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The Story of a Malaysian People

As I sat on my foundation leaning against a bare wall structure right over the room looking at how the stable beads of raindrops sluiced down my window-pane on the gloomy rainy morning, I let my head wander off to imagine the chilly morning hours of 11 June 1981, right as the clock ticked 3. 00 a. m. - as soon as the gear was drawn, the system beneath his ft opened, the rope around his throat slicing into his delicate skin area and within nanoseconds the strain intensified and in a moment his life concluded, Botak Chin - hanged, inactive, and gone.

Oh the way the girl of Malaysia will need to have teared and cried, as how linens of rain began folding in causing my ear canal to be swelled with the audio of rain pelting against my screen. But let's not forget the feeling of immense sorrow, agony and distress that loaded the hearts of all beneficiaries of Botak Chin as the topic lived to 'rob the abundant for the poor', at least providing the indegent and suppressed culture a much better chance to reside. And for those who were at the other area of the receiving end, firmly speaking those whom the topic offended just to get his way, well you can see right now the sighs of alleviation and burden that was washed away given that their hazard was out of brain, out of sight.

Ah, what a controversy.

And hence, what a great topic to create on.

In circumstance you were wondering who on the planet is Botak Chin, and just why on earth would anyone give themselves such a smart incognito, Botak Chin was not well, bald. His real name is Wong Swee Chin and he's known as Botak Chin due to the fact he wished to help the indegent and helpless. Don't get it? Well let's consider it in conditions of the Malay terminology - 'Bantu Orang Tak Ada Kerja' a. k. a BOTAK. Enlightened? Well, yes I would wish so. Again, in case you were thinking about, and you definitely would, what do this man do to are entitled to a great deal attention? And just why am I raving a lot about him as though he is my lifelong desire partner? That you would find out as you unravel the mysteries of his short-lived life, with this help of course. But first, i want to give you a brief introduction in our subject of discourse.

Just try googling Botak Chin and you'll find that in any website you click, he's dubbed as Malaysia's version of Robin Hood. Based on the Malaysian high-profile police records, he was known as Malaysia's most notorious gangster in the 1970's, with a series of robberies, bloody inter-gang rivalries and run-ins with the police. "He was a genius in his own way. He was small-sized but if he arranged his mind to do something, nobody could have quit him. " "He was always one step ahead of you, " was Abu Bakar Juah's comments about Botak Chin.

Now you find the gist of Botak, an intro being an advantages, I should allow leftovers of my team enthrall you with Botak's biography and his adjoining cronies. Right up until then, please do enjoy our survey.

At The Beginning

Written by; Lee Benefit Ho

Family Background

After considering the picture of Botak Chin it is actually funny to see that a person with a mind full of locks being known as botak, which in Bahasa Melayu means bald. Do not get worried, his parents were not aiming to be funny or anything, the explanation on how he acquired the title botak was described in our benefits. However, his parents do give him a proper name, that was Wong Swee Chin.

This infamous gangster was born in 1951 and comes from Kuala Lumpur. Being a gangster that helped bring much fear to the population residing in Kuala Lumpur in the seventies, there was much question and rumours about his family backdrop and upbringing. Some thought he was an orphan and some even said his father was a mafia lord. However, after performing a complete research, his family and upbringing was like any normal person walking on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Botak Chin came from a family of twelve. He had nine siblings. As his father was a retiree who worked with the Malayan Railways, they lived at the Malaysian Railway Quarters next to the Caltex stop in Jalan Ipoh. Although these were poor, Botak Chin's daddy always reminded his children to always do good deeds and always have a stronghold onto their rules and worth in life. His dad was rather demanding with the upbringing of his children.

However, after the loss of life of his mother, Botak Chin sensed disconnected from his family for he shared a very close relationship with his mom. Furthermore, his family began to fall apart because of this of his mother's passing for his daddy could not manage looking after ten children and providing money for the family. Hence, after shedding his stronghold, he found solace in his good friends who became his close companions and confidant. He stayed away from home and he preferred sticking to his friends. He noticed convenient and a better sense of belonging when he was with the business of his close friends. He cured them like his very own brothers.

