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The Teenage Being pregnant Issue In Indonesia Idea Essay

One of the biggest issue in Indonesia is abortion. Why it is become one of the biggest problem in this country? Associated with it is against the law of mankind. Fetus in mother's womb has right to stay alive, they have got right to start to see the world. But if it is unplanned pregnancy in teenage era or in very young age what should we do? We are not discussing taking sides, we all have been talking about the best way out for the teen to continue their live to save lots of their future without having any responsibilities to take care of your baby or even babies because they are not plan about having a baby or infants in early age. Lets start to see the fact about our country, lets see deeper to the Indonesian culture. Can you imagine if you expecting before legal marriage? What will your neighborhood discussing you? They'll be a backstabber and always insult you. Do you have a center to see them live a life in pressure. We have to remember were live in Indonesia. As an eastern people we aren't accustomed with free gender, or love-making before committed. But we cannot close our heart, close your eye, or close your ear canal if there are numerous conditions related to free making love or gender before wedded. In a young age they may have big anxiety about a new thing like love-making. They make an effort to get the info and once they have got the info they have intent to own their own experience. Some teenager think about free gender however, not every teenager know about save making love.

For the teenager who knows save sex they will use elimination for example they will use condom. Although you have used condom you still cannot break free from accident. When the condom is blobby this means that the reduction is failed. Exactly what will happen if the protection is failed?

The more threatening is when teen doesn't know what is save gender? In this essay I am going to not say that love-making before married is good. But we can save them from the most severe possibility. If you are a professor or someone who work in educational division you can expound to them about love-making activity. The bad impact itself. We have to fully realized teen has a great deal of questions about any of it.

In a modern era like this we can not 100 percents shield our children from bad affect especially from the internet. Internet can provides them any informations, from the small thing until the big thing. Therefore as a parents you cannot sleep with two eye closed.

Everything can happen nowadays. You could have sex and received the feeling from it but you have to think twice if you'll still want your future. Using condom is one of the avoidance from "accident". Imagine if the protection fails? The most common way to avoid it that first came out from teenagers brain is abortion. They are not ready having a baby, they may have not the job yet, they can not earn the amount of money, they still want to try out, the entire world is too big to be pondered, they don't want have any tasks related whit manage a baby. The most frequent reasons why "I" wished abortion :

I can't let my parents know, they will eliminate me!

I want to complete my school! Baby is such a distraction for me!

In some countries it is legal.

My boyfriend will split up with me easily don't have an abortion.

My pregnancy can be an accident, I don't want to buy.

My mom pressuring me with an abortion.

I can't stand pregnancy change my body. I don't want see my own body is changing.

I'm pregnant because a rape!

I need to have an abortion there's no other way!

It's not a baby!

Therefore they thing that abortion is the simplest way out to save lots of their life. Will you be sure that abortion end up being the best way out to cover this issue from people around you? In this article I'd like to discuss some alternatives to handle unplanned being pregnant.

If you think harder to handle unplanned crisis being pregnant and use your reasoning there are a few alternatives that you can pick.

The first is you can continue the pregnancy and raise your child (either by yourself or with your partner)

The second you can continue the motherhood and the place your child up for adoption,

The third is you can terminate the motherhood by having an abortion.

Before you decide your decision you have to explore each one of these options. You shouldn't be at hurry, make yourself relax in this crazy time. You may have been crazy manner before, therefore you shouldn't be crazy people and repent your choice.

You can take a piece of paper to create what you would like and the thing you need. You must think logically, make an effort to imagine the possible results as well as the practical and the mental impact of each options you can do on you. I know this is not as easy as we think. More than anything else you are facing the significant consequency to your life. Now, consider what your ideal situation looks like, both in terms of being pregnant and in terms of parenting a child. When do you want to become a mom? Where would you be living? What role would your lover have? What would you be like? What role would your family take? And the standard question is are you ready to live your new life?

Once you thing about those questions, suppose you are in a real life with actual situation at this time. What decision satisfy you the most? Lets have a brain walk, back again to previous year before, before you became pregnant. What were your goals and dreams at that time? What were your views on unplanned motherhood? How did you feel about each of the options? After you remember everything you want to attain in this shortlife, think about your life now, what are your goals and dreams now? Have they altered? What's important for you? What exactly are you associated with now? Have your views transformed with respect to unplanned motherhood?

