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The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole English Literature Essay

Adrian Mole is a worrier and dogged by sick health. He is convinced he's an intellectual and because of this he creates poems and reads a whole lot of books. Actually he isn't that smart by any means, but just a typical youngster. He also appears like one. He has, through his eyes, enormous areas (the quantity of that often comes back in the publication). He considers, till the part when he finds out that two women are deeply in love with him, he's very ugly. He interferes himself with everything and arises for what he believes that is right. Though he's also afraid of a institution bully known as Barry Kent.

Other important individuals:

Mrs. Pauline Mole is the mother of Adrian, however, not a good one. She's member of a membership that arises for the protection under the law of the women and because of this she won't do the household only by herself any more. Following the disapproval from her husband she leaves him for the neighbour. He treats her just like a sexobject, what's also from the rights of the girl, so she leaves him as well.

Mr. Mole is the daddy of Adrian. It seems that he doesn't service a great deal about his kid. When the troubles are too much to him, he drinks them away (like when his better half leaves him, he seems lost and starts drinking). Most of the time he 's unemployed. He doesn't care about his looks, and this you can view.

'If my father took more health care of his appearance, none of them of this would have happened. It stands to reason that any woman would prefer a man to wear a suit and lots of gold jewellery to one like my father who hardly ever shaves and wears old clothes and no jewellery. '

Mr. Lucas is the neighbour of the family Mole. He has just divorced so when Pauline feels sorry for him he becomes her (technique) lover. His nickname by Pauline is Bimbo but Adrian telephone calls him 'creep Lucas'. He looks very fine as possible also read within the quotation by Mr. Mole (there he's the man with the suit etc. ).

Bert Baxter is the (89 calendar year) old man Adrian takes care of, for the nice Samaritans group. Bert makes a bad first impression after Adrian. 'But most detrimental of most, Bert Baxter is not a nice later years pensioner! He drinks and smokes and comes with an Alsatian dog called Sabre. Sabre was locked in the kitchen while I was trimming the considerable hedge, but he didn't stop growling once. ' Later in the book they become friends. When Bert, with a lot of protest, must go directly to the clinic for his health he fulfills Queenie. They fell in love and marry.

Pandora is the new girl in school whom Adrian is key deeply in love with. When she's dating Nigel, Adrian is in total shock, very miserable and desperate. Later when the couple breaks, Adrian is full of joy and, after the next relationship of her and Craig Thomas, he and Pandora fall in love.

'There is a new girl in our class. She sits next if you ask me in Geography. She is fine. Her name is Pandora, but she wants being called 'Pack'. Don't ask me why. I might fall deeply in love with her. It's time I fell in love, in the end I am 13 ѕ years old.

Pandora offers hair the colour of treacle, and it's really long like ladies' head of hair should be. She has quite a good number. I observed her participating in netball and her ches was wobbling. I thought a bit funny I believe this could it be!

Nigel is the greatest and only friend of Adrian. Adrian is almost all of the time jealous of the things Nigel's received. Like Nigel's new yellowish cycle, Pandora and the fact he hasn't received a single place.


The book is an integral part of the journal of Adrian Mole. It tells about 1Ѕ 12 months of his life.

In this part:

His parents are in a break-up, his mom leaves his father for the neighbour, but get's back to his dad after a while.

He fells deeply in love with Pandora but his love isn't clarified for a long time.

He is bullied by Barry Kent.

Adrian becomes a poet (gets two words from the BBC therefore) and an intellectual.

Gets a fresh (very old) friend by his Good Samaritan work and meets also new friends by his father's new work.

Gets in contact with a prisoner, called Elegance Pool, because she's made a toothbrush holder for Adrian.

And Adrian has been terrorised by big spots

You can say, an extremely busy time for a youngster who worries on a regular basis.


Sue Townsend exists 2 april 1946 in Leicester.

At age 15 she already proved helpful as an attendant of your storage. She was considering literature and read much. After her divorce she started out to write, in the beginning for theater. The First Journal of Adrian Mole was her break-through in 1985. This reserve was immediately a global wide success, what led to a couple of sequels. Also she published a few (humoristic) novels.

Sue is still effective, but became blind credited diabetes.

www. AdrianMole. com www. wikipedia. nl

Personal Response

1. I've really liked reading the booklet, because Adrian has a very hilarious take a look at life. He concerns just too much about his problems, and that's realistic for a teenager (who also needs to be an intellectual). His two New Year's resolutions give a good exemplory case of how he needs to reside, those resolutions are idiotic however, not unthinkable. I feel that makes the publication 'both coming in contact with and screamingly funny', his life and view of life is idiotic but not unthinkable.

2. I liked the publication quite definitely because it's quite comparable to about any teenager's life. Certainly his identity and troubles will vary but it offers aspects you identify.

3. At one point Barry Kent tries to rob Adrian twenty-five pence every day, and Adrian kind of (he tries to be in the gang of the biggest third-years) enables that happen. 'Barry Kent said he would do me over unless I gave him twenty-five pence every day. I informed him that he was spending his time challenging money with menaces from me. I never have any extra money. My mother places my pocket money straight into my building-society accounts and provides me fifteen pence per day for a Mars club. Barry Kent said I'd have to provide him my evening meal money! I told him that my dad pays off it by cheque since it travelled up to sixty pence every day, but Barry Kent struck me in the goolies and strolled off saying 'There's more where that originated from. ''

I cannot consider you can let that happen or that there wouldn't be anyone who immediately stands up for you (later in the publication his grandmother does indeed). I just wouldn't give the money: which makes Barry only better. If he'd hit me I'd try to get help as quickly as possible or else reach back. Maybe it wouldn't be as hard as Barry will, but I wouldn't allow him to get his money by striking people.

Nevertheless, this made me empathize in being truly a victim of bullies, and I think that is clearly a good lessons, to know very well what it's like for his part in such situations.

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