Sadly, spending too much time abroad meant he had too much liberty and he didn't have one to look out for him or even to show him the correct path in life. He didn't have a guardian matured enough to guide him on what was right and what was wrong. From his father's watchful vision, he little by little was exposed to the dark underworld and exactly how was it like to live as a gangster. He was intrigued and attracted to the lifestyle of your gangster for he sensed these were powerful plus they could instill a feeling of fear in people. He wanted to know more, he wished to end up like them and he have.

Early Education

His parents located a lot of importance on education. Therefore they made the effort to give all of their ten children the proper education they needed to succeed in life. Botak Chin received his early on major education at a Chinese language vernacular school. He then went on to review at Methodist Guys' Secondary School in Sentul. However, Botak Chin had not been very thinking about books and statistics. So he lost fascination with his education and did not complete his supplementary institution studies. Instead he quitted institution when he just completed Form 3, after seated for his Lower Certificate of Education assessment. Botak Chin became a school dropout at a years of fifteen.

It was a pity that Botak Chin didn't complete his education, for by judging about how he thought and how he carried himself, he was obviously wise and he was definitely gifted with brains and wit.

Quoting Abu Bakar Juah, one of the prison guards that experienced the chance to guard the renowned Botak Chin;

"He was a genius in his own way. He was small-sized but if he set his head to take action, nobody could have stopped him".

He even got a fairly sociable and likeable personality;

Abu Bakar says Wong could be friendly and he used to truly have a game of checkers with him.

A man with huge determination; not forgetting wit and brains with a slight touch of style and charisma, Botak Chin possessed the raw materials to become someone great, maybe a good leader. He have become a innovator, a rather important one that many spoke off and realized, but for all the wrong reasons.

His Work

Written by; Eunice Agnes Sivasothey

Although proclaiming himself as the Malaysia's "Robin Hood", Botak Chin managed to instill such dread and anxiousness in the minds of his fellow countrymen. Notorious for being a cold-blooded killer which placed the united states amok with his uncountable offences and serious rampage of murders, remaining the police make through the 1970's puzzled and stumped how they are ever heading to finally bring justice to the man.

Wong Swee Chin (Botak Chin) embarked into a life of offense in the first many years of his life. After giving up college at the sensitive age of 15, Botak Chin was subjected to the life of the underworld and received himself involved in a gang which called themselves "Gang 360 in Kuala Lumpur". Gang 360 (Sak Pak Lok) consisted of local hoodlums which affected him to commit petty and trivial crimes.

In the year 1969, when Botak Chin was just 18 years-old he illegally obtained his initial firearm that was a 0. 22 revolver. Soon after, he created his very own gang and became the mastermind of 8 robberies. However, he was found eventually and was thrown in prison for seven years. Botak Chin premiered from jail in November 1974.

As any convict released from prison, Botak Chin tried out very hard to turn over a new leaf and live a reformed life. He converted away from criminal offense and attemptedto live a good life by providing vegetables to earn a living. Nonetheless, he found living a genuine life was hard and exhausting for the income was little and scarce. Living under such conditions, the thought of reverting to his old life started out forming in his mind's eye again.

Within less than annually of his release from jail, Botak Chin came back to a life of criminal offenses and in April 1975, he developed a fresh gang which comprised of some of his friends, namely; Ng Cheng Wong (Ah Wong), Beh Kok Chin (Pangkor Chai) dan Teh Bok Place (Seh Chai).

Botak Chin and his cronies (as portrayed in the biographical film of himself)

The very next month, he proceeded to go up to Thailand in search of a pal of his to acquire guns which were necessary for robberies. Readily armed with guns, Botak Chin and his gang attacked an against the law gaming den in Sentul on the 2nd of June 1975. They efficiently escaped with RM5, 800. Money extracted from that robbery was utilized by Botak Chin to enhance his gang's pressure. He proceeded to go up to Thailand again to obtain more firearms and ammo. He purchased 8 more firearms and 100 bullets.

Items seized by Malaysian police force after Botak Chin's arrest (now on screen @ Malaysia Law enforcement Museum)

The gang's next work was to rob a loan company in Jalan Imbi. From that robbery, they obtained RM95, 000 in cash and RM25, 00 of the total sum was used to buy a Datsun car. Shortly after that, Botak Chin and his cronies robbed a Buddhist temple on Jalan Kolam Ayer. They shot a few mah-jong players and looted RM10, 000 well worth of goods including cash, platinum and expensive items.

