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The Tourism Specialist Of Thailand License Tourism Essay


World Travel Services Small, established in 1947, is Thailand's oldest and greatest travel agency. We've more than 500 employees and a fleet of more than 100 modern highway vehicles. 80 trained bilingual and multilingual courses speak fluent English, France, Spanish, German and Chinese language. Company provides many daily instructor tours and 2-6 days and nights tours throughout the country such as River Kwai tours, Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Pattaya, Trang, Hua Hin/Cha-Am, and Chiang Mai and also including many special program trips to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam.

The company has its tour desks in leading hotels at most of Thailand's main resorts: 23 hotels in Bangkok, 3 in Chiang Mai, 1 in Chiang Rai, 8 in Pattaya, 4 in Hua Hin/Cha-Am, 3 on Koh Samui and 4 in Phuket. In additional, the business also arranges reserving for steamship companies, airlines and rail travel. Through its affiliate marketing Air Transportation Service Ltd, it acts as General Sales Agent for United Airlines. It is also a BSP/IATA agent.


"To become the top of Travel Agent in Thailand"


Improve the grade of transportations

Having more connection with travel agent across the world.

Expanding our head to desk to all or any leading hotel in Bangkok and some other in holiday destinations.

Organization Chart

SWOT Analysis


Challenging of taking care of tourism business successfully

Rapert and Wren, (1998) discussed about the difficulties of taking care of tourism businesses successful, the business must provide gratifying experiences for travellers and guests while profiting their owners. In the past 60 years, World Travel Service is prevails in tourism business which includes proven itself about the successful in making business strategy and insurance policy. One particular strategy is portion the friends with most standard service head to throughout the country, our tours are standard because the friends will have the program brought up by our staff from the tour desks in what are they heading to see on that one tour and just how many stop that the travel are going to make and they'll know about enough time that the travels will complete and what time they should be back at the hotels. The tour guides are not allowed to sell any other programs that doesn't mentioned on the trips. All above about standard service is related to Regulations (2004) which refer to as Standard Service Quality in tourism is vital, The level of service which management team units might be higher (or lowers) than the client's anticipation of service benchmarks and the Quality Systems might not control services standards with techniques which subject to clients.

Quality of Staff

Gomez-Mejia et al (2004) discuss on deciding on the best person for a job can make a tremendous positive difference in efficiency and customer satisfaction. Sharpley (2005) described selection is very important recruitment and selection steps that identify potential employees who will not only have an all natural disposition towards service provisions, but who will also fit in with and respond to the organization's service culture. So, these above 2 ideas are related to just how how World Travel Service selects and recruits their workers. Currently, almost all of tour guides graduated from ARTWORK Department, Silapakorn College or university, who know information about Thailand perfectly. Various other graduated from overseas can speak English fluently which will make our guides become one of the most standard tourist guides of the country.

Focus on prime and luxury tour

Eleri Jones and Claire Haven - Tang (2005) discussed that tendency of the luxury market have been boosting and it will become the most crucial part of travel and leisure industry. Now, World Travel Service does indeed their online marketing strategy on high-end market which focused on top quality and luxury tour by giving extravaganza trips around Thailand. Which is more valuable than mass travel and leisure which having only variety but no quality of customers.


Centralized Management

Pieniazek (2007) discussed that electricity being consolidated near the top of the organization, risk is high if the very best of the business becomes not capable of leading the business (death, condition, or considerable organizational size creating a weak span of control) Employees also will feel less enthusiastic to execute for the organization as they'll not offer an avenue for showing their ideas on how to enhance the firm. World Travel Service use Centralized Management style since their first operated in 1947 which constantly making decision by only 1 Thai owner of the business, Mr. Kusa Phunyarachun, 92 years of age. In some crisis, owner cannot response immediately that why sometimes it can reason behind failing and dissatisfaction.

Old Building and Old Facility

In hospitality industry such as hotel, travel agent, the geographical appearance is important. ICRA ranking, (2009) discussed that the quality of company's property is straight effect to the image of business. It's not only to attract the clients, but also create the brand loyalty. The top office of World Travel Service hasn't been renovated since its first operation in 1947. Customer first impression can be influenced by the company's encompassing such as reception area, furniture style, design, parking area, Vehicle.

Technology (E-Tourism)

Galloway, Mochrie & Deakins, (2004) reviewed that online solutions within the travel and leisure industry have significantly impacted on communications, transactions and interactions between your various industry operators and with the clients, as well as between regulators and functions. World Travel Service also doing the e-tourism such as online technology, online booking, etc. All this are play the top role for e-business if the company can keep doing well, it'll bring a great deal of benefit to company. In the other hands, the business cannot handle to really have the excellent operation system and updated website, the business will lost more gain.


Affordable Winter Travel Ideas to escape the Cold

Christakos (2009) described that lots of of travellers can't afford the luxury Hawaii or Bahamas vacation but if indeed they want to relax and revel in themselves while escaping the blustery winds of the north, there are plenty of things they can do. Thailand keeps warm all year round, and it is most comfortable through the winter months. It's an extremely popular vacation spot for Australian and East Asian travelers who want both beautiful beaches and interesting modern towns like Bangkok, but there are often some very good deals for plane tickets from the U. S. They don't come around every day, though, so you have to snatch them up when you see them. World Travel Service can gain gains from tourists who want to relax in Thailand.