Let's use your imagination again, visualize yourself a couple of years yr from now. Perhaps you have find the largest fears encompassing each option? After you use your creativeness lets back again to the real, how will each option impact your life?

By now, you have came to the realization, it should be obvious to you now, each option have its benefits and drawbacks. That's way you will need complete and correct information before making the decision that's best for you.

Write what is on your mind to your empty paper. Just write what you would like to say. Once you've finished it you can begin recap it. How exactly we recap it?

When considering these options, you may reflect on many aspects of your daily life, including:

your spiritual, cultural, religious, and ethnic beliefs and those of others in your life

your romantic relationship with your loved ones, friends, and partner

your financial and cultural realities

your living conditions and life circumstances

your feelings about parenting and about becoming a mother

possible reactions to your decision

Eventually, your decision will represent the based what is the better to you at this time. At another amount of time in your lifetime maybe your final decision will be different. That's ok it is natural. Embedded to you brain that because every woman is different, enough time and effort needed to reach the best decisions for his or her self differs as well. It'll be very natural and incredibly human to get various varieties of emotional reactions to unplanned pregnancy, specially when weighing and forecasting the pros and cons. Since you are the one who will live with this decision, be sure you're so that it is for yourself. Dealing effectively with your thoughts is a key part of earning a conclusion you can live with. This is about you, your decisions is your own future. This not easy because you have to responsible from what you did and you have to thing what will happen to your entire life, and you understand you have to consider many people involved in your daily life.

After you recapped it, you must desire a person whom you can talk to. You might want advise from another people or their answers to face this issue to decided to go with whether to continue unplanned motherhood. Not every person can be good consultant to your problem and not everyone capable to offer you advise without supplying the judgment. It really is so natural therefore individual. Because each folks has our very own need for level of privacy and for psychological, spiritual, economic, and physical support, women facing an unplanned being pregnant might not all choose to speak to the same person or people. For instance, some women may feel safe talking and then health providers while some may wish to include a good friend, family member, partner, religious tutor or person in the clergy. Just find the appropriate person to help you reveal you paradigm.

Whomever you choose, be cautious and become alert when concerning another visitors to your decision. First-time you fulfilled them you have to ask if they have a particular viewpoint about abortion, anti-abortion or pro life, expert choice, anti-adoption, or anti-parenting. It's important to keep you in your own track, it means you still have liberty to make your own decision. You must never feel under pressure, coerced, or obligated to make decision that is not into you or represent yourself. The based of the decision is your own choice not somebody else's choice. If you feel manipulated, insulted, and intimidated you should stop your consultations with see your face to check out someone new.

When you looking visitors to help you with decision making process, consider folks who are :

knowledgeable and able to provide exact information and referrals


able to provide unconditional support, whatever your decision

respectful of your privacy and your well-being


Before you make your own decision you have to know each definitions, pros, disadvantages, and the impact that you can do for you.

So know let's see further to abortion. What's abortion? Abortion is the termination of any pregnancy, either through the use of drugs or by way of a surgical procedure. There are a great number of discussions on a issue of abortion in this country and in another country. The conversation include could it be legal or not? Could it be morally justified or not? Or is it the best way to save my children's future from his / her sin? I am going to not speak about abortion from the religion side. Because we know that abortion is forbidden. Additionally it is not relevant to put the religion paradigm in this article.

Whenever you selected abortion you have to know the consequences to the body. Especially the unwanted effects. You have to talk to your parents, family, doctor, or open public local clinic.

Let's go deeper to abortion. You can find two ways in abortion : medical abortion and operative abortion. Medical abortions use drugs to empty the uterus, while surgical treatments use instruments to eliminate the contents of the uterus. Many factors come into the operation desk when deciding which method is most beneficial for you. You may want to consider:

whether you want to be awake or sleeping during the procedure

where you'd be most comfortable getting the procedure (within an abortion clinic or at a clinic)

whether you want to undergo surgery or whether you'd like a drug option

You can make one particular methods. But there are some factors you have to considered before choosing the techniques. Other factors will effect your decisions :

the variety of weeks since your previous menstrual period (some procedures can only just be performed early in being pregnant)

your overall health (some health issues may limit your alternatives)

the procedures available (not absolutely all types of procedures may be available-or legal-in your area)

whether you are prepared to travel to come with an abortion

your preferences, values, and values

To choose the techniques you can also ask your family, your friends, or the physician in your region. Abortion is an option, although the methods are differ however the goals will be the same. The target is useless baby.