Botak Chin started a rampage of robberies which rampage caught the attention of the then City's Criminal Investigation Office deputy brain, Deputy Superintendent S. Kulasingam and he was on the search to fully capture Botak Chin. Because of numerous robberies, gang battles and even gun fights with the authorities, Botak Chin was running low on ammo and firearms. Hence, to get over this shortcoming, he attacked three policemen and needed their pistols. He even stole firearms owned by security guards during a robbery at a bar in Sentul. Botak Chin also loved revealing his talents and features in managing guns. He would task anyone at Sentul Railway Club to compete who was better at Cowboy Style filming.

Nonetheless, of all crimes he committed, the biggest and most dangerous robbery he carried out was the robbing of the security guard transporting money to the Equine Racing Team. This considerable robbery took place on the 26th of Oct 1975. Botak Chin taken the security officer and were able to escape without being found with RM218, 000 in cash. The money obtained was once again used to buy even more firearms from Thailand. He put in about RM40, 000 purchasing a huge collection of weapons including 19 firearms, 5 grenades and 1, 000 bullets.

Apart from arranging robberies, Botak Chin was also involved in various gang wars. One visible gang war which he was involved in was the gang battle between his own gang and the infamous Five Finger Mountain gang. This specific war was plain bloody and horrifying. The gang battle resulted in a few fatalities namely the fatality of the Five Finger Hill gang innovator as well as the fatality of Botak Chin's own gang member, Ah Wong

The engagement of Botak Chin is a sizable number of offences and the his capability to resist take from the authorities force and avoid life threatening situations lead many to believe he had something more than good fortune on his part. Something that made him powerful, fearless and even at times invincible. Hence, there have been ideas and rumours about him having an amulet or a blessed charm that offered him supernatural capabilities. It was said that Botak Chin wore a BE2480 (ie: 1937 AD) batch Tok Raja (a famous Buddhist monk) pidtta and takrut (a kind of encased spell scroll created by the Tok Raja). Because of this pidtta, Botak Chin could always suddenly vanish whenever the authorities attempted to arrest him or he could just evade the view of the police attempting to arrest him. Based on the tale, pidttas provides strong protection and gives the wearer the capability to avoid danger. Many think that the police were able to finally apprehend Botak Chin with the aid of Tok Raja.

Whatever the case maybe, whether Botak Chin got an amulet giving him forces or he was just one single lucky person, I believe that luck played a very slight role in his crimes and robberies. The success of his robberies and his amazing capacity of out-witting the police force again and again most definitely didn't solely depend on sheer fortune but more on his wit and fore-sight. And quoting him, he said, "I got always one step before you (the authorities)".

In his own special and unique way, he was a genuine genius with an amazing mind.

The Capture

Written by; Rachel Chong Suet Yeng

Botak Chin brought in by the police.

This area of the chapter is dependant on the real life experience of Datuk Syed Meer Wahid Al-Hubshee Syed Ibrahim, 78, a dedicated, loyal and decided ex-police official who served the authorities pressure from 1951 to 1986, and who was penned down ever sold being the 'unsung hero' and mastermind behind the final capture of Malaysia's most notorious offender, Botak Chin, a. k. a, Wong Swee Chin.

Unfortunately for Botak Chin, the night time of 16 February 1976 marks the end of term of his controversial carry out, guarding the welfare of the poor and helpless, albeit by misguided ways as seen by some but his guidelines viewed by others as commendable and compassionate. According to Datuk Syed Meer Wahid Al-Hubshee Syed Ibrahim, or more commonly known as Syed Meor, he was the Campbell district (currently known as Dang Wangi) mind officer who bravely used the role of the late Deputy Superintendent (DSP) S Kulasingam, Mind of office of Crime Investigation, Kuala Lumpur after the latter was injured by Botak Chin's cronies and had been treated in the hospital.

The raid which eventually lead to the arrest of Botak Chin took place in a sawmill manufacturer in Jalan Ipoh that was tipped off by an informer that there have been heroin pushers in the sawmill factory. Syed Meor purchased the informer to slide into the stock but to no avail credited to certain hurdles. Matching to him, he previously to take on the responsibility of assessing the problem himself, and by which he wore a turban to be able to not be accepted. When he found the right hand man of Botak Chin, Pangkor Chai (Beh Kok Chin), he immediately contacted the Kuala Lumpur main officer, Tan Sri Mohamed Amin Osman to call for 3 backup groups that would encompass the sawmill stock.

