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The Role of Community Health and Public Care

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LO1: Understanding approaches & strategies utilized to measure monitor and control the occurrence of disease in communities

Question 1: Firms regulating levels of health and disease in communities

Question 2: Epidemiology of 1 infectious and one non-infectious disease

Question 3: Analysis of effectiveness different techniques and strategies

Question 4: Current methods and priorities to service provision for people

Question 5: Romantic relationship in health insurance and social care service provision

LO 2: Investigating the implications of illness and disease in neighborhoods for the provision for health insurance and social good care services

Case Study

Question 6: Studying the near future needs of health and social care inspired by current lifestyle choices

Question 7: Evaluating the health and well-being in a specific healthcare of social setting

Question 8: The effectiveness of strategies and plans and evaluation of an activity executed to encourage behavioural change

Question 9: Conversation on changes to improve the health and wellbeing of Mrs. Senna




Genetic inheritance, access to health care, personal behaviour and the general external environment (air, drinking water, cleanliness, pollution) affects a person's health to a good deal. In addition to that, research has proven there to be some relationship between health and communal factors and cultural factors. Ramifications of social networks, job stress excreta on health have increased in the modern times and are still on the rise.

Based on the given case study, this paper discusses the many communication roles of health insurance and social good care services. It analyses how the society is important in this context and the many ways these good care is provided in various societies for their culture and beliefs.

Different neighborhoods use different approaches to monitor and control occurrence on diseases. Their culture, values make them take different decisions at different situations.


Question 1: Firms regulating levels of health insurance and disease in communities

Each society influences just how its residents live their lives. That they value life and everything related to it, is that they treat health issues and diseases. You will find societies where common cool is little or nothing new. It really is a common phenomenon which is not given much thought or awareness at all. Just take a cup of tea and sleep, you will feel better, is their plan. Then there are societies where common cold is used most very seriously, the afflicted person is isolated and placed in closed room, given medicines, soups and what not.

Society's custom, norm, encounters are the organizations that determine the level of health and public treatment a person would obtain while suffering from different degrees of diseases. Economy is another factor. A wealthy society would care for smaller disease with grater seriousness while a poorer modern culture would choose to dismiss them being brief in financial conditions.


Question 2: Epidemiology of one infectious and one non-infectious disease

One major infectious disease in Bangladesh is typhoid. It really is a bacterial disease which is distributed through contact though food and water polluted by sewerage or faecal matter. The victims of the disease show high fever. If it is remaining untreated, mortality rate can increase up to 20%. The bacterias Salmonella enterica is the bearer of this disease. The course untreated typhoid is split into four levels, in four weeks.

One major non-infectious disease in Bangladesh is cardio vascular disease. An evaluation of the INTERHEART control demonstrated further that, Bangladeshis experienced the highest and unusual prevalence of risk factors related to CVD among other countries engaging. Original and current smoking (59. 9%) self-reported record of hypertension (14. 3%), stomach over weight (43. 3%) Depression (43%) and high ApoB100/Apo-I ratio (59. 6%).

Question 3: Evaluation of performance different methods and strategies

Different healthcare areas use different methods to solve the same medical issues. Their effectiveness is obviously different. The various approaches used by various communities come from their various backgrounds. The way they are raised, their cultural beliefs are what matter and what changes their methods towards everything including health care.

Needless to say, all the approaches do not provide the same result. For example, family planning education in United States of America is not as effective as it is in Denmark. It really is due to the different approaches used by both the countries and Denmark's has shown to be far better.

But there may be no one perfect method of any medical condition and no wrong approach either. All of the approaches, no subject how much or less effective they may be, are accurate.

Question 4: Current methods and priorities to service provision for people

According to kingsfund. org. uk the methods of health and social care and attention has changed a lot before decades. However they still aren't enough for all your health and communal treatment and support a person needs. The original lines between medical center based mostly specialists and GP's, community centered and hospital services, and physical and mental health services shows and proves that care is fragmented quite often and integrated good care, which should be considered a rule can be an option now.

Moreover, as it just happened before, with the introduction of technology, current modes of care is already becoming outdated as technologies and security are updating and changing so rapidly, changing the way patients interact with their providers. Although care and attention still pertains and relies a great deal to the providers, on their individual experience and their expensive professional input, it current methods need to be developed to a great scope.