After you know the methods of the abortion, now you need to know the side effect of abortion.


Before you select abortion as your decision you got to know the results that may happen to you.

Bladder Injury : If the uterus is perforated, your urinary bladder can be perforated, too. This can also cause peritonitis (an inflamed, infected lining of the abdomen) with most of its pain, problems and necessary reparative surgery.

Bowel Personal injury : If the uterus is perforated, your intestines can be perforated, too. This may cause nausea, vomiting, abs pain, fever, blood vessels in feces, peritonitis (an inflamed, infected lining of the belly) and loss of life if not cared for quickly enough. Some of the intestine may need to be studied out, and a non permanent or long term colostomy may be placed in your tummy.

Breast Tumors : Women who've aborted have significantly higher rates of breast cancers later in life. Breasts tumors has risen by 50% in the us since abortion became legal in 1973.

Ectopic (tubal) Being pregnant : An ectopic being pregnant is any motherhood that occurs beyond your uterus. After an abortion, you are 8 to 20 times much more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy. If not found out soon enough, an ectopic pregnancy ruptures, and you could bleed to loss of life if you do not have emergency surgery. Information show a 30% increased threat of ectopic being pregnant after one abortion and a 160% increased threat of ectopic motherhood after two or more abortions. There's been a threefold upsurge in ectopic pregnancies in the U. S. since abortion was legalized. In 1970, the incidence was 4. 8 per 1, 000 live births. By 1980 it was 14. 5 per 1, 000 births.

Failed Abortion : Inability to successfully abort the unborn youthful than 6 weeks is relatively common. Sometimes, an abortionist fails to evacuate the placenta from the uterus. This implies the pregnancy proceeds even though mother has endured the risks and cost of an abortion.

Bleeding (Hemorrhage) : One to fourteen percent of women need a blood transfusion anticipated to bleeding from an abortion.

Hepatitis : This can occur when you have to have a blood transfusion after an abortion.

Infection : Mild fever and sometimes loss of life occurs when there is an infection from an abortion. This happens in from 1 in 4 women to at least one 1 in 50 women.

Laceration of the cervix : About 1 out of 20 women suffer this during an abortion. This makes you have practically a 50/50 potential for miscarrying in your next pregnancy if it is not treated properly throughout that pregnancy. A higher incidence of cervical damage from the abortion process has elevated the occurrence of miscarriage 30-40% in women who have possessed abortions.

Perforation of Uterus : Women undergo a perforated uterus among 1 out of 40 and 1 out of 400 abortions. This almost always triggers peritonitis (an swollen, infected lining of the stomach), similar to presenting a ruptured appendix.

Placenta Previa : Placenta previa occurs 6 to 15 times more regularly after a woman has already established an abortion. In this problem your baby's placenta sits over the exit from the uterus so the placenta needs to be delivered before the baby can get out. This triggers the mom to bleed greatly while the baby almost always dies, unless your obstetrician identifies this problem and removes the baby by Caesarean section at only the right time in the being pregnant.

Post Abortion Symptoms : may rob the girl of her delight as she carries the burden of unresolved grief. This burden weighs her down and imprisons her in pain. The 12 week program starts to the door to allow treatment to begin. It is a problem which is manifested by a few of the next symptoms:


Increased Numbing

Emotional Numbing


Nightmares or Flashbacks

Suicidal Thoughts

Avoidance of reminders of the abortion, or of anything having to do with babies

Anger or Rage Reactions

Alcohol or other Chemical Abuse

Eating Disorders

Chaotic Relationships

Deterioration of Self-concept

Anniversary Syndrome-mood or tendencies changes each year near the time of the abortion, or the baby's scheduled date

Problems bonding with children or overprotecting future children

Sexual Disorders

Retained Products of Conception : If your physician leaves pieces of the infant, placenta, umbilical cable, or amniotic sac in your body, you might develop pain, bleeding, or a low quality fever. Besides antibiotics and possible hospitalization, you might require additional surgery to remove these remaining items.

Unrecognized Ectopic Pregnancy : Your physician may try to abort the infant but be unsuccessful since it is developing in your fallopian pipe. Sadly this tubal motherhood ruptures later and emergency surgery must be achieved to save your daily life. All ladies in their first trimester must have an ultrasound to ensure they don't provide an ectopic being pregnant.

Sterility : it means that your ovaries being became popular from your system. This happens in 1 out of 20 to at least one 1 out of 50 women. The chance of supplementary infertility among women with at least one abortion is 3 to 4 4 times higher than that among women who have not aborted.

