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The Sioux Tribe From Plains In North America History Essay

The Sioux Tribe acquired a very different cultural prospect in comparison to our more modern culture. They did not have our advanced technology expectations or the amount of knowledge about the entire world that we currently have. Although they didn't have the data we've, they recognized more about their land than a great many other tribes. They knew a whole lot about the family pets and resources they had and when they would have to go. The Siouans transferred based on the amount of resources they had in their area. This included the amount of water, plant life and mainly bison. The Siouans implemented the masses of bison as they played a very important role in their lives.

The Sioux Tribes most distinguished quality was their spiritual beliefs. They have everything corresponding to these beliefs which was the foundation of the culture. They actually experienced a very sophisticated and complicated religion but were able to merge it into their daily lifestyle.

The Sioux Tribes organised many ceremonies to give thanks to the gods and spirits, who they believed existed within nature itself. Most natural occurrences were thought to be caused by the hateful spirits. Though, the wanted occurrences were regarded as given as a reward from Mother Nature. They thought that the land and everything life was sacred and cherished the word "All life is holy - the two legged showing it with the four legged and the wings of the environment, and all green things'.

Timeline of incidents which occurred before contact with non-indigenous people

The original intents of the Europeans and British were to grow their land for ability and for wealth. After Christopher Columbus first found out America planning on it to be Asia it alerted other nations. This triggered other countries to colonise around these areas and therefore the Spanish were the first visitors to meet the Siouans. The Spanish spread media about the resources and large areas to other Europe which led to increasingly more Europeans colonizing in that region.

As well as the huge amounts of space, the Europeans and British had taken notice of the valuable resources which then led to the trading and mining of the land. Throughout that time, one of the very most valuable resources was platinum. Loads of silver was found around that region which brought on a gold hurry, and because of the overpowering greed of the Europeans, increasing numbers of people began to rush to the region which required the Siouans to leave their lands and proceed to other areas where in fact the bison travelled. The Europeans while others were so greedy that they swiftly colonized the complete area convinced that there would be people of yellow metal there as well which continually required the Siouans to go away.

The first arrival of the Europeans was quite friendly and they acquired no evil intentions. They wanted serenity with the Sioux Tribes and didn't want to disrupt their values and cultural practices. Even though that they had different perspectives and values set alongside the Sioux Region, they didn't really brain their variations until later on. Both categories thought that their cultural practices were appropriate at first but when they gained more understanding of what each group performed, they both detested the other's beliefs and despised each other.

The Europeans believed that land could be bought and completely held which disgusted the because they believed that land was sacred and holy. They thought that the land could be employed by everyone for the advantage of everyone. The Sioux Tribe allow Europeans dominate their land only because they wished tranquility and thought that everyone was allowed on the land. Following the Europeans slowly retained increasingly more of the Siouans sacred land and started to break their claims. The Siouans found their horrible motives of taking over all the land which was evil and intolerable hence the Siouans declared battle on the Europeans.

The first known appointment between any european Siouans and the whites was in 1541, when De Soto come to the Quapaw villages in east Arkansas. The Spanish and the Siouans didn't really fight because that they had met got the Valley of Vapors. People of several tribes had obtained at the valley over a long time to enjoy the recovery properties of the thermal springs. The tribes got developed agreements to put aside their weapons and partake of the treating waters in serenity while in the valley. De Soto and his men stayed just long enough to lay claim the region for Spain.

In 1640 the initial notice of the main northwestern tribe is that of the French explorers. Some French investors soon followed. These men needed the furs of animals that resided in the Dakota country such as buffalos. In trade, they released the Dakota to goods such as flint and steel. These professionals also brought a glass, breads, metal knives, axes, weapons, flour and sugars to the Dakota. At first the Siouans were fine with the white Europeans given that they brought goods. They were able to enjoy the benefits brought to them by the merchants and didn't suffer much annoyed to their way of life because there have been only a few white people who resided on their land, but by 1685, the Sioux place was said by the France pushing the Siouans down the Mississippi and away from the Buffalo Plains. The Sioux Tribe despised what the Europeans did so they declared war.

The first contact of Europeans or white people was quite different between the Sioux tribe and the indigenous people of Australia. These were different in the sense that the Sioux tribe benefitted a little from the Europeans while the Aborigines endured major implications from the British.

When the French merchants first satisfied the Sioux tribe, they wished the furs of animals that resided there and in return the Siouans received some goods such as flint and metallic as well as guns and other weapons. This helped both the Siouans and the French because they were in a position to gain new information and products or resources.

When the British first achieved the indigenous people of Australia, they wanted to claim the land and thought that no one had it. So they decided to dispatch their convicts over to Australia because they needed more space. The Aborigines didn't want them there because they were greedy and stole their valuable resources and didn't give much in return. This was awful and so the Aborigines tried out to force them to leave which resulted in the death of many Aborigines.

This is very different because the original end result for the Siouans was helpful whereas the effect for the Aboriginals was brutal and fatal. Though the end the effect for both organizations were similar because that they both finished up struggling wars.

Consequences of Colonization and Evaluation to Aboriginal Experiences

The result of colonization for the Sioux tribe started off quite well because they were given new resources and goods such as horses, towel and guns. Alas, with new resources arrived new diseases that the Siouans had no immunity over such as small pox which wiped out lots of the Siouans. Cultural dissimilarities also brought on mass destruction in the Sioux tribe. The Siouans believed in various things compared to the Europeans which brought on distrust leading into major quarrels and battles or clashes where many people were wiped out. Treaties were created by both sides, but people evolved these treaties which were then ignored.

Soon, the Sioux and other countries received reservation land to go on, but frequently these were relocated when valuable goods such as silver were entirely on their lands. After a long time period with the Europeans, they started out fighting at conflict again because of land and resources that the Siouans were obtaining. This induced major conflict between the communities and soon the Siouans were compelled to leave their land.

For the Spanish and other Europeans, colonization was quite satisfying for them right from the start and afterwards although it led to the death of many Siouans and Europeans. It was worthwhile for the Europeans because they eventually got what they actually planned. They obtained the land and resources they required as well as their important gold. This is wonderful for the Europeans since it meant that they had huge people of land plus they could easily increase their territories across the total of America. By taking the land, the Europeans became extremely powerful and wealthy.

The Spanish also learnt a few of the cultural methods from the Sioux Tribes which benefitted them greatly. However overtaking the land wasn't all those things great because it meant that hundreds of men and women from both colonies needed to be killed in the process of conquering the land. Colonization of the Spanish also supposed that they would have to adjust to the conditions of that region which also helped bring them some new diseases and challenges because they couldn't completely make use of the advantages or conditions of the land.

For both Sioux Tribe and Aborigines, colonization experienced an extremely similar result. After the Europeans and Uk conquered the Sioux Tribes and needed their land, the Siouans were kept absolutely powerless. Despite the fact that the Sioux Tribes tried to fight with everything they had, it was still disastrous because their technology and numbers were just incapable of winning. This was exactly the same with the Aborigines because once the British came up and tried to overcome the land, these were successful and the Aborigines were left defeated and powerless. The British overpowered the Aborigines with their superior technology and velocity on horsebacks.

Land wasn't the thing lost from both civilizations. Religious values and cultural procedures were also lost through colonization. The traditions of both civilizations were greatly influenced with major loss. Sacred civilizations and beliefs slowly and gradually faded away due to massacres which avoided the indigenous people to complete down their experiences or Dreamtimes from era to generation. Both indigenous teams took considerable tolls due to mass annihilation and devastation of colonization. This is horrible because nobody was able to live in peace and tranquility.

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