The technique was to intercept any phone calls created from within the stock to confirm the existence of Botak Chin in the alleged hideout. With their dismay, no calls were made for four days right, and thus the police force cannot do something as concern with ruining their chances. The fourth evening was the last night the police pressure would lay down around and hold out, aimlessly for a wonder to occur. And it was a jolt of the blue that telephone call was made on the yesterday evening of the procedure, and truly, it was certainly the speech of Botak Chin. The subject phoned his cronies in Ipoh and the plan was to harm Genting Highlands.

As soon as the authorities proved that Botak Chin was in the sawmill stock, they burst in to the scene and started out a gun-shooting stint. Roughly 500 gun images and rip gas were discharged which resulted in an considerable chaotic situation. Pangkor Chai and Ah Keong counter-attacked the authorities force with more gunshots and threw a grenade towards the authorities. Amid the crazy situation, Botak was shot at his knee and right hand. In clear pain, he crawled towards two of his best right hands man but fear and guilt enveloped him as he found both of them lying as still as a log, lifeless and gone. As the atmosphere solved, Sentul chief official (which Syed Meor misplaced his name) found Botak laying helplessly beneath a table. "Sir. . . Please help me. " Was all of that he could utter.

Botak was dragged out from beneath the table. This marks the end of Botak's liberty and invisibility as he finally fell in to the long arms of rules.


Written by; Choong Huayen

Transporting Botak Chin's body to be buried.

Wong Swee Chin better known as Botak Chin was imprisoned for yearly after being captured by the authorities force. To the authorities push that was on Botak Chin's trail, your day of his get was a day of party and jubilation for many thought it was virtually impossible to catch this notorious gang innovator. However, the so-called "invincible" man was finally earned and was then handed over to the courts where justice was about to befall on him.

Botak Chin was then pleaded guilty by the Kuala Lumpur High Court and was given the much dreaded death charges after being convicted on three charges under the Internal Security Function (ISA). For all the vicious and cold-blooded offences he had done, he was sentenced to death by the rope, which many in the nation thought that was the only consequence ideal for such a heartless gangster that triggered havoc and released terror among the city in Klang Valley during the seventies.

He didn't want to pass away; he did not want to end his life in this unfashionable way neither does he want to say that defeat for he experienced his business here had not been complete yet. Therefore, he employed a attorney and appealed against his word to the Privy Council on the 1st of April 1980. Botak Chin defended himself by contacting himself the present day day "Robin Hood" as he previously robbed from the rich and gave some spoils to the poor while he used the rest of the spoils to buy more equipment for the next robbery. There is this one occurrence where Botak Chin confirmed compassion and pity towards an old ice-cream vendor. Botak Chin achieved this old man retailing ice-cream on a bicycle. He advised the old man to get off his bike, and he grabbed your hands on the old bicycle and threw it over the road. He then come to into his pocket and taken out a few thousand ringgit. He provided the money to the old man and told the old man to go back home and get some good rest.

However, the court did not rule in his favour and Botak Chin was found guilty on the 16th of May 1980. The Board of Pardons and Supreme Court docket refused the charm Botak Chin has made; he was not going to flee the rope. To them, the amount of wrong-doing and the quantity of terror brought on by him was more than severe enough plus they didn't see fit to allow someone like him to escape the gallows of fatality.

After being refused a chance to appeal against the death word, Botak Chin became eager; he did not want to die, this is not how he wished to go, he previously to discover a way out regardless of what it took. He had to take action to get out of this predicament and he had a need to act quickly for time had not been on his area. Hence, on the 1st of January 1981, he made a eager attempt to get away the Pudu Prison from his death row cell. Botak Chin used a pointed weapon to flee; he unmercifully stabbed three jail officials in his gruesome and desperate attempt to get away the loss of life gallows. However, Botak Chin was unsuccessful and he suffered very serious injury in his attempt to escape. After this failed look at at escaping, Botak Chin didn't have the durability neither does he possess the will to attempt to escape any more; he finally surrendered and accepted his destiny. He just waited patiently and quietly for the day of the dangling, for his finite end of his life as a legal feared by many.