The abortion process


In this method, the cervical muscle band must be paralyzed and stretched wide open. The abortionist then inserts a hollow plastic material tube with a knife-like advantage in to the uterus. The suction tears the baby's body into pieces. The placenta is lower from the uterine wall membrane and everything is sucked into a container.

Dilation and Curettage (D and C)

This is similar to a suction process except a curette, a loop-shaped material knife is inserted in to the uterus. The baby and placenta are slice into portions and scraped away into a basin. Bleeding is usually very heavy with this technique.

Dilation and Evacuation (D and E)

This kind of abortion is done following the third month of pregnancy. The cervix must be dilated before the abortion. Usually Laminaria sticks are inserted into the cervix. They are made of sterilized seaweed that is compressed into thin sticks. When inserted, they absorb moisture and expand, thus enlarging the cervix. A pliers-like device is inserted through the cervix in to the uterus. The abortionist then seizes a leg, arm or other part of the baby and, with a twisting motion, tears it from the body. This continues until only the head remains. Finally the skull is crushed and drawn out. The nurse must then reassemble your body parts to be sure that all of them were removed.

Prostaglandin Abortion

Prostaglandin is a hormone that induces labor. The baby usually dies from the trauma of the delivery. However, if the infant is old enough, it will be born alive. That is called a "complication. " To prevent this, some abortionists use ultrasound to guide them as they inject a "feticide" (a medicine that kills the fetus) into the unborn baby's heart and soul. Then they administer prostaglandin and a useless baby is provided. This type of abortion can be used in middle and overdue term pregnancies.

Dilation and Extraction (D and X)

This abortion is also applied to mid and later term babies, from 4 to 9 calendar months gestation. Ultrasound is utilized to identify the way the developing fetus is facing in the womb. The abortionist inserts forceps through the cervical canal in to the uterus and grasps one of the baby's lower limbs, positioning the baby foot first, face down (breech position). The child's is then pulled out of the birth canal aside from the top which is too big to feed the cervix. The infant is alive, and probably kicking and flailing his arms and legs. The abortionist hooks his fingers over the baby's shoulders, retaining the woman's cervix from the baby's neck. He then jams blunt tipped operative scissors in to the foot of the skull and spreads the tips aside to enlarge the wound. A suction catheter is placed into the baby's skull and the mind is sucked out. The skull collapses and the baby's brain moves easily through the cervix. 9312ha_c9312ha_d

State's Insurance plan towards Abortion

In Indonesia abortion continues to be illegal. But there are some exception to make it legal. In 2003, a parliamentary commission rate submitted a draft charge to legalize abortion, but this never made it to parliament. In Indonesia constitution quantity 23 yr 1992 specifies that "in the case of emergency and with the goal of saving the life of any pregnant woman or her foetus, it is permissible to carry out certain surgical procedure". The abortion must be based on the guidance of an team of experts, must have the consent of the pregnant female or of her hubby or family, and must be performed by health personnel with the experience in a "certain structure. " I believe it is better for Indonesia to update the health legislations to ensure that abortion can be done easily. The rigid rules lead woman prefer unlawful abortion. Sometimes against the law abortion is dangerous, if the abortion is failed it will not kill the baby, but it can make child labor and birth in handicap situation.

This situation has led to a flourishing underground practice of labor and birth termination that intensely penalizes the indegent. Abortions are completed by midwifes or doctors, all illegitimate. The fee for the procedure is thought to fluctuate greatly but to be in the region of 500, 000 to 1 1. 8 million rupiah (50 to 180 us dollars) - out of the reach of a majority of people. Forty percent of the 240 million Indonesians live on less than 2 dollars per day, in line with the World Bank.

Poor women are compelled to seek the help of unlicensed doctors or traditional healers, who use a number of methods. Their procedures are quite dangerous and also have added to Indonesia having the highest mortality rate from pregnancy-related causes in your community. (IPS, Sunday, 13 December 2009).

Lancet possessed made the get ranking of abortion in four continents. This is actually the desk of safe and unsafe abortion. Lancet experienced made it's percentage.

H:\british\AP_ABORTION_RATES. gif


if you are choose abortion you have to make an adoption plan to your child. You'll find the doctor to offer some advice or possibly a lawyer to make you understand about abortion types of procedures and regulations. For you to decide may involve various adoption companies to understand how their operation or how they find the best parents to your child.

