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The Tesla Motors Inc Marketing Essay

Tesla Motors, Inc. is an motor vehicle company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California that design, companies and sell electric vehicles and electric vehicle components. The business gained special attention by producing the Tesla Roadster, which is the first totally electric sport car and the Model S, which is a totally electric luxury sedan.

Tesla is the only automaker that builds and provides highway-capable Electrical vehicles. According to newspaper works filed to US Securities and Exchange Commission payment, Tesla produces 15 cars per week, which can be mostly customer purchased.

The company's goals is to help make the number and variety of Electrical power Vehicles to the general public increase in 3 ways:

Selling its vehicles in an increasing number through showrooms and online

Selling trademarked electric powertrain components to other automakers so that they can make EV's available to customers sooner

Serving as a confident example to other automakers, so that to demonstrate that there are great amounts of consumers who are requiring productive and high-performance vehicles.

Environmental Analysis

Objectives and Issues

Tesla missions and principles are extremely focused on helping the environment and offer to customers a fresh experience.

Mission Statement

"Tesla Motors designs and markets high-performance, highly reliable electric sports autos - with no compromises. Tesla Motors automobiles incorporate style, acceleration, and controlling with advanced solutions that make them one of the quickest and the most energy-efficient vehicles on the road. "

Our Vision

"Create the most persuasive car company of the 21st century by driving the world's move to electric vehicles"

Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Promotional Campaign

The main goal of the promotional advertising campaign is to make a brand name reputation and consumer's interest by motivating them to analyze about Tesla online or visiting Tesla website. The promotional message should charm to both an emotional (cool, hip, position mark) and rational (technically superior, zero emissions) but also emphasizing the theme (fun to drive) which should stay constant. Our recommendation relies on newspaper and tv advertising followed by a strong online media.

Step 2: Utilize the Tesla Brand Community to activate New Consumers

Tesla current customers are the greatest way to obtain sales because they need the company to survive due to their enthusiasm about Tesla brand. Recent commentary posted by Tesla owners

Step 3: The In-Store Experience

A critical area of the promotional message is to verify the in-store experience. As technology can be an important aspect of the the modern world and predicated on this process we support Tesla's "Apple Store". Salespeople should be trained and in a position to inform consumers on the technical areas of the Model S, and they should show to be interested in the brand. Finally, this experience should be increased by a try on the Model S to verify the "fun to operate a vehicle" message transmitted in this advertising campaign.

Step 4: Welcome New Owners to the Tesla Community

New owners will be an important part to be involved in Step 2 2 of the marketing process in the foreseeable future, as they will become Tesla's brand champions.


Describe the business's "communications offer".

For example:



sales promotion


How much is budgeted in Year 1 in each category?


What percentage of every media is usually to be used in your overall advertising offer?






business cards

co-operative advertising with wholesalers/retailers



What type of sales persons are to be used-food agents, commissioned salespersons, etc. ?

What tools are to be provided to salespersons to aid getting purchases (volume discounts, purchasing shelf space, etc. )?

Will a sales training program be offered?

How will sales success be assessed?

What incentives will be offered to salespersons for new accounts, successes?

Sales Promotion

What sales advertising activities are planned?

point of purchase shows/sales aids



What costs are associated with each?


How does the company intend to "start" the advantages of the product using publicity?




truck signs

consistent visible theme

Target Markets

Tesla focus on is relatively small because of the high cost of the Roadster. Owners are usually referred to as "eco-hipsters, " "affluent-environmentalists" or "affluent early on adopters. " In the beginning, the target is to sell 20, 000 items of the model S vehicles per yr. The company must target a large segment of consumers who are both thinking about:



Environmentally and politically responsible

According to the IPO - First Public Offer (2010), Tesla is convinced that:

Combination of functionally, performance, style, energy efficiency and overall cost of possession of the prepared Model S will attract customers from several market sections, including the lower, medium and upper top quality sedan classes

Also, regarding to a GE consumer study (GE Accounts), the Electric Vehicles market can be split into three following sections:

Drivers who see Electric vehicles as symbolizing their commitment to the environment

Drivers who "start to see the technology as simply "cool" - representing leading edge innovations that places them ahead of the pack. In tech circles, they are really known as "early adopters"

Frugal individuals who see Electronic vehicles as a way to reduce travel costs

The target technique for the Model S is to add consumers from segments one and/or two who can afford luxury vehicles. In addition, the Model S will appeal to consumers who use brands for self-enhancement, self-verification, and self-construal purposes by presenting an environmental, hip, trendy, and impartial image to themselves as well as others. Finally, the Model S ideal consumer is somebody who will embrace the role as a member of your brand community and will become a Tesla Aficionado.


Summary and Recommendations


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