Botak Chin acquired a get before he was hanged. A get that astonished many and caused many to question their understanding of him as a heartless and cruel criminal. He wanted to donate all his essential organs to a healthcare facility for medical purposes. This function signifies the motives of possibly a good man who was misjudged and probably gone about doing good in the wrong way. However, this question was also refused as Botak Chin didn't feel the proper strategies and didn't write a written consent. It had been disrespectful in ways to deny this get as this was Botak Chin's dying wish before he was hanged from the rope.

Botak Chin had a final request before his hanging; he requested to wear his Tok Raja Pidtta during his rope clinging. His question was rejected, however, the judge promised to return the Pidtta to Botak Chin when he's confirmed dead. This is because the Pidtta is believed to bestow and give power to the wearer which permits the wearer go away from danger and Botak Chin has escaped many problems and even captures when he was wearing this Pidtta. The Pidtta may seem just like a superstitious belief and does not have any sound or concrete proof of its forces. However, the judge most definitely didn't want to associated risk Botak Chin escaping again. Hence, he disallowed the Pidtta as a safe practices measure.

11th of June, 1981, the day of the dangling of Botak Chin experienced finally appeared. As the jail guards joined Botak Chin's jail cell to use him to the execution chamber, he thought to them "Sudah sampai ah? Saya rasa macam lari 100m, sudah sampai garisan penamat. " (Could it be time already? I believed like I ran 100m and I am near reaching the finishing range. ) Like standard technique, the prison shield then covered his brain with a dark-colored material and Botak Chin was brought to the execution chamber blindfolded.

The silence that followed him was deafening and only echoing footsteps were been told as Botak Chin slowly climbed in the steps of the execution platform, his final destination. He then ceased right under the rope hanger. The rope hanger was wrapped around his mind and Botak Chin was called for his dying wish, that was to donate his essential organs to a healthcare facility for medical purposes. After his dying wish was written down, there is pitch silent for an instant, as it was still 2. 59am. Everyone kept their breath as the hour of fatality was upon them in simply a few moments.

When the clock flipped 3. 00 am, the apparatus was taken. The platform under Botak Chin's hip and legs opened and his body dropped down and the rope violently broke his neck of the guitar and he was kept hanging for an instant to ensure he was definitely deceased. This was the end of the 28 year old Botak Chin, the most notorious offender of this time who lived fearlessly and instilled the sensation of fear in everyone around him. People all over the country knew him; even the little kids on the roadways chanted his name during his reign. And today, finally all around the country, everyone breathed a sigh of sympathy and comfort, for the run after for Botak Chin experienced finally ended.


S Kulasingam

Written by; Ng Sijie

S. Kulasingam (on the right) greeting other police officers.

S Kulasingam also known as Kula by his mates was the previous assistant CID main of Kuala Lumpur and Johor CID key. S Kulasingam was born on 12 August 1931 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. He is a extra tall and huge person. Kula is approximately 6 legs 2 in. and weighs nearly 216 pounds. He is well built and strong which is much needed in his field are a policeman and CID key. His name, S Kulasingam means "lion of the city" in Tamil which perfectly defined his role in the contemporary society. At a young age of only 19, he decided to join the authorities make. Before that, he did the trick as a educator for around six months time. He then thought we would give up his job as a instructor credited to him wanting to help build a safer nation for the benefit for the world.

Once he began his work as a policeman, he was very well respected. In July, 1951, he became a probationary inspector. At that time he was only twenty years old. With much skill within him, he were able to climb the rankings to attain the post of assistant superintendent of law enforcement officials in August 1957. Soon, he became the police officer most feared by thieves about the 1970s. "It's not easy to wipe out me. I will not go before my number is up, " Kula had once said within an interview, after having survived several attempts on his life by needy gangsters. He was best known for capturing the notorious and infamous Botak Chin. Many robberies occurred under Botak Chin's name. Thus, a particular force led by S Kulasingam was required to make Botak Chin's shoot possible. This achievement made him among the best cops in the Royal Malaysia Police(PDRM). He should be made as a role model for the children of today and the near future.

