The Role Of Travel and leisure In Our Modern World

"Tourism may be further defined as the movement of men and women from their normal place of home" (J. Christopher Halloway, 1998)

This definition represents travel and leisure as an action to see something new or different from daily life. The tourism industry is constantly growing and the economics of some countries are mainly predicated on it. Tourism can be seen in colaboration with a great deal of different facets like visitors visitors attractions and hospitality.

This essay will offer with the multi-disciplinary nature of tourism as well as the Travel and Transfer and especially on the railways industry. Furthermore will it focus on the annals and the existing practice in the railway industry.

Tourism is multi-disciplinary. One of its' natures are Guests attractions. J. Christophe Holloway and Neil Taylor described Visitor Attractions as followed.

"So we should allow that no clear definition exists for the term. It is easiest merely to agree to that any site that attracts people sufficiently to encourage them to travel there to be able to visit it should be judged a `visitor attraction`. " (J. Christopher Holloway and Neil Taylor, 2006)

They can be categorized by factors like being built with a touristic goal or being constructed with no touristic backdrop. Examples of visitors attractions which had throughout their development no touristic goal are The Eiffel Tower in the Paris and the Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen. These destinations attract in our modern world millions of traveler to Paris or Copenhagen. These cases will be the best proves that sights can be build without a touristic concealed thought.

The tourists browsing a attraction need an accommodation in case they aren't day-tripper. The accommodation sector can be divided in the non-profit and the profit sector. The non-profit includes the going to friends and family, which remain very important for travel and leisure even though they aren't spending hardly any money on accommodation as tourists will still spend money throughout their stay in the area of interest. This category also contains hostels which do not make an effort to make a profit.

The second sector has to make money to endure. This sectors comprises B&B, hotels and camping's.

Transportation is also part of the tourism because it brings the tourists to attractions and accommodation. The most common transport method is nowadays the planes. Other ways which are to consider are the instructor or the teach. The teach was during the last decades battling with falling amounts of passengers but seems now to be on the right track. Water-borne transport is seen as a form of transportation which include ferries or as a location of relaxation also on ocean liners which is getting more and more popular in the recent years.

Travel trading transformed in the last few years. Travel agencies are being used to be the place where every tourist must book his holiday break. In our society, a lot of individuals are using the internet for bookings. They leave the neighborhood travel agent out and reserve their holiday straight by the head to operator or by the mentor company online. The travel companies reacted by creating online systems as Expedia. co. uk which are in immediate competition to head to operators.

Every holiday arranging saves the office of several employees working in the travel industry. The money spend, in addition has an effect on the neighborhood market as an the travel vacation spot. A good example, which illustrates this, is a holiday booked over the internet in the UK. One the palm, the travel operator or the online travel firm benefits in their UK hq. Alternatively, the local populace at the destination revenue from it. This example shows that folks around are making benefit from vacation or a travel booked.

The historical development of the travel and travel sector is quite impressive. It all started when people from Egyptian were going to visit other cities, their culture and structures. Unfortunately was the finish of the Roman Empire at the same time the end of travel in his first form. People acquired to wait till the 16th century prior to starting traveling again(?). People in those days had tree choices to travel. One of them was walking, that was dedicated to the indegent. The second one was traveling a horse which was for richer people. Finally, carrier wagon's or a litter were the other options to travel. Inside the 19th century was a large change for the travel and carry industry as it resulted in a revolution for this industry. In the early area of the century, the technology of the railway experienced a great impact on travelling. The time of travel was reduced massively and folks were able to travel in less "than 10 days from London to Edinburgh"(Quote). The first railway portion was opened in the united kingdom in 1825 between Stockton and Darlington, after that a whole lot of different teach routes were exposed in the forthcoming years all around the globe. The last great brand was opened 1903 in Russia between Moscow and Vladivostok. The number of traveler was growing. The railway was convenient and faster than the ordinary travel by highway or on canal. Their success was made in a brief time frame because of its consistency and was soon the most important method of travel. Thomas Cook was involved in the success of the train credited to his use of the railway as a way to bring tourists to their holiday destinations. Later, in the first 19th century the private railway companies weren't able to manage the gigantic costs. Most of the companies were in serious financial trouble. The only solution to save lots of these businesses was the participation of the governments. A lot of the countries in European Europe were so dependent from their nationwide railways companies that these were not able to spend the money for bankruptcies of these companies. The difficulty for the railways companies had not been over after their nationalization. The development of new transport options following the Second World Warfare like the plane helped bring the railway industry in new trouble. Within the 1960ties more and more people were using coaches and their private car to go on vacation. The railway industry experienced no appropriated answer to these new means of travel and used their same exact strategy.

Nowadays, the railway industry altered a lot. At the end of the 20th century the majority of the railways services all over European countries were denationalized. The private owners made them more competitive. The denationalization was indeed good for the industry but mainly for the client because prices get more competitive. Today's marketing concepts like party trains from London to the French Alps and discount rates for individuals over 55 are being used to entice people and also to persuade them to travel with trains. A major trend is seen all over the world to use high speed trains like the TGV and the Glaciers in European countries and the Shinkasen in Japan.

The railway industry is catching up with new features to help make the journey more comfortable for their passengers. Nowadays passengers have the ability to obtain WIFI contacts and sound entertainment services. These features are currently spreading in several forms of carry but aren't on all routes as it pertains to for exapmle WIFI interconnection in trains. Nevertheless will WIFI be the norm in a few years time as well as video recording monitors in the backseat with prospects to game or to watch videos during your travel.

The railway channels are not only placse of departing and arriving trains nevertheless they are getting increasingly more places that have shops in it. (Mintal, 2008) Among the examples to demonstrate this statement can be found in Scotland more preciously in Aberdeen. The shopping Centre gives the possibility to go from the centre itself to the railway station. Another example is the "Hauptbahnhof" in Berlin where you can find all type of shops. The railway industry gets increasingly more innovative to get also to persuade more people to see trains instead of coaches, planes or cars.

Another development, which is getting increasingly more popular, is the nostalgia of the trains. Only in the UK there are several old trains operating regularly as the Scotsman. The travel time varies from just a few hours to several days like The Ghan in Australia which is visiting between Melbourne and Sydney. These trains are usually extremely luxurious and are concentrating on old people.

There are three major developments in the foreseeable future. One craze is to acquire high-speed trains that have a great deal of multimedia features. Another future ambition is to operate trains on historical routes with all desired luxury amenities. The most recent tendency is to convert normal railway stations to sort of shopping centres.

The travel industry modified over the last years. They evolved with new possibilities as the internet. The travel industry is at a permanent change to be up-to-date also to come up with new ideas. The railway industry, which experienced during the last four decades anticipated to mismanagement and dropping passenger amounts, also modified. Their denationalization possessed a positive effect on the complete industry which can be seen every day. As it was already pointed out previously, the industry is getting more innovative to capture up their arrears to other companies like the airline industry and the instructor industry.

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