The Salem Witch Tests And The Mccarthy Trials Essay


Through the 1690's in Salem, Massachusetts, one of the most disgraceful events in American history took place. twenty innocent individuals were sentenced to death upon charges of witchcraft (Kortuem). At the time there was clearly a witch scare capturing across the North East of America in a time we know today as the Salem Witch Trials. The witch studies was one of the most shameful occasions in American history. In fact , it was compared to another event by a guy named Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was a playwright coming from New York who have wrote various famous plays like Loss of life of a Sales person, All my Kids, and of course The Crucible (Kortuem). In The Crucible, Miller was comparing the McCarthy Hearings at the time to the events more than 100 years earlier inside the Salem Witch Trials. The worry that was rooted in the people inside the times of the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy trials caused right now there to be trusting decisions built which makes evaluations between the two events noticeable.

The Red Scare was a time in the 1940s and 50s in the us where the everyone was fearful and it had a big impact on the decisions they built. The Crimson Scare took place during the Cold War when the US and Russia had been threatening the other person by looking to build good luck than the various other. At the time, Americans were extremely fearful of communists, therefore when 1 man named Joseph McCarthy, a Senator from Wisconsin, starting sharing with people that there were communists living among them, various people assumed him (Westlund). The structure of The Crucible is about the Salem Witch Trials, but there are obvious parallels that can be connected to the McCarthy Hearings. Those in Salem were scared of witchcraft and several people assumed accusations because they were scared. The assessment...

... because written the way in which it was. I believe that Burns 's assessment between the two events is definitely a good 1 because of the dread in the persons and the damaged court system. They both worked just as and the fear that caused it was much the same. They are both seen as shameful times in American history and how that liars were elevated up and men and women of integrity had been punished displays us why.

Overall, the corruption in the Salem Witch Trials plus the McCarthy Proceedings can be described by the dread that was in the people also it would make a comparison between two situations very noticeable. In The Crucible, Arthur Callier compares Paul McCarthy to Abigail Williams, himself to John Proctor, and the witch hunt for the McCarthy Hearings. Miller as opposed two of one of the most embarrassing moments in our background made it to a play that is still very well known today.

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