During his time serving the country as a officer, he led many functions and achieved new heights by decoding and fixing unusual and complicating conditions. S Kulasingam also arrived in close combat numerous dangerous as well as vicious bad guys and convicts. One of his near loss of life situations was a delight ambush by Botak Chin at the intersection of Davis highway traffic light, Circulat Highway on 22 November 1975. This was an effort on Botak Chin's part to assassinate him. 11 gunshots were fired at him that day. Luckily for us, only one shot strike him right at his torso. Amazingly, he was still able to manoeuvre from the danger to safety at a local police station that was the Cheras Police force Station for backup and assistance. Besides that, S Kulasingam also controlled in the case which included the psychopathic rapist Kepong Chai who raped women and scarred their encounters after raping them.

On Apr 7 1976, he survived a shot in the belly when he was show help struggle at a robbery that took place at a jewellery shop in Paramount Gardens, Petaling Jaya. He was very fortunate that nights for he was able to reach a healthcare facility with time. Besides that, he also survived with minimal injuries whenever a 44-pound jar of formic acid was tossed directly at his body. He's a very blessed man as he dealt with many life and fatality situations and somehow managed to survive every one of them.

Outside his work, he's a funny man with a great and infectious personality. He is a happiness to be around. One of his hobbies is hearing and singing old Tamil tunes. He tends to sing these to entertain his friends and family. His nephew, S. Thirunavakarasu remembers S. Kulasingam as an agreeable and caring uncle and also cared for him as his role model anticipated to his command and accomplishments as a well-known, righteous and commendable policeman.

Over the years, he raided and captured many hideouts of gangs with strange and eccentric titles such as the "Mini-Cooper Gang" and the "Cowboys". Every legal and outlaw out there definitely alert to his living and legacy. His passion, devotion and diligence in his field have earned him many awards and much compliment from his superiors including the Medal of the courageous Kula (PGB) and Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN). They are two very esteemed awards which help him gain much level of popularity and his status today.

After many scares and bullet dodging, S Kulasingam retired in 1985 when he was about 54 years of age. For about 35 years as a cop, he flirted with hazard night and day and therefore he certainly deserves his long anticipated retirement after working hard for the united states. After retirement life, he lives comfortably in a two floored apartment in Johor Bahru. He never committed and he extended to remain a bachelor and lived alone for the rest of his live. All he wanted was a peaceful and low account life in the end that heart conquering moments he previously to cope with as a officer. He was once asked about why he'd not want to get hitched, he quoted "Field of dangerous work such as this requires some sacrifices, ". What he said was true as he was involved with many life intimidating situations which would jeopardize his family's safeness which would prevent them from having a normal life like the other households could.

On the 29th of September 2007, S Kulasingam was hospitalized after he slipped and dropped in his bathroom in his apartment at Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad. Luckily, one of his nephews was there to help him. He was brought to the hospital soon after. He fractured his hip bone during this incident and possessed to travel for a surgical procedure. He could walk again soon after the procedure. However, he was still hospitalized scheduled to some difficulties.

After 2 a few months of being in the hospital, on the 29th of November 2007(Thursday), the top criminal offenses buster in Malaysia, S Kulasingam passed on at Sultanah Aminah Hospital. With him present at that time to hear his previous words were his younger sister S. Arthi, elder sibling Dr S. Ratna, family and good friends. The 77 season old excellent cop left the earth he once secured at 3. 06am on that gloomy Thursday morning hours. S. Kulasingam once quoted: "How could I die of anything but later years?", that was well said as his death was scheduled to none other than old-age difficulties.

S Kulasingam was much a respectable police officer. His work and effort towards the country will never be overlooked and his long-term legacy will go on. Because of him we have a safer country today. We as the youth of today and the near future generation of market leaders should take him as a job model as well as perhaps achieve as much or preferably even more than what he had done in life.

Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan

Written by; Manoj

From the left; Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad and Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan

In the Botak Chin's history, Dr Mahadevan takes on an extremely significant role as his psychiatrist. Dr Mahadevan who's the ex - director of Tanjung Rambutan Mental Clinic in Perak cared for Botak Chin as he was asked to determine whether or not Botak Chin was psychologically strong or sane to stand for a trial. From your discovery of Dr Mahadevan, it was discovered that Botak Chin is actually a genius but a misguided one. Dr Mahadevan made a decision to take this rare opportunity to go into the mind of this one-of-a kind offender with an eccentric mentality and try to decipher that which was really on his head and what were his real intentions behind his actions.

