics pertains that the newly born babies known as after the celebrities increased in the Arab world. Tamiko reviewed in his article that the amount of Arab babies named Noor and Muhanned is doubled. This displays the major effect of Turkish soap operas on our Arab countries

Not all the sociable effects on Arab world are positive ones. People in Arab world some negatives of the Turkish culture. People believe that Turkish modern culture isn't the best but they also have some problems such as There is a lack of segregation between women and men, which don't appear in Arab society customs. Married women are permitted to have male friends that is certainly legal and the connection between women and men at the job. Another aspect which raises the anger of the Arab world and its against the faith is the allowable informal romantic relationships between male and female. They are permitted to live together without relationship These features don't match our Arab culture and patterns. That is refused on the interpersonal level not only on the spiritual level.

Also one of the major negative effects is that incites crime. It's been shown in the soap operas. The criminal offenses is apparently an ordinary thing to the population according. Respected world information are kidnapping people to be able to satisfy their aims from other enemies various kinds of crimes such as stealing, medicine coping by high specialists and even the existence of paid assassins. . Abu-Rahal expresses the existence of crimes and dangers of kidnapping with a large rate in those soap operas. This implies a perfect proof sociable disorder.

Among the positive cultural ramifications of the Turkish soap operas on the Arab population, there are positive ethnic effects. They are really main solutions to introduce a fresh culture to the Arab modern culture. It is a graphic of the Turkish world, thoughts, ideas, customs and practices, They want to supply the world image about turkey modern civilized country and its fight all its national and international problems that will be some sort of smartness of the Turkish people. . May be they mean to raise the attention about turkey and give themselves a higher rank in world.

. Arab tourism is affected seriously by those soap operas. The number of Arab tourists visiting Turkey is doubled, the number of flights focusing on Turkey is doubled The Turkish diplomat Yasin Temizkayn factors that the amount of Saudi tourists going to Turkey never enhances more than forty hundreds, until the soap operas are proved, which improve the number of travelers up to one hundred thousand this year (qtd in Mokhtar). The Arab travel and leisure companies increased the quantity of their money invested in Turkey. Increase of air lines in turkey. The ambassador says "we used to have only two flights weekly from Riyadh to Istanbul, today we have four air bus flights a day and they're all filled. " (Qtd in Zawawi)

The quantity of Arab people learning Turkish vocabulary increase and the Arab sociologists direct their attention to Turkish culture figuring positives and negatives.

Despite the hit success of those Turkish soap operas, they seem to be a double edged weapon it's some sort of entertainment that focuses on its damage on the religious beliefs and moral ideas. It disturbs the peace of the Arabic cultural and religious. Arab denies the way Turkish people behaving against all the spiritual and personal ideas. They almost break the major guidelines of the Islamic religion. People commence to ask said in articles that they could have sex without relationship. How that is socially accepted although they are said to be an Islamic population? And its said that it is fatal faults against complete Arabs. Alternatively, this contradiction triggers detrimental thoughts and brings about the Arab modern culture. That is not the sole problem but its wine beverage that became something ordinary that is certainly reused habit that breaks every rule that put by god against his religion. And negative aspects like adoption of kids to be legal their kids and the abortion all of that which is known as an Islamic offense, repeated many times in those shows. Each one of these contradictions and fatal problems are an proof are revealed on air to be regular in that world and confirmed by different cultural and governmental specialists. Well worth by his article guarantees that whenever he stresses on the idea of drinking, casual human relationships and abortion. He discusses briefly the major variations between Arab people and Turkish People.

Responsible religious government bodies refuse the shows and. spiritual People begin to check out these shows as evil ones distributing immoral and refused ideas, . They try to protect the Arabs modern culture from bad aspects casual relationships, , abortion, drinking alcohol, adoption and freedom liberty of women and her dress. voices begin to protest against what was occurring in the Arab culture addiction of the shows. Mokhtar discusses "The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheik Abdul Aziz Al-Sheik, has condemned Turkish soap operas, which have charmed millions of people over the Arab world, and prohibited folks from observing them. " Al Sheik was referring exactly to the most two successful shows "Noor" and "Lost Years". Some spiritual views ban watching these shows and apply certain a legal consequence on the Arabic stations. Worth points that the high cleric of Saudi, Sheik Luhaidan, provided his authorization to prosecute the owners of these TV stations. Some take serious decisions banning the shows and stop showing it on Arab Television. Tamiko reflects that time expressing "Did the visitors hear? Nope" the fans of that Television shows increased and even the channels showing it does increase private and local.

After the dialogue of the positive and negative ideas, values of that Turkish tv and its own influence on Arab Television set channels. many people liked that TV shows and other hated it from the first view and said its something far from our culture and some individuals became neutral they like strengths and hate negative ones although spiritual people restricted it but it still addicted by people. The question is the Arabic dependency these shows will continue forever? And what are its far repercussions? The end declaration may be you stay natural influenced by the culture and benefit from the positive side only and do not look for the negative one.

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