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The Roman Catholic Church

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The Roman Catholic Cathedral is ruled by the Pope in Vatican City, Rome. He rules total Catholic Churches on earth and many Catholics make it their life-long wish to go to Vatican City one day and to be present at Mass with the Pope. The foundation of this Religious denomination leads all the way back again to apostolic times. The rituals that the Roman Catholic Church has are very similar to Christian rituals such as baptism and confirmation. Most Catholics who show up at the Roman Catholic Church follow and follow the Bible and how their chapel interprets it. The Roman Catholic Cathedral is virtually identical but also completely different in certain areas to Protestant beliefs but overall it is up to personal view as to what religion a person will follow and exactly how they will act after it.

Rituals that the Roman Catholic Chapel uses are baptism, first communion, verification, marriage, the last rites and learning to be a priest or a nun. Baptism is where the baby is taken to the front of the cathedral to be sprinkled or poured over with water while a bible passage from Matthew 28:19 is being read. That is to show everyone that the infant and his / her family confess their trust in Jesus and will continue steadily to in future life. Many households prefer to dress their child in a gown that becomes a keepsake for later life. First communion is a person's first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist (central focuses of the Catholic Chapel). Confirmation implies that the child continues to be practicing their faith and can continue on from then on. It is usually needed that the kid be baptised before they could be confirmed to continue practicing their beliefs. Marriage is a sign between a man and female who are mutually in want to God that they have eternal love. Divorce is not accepted in this religion but annulments may be awarded. The very last rite is also called Anointing of the Ill. This is where a seriously sick person is given three sacraments; Penance, Eucharist and Viaticum. The final ritual is now a nun or priest. This is where the person requires vows to commit him or her to a religious life. It also means that they must follow and live their life praying of course, if a woman, must live in a monastery or convent.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral has many beliefs, a few of which are common to the Protestant however, many are completely different and may well not be accepted by either opinion system. Examples of characteristics that are similar: both religions have confidence in the Holy Spirit and good people go to heaven. There are very little similarities due to fact that they may acknowledge one issue but the fundamental way that the conclusion was made are different from each other. Both religions think that the Holy Soul proceeds from both Father and the Boy. This is one common belief that both perception systems hold. The idea that good people go to heaven can be debated as being a difference between the two as a result of fact as to how believers go to heaven. The Roman Catholic Church thinks that those who go to heaven have been pursuing almost all their life and also have not done any incorrect in life will be allowed to heaven. Protestants assume that if you show your trust to God and shown that you give your life to him, you will be saved and brought up to heaven and have a life with God. They are just the similarities between both of these religions, there a lot more differences which is exactly what sets these two beliefs aside from each other

What places the Catholics apart from the Protestants will be the values in the areas of free will, predestination, the interpretation of the Bible, relationship and divorce and the importance of Eucharist. Free will is the power of making free selections unconstrained by external businesses. For the Catholics this affirmation is wonderful for them as they are absolve to do good or evil. But also for Protestants, this is not the situation. They are just absolve to do good things. Predestination has been determined in advance where God decides what will happen to you in life and what happens for you in the after-life. Catholics think that your predestination is dependant on God's foreknowledge of you as well as your actions while Protestants think that your predestination is related to God's decrees. The interpretation of the Bible is different as the Catholic interpretation includes apocrypha which can be books of the Bible that are added into the Old Testament. While Protestants omit these 14 books of the Bible. These are just a few differences between your Protestants and the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Chapel. Matrimony is accepted in both religions and shows the unity of two different people and shows their values and sacrifices for God. Divorce on the other hands, is accepted by Protestants but discouraged and is also accepted as evidence of real human weakness. While with Catholics, divorce is appeared down after unless there is certainly some canonical obstruction in which an annulment may be awarded in this example. Eucharist is the sacrament of the Holy Communion. These two religions have different opinions as to this matter. Towards the Roman Catholics, the Eucharist is known as the "Holy Sacrifice of the Mass". This is against the Protestants, who believe that along with Baptism, The Eucharist is a symbol of grace and this could it be. The sacrificial nature from the Eucharist is also turned down.

In conclusion, the Roman Catholic Chapel is another religious beliefs that people have confidence in and is also ruled by the Pope. It is all up to personal thoughts and opinions in regards to what an individual believes in and exactly how they act upon it. Protestants have very different beliefs to Catholics but they all look up to the same person; God. No one can judge you on your faith and actions. These beliefs and activities just determine your future in some individuals' opinions but it is all up to personal thoughts and opinions and personal views.

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