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The NEED FOR Memory Of The Past English Literature Essay

Memories are a windowpane into the history, and through this home window one can reflect after the decisions they have got made and the near future that lies forward. Memories are exactly what make "Death of an Salesman" what it truly is; a story that is true in all varieties, that paints the canvas of the mind not with plane tickets of nice but with the natural truth and realism that population is built from. Every being is built and influenced by experience, every being aspires to generate something from that experience, for Willy Loman he will neither, for he lives his experience and memory.

Willy Loman at a glance is a hardworking middle class man who only looks for an improved life for his family and desires to have the 'American Dream'. He pursues his contentment as readily as any man would; in his pursuit he's both blessed and cursed with memories that help him know very well what he should do, and cursed in the way so it costs him his mind. Willy looks for help from his experience, like anybody would, aside from the part where Willy relives them. His first ram is that of his children, Biff and Happy, and how wonderful everything is for both him and his family. Willy remembers the heat, sense of security, and 'Good Times', in a few sense this first recollection functions as a retreat for Willy to escape the truth that is truth. In his retreat of that 'which was', he remembers Biffs grand achievements and exactly how he assumed Biff would do phenomenally in real life. Willy remembers Happy however, not in the sense that Happy was the 'main take action' of his recollection way more the 'side show' that little attention is paid to. The goal of this storage is to remember the 'good old days and nights' and to foreshadow what place ahead as clarified by Charlie's kid Bernard when he says "Where is he? If he doesn't examine!" and "Because he printed university or college of Virginia on his trainers doesn't mean they have got to graduate him, Uncle Willy!". This ram lays the foundation of why Biff and Happy are home and exactly how things all went downhill. So starts the building of Willies viewpoint that his sons keep dear, the viewpoint they can do anything if they're well liked.

Even with Willies bigger than life beliefs he suffers and longs to know how to raise his son the 'right' way. This sense of elevating his children the 'right' way is what sparks Willies next ram, that of his sibling Ben. To Willy, Ben is the guardian angel shape; Ben is the embodiment of Willies thoughts into a form that Willy finds most comforting and easiest to simply accept. Willy first asks Ben to remind him of these daddy, through this description of Willies life it is conclusive that Willies family was nomadic in aspect and this his father abandoned him. This shows the very structure with which Willies head has been attracted from, that of a fatherless child years, and one without friends. Willy then asks Ben how he's to raise his males and asks Ben how he did it, Bens main reply is "WHILE I was seventeen I walked in to the jungle, so when I strolled out I was 21 years old. And by God I used to be abundant. " Bens answer symbolizes the idea that in order to pursue happiness one must try very hard for this and sacrifice both their time and being in their quest (not necessarily literally). As Ben is about to leave Willy begs him to stay, this presents Willies longing for the past and how he can't get away from the 'old days and nights'. IN some sense Willy has made himself a prisoner of his own mind, always trying to hold onto to the past. This too is foreshadowing and the start of Willies meticulous thinking about how he will enter the jungle (strive through his problems) and turn out with diamond jewelry (have the happiness he has always seeked).

After Willy tries to find gemstones (get a fresh job in the company) and fails he has another flashback in Howard's office which includes just as before, his guardian Ben. Willies memory is that of the proposition that his brother had wanted to him to go to Alaska. This part of the memory is important because it shows how Willy regrets not heading to Alaska; it also implies that Willy is sick and tired of trying to survive the top city. Later on in the recollection he attempts to convince Ben that everything will be fine because Biff is well liked and three great universities are begging for him. "With out a cent to his name, three great colleges are begging for him, and following that the sky's the limit, because it's not what you do, Ben. It's who you know and the giggle on your face! Its connections Ben! Contacts! The complete riches of Alaska moves over the lunchtime table at the commodore hotel, and that's the wonder, the wonder of the country, that a man can end with diamond jewelry here on the basis of being liked!" The real purpose of this memory is that Willy is trying to comfort himself which Ben is truly a representation of 1 part of his conscience. This storage area is also built on the very first memory space because in this memory Willy conveniences himself by lying with his old beliefs of like is preferable to do.

In your garden Willy has one final flashback/storage/enlightening moment in which he foretells Ben and asks him what to. It really is in the garden where Willy must come to the decision to get into the jungle (be rid of his problems through suicide) and discover gemstones (his family gets twenty thousand dollars in life insurance). That is also enough time in which Willy finally realizes his beliefs was backwards all along and that it's easier to do than to be liked, thus immortalizing him as a tragic hero. In all issues Willies first memory space is what sparked a chain reaction of flashbacks that led him to his final decision in the long run, for it was his decision which was the underlying story all along.

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