There are to alternatives of adoption : public adoption and private adoption. If you choose public adoption you can call a placement organization to consult with a being pregnant counsellor or public worker. This individual will help you by talking about your motherhood options, supporting your choice, and providing information about the adoption process. In other words, your social employee is your advocate; she or he advocates for labor and birth parents' choices and can assist you in selecting adoptive parents for your baby. The final decision, however, is definitely yours.

If you choose private adoption can be an arrangement between the labor and birth parents and the potential adoptive parents. This arrangement is facilitated by licensed lawyer or interpersonal worker. I recognized if there are a lot of people who don't want to involve in this technique. Because they try to get rid from responsibilities to put their own child. They are able to give this responsibilities with their parents, but I believe that isn't a good notion. You must expand up and consider this is how you make your life back to normal without look after children. You must think this your own fault, you do not want to make situation getting most severe.

Give your time to talk with a health care provider or the person who are able to help you. Find the best companies in your region to place your child. Consider their future, I know you don't want this example, however the baby inside you doesn't have responsibilities to bearing weight of your sin. They are some reasons why "I" don't want to put my baby for adoption (www. abortionfacts. com) :

It would make me feel so unhappy. This is a natural reaction in the event that you feel sad. Hauling baby for nine a few months involves your sense of love. Separation can become a painful circumstances. This situation won't continue for a long time, you will be proud of the energy you have, by placing your child within an adoption agencies, it can make the adoptive parents come true. Some studies show that teenage moms who place their baby for adoption have overall satisfaction. You won't offer you a long-term grief. Also, they are more optimistic to face their new lease of life.

I should take responsibility for my very own actions. You have to accept the results of your actions. You won't be easy, but as time goes on you will learn more. In order to avoid the guilty sense you can test your best to discover a home for your son or daughter. You can make sure that the adoptive parents can provide a genuine home and love to your child.

I want someone to love me. You feel that your child can love you. It will be hard for consultant to convince you that you will get "another" love someday. Parenting is approximately sacrifice and fulfill the need of your baby. Unless you have resources to achieve that your baby will be struggling.

My friends think I will keep that baby. You must make your own choice, this your life. Your friend can provide that advise easily, but be reasoning who'll be bearing the weight of taking treatment a child? Does your friend will usually live near you, or reveal their money along with you to fulfill the needs of your child, does she willing to baby-sit and that means you can have a night out with your boyfriend? Advise from friends and family even your very best friend aren't very influential. They haven't educated about adoption and they are not committed to helping you raise the child.

I'm scared my baby will be abused. If you feel that the adoptive parents will abuse your son or daughter in a future, you may get wrong. This isn't usually the adoptive parents misuse the child. More regularly the boyfriend of the child's mom abuse their unwanted child. That's way you have to make an adoption intend to your child.

I have no make sure that my baby will be happy. Life is never smooth, life cannot give a assurance for you or for anybody who life nowadays. You have to make comparison between you and the adoptive parents. Who will supply the best life to your child?

The baby's father doesn't like the thought of adoption. Needless to say the father's feeling must be looked at. You must consider their worries and concerns. Now, let's see to the father's baby, can he match the requirement to make a home to the infant? If he is not ready to provide this, he ought to know that adoption is fantastic choice.

I would rather have a abortion. You must think the effect of abortion though it is legal. The physical result and feelings will be long lasting. Manage to survive pretend the infant never been around.

Adoption guideline in Indonesia

Adoption (pengangkatan anak) is governed by Law :

No. 23 of 2002 dated 22nd of Oct. 2002 regarding Child Cover.

Decree of Minister of Social Affairs No. 44/HUK/1997 dated 31st of July 1997 related to Fostering of Children Welfare through Adoption;

Decree of Minister of Public Affairs No. 2/HUK/1995 dated 25th of Jan. 1995 regarding Completion of Attachment of Decree of Minister of Social Affairs No. 13/HUK/1993 pertaining to Execution of Adoption;

Supreme Court Round Letter No. 2 of 1979 dated 7th of Apr. 1979 involving Adoption;

Supreme Court Round Letter No. 6 of 1983 dated 30th of Sept. 1983 involving Conclusion of Supreme Judge Circular Notice No. 2 of 1979 involving Adoption.

