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The Functions And Responsibility Of A Teacher


This report was created to help a person who wishes to be employed in the coaching field. The main focus of the survey will be on principal school coaching. The survey will speak about the key access requirements that are needed, the key issues and policies that are usually required and an overview on what would get this to profession considered an attractive occupation and why it might be recommended.


The report is designed to help any individual to know very well what they want for when deciding to join the professional field of key teaching.


The methods that were use to find information on the topic was mainly from internet sources, books and journal,


The Assignments and Responsibility of your teacher:

The tasks and the duties that a tutor will need to have are that they need to be able to maintain a specialist manner when working with children. They also must have a high expectation from the mother or father and the kids. The parents ask that their child do very good in comparison to other institution. The teacher must have the updated understanding of any up coming or current polices regarding the children. (Teachernet. gov. uk/ Standards 2007) According to Teachernet (2007) it also talks about that the professor must also be capable of interact as a team and must also be expected to work longer hours if required. They also must be able to use different amounts of strategies to help develop children abilities. Like help develop knowledge and understanding for example. Support those who need help with their learning methods. Establish safe surroundings for everyone; ensure what's happening in the school room and outside the house as well. They must have a good understanding of literacy and numeracy skills and IT skills as well.

Teachers must draw assessments to the correct requirement and ensure that the marking is approved by the next marker.

Entry Requirement of the educator:

To become a teacher the standard entry requirement that a person will need to have is GCSE five A- C in Maths, English and Research. A CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and experience with working with children. They are the standard that the individual working towards coaching must have.

The next level is always to achieve a QTS Qualified Instructor Status - by doing ITT - Primary Teacher Training. There are several routes to ITT.

Postgraduate path

With a qualification or similar in another subject for the primary Country wide Curriculum, a PGCE - Postgraduate License of Education - is actually a good route. You can study by distance education on a versatile basis, two years part-time or twelve months full-time.

SCITT - School-Centred Primary Teacher Training

SCITT is a classroom-based training program taking twelve months and normally leading to the PGCE certification. You desire a degree to qualify.

Employment-based routes

You could gain QTS in a institution while focusing on a trainee salary along a program shown below:

GTP - Graduate Teacher Programme - (you must have a level)

- RTP - Registered Teacher Programme - (you must have level, BTEC HND or 2 yrs of a degree)

OTTP - Abroad Trained Teacher Program - (you must have a non-EU teaching qualification equivalent to a UK degree).

The number of employment-based program places is limited and a great deal of competition is accessible.

(Careerguide. com 2010)

There also will be training need throughout the person career. It could depend on what the person needs help on.

Government Regulations and Issues

One current concern that the instructors are facing is the abolishing of the SATS. There were talks about how the government wishes to reduce the entire year Six SATS. Inside the Teachers Nut journal Dec 09, it gives an article about how precisely the teachers wished to boycott the Sats as they believed that the kids are given too much pressure.

An article written by Sarah Lyons in Nut publication 09, shows a survey where they found the latest educator workload and how much these are tackling it. The review looks at the different ranges that the tutor must do. One of the common issues that arose was that the teachers had unnecessary workload and that there is a limit of 48hrs and that the professors were heading well above to match all of these. Also there is an issue of amount of activity that these were given to fit and make an effort to get the student to do.

Every Child Issues 2004 (ECM) is a inexperienced paper which stocks programmes to help support and enhance the outcomes of small children from the ages 0-19 years. With this it offers how the child should be cured in colleges and ensure that they are simply safe wherever they are. Though it is a legislation paper, it is actually useful as it can help contribute the relationship between the educator and university student, because if the child is being insecure it can encourage the kid to speak to the educator.

In the journal compiled by Johnston 99, the amount of males entering the primary teaching field has decrease compared to woman. They explain that the man are definitely more pressure to be seen in a far more masculine field as the coaching field is more feminine, as the teaching field need more of any caring environment which tend to be feminine This make the males feel that they need to compete for a position that they must show that they can be nurturing as a lady. The journal explains how men feel pressured into more masculine assignments as coaching has been stereotyped as a lady field. As a result these cause men to feel that they have to compete for the position, which they must need to show they are caring exactly like women.

Curtis, 2009 explains that the head teachers of key schools are asking parents to not believe the group desks as it could it be is not reliable. It is because the desk shows some of the children probable. Primary teachers are complaining that the kids are not being shown their full probable. It also shows the difference between colleges and undermine their child education as other students would vacation resort to bullying when they discover that the student go to a bottom college.

The marketing is putting pressure on the teachers because they are complaining that the students aren't doing well. They are making the professors believe that they are not given the students the best and are just there to make money. Because in the Daily Mail 2010, an article explained that the teachers are having to put on with an increase of children as the classrooms are actually small and that the educators are experiencing problems caring for more then 30 children in a school, which then helps it be creates more issues as the instructor is finding it more difficult to instruct as they will not have the ability to help the kid to their full probable as different child will need different help.


Why is educating primary institution a good job whenever there are so many issues and many insurance policies to learn?

Teaching is a good professional field to go into as it gives a person something to provide back. Learning to be a teacher means you will be able to challenge yourself and utilize all the skill you have learnt during your years.

It also means you will be able to exhibit yourself and will learn to work together with teams. Becoming a teacher will help you become concentration and cause you to independent. Becoming a teacher can help you be proud of your college student, when you see them providing you smiles when they have got achieved something. Also as a job, there are opportunities that can mean that you can progress the ladder. Also, the pay rate rises as you move up and the starting rate is from 20, 000 per season and movements onwards.

Another reason this is a good professional is the fact as a educator you will be able to learn new development and policies, that it will be very handy and you will be contently constantly learning training new what to increase your skills.

Becoming a tutor will mean that you will have a job security and you will be able to travel the world and help coach other students as well, and yes it will make you are feeling more youthful and livelier with the children. You also get the summertime term and any main holiday break as well. And in addition teach new subjects that you may have as yet not known about. Learning to be a professor is fun and will cause you to enjoy your daily life. It will also make you please that you can to teach others and make them feel pleased with themselves.

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