Botak Chin discussed himself at length to Dr Mahadevan at the mental hospital that his only purpose was to help the poor since he was young. He wanted to protect the down-trodden and deprived from the gangsters who extorted money and corrupt officers. Botak Chin also informed Dr Mahadevan that he was once terribly bashed up by delinquents and gangsters who moved into his vegetable stall at the marketplace and attempted up to extort money from him. Although they didn't achieve this, they brutally attacked him and triggered his collar bone to fracture. That was definitely an remarkable incident to Botak Chin as he made a decision to take up martial arts for self-protection purpose. Not only did Botak Chin do that, he also told Dr Mahadevan that he joined into a gang for cover. And now he feels that it's his obligation and duty to safeguard his kind from any damage and oppression so that they wouldn't normally have to undergo what he when through in the past.

Dr Mahadevan recognized that particular occurrence got a severe impact on Botak Chin's life. Dr Mahadevan also arrived to learn that Botak Chin motivated the society to join his technique gang in order to avoid being harmed and exploited by the corrupt officers and the gangsters. Dr Mahadevan also adored Botak Chin when he said that the participants of his society had considered an oath to lower their hair brief, not to take the indegent for granted and definitely not to use drugs. Dr Mahadevan experienced a good impression on Botak Chin because he understood that Botak Chin's ultimate goal was and then help the poor and not to cause trouble or chaos in this country.

Dr Mahadevan also managed to discover from Botak Chin that he was called the Robin Hood by the villagers in his village because of his take action of robbing from the rich and giving considerable amounts of spoils to the poor. Botak Chin understood that by this way he'd be able to provide help for the indegent.

Although he offered only little to the indegent, the rest of the money that he robbed, he had trained with to to his gang and part than it to the category of those members who have been killed by the authorities. Through this effort of his, the family would have fewer burdens to carry. Dr Mahadevan recognized that this action of his would cause him to get refuge and put in the others of his life covering when being discovered by the authorities.

It was apparent that with the help provided by Botak Chin to the community, the city were definitely looking to help him get away. Dr Mahadevan realized that Botak Chin experienced managed to capture the hearts and brains of the city through his fearless activities. Although what Botak Chin does was legally wrong, however his intentions were actually good. Dr Mahadevan also managed to get Botak Chin to speak about the ideas and guidelines that his secret society experienced. It felt that Botak Chin's magic formula society had an extremely rigorous and strong recommendations and ideas. These concepts were to be accompanied by each and every member of this secret population including Botak Chin himself. Botak Chin also managed to get clear to Dr Mahadevan that he had appointed henchmen to enforce the discipline among the people and his soldiers.

Dr Mahadevan was also surprised when Botak Chin advised him that when he was admitted to the hospital, patients of this clinic were more than pleased to wash his clothes and do all tasks for him. It was a kind of appreciation towards Botak Chin's actions.

Dr Mahadevan was advised that Botak Chin never tied the knot with any young lady. Dr Mahadevan was told that many women would call to enquire about Botak Chin's wellness during Botak Chin's stay in the hospita l. Dr Mahadevan understood perfectly that he was in the hearts of many women credited to his good deeds. He was also told that Botak Chin had been rushed back again to Kuala Lumpur whenever a bullet was found in the cell of a higher security medical center. He further described it by telling that the bullet was actually shot by his people in their effort to help him avoid.

Dr Mahadevan also discovered that Botak Chin searched for solace in various religions. Botak Chin also wished for his organs to be donated for medical purposes. He wanted his organs to profit the society in some form but it was declined as he never published a written consent regarding his hopes. Dr Mahadevan realized that Botak Chin was actually a kind hearted person but cannot be helped as he is legally wrong and cannot be justified.


Written by; Mohamed Mazlan

A criminal or a saint misunderstood? A local hero but a open public nuisance at the same time? Only 1 man can cause such contradicting and ironic statements. And this man is what this whole survey is about. The man that brand name himself as the local "Robin Hood", the man that fought for the rights of the poor and the oppressed; but he was also the person in charge of many robberies, murders and gang battles, a man that place terror, distress and worry among the community of Kuala Lumpur in the seventies, a man that everyone feared including the police force, a man that many presumed was invincible and unbeatable. Everyone recognized him; the elderly, the working individuals and even the tiny kids working on the roadways. Some hated his guts; some secretly reputed him even though many feared him.