This is the rules that adoptive parents must gratify :

have been hitched for at least five years unless doctor's notice certifying impossibility of having children is submitted with adoption application (Point 1(2) of Decree of Minister of Sociable Affairs No. 2/HUK/1995 amending Section V(A)(1)(a) of Connection of Decree of Minister of Social Affairs No. 13/HUK/1993);

be between ages of 30 and 45 years (Section V(A)(1)(b) of Attachment of Decree of Minister of Friendly Affairs No. 13/HUK/1993);

have no more than one young child (id. at Section V(A)(1)(c));

Be of sound financial, physical and religious condition (id. at Section V(A)(1)(d) and (f));

have good behavior based on affirmation given by Indonesian Police force (id. at Section V(A)(1)(e));

provide written statement saying adoption is conducted for child's welfare (id. at Section V(A)(1)(g));

provide social statement (laporan sosial) (id. at Section V(A)(1)(h));

have taken care of adoptive child for at least six months based on permit from Area Office Brain of Department of Public Affairs (id. at Section VI(1)); and also, foreign adoptive father or mother applicants must:

(a) obtain written contract from state government of which they keep citizenship (id. at Section V(A)(2)(b)); and

(b) have been working and living legitimately in Indonesia for at least two consecutive years reinforced by statement issued by authorized public (Point 1(3) of Decree of Minister of Friendly Affairs No. 2/HUK/1995 amending Section V(A)(2)(c) of Connection of Decree of Minister of Social Affairs No. 13/HUK/1993);

(c) provide periodical survey on child's development through Indonesian embassy in adoptive parent's individual country (Section V(A)(2)(d) of Connection of Decree of Minister of Community Affairs No. 13/HUK/1993).

In Indonesia there are some adoption agencies, in Jakarta there is Yayasan Sayap Ibu. There six steps in adopting a baby, every step needs special requirements. Here are the steps to look at children in Yayasan Ibu Basis :

The first rung on the ladder is you have to fulfill the requirements below, after you fulfill all this requirements you can proceed to the next step.

Prospective adopting family members must be between your age groups of 25 and 45. (partner 45 years, better half 40 years).

The couple will need to have been married for at least 5 years.

The couple will need to have been residents of Indonesia for at the least 2 years and also have a permit given by the neighborhood regent and off their embassy in Jakarta.

Couples can be either childless, have their own natural children, or have recently implemented an Indonesian child.

If a child from a different country has been implemented previously, the building blocks will not agree to an Indonesian child being placed with the family.

The few should believe in God. Both parents must be able to appear in Courtroom.

If Yayasan Sayap Ibu consider that you will be the suitable adoptive parents, you will need to submit a paper work, that may then be forwarded to the Section of Public Affairs. Below are the document you need to prepare :

Marriage Certificate which includes been authenticated by the Indonesian Embassy in the united states of issuance.

Birth License of both parents which includes been authenticated as above.

B irth certificate of past children, authenticated as above.

Letters from close family of both prospective adoptive parents stating that they approve of the prospective parents' desire to adopt an Indonesian child.

Health declaration for couple by a physician at an Indonesian administration hospital.

Statement from an Indonesian administration medical center gynaecologist regarding involuntary childlessness

Income statement

Good condust certificates from the Indonesian law enforcement officials for both spouse and wife

Family photos and photos of the house and surroundings

Three images each of spouse and wife

Statement from the adoptive parents that they will contact the Indonesian Embassy at future areas of dwelling (with meterai/standard stamp)

Statement of motivation for implementing an Indonesian child (with meterai).

Statement of domicile from the neighborhood regent (RT/RW/Lurah/Camat).

Work Permit

NOTE: All documents in English must be translated into Bahasa Indonesia (the nationwide language) by way of a sworn translator in Indonesia (Sayap Ibu Basis will help).

When all the above detailed paperwork is at, the Section of Friendly Affairs can authorize the Sayap Ibu Base to release the kid to you, provided that you have been surviving in Indonesia at the least two and a half years. You now are considered to be the child's foster parents. The fostering period must keep going a minimum of 6 months prior to the adoption can be finalized in courtroom. An Indonesian public worker will come to your home at least once to interview you.

After you have completed the essential six months of foster parenting, fulfilled the three calendar year residency requirement, and also have delivered all the necessary paperwork, a Court docket time frame will be placed. The Court reading will officially establish that you are the child's adoptive parents.

Approximately 14 days after the Court reading approving your adoption, you will have the official court docket adoption record.

