The Theory Of Morality Is Dependent Upon God ( Austin ) Essay

1 . Devine Command Theory is the theory is that morality is dependent in God (Austin). God makes commands and individuals live by His phrase and are dependent upon His morals for their life-style. In this Theory God makes his orders and people use this to live moral lives. There are so many religions in existence that at times people are against DCT, just because God explained they should do it. There are many philosophers that are for and against The Devine Control Theory. The strength that I see in DCT is that it provides people something to believe in, not just because he said so , but mainly because they have faith in God and he has everyone's best interest in your mind. With Goodness having a ethical character, it offers people anything to shoot for; being like God. If a person is definitely moral, they may be striving to be like The almighty and His meaning character and when they bad thing they are going against God's instructions. (Wilkens, 2011) We because subjects of God can be truly meaning people once we realize that we could His household can we end up being what This individual wants all of us to be. 1 weakness I see is that The almighty being the best power above us; what if he made the decision rape was obviously a good thing. Mainly because God says so we expect Him. What if he improved the way he viewed every thing and anything we have been trained could be wrong? That would transform everything for everyone. Even though there are some issues with DCT, like never having the accurate answer coming from scripture as Wilkens remarks with the people wanting to pick the gender with their second child, morally persons will use Goodness as a way to make the right alternatives in every element of their lives.

installment payments on your According to the Immanuel Kant, individuals have a meaningful responsibility to accomplish good. Kantian Moral theory says that reason and morality get hand in hand, it says...

... Duty is extremely real from this stage, an individual can even feel guilty if they happen to be not doing their obligation to the best of their ability. So if perhaps my client were to get his way to the honest stage he'd forgo the pleasure that he found in alcohol and set others before himself. Another and last stage is definitely the religious level. In this level, a person is finding his method to Goodness and in this, he gives himself fully to Our god. My consumer must request God's forgiveness to be able to have the final level and human being fulfillment. The almighty will help him satisfy both parts of human nature. I think that many people have to pass through these levels in order to find all their true contacting in The almighty, but most of the people do not know they may have gone through these kinds of stages. We never considered it this way before but it seems to be just like people that have finally found Goodness when he was always inadequate from their lives.

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