Thailand Rank Best "VALUE FOR MONEY"

Thailand has again emerged as the world's best "brand" in conditions of affordability, according to the 2008 Country Brand Index (CBI), the 3rd consecutive year they have gained this accolade. Thailand's standing as the "Best Country Brand for Affordability" was released on 11 November, 2008, at the World Travel Market, the premier total annual exhibition of the global travel trade. The same Brand Index also ranked Thailand third in the group of "Friendly Locals and Authenticity". (International People Relation Division Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2008). Thailand is the one of tourist attraction which is valuable your money can buy. This thing can make us become the favorite choice for the holiday that has limit money because of their holiday. In order that is show about how much Thailand travel and leisure industry could lure on the client come to go to and some of them might use the service from World Travel Service.


Global Warming is threatening Thailand's climate

The average of the world's temps rises and the serious natural devastation happens creating negatively effects on people's health. The travelers are terminated tours of World Travel Service because Thailand faces problems about natural disasters and disease problems such as major depression, flood, H1N1 influenza and etc. Local climate also influences environmental conditions that can deter vacationers, including infectious diseases, wildfires, algal blooms, insect or normal waterborne pests (e. g. jellyfish), and extreme occurrences such as hurricanes, floods or high temperature waves. Additionally it is an essential determinant of tourist decisionmaking. Seasonal local climate fluctuations at tourism destinations and at major outbound markets are key drivers of travel and leisure demand at global and regional scales. Weather is an intrinsic element of the travel experience and also influences tourist spending and vacation satisfaction (UNWTO, UNEP and WMO 2008).

Thailand's politics crisis

Ten Kate (2010) emphasized the monetary costs from a long-running turmoil have so far been largely limited to the travel and leisure industry, consumer sentiment is declining and businesses are hurting. The crisis was hitting self-assurance, tourism, private utilization and investment. The United States, Britain, Australia, Japan and other countries have warned people to reconsider travel programs to Bangkok. World Travel Service is mainly concentrating on the foreigner visitor therefore the company also hitting by this example. The customer's arranging for this time is very different to this past year. Many tourists terminated flights, hotels, car lease bookings and other travel and leisure activities. This resulted in another two quarters of any noiseless period for Thai tourism. Ryu, S. JR. (2005) described that politics instability can raise the understanding of risk at a vacation spot and produces negative publicity, which results within an inevitable reduction in traveler arrivals. Risk conception can influence traveler decision-making and vacation spots can be severely affected.

High Fuel Prices Affect Tourism

The fuel price is increasing, so it's effect to all industries. World Travel Service is directly affected by fuel price because all activities of company use the vehicle for transportation. The raising of petrol price increases the price of the company however they could only just a little put on the price tag on their product. So they have to put together themselves for take care of this thing. Hupp (2008) discussed that hotels, cruises, airlines, travel agent while others in the travel industry are affected negatively by high engine oil prices because transport costs are higher, and individuals are spending less because of stress on their budgets.


Update company website.

The web site of WTS is a lot more outdated, THE BUSINESS have been operate as the major and oldest travel firm of Thailand but somehow about the company profiles is merely four paragraph long which some time make to company not gain more trusts from the customer. There're a lot of things that people can placed on the website such as pictures from days gone by until present, which transportations these were used from days gone by to now and also the number of tourist who using the business service. As now E-tourism is extremely popular, people wish to search from the web about the business and price and the tour programs before they make a decision to buying it. So it is very essential to develop the business website immediately. Mason (2008) discussed that information about tourism product is vital to assist the consumer to make choice. Electronic forms of messages about travel and leisure products have certain advantages over printed out source. Electronic varieties can be more up-to-date and hence topical, they could be more visual and in relation to computerized systems. More and more, individuals are using web sites for planning, searching, reserving and purchasing travel and leisure products.

Improve more facilities in Visitor Lobby Area.

The facilities about the reception area are extremely poor, for example the chairs are not nice and uncomfortable and there is merely one sofa for guests to sit. Those who come early pick up a good seats and for many who came later part of the sometime have to be seated outside or couch on a little recliners which is not suited to our friends who actually have a huge body. Also for our guests who spend over 2, 000 baht for a full day head to and around 1, 000 baht for a 1 / 2 day head to, this is expensive and I think the guests are looking forward to have a best of their time in Thailand by taking the tours around started from an initial minute when they came until the end of the head to. ICRA ranking, (2009) reviewed that the quality of company's property is straight result to the image of business. It is not only to attract the customers, but also create the brand devotion.

The improvement of transportation

The company should enhance their fleets to meet up with trend in order to stay as a respected travel agency of Thailand from example the amount of the company fleets is approximately 100, and 1 / 2 of this includes the prior group of Toyota Camry and Mercedes Benz bus are very old. Especially for the bus that contain been using for over 20years old, many times it has break down while using on the tours. This is a huge problem for us to resolve this problems such as finding a local taxi in order to bring the friends to the closest vacation spot to hold back for other vehicles that come from Bangkok to choose the guests. This technique takes long time for everybody and of cause creating dissatisfy to the friends that they have to be waiting for such a long time which in the end have an effect on our company brand. Lamp and Davidson (1996) emphasized that the buyer of travel and leisure product must experience the trip to access the product, the grade of the travel experience becomes an important aspect of the visitor experience and, therefore a key criterion that gets into into vacation spot choice.

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