Those will be the step for adoptive parents to look at children in Indonesia. It seems difficult but the goal is to get the suitable adoptive parents to the kids.

If you have a hesitation about the continuing future of your child, you may make an set up between you and the near future adoptive parents. You can make an arrangement to visit your child, find the report of your child, the health article of your child, or the training of your child. You can keep contact with your son or daughter trough the adoptive parents.

Don't be concerned about the adoption, you won't face it together. There's a home review before you place your son or daughter to adoption businesses. A home study consists of some interviews between an approved social worker and the actual adoptive family. Through these interviews, the interpersonal worker investigates potential young families' income, overall health, and emotional stableness. These investigations are done in an effort to ensure the kid being located for adoption will have a good home and a adoring environment where to grow up.

Adoptive parents may request you to give your healthy report. The health background helps the adoptive family identify any possible health issues your baby may have inherited. The social history may include a notice to your baby detailing why you (and your partner) as the birth parent(s) chose to make an adoption plan.

Now you know every one of the description of each alternatives. Every decision has it expert and cons. You can choose one of them according to your awareness.

I have made a study in my environment, I have made an interview with some of my friends. This research is to learn the point of view from people towards an institute to help teen with unplanned being pregnant in Indonesia. This institution provides solutions for the kids, they can pick abortion, place their baby to an adoptive businesses, or manage their child. In this case I'll not discuss the legalization of abortion, but the necessity of the institution.

There are some reasons why teen can get unplanned motherhood. It can triggered by rape or unprotected sex. I realized in Indonesia free gender is kind of taboo things. We can not close our sight or close our ears that free gender has became the hot issues nowadays. Therefore we must know what is certainly going on. Each person has a new perspective on the problem, and is eligible for an impression. The answer to this moral problem is neither right or incorrect, it depends exclusively upon the average person. We now have to thing about another generations. How many woman died because of unsafe abortion?

In Indonesia the estimation of abortion case are vary. Medical research center in Universitas Indonesia estimated the amount of abortion in Indonesia per season reach two thousands and thousands. There is no clear restrictions in Indonesia towards abortion. Therefore the abortion fee is different. Sometimes the abortion charge is so expensive. Due to the expensive fee not all the woman in Indonesia are able it. A few of them like ask someone's help, whom not well informed in handle this abortion. Some of them prefer drinking alcohol jamu (herbal treatments), that are not save because we have no idea the elements and the side effects. A few of them doing an activity like jumping around, because they think jumping can make the infant out or dead. In Kendari the abortion practitioner's charge is Rp500. 000, 00, it is be based upon the trustworthiness of the specialist and the age of the pregnancy. In Bali the tariff of abortion is between Rp300. 00, 00-Rp750. 000, 00 for the being pregnant under three months, Rp1. 000. 000, 00 for the pregnancy over 90 days.

To reduce the volume of woman's mortality we have to update the laws and offer the safe service for the woman. If the companies are available in Indonesia, we can reduce the mortality scheduled to unsafe abortion. But you have to keep in mind I am not intend to make abortion legal in Indonesia. We have to prevent but we must resolve the situation also. I cannot stand with the actual fact of woman's mortality scheduled to unsafe abortion. The young women also have a right to choose an alternative to her own delight and to her own future. if they dead because of unsafe abortion, it gets the same interpretation they dead for nothing because they don't have the chance to continue their life as a result of limitations from another person. I don't want to add religion side in my essay. I simply want speak about the necessity of this organization. I cannot allow young female trough the problems alone, they want help, we cannot neglect them, we can not push them besides in a world. Should they live under pressure? Should they have difficulty alone? Should they pass away before they complete what they have designed before? As long as they die for nothing?

I cannot let them trough the crisis only. Although Indonesian regulation forbid abortion, but there are a great number of unsafe abortion practice in our society. Without updating regulations in Indonesia the person who supply the abortion service and girl who need the abortion service does not have a law strength.

Safe abortion service can decrease the mortality because it is provides the counselling before and after abortion.

I have interviewed 30 people in my environment. All of them concur that this institution is necessary. They concerned about the teenager who cannot endure in this circumstances. However, not most of them agreed with abortion. The baby has a right to live, we cannot take away somebody's live. We cannot

Indonesia is having high the culture. They never have a authorization to a taboo things such as pregnant before legal marriage. But we aren't stay in the same year, in the same time, now we stay in a borderless world. Anything can happen in this period. Indonesia cannot close the interaction with traditional western culture.

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