Question 5: Romantic relationship in health and social health care service provision

Health and interpersonal care service are completely interrelated. But they are rarely provided together hence creating various issues for the patients. For instance, when people are delivered to a healthcare facility or a center, or they stay there for an extended period of time, they don't get proper care service; hence don't get as better as they would at home under care service. Sometimes, they are given the same service double, or an important part of health care is missing. Interpretation, the patients have never obtained the service they should have or need, leaving them at a risk of a greater harm. The service providers, as in medical care staff may fail to or skip the opportunities which might have made things better for the patients and service receivers producing a degradation of the patient's health.

So it goes without saying that health insurance and social treatment are completely interrelated.

LO 2: Investigating the implications of condition and disease in communities for the provision for health insurance and social good care services

Various neighborhoods have always provided various forms of healthcare and sociable care services based on their own cultures and practises. These reasons and implications have been explained in the report


Case Study

Mrs. Senna is a 34 years old woman diagnosed with obesity; she has been administered to a healthcare facility by way of a paramedic team from the emergency medical services as she has suffered a heart attack at home. Mrs Sienna was advised by her doctor that she has developed high blood pressure as it is one of the risks of obesity. She was recommended that she will be given various treatment options such as Gastric Bypass Surge, and given remedial attention. Mrs Sienna was given medicine to reduce her cholesterols levels in her blood vessels and blood circulation pressure; she was also encouraged by her dietician that she will have to change her diet to a healthier alternative to help her maintain a wholesome weight.

Question 6: Studying the near future needs of health insurance and social care influenced by current lifestyle choices

Health and interpersonal care is essential whenever our health degrades. If everyone decides alive a wholesome life and takes up healthier life style choices, the culture will be healthier, hence not face serious medical issues resulting in reduction of need for health insurance and social care and attention. Hence, the near future needs of health and social good care will be inspired by current lifestyle choices. The healthier the choices now, the less would be the need in the foreseeable future.

Question 7: Evaluating medical and well-being in a specific healthcare of social setting

Mrs. Senna is obese, which can result in a various number of diseases and issues in the foreseeable future. If her weight isn't brought under control, she'll face the risk of another heart attack giving her at an extremely diminishing situation. Including various physical health problems, she also encounters dangers of several mental problems. Research implies that 58% of obese folks have risk of producing depression she needs to change her lifestyle and diet plan along with taking proper medication. Gastric Bypass Surge being one of the alternatives already provided by the hospital is one of your options.

Question 8: The effectiveness of strategies and plans and evaluation of an activity applied to encourage behavioural change

The strategies taken up by a healthcare facility are exquisite for Mrs Senna. She might need a surgery along with proper food behavior and medication. A person cannot get rid of excess weight magically, it is a hardcore challenge and they are the most common steps to reduce it.

Some steps to increase physical exercise can be studied up or intervened by a healthcare facility. Steps like simply taking the stairs rather than the lift up while increasing a building can help her. She'll have to be realised the demerits of her situation, which will help her realize the seriousness of her situation and the extreme need for her to lose weight.

Question 9: Debate on changes to improve the health and wellbeing of Mrs. Senna

Whole grain foods should be ingested along with a major serving of fruit and vegetables. Foods high in energy density should be prevented as they'll just help improve the weight all over again. Five to six fruits and veggie servings should be studied daily. Ready-made food high in glucose should be prevented. Food should be measured perfectly before absorption as too much food will do no good to medical. Super-sized food must be averted in restaurants if it's essential to eat outside the house. A food check booklet can be balanced, as, consuming more calories than she uses up will bring about putting on weight. At least 30 minute of regular physical exercise must be a part of her daily routine.


Raising proper recognition on the various important factors of the overall health and wellness of men and women in both specific level and higher societal level is really important to ensure the effectiveness of various strategies and plans regarding general public health.

Public health is considered to be the skill and also the science of promoting health and prolonging life through knowledgeable choices general public and private neighborhoods, culture, organizations and through prepared efforts. Now-a-days general population health practises requires to get teams of professionals with multidisciplinary customers including physicians, specializing in public health, general public health nurses, bio-statisticians and a lot more.


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