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The theme of revenge in hamlet

This play written in 1601 by Williams Shakespeare is one of is own most popular works. The major theme of the play is a tragedy as the search for revenge resulted in numerous fatalities of innocent people. The copy writer focused on the problems of prince Hamlet who's portrayed as a stylish rather than the wicked deeds of his uncle, ruler of Denmark. In the very beginning of the play, the ghost of Hamlet's dad seems to him and instructs him that king Claudius has poisoned him. Prince Hamlet mourns both his father's death and his mother remarriage to the new Ruler Claudius which occurred a few weeks after the late king's fatality. Hamlet then seeks out to learn the real fact about his father's loss of life and story revenge. In the process of finding out the reality, Hamlet works mad and deceives a lot of people in order to face mask his true intentions.

The Major Characters in Hamlet

Prince Hamlet

The protagonist in the play, Hamlet was the prince of Denmark and kid of the overdue Ruler Hamlet of Denmark and nephew for this King Claudius. In the beginning, Hamlet meets Ruler Hamlet's Ghost and learns that King Claudius murdered his daddy and this was the lead to that started out his plot for revenge. Element of his plan required him to pretend to be mad in other to distract and hide his intentions from those around him and particularly the Ruler. Hamlet distrusts and rejects everyone around him because of his paranoid notion that they are spying on him for Ruler Claudius. His plan works and everyone thought he was mad then to confirm his suspicions of the Ruler; Hamlet modified the lines of any play and got people to respond it before King Claudius. The changes he made in the play made it cunningly tell the storyline of the murder of Ruler Hamlet. This play made Ruler Claudius unpleasant and helped Hamlet validate his suspicions about the murder of his father. Hamlet was also in love with Ophelia who is the daughter of Polonius. After his pretence of madness, Hamlet found out that Ophelia betrayed him which injured him deeply. In his search for revenge, Hamlet wiped out Polonius, Ophelia's father accidentally. In the end, Hamlet was wiped out by the sword of Laertes but he ensured that he killed King Claudius before his loss of life.

King Claudius

He was Hamlet's uncle and the King of Denmark who was simply the antagonist of the play. Claudius murdered the prior king of Denmark to fulfill his ambitions and replace him as ruler and he needed his wife along the way. 8 weeks after he murdered the ruler, he got committed to Queen Gertrude and prince Hamlet didn't approve of this matrimony. After Hamlet began his pretence of insanity, King Claudius dispatched Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and Ophelia to travel and spy on him as he presumed Hamlet's intentions weren't clear. When Ruler Claudius acquired the impression that Hamlet was a hazard, he delivered for him to be wiped out but Hamlet survived. When Hamlet returned to Denmark and Ruler Claudius discovered that he wasn't deceased, he attempted to trick Laertes into poisoning Hamlet as Laertes in those days was buying way to eliminate hamlet to avenge the loss of life of his dad Polonius. By the end of the play, Ruler Claudius's intend to poison Hamlet failed as he wiped out his wife queen Gertrude instead and then Hamlet wiped out Ruler Claudius with the poisoned sword.

Queen Gertrude

Gertrude was Hamlet's mother and the Queen of Denmark. She was committed to the lifeless king Hamlet and after he passed away, she continued and hitched Claudius who was simply the brother to the King Hamlet and today's King of Denmark. Gertrude cherished Hamlet deeply but disappointed hamlet when she received wedded to Hamlets uncle not long after her husband's death. Queen Gertrude later realizes her blunders when Hamlet scolds her and she promised to not sleep with the uncle any further. When she found out that Hamlet wasn't really mad, she helped him to continue his pretence of insanity. In the end, Queen Gertrude was wiped out by the poisoned drink that was designed for Hamlet.

Lord Polonius

He was the daddy of Laertes and Ophelia and also the Lord Chamberlain of Claudius's courtroom. Polonius possessed his responsibility to kind Claudius and when he found out about Hamlets madness, he assumed his princess was in charge of that and warned his princess to stay away from prince Hamlet. He later used his girl to spy on the prince which injured him deeply. Polonius was later killed accidentally by prince Hamlet when he was found eavesdropping on the dialog between Hamlet and his mom.


Ophelia was hamlet's love interest and the princess to Polonius and sister to Laertes. Ophelia was cherished deeply by hamlet but never committed him. She listened to her father's advice and prevented Hamlet when she educated of him as mad. Her daddy then used her to spy on Hamlet but Hamlet knew this and it disturbed him deeply. After Hamlet killed Polonius and kept Denmark, Ophelia became mad and finished up committing suicide by drowning herself


He was Polonius' son and played a minor part in the play until the death of his father Polonius. After learning that prince Hamlet wiped out his daddy, he set out to avenge his father's death by getting rid of Hamlet. His plan was to kill him in a battle with a poisoned sword but Ruler Claudius encouraged him to kill the prince with a poisoned drink. Laertes proceeded to go along with his original plan of using the poisoned sword and succeeded but was also wiped out by Hamlet in the long run.

The Theme of Revenge in Hamlet

Revenge is the major theme portrayed in the play. The major incidents of the play portrays different characters showing their intent to revenge prior deeds by someone against them which set up the tragic summary of the play as revenge most times leads to tragedy. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, desired revenge on his uncle, the present ruler of Denmark, for killing his father the prior king of Denmark. Hamlet makes a decision to act mad to be able to accomplish his revenge however in the process eliminates Polonius, Lord Chamberlain and the daddy of his good friend Laertes accidentally, consequently of mistaken identification with Claudius the king. Alternatively, Laertes plots with King Claudius to kill hamlet by poisoning, to avenge his father's death although Ruler Claudius also wished to wipe out Hamlet for his own private reasons. Hamlet's daddy killed the ruler of Norway, and his son Fortinbras the prince, also desired revenge on Denmark but later becomes the only one to avoid revenge and therefore being really the only survivor of the tragedy and became the near future ruler of Denmark. It is believed that all this took place as a result of death of king Hamlet. Inside the story of revenge, innocent souls were killed and Shakespeare uses the theme to make clear that the search for revenge often brings about tragedy.


Hamlet is a tragic play. The looks of the inactive King's ghost designated the beginning of the tragedy as after persuading Hamlet to avenge his loss of life, everything fell apart in Denmark. In the process of killing Ruler Claudius, who was in charge of the King's fatality, some innocent people also passed on. King Claudius's relationship to Hamlet's mom, Queen Gertrude disturbed Hamlet. At exactly the same time Denmark is under threat of assault from young Fortinbras, whose dad was wiped out by the overdue ruler Hamlet and experienced come to avenge his father's fatality. In the end, every major character died except for Prince Fortinbras of Norway who ended up being the sole heir to the throne of Denmark.

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