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The Truth And Nature Of Love English Literature Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a play about love. Inside the play Romeo and Juliet there are numerous scenes exploring love. In Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet he endeavors to show "the truth and aspect of love". Shakespeare gets what he needs from the play by displaying different types of love throughout the play. For example, he shows courtly love, physical love and intimate love.

Author Brooke composed an earlier version of Romeo and Juliet in 1562. Shakespeare browse the poem and made changes and published his version of Romeo and Juliet in 1595. He made the play better by changing some views around.

Shakespeare version of the play is a tragedy but has components of humour and love in it. The changes that Shakespeare made to his play were enough time size from at least nine a few months to four times. Shakespeare also changes, how old Juliet would be. He improved her age from being 16 to 13. He performed this showing that girls can mature from a young age. This is what made the play more interesting to learn about. The reason that it was interesting to read is because this is exactly what used to occur in Shakespeare time. He makes Juliet seem more impressive, strong and self-employed for a women her age group in the play.

In Elizabethan times in 1595 the women did not decided to go with who they could love and get married to they would be required to get hitched to someone they did not even love. This might be named an arranged marriage these days. Relationships were often for the family or for money. Marriages were seen as very desirable for women and it was considered odd for females to be sole and not committed. Once the play had been made women were not allowed to play the role of Juliet as the ladies in those days weren't allowed on level. Juliet was then performed by a boy.

In the olden times the men or the fathers were always god, the father of family members. Women would need to be taken care and attention of, first by their fathers and brothers and then by their husbands. The husbands would then be the lords of the home and the wife.

There are many types of love in the play; one of the types of love that Shakespeare explores is courtly love. Courtly love is the sort of love which is rigid. Shakespeare shows this in the play by Romeo heading about how much he adores Rosaline. Inside the play Romeo asks Rosaline to be his lover but she refuses. This is showing chastity rather than taking Cupid's love. 'One fireplace can burn out another burning up': Benvolio is wanting to get Romeo to forget about Rosaline, he will not believe courtly love is perfect for real.

In the play Romeo is going on how beautiful Rosaline is and that there is no other woman as beautiful as her. He says this as though it is not even real. 'One more fair than my love the all seeing sun ne'er her match since first the world began'. In this particular offer the love that is seen is Courtly love. You can tell this by Romeo over operating and feels that Rosaline is the most beautiful young lady which he has ever seen. Mercutio goes on about 'If love is tough to you, be tough with love. ' Mercutio is a man which will not like anything regarding love and he's endeavoring to make Romeo eliminate the ridiculous love he has for Rosaline. Mercutio also continues on 'Prick love for pricking so you conquer love down. ' With this quote he's trying to make good use of the love so just make use of it when you are together and overlook the real love.

The way Benvolio and Mercutio try to make Romeo just forget about Rosaline demonstrates they want him to find love but one which can last. Also a romance that is real and he adores her around he says. As the love is not real for Rosaline.

Another type of love that Shakespeare goes into is the physical kind of love. Rude jokes in Elizabeth times were really popular. In the vast majority of the works that Shakespeare has written he has put in the rude kind of jokes related to physical type of love.

For example Shakespeare has a Capulet identity in the play say: 'I will thrust Montague men to the wall membrane and thrust his maid to the wall structure. ' The thing he Capulet is trying to say is the fact they want to take women and rape them. Shakespeare has used physical (erotic) type of love in this type of rude joke. That is a cheap way of earning love.

In addition, the theme of passionate love was shown although play. This is actually the way the complete story is principally about love so Shakespeare shows various kinds of loves. However, Shakespeare shows generally Charming love as that is what mainly the play looks at. Romeo is first with Rosaline and then with Juliet. Romeo says many charming things to Juliet mainly. His first ever love was with Juliet. As Romeo and Rosaline did not really reach hook up and speak to the other person it was just attraction love. Also Romeo did not know Rosaline as well as he knew Juliet.

In the play Romeo tells how he really feels about Juliet. 'Have my heart love till now? Forswear it, perception! For I ne'er found true beauty till this nighttime. ' That is true love and the true example of character of love. This is shown incidentally Romeo changes just how he says what to Juliet. Romeo also shows damage in affectionate love by expressing his emotions. '"Jests at wounds that never sensed a scar" This shows that he is deeply in love and does not have an option but to marry the love of his life and cannot live without Juliet any further. Once they meet again they set up something so that they can get married as they cannot afford to live on without one another. 'By holy matrimony: when and where and how

We met, we woo'd and made exchange of vow, ; but this I pray,

That thou consent to marry us to-day. ' That's where they have decided to get married. From then on they don't want to live without one another Shakespeare shows this in a way that they have to go throw each one of these adventures and expire in the long run with the love they had for the other person this is a "the reality and nature of love".

In conclusion Romeo found the truth and mother nature of love but had to pass away because than it. This proved the viewers and watchers that Romeo does really find the truth and mother nature of love. Overall I think that Shakespeare been successful in showing what is the truth and nature of love as he offered us to examples of the way the love did not work out for Rosaline but did the trick for Juliet. This is a really great way as they reach show how love is designed for truth and exactly how you will see it 1 day as Romeo found in Juliet's center. They both ended up eliminating themselves as there love was too much to allow them to stay alive for without one another.

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