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The Travel and leisure In Kenya Travel and leisure Essay

Hotels are tasked with the responsibility of providing productive services for their clients. The day-to-day procedure of your hotel involves the management of the hotel's staff, customers and dispensation of other services offered. Hotels have customarily relied on paper-based information. This system has been seen as a an ever before growing dependence on storage space and proper maintenance to ensure customer's records and other hotel data is not lost.

Kenya is gifted with a distinctive combination of tourist attractions, comprising exotic beaches, abundant animals in natural habitats, scenic beauty and geographically diverse landscape. The variety of Kenya's habitat is equalled by the remarkable variety of vegetation and celebrated wildlife history. Thus, Kenya can truly be advertised as a destination that supplies the visitor - whether foreign or home - an unrivaled variety of travel encounters.

Tourism in Kenya has played an extremely big role in the growth of the economy. It currently accounts for about 12 percent of the Gross Household Product (GDP), so that it is the third greatest contributor to GDP after agriculture and developing, and Kenya's third largest forex earner after tea and horticulture. The sector has been designated among the industries that shall add noticeably towards poverty mitigation as lay out in the Government's Economic Recovery Strategy for Riches and Career Creation 2003-2007.

Given that the fundamental highway and rail network and superstructure are already largely in place, tourism has the ability to expand rapidly. Also, travel and leisure through its multiplier result has the capacity to promote local development, create new commercial and industrial corporations, stimulate demand for locally-produced goods and services and offer a market for agricultural products.

In order to change the image or perception of Kenya in overseas markets which have been adversely afflicted by negative promotion, whether warranted or unwarranted, the Kenyan government created a body called The Kenya Visitor Mother board to oversee these changes. The Kenya Traveler Table is tasked with promoting and marketing Kenya both internationally and locally. The main element guidelines of the table include the advertising of up market eco-tourism and wildlife safaris; a steady move from low value deal or mass tourism; the diversification of tourism products and markets; and the campaign of local and local, as well as international, tourism. Emphasis has been put on finding a precise understanding of customer needs, and producing and delivering the merchandise that customer's desire.

The Kenyan authorities also created some related organizations to assist in training and management of Kenyan travel and leisure industry. They include:

Catering and Visitor Development Levy Trustees (CTDLT)

Kenya Utalii School

Kenya Travel and leisure Development Organization

Kenyatta International Conference Centre

Bomas of Kenya

Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels (KSLH)

Tourism Trust Fund (TTF)

1. 2 Problem statement

The goal of this project is to develop software, which can deal with and keep carefully the records of the hotel. The prevailing system is manual. A web-based reservation system enables the customer to see hotel services and select rooms without heading to the hotel and they can make transactions through the internet. Thus, the client can save so much time. Due to the advances in technology, the management of Sunset Hotel requested for the building of an Online Hotel Scheduling System.

1. 3 Overview of the Current System

The business corporation name is 'Sunset Hotel'. Sunset Hotel Kisumu is a wonderfully landscaped vacation resort that is within a school of its own and is found in peaceful surroundings, from the hustle and bustle of Kisumu's noisy business district, and a few meters from the shoreline of Lake Victoria.

Sunset Hotel is just a 5 minutes drive from the town centre and 15 minutes from Kisumu AIRPORT TERMINAL. The hotel borders Kisumu Impala Sanctuary that hosts a wide array of family pets like leopards, hyena, olive baboons and vervet monkeys. It also provides grazing lands for Hippos, habitat for a number of small mammals including the endangered Sitatunga, and helps a number of reptiles and parrots species.

The hotel has a capacity of 50 rooms and 100 mattresses all air conditioned with multi route satellite TV, individual shower & bathtub, outdoor swimming pool, in-room safe and minibar. As the name suggests, guests from worldwide go to the hotel to view the sun setting from the privacy of the rooms. The hotel is renowned for hosting convention, cocktail people, outside wedding caterers services and family gathering.

All over the world, businesses and hotels in particular took their services to the web site. Sunset Hotel offers of a very nice website where friends can view the services provided by the hotel, but it lacks the main element growth in the hotel industry. The hotel lacks an internet hotel scheduling system where guests can book or make reservations in the hotel and never have to call or send an email and wait for feedback.

For hiring an area in this kind of hotel, your client needs to meet the receptionist to collect the info of hotel facilities. After that he's to fill up the pro forma provided by the hotel expert, then he has to pay the defined sum of money and is offered room key for his/her rented room. But consumer always wants higher level of privacy and reliable security.

1. 4 Solution statement

Hotel needs to preserve the records of site visitors and reserve rooms in advance. Customers should be able to know the availability of the rooms on a particular date. They should be in a position to reserve the available rooms relating with their needs beforehand. To create their stay as comfortable as is possible, they are given with food, laundry services, travel, phone calls and other services. The documents of the foods used by each customer and the services availed to the client should be placed given that they will be utilized to generate customer expenses.

The Online Hotel Scheduling System for Sunset Hotel in Kisumu should be able to meet the subsequent requirements:

The system can keep the information of the friends and the room assigned to them.

Customers can know the option of the rooms on a particular date or a period of time.

Customers can reserve the available rooms online.

The system should keep carefully the record of food and other services availed to the customer.

The system should allow customers to make repayments online through Visa Card, MasterCard, M-Pesa and any internationally recognized mode of repayment.

The system can generate the monthly bill for a person.

1. 5 Scope

The project was meant to come up with a web hotel scheduling and booking system. The range of this project didn't cover the look and execution of the online payment control system since this will be included with PayPal worldwide repayment system. Only links to PayPal registration page will be provided but not how it functions transactions.

Being an academics project, limited time and resources has constrained me to include, in this job, only the primary activities that will be performed by the Online Hotel Arranging System, but maximum treatment has been taken to make the system well-organized and user-friendly.

1. 6 Job roadmap




Define the range of the project, problem and solution statement.


Examines literature and systems of a similar nature, gives perception into talents and weaknesses of the current system


Lists the requirements to be achieved in starting the project


Examines possible methodologies that might be used and recognizes the suitable one for the system to be developed.


Examines the viability of the project economically, legitimately, organizationally, socially and technically


Involves understanding the existing system in order to look for the requirements that would be incorporated into the new system development.



Involves determining the useful and non-functional requirements of the system to be developed.



The Complex Systems Option and logical designs of the system to be developed are described.


The logical designs developed in the logical system specification level are implemented bodily.


Codes that provide functionality to the system are developed and analyzed to ensure they achieve the required functionality


The job is examined in totality and its talents, weaknesses and measures on how it could be upgraded are highlighted.


The lessons discovered from the undertakings of the job are highlighted.

Figure 1: Task roadmap

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