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The Sainsburys Marketing Strategies Marketing Essay

Sainsbury's was founded in 1869 by John Adam Sainsbury and his better half Mary Ann Sainsbury. The name came from the surname John Adam. Today the company has grown to be one of the greatest supermarkets in UK and performs about 1, 000 stores, including 440 convenience stores and has a work force of about 150, 000 folks.

The company`s business strategies and aims are based on their strong ideals and ethnicities. Their main purpose include providing great food, persuasive general products and clothing, expanding complementary programs and services, producing new business and finally growing space and creating property principles. From these aims and strategies we will later see how the company has segmented its market.

According to Turban et al. (2002), "Customer service is some activities made to enhance the degree of client satisfaction, that is, the sensation that a service or product has met the client expectation. Sainsbury places its customers at the heart of everything they certainly. Massive investments have been done in the stores, labor force as well as their syndication channels to ensure the customers have the best customer support there is certainly.

Sainsbury functions are mainly based in the UK, the main office being based in London. Its setting in the UK offers it a competitive gain compared to other retail supermarkets. Today the supermarket has over 785 stores in the UK, this only does not increase its market share but boosts on its customer support since there exists convenience. Aside from having man store across the UK, Sainsbury's stores are mainly located close to bus stops as well as near department stores.

Sainsbury differential benefit comes from one of its marketing strategies, that happen to be product differentiations. Barney & Hesterley (2006) argues that, "product differentiation is ultimately an expression of the creativeness of individuals and groups within the businesses. Differentiation involves creating something that is seen to be unique by other organizations on the market. Differentiation can be achieved through brand image, changing product design and features, bettering customer service and expanding the company's network. From Sainsbury point of view, the shop has efficiently differentiated its products as well as the assistance. The company`s network is substantial, having protected major towns in the UK. Also the each customer base has its products with different features, from example, the junior provide an entertainment joint, and the small children have toys and games stores.

The main marketing strategies employed by Sainsbury are market segmentation. Market segmentation refers to the department of a market into unique sets of customers who require individual products. Market segmentation can be referred regarding the division of market into smaller marketplaces having buyers with the same characteristics which a firm can meet its needs efficiently hence satisfying them. Markets can be segmented in conditions of geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral parameters.

From the research done, Sainsbury has segmented its markets using almost all the variables. For example, the business has stores almost in every city of the united kingdom; its markets are also segmented using demographic parameters. Segmentation by demographic factors, includes the segmentation by use of demographic factors such as age, intimacy family size, family life circuit, income, education, occupation, religion, competition and nationality. Sainsbury has also had the opportunity to segment its markets relating to psychographic parameters. Market segmentation has became very valuable to Sainsbury. Many benefits have resulted from it segmenting included in these are the following among others; the business has had the opportunity to boost on its customer support benchmarks hence increasing the sales quantity and eventually earnings, the company has additionally been able to concentrate its resources on the chosen sections as well being able to review advancements and anticipate changes in the sections from competitive activities.

Sainsbury main customer goal is the family device especially the mom. My reasoning has been produced from the business's website as well as, the advertisements on the television. The business uses various marketing combine to get this section. Marketing mix also known as the 4p`s identifies the mixture of product, price, promotion and place.

Sainsbury means that its products are of high quality for example, the case of its food sector, the company has been involved in promoting healthy food eating. In seeking to promote this system the business used one of the renowned chefs to participate its marketing campaign. The main focus on of its food products is the family especially the mother who ensures healthy eating from the family members. Also I analyzed their website and found it to be very useful. There are many icons for the many products that are offered at the stores. There is an icon for gadgets, entertainment for the young adults as well as food stores. Also their products are of high quality having been made using the top creation skills.

The prices of the many products have been found to be pocket friendly. When compared with other stores in the UK for example Tesco and Asda, Sainsbury prices are pocket friendly. The business has been involved with price awareness campaigns where it informed the clients on various price changes as well as any special discounts for new products.

Sainsbury ensures that the products of this target group are easily available and the costumers can can get them at their convenience. It has been obvious in the development programs where many stores have been opened and these stores are mainly located to bus ceases as well as home areas.

In trying to make the customers alert to these products, Sainsbury has been involved with many advertising activities for example, the recent advertisement where they were promoting healthy eating. This advert involved the utilization of one of the top chefs.

The use vouchers or coupons are another marketing promotion strategy utilized by Sainsbury. The problem of vouchers and coupons to customers boosts customer retention as well as increased sales. However these vouchers sometimes can be of high sums, amounting to millions of pounds.

Marketing segmentation can sometimes be very expensive for a business. It is because the company must produce various marketing strategies that meet up with the expectations or need for every segment of the market. For instance, products for the youngsters have to be promoted using different strategies, for the young adults also promotion needs to be done using another method. Also we've seen that Sainsbury issues vouchers well worth an incredible number of pounds to the customer, sometimes when the business has not made revenue, customers might not exactly be given the coupons hence making the clients loose morale.

Sainsbury still has a wide range of opportunities. The Company should consider going international and starting stores in various continents.

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