Amazing isn't it how one man who was simply just a college dropout could create this immense effect on culture? He was neither affluent nor have he have any important position in the state yet somehow he was talked about everywhere from office buildings to even coffee outlets. With a special force created simply for his catch, he indeed was you to definitely be reckoned with. Only one man with one of the most unique name which itself is contradicting to how this man actually appears; his name is Botak Chin.

Hours of research, debates and discussions made us, the team, to actually formulate our own perception and applying for grants this infamous felony in Malaysia. Wong Swee Chin, someone from a comparatively normal upbringing, maybe he performed suffer simply a tad bit scheduled to poverty. His father drilled the qualities of a good man into him. However, Botak Chin was no standard man. He was someone with the ideal amount of talent, fore-sight, zeal and slyness. He was a natural born leader. He was fashioned to be someone important, a person who would make headlines and grace leading pages of newspaper publishers, spoken about through the radios and shows up frequently on television set screens.

He possessed a vision, a goal which he retained his concentrate on and that goal was to help those in need, to give a hand to the indegent and the ones battling out there. Such a encouraging lad with good intentions. However, he dropped short in his execution of his goal and eyesight. He proceeded to go about doing good deeds in the wrong way. He was robbing, getting rid of, breaking regulations, creating chaos and havoc. Many were hurt plus some even lost their lives at his price. One of the most probable reasons to why he resorted to violence to get his propaganda and idea across is because of his previous face with violence when he was younger. That triggered a sense of ruthlessness within him to really use a far more aggressive approach in doing things.

He was a guy that was true to his rules and beliefs. Nobody in his gang was allowed to take drugs. An indicator of a man with goodwill and dignity. But, the police were not too happy with his work, they did not take a look at him as someone trying to produce a change, instead they noticed him as a infestations, a cultural scumbag which should be tossed into jail or a whole lot worse hung by his neck until he passed on. Time and time again Botak Chin was blessed and cunning enough to defy the authorities. Until one day, regulations finally swept up with him. He was finally caught and it was because he was betrayed by his own right-hand man and his close friend, almost like his sibling, Seh Chai.

One would argue that for a mastermind of such competent crimes, Botak Chin was foolish enough to put so much rely upon his closest friend. However, he was still real human, and as humans, we need to form interactions and bonds with others to keep us sane. It was very clear Botak Chin was a guy which placed greatest priority in his work with he denied having any close romantic relationships with any women although he previously many admirers all wanting to capture his valuable attention. Nonetheless, not even one lady do. He advised his psychiatrist; Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan that any sexual desires that he had within him was channeled into his work. This fuelled his work with a specific amount of enthusiasm and devotion. Something similar to how a spouse would route and exhibit his love towards his partner. The devotion towards what he does and what he worked well was impeccable.

Such a complex mind numerous intriguing thoughts; this is the mind of your large genius. Planning robberies in which he got away unharmed with loot amounting to near to half a million was no easy feat. He was even skilled with firearms. So when we check out things from a logical and analytical view, his talisman the Pidtta from Tok Raja didn't play a vital role in his infamous success of always getting away from danger unharmed and resisting arrest. Botak Chin did not need much fortune, for he was always pre-planning and re-thinking his movements keeping him prior to the police again and again. Botak Chin appeared invincible not because of some amulet but because he made full use of his wit and he was cunning enough to outsmart the law.

After all that is said and done, we've come to your final verdict after weighing both good and bad deeds of Botak Chin and considering every factor necessary, we feel that Botak Chin was indeed a good man. He was a guy of honour and key points. He was a guy with a good heart and soul. His intentions were good but his ways and methods of executing his guidelines were incorrect. It is certainly not appropriate to destroy others at the expense of helping people for this is not for man to decide who should live and who shouldn't. Hence, Botak Chin was not simply any criminal, he was a good man; but a good man who made wrong decisions in his mission to help people.

After all he did, he indeed ran a competition, and what a competition that was.

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