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The Role Of Marketing WITHIN A Consumer Contemporary society Marketing Essay

This report will use Apple Inc as a case study to underline the importance of what's the role of marketing in a consumer culture? Also there will be critique of different theorist such as Jean Bauldriard, Raymond William and Stuart Hall to for the marketing principles.

The modern explanations and background of Marketing;

During 18th and 19 century Marketers became aware that consumers are buying products for the sake of their wishes and satisfaction, while before only reselling a product was important and not the need and satisfaction of the customer. When companies became aware the needs and want of the customers then they started to change speedily and began to create an image in customers mind by using advertising/campaign. Technological and interpersonal changes are included in this change.

Nowadays marketing defined as affecting "product development, syndication, prices and communication. Also in developed businesses, continuous focus on the development of new products with product improvements and services to meet up with the changing needs of customers". Peter Drucker areas that "The aim of marketing is to make offering superfluous" because so many companies doing marketing to distribute information to seek attention and persuade customers to purchase. Because of this we can say that marketing is an activity that aims to comprehend and fulfill the needs of a customer to make sales and maximise revenue. Marketing is not advertising, it is one of the component within marketing, which is employed to see consumers about product or services provided. This statement will use marketing techniques and strategies put it to Apple inc. to explore the concept of marketing and its role in consumer world.

Raymond Williams outlined about advert in the Magic System theory, that advertising doesn't means of only selling goods/products. However, advertising in its modern forms operate to maintain the intake ideal from criticism, that intake does not solve cultural needs.

Consumer society is when people buy new goods and services, it can even be said as consumer behaviour in terms of demand is constantly changing specifically for the products that they do not need, and which leaves quality value on owning a lot of things. We are all participants within an existing phenomenon that has been variously called a consumerist culture and a consumer modern culture. Consumerism is a communal and financial method that is based on the organized creation and encouragement of desire to purchase goods and services in progressively more amount. To say that some individuals have consumerist behaviour or ideals means that they always want to consume more. The theory states an increasing ingestion of goods is financially beneficial. In long-term historical and sociable factors influencing ingestion. Jean Baudrillard explained the ingestion theory in his (The Consumer Society) e book, that consumption is becoming the most important basis of the cultural order. He explores how consumer products, rather than modern decisions such as school, made up something of indicators that differentiated the population and those meanings related with products being sent to customers via.

Apple Inc. http://www. hotstocked. com/articles-img/small/apple-inc. jpg

Apple Inc is an American multinational company established on April 1st 1976, which designs and produces gadgets such as iPones, iPods, iPads and iMacbook and software products and its own best known because of its computer hardware products including Macintosh personal computer line, Mac OS X, extremely devoted user-base, iTunes marketing software and the iPod personal music player. The companies head office is situated in Cupertino, California. CEO and co-founder is Steve Careers.

Apple's acceptance increased more in overdue 1970's using its interesting, forceful and inviting advertisements to motivate individuals. In 1990's Apples advertisements were at the very top with the "Think Different" campaign, it had its recognition by using celebrities in their adverts. Apple has achieved its high focuses on in its development and expansion in 2007 when they first created iPhone, which includes changed the fortune of the business. The iPod, iTunes, iPhone and new great Apple pc computers became typically the most popular and profitable devices ever before for Apple.

Apples Marketing Strategies and Techniques

Apple has gained successful image in previous year or two with their creative, fresh and intensifying way of making business, they create great style and designs, great strategy, innovative marketing, soft and tempting marketing communications. Apple's seductive success is had by their iPhone, iTunes and iPod products. All these products have provided a combination of tremendous hardware, perfect style, and great software, expeditious and quick performance with a good e-business service. (2007, 2010 Venrtygo team)steve careers apple computers

Apple has exceeded $160 billion in 2008, $210 billion in 2010 2010 and in January 2011 they exceeded $302. 47 billion in market capitalization, as Apple Inc. stocks has increased by more than seven factors. They made huge differences on the market shares which implies that consumers are more aware of the products, and the right marketing strategy used has already reached to right consumers. Apples has made amazing promotions in communication with consumers and extremely modified marketing strategy with particular aim for section of the marketplace. They charm to customer's needs and wants directly with the great communication, the circulation network and with their quality and price ratios.

Apples has several key strategies in marketing which made them successful and come to top of these game in a way like no other. Apple always managed to increase their experience and created a tribe. Apple also communicates in the terminology of the audience; Apple attempts to provide information in the manner that their customers desire to be up to date. Their prices are justified, apple customers gladly pay high quality for the reason of their good retailing quality devices are nowhere else.

They ignore critics, any moment Apple create a new device especially for the iPad people say that it will fail. Each time Apple chosen make new changes and introduce a new device they prevailed. Steve Careers did not pay attention to critiques instead concentrate on building what they would like to build. Albert Einstein said that "Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre imagination. "

Apple turns the normal into something beautiful. Laptop or computer makers constitute a standard hardware for standard applications. Apple is the leading best standard operating-system and computer system against with their competitors. Simultaneously they are really exploring the design expectations as well. Result of this is the multi-wanted iMac, Mac pc reserve Air and iPhone 4

Former of Apples marketing exec and consumer marketing expert Steve M. Chazin has revealed the Secrets of the World Best Marketing Machine from Apple. http://www. i-seb. com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/segmentation. jpg

One Don't Sell Products (People buy how many other People have) relating to Steve M. Chazin's point here's that products don't sell people do. For example when looking to the ad of the favorite product iPod, there is certainly lots of happy, enthusiastic people dancing in shape against a colourful, vibrant and ever-changing background which is the newest, trendiest features arriving on the market, which gives customers the desire to buy once we stay in a society that needs things new and improved upon and different from the standard products. Therefore Apple is showing its customers the difference they have from their competitors, it isn't advertising you a simple MP3, its also inviting one to the difference lifestyle of apple. They indicate that if you are using MP3 you'll listen to good music, but if you are using apple iPod then you will feel good due its value and ability to experiment with it in various places. As Raymond Williams discussions in 'The Magic System' that in our society advertisements are manufactured to make customers to believe that the product they buy can make them feel in a different way. Apple makes people believe that by the advertisement that they can feel the same way of those happy dancing, dynamic people.

Also Apple has an distinctive white headphones (uniquely to Apple), that happen to be produced as genuine apple marketing technique, it was created to make visible part of the product a position symbol, wear white headphones and you are the person in the club. Including the advert of iPod shows us individuals shadows dancing carry their iPods and demonstrating distinctive white headphone. Consequently Baudrillard states that, "consumption is the most important basis of the public order and sociologically a specific specific belongs to a specific group which uses a particular product, and the individual consumes such something because he or she belongs to such an organization" This theory is related to the marketing that Apple gives to its customers, when customers purchases Apple Product because they know that they belong to that culture and it add-ups value to them. Regarding to Raymond Williams when people will buy more than simply the product, as they buy self-respect, beauty, and power in their culture through this usage. Raymond also assumed that people who've high use of products you live high standard life. . . . . . . . http://cdn1. iofferphoto. com/img/item/193/716/718/oZ4Y. jpg

Two Never be the First to Market, (Make Something Good Greater) the marketing exec of apple applies that Apple is definitely leader creating new categories, surely they have never created anything new such as PC's and MP3's and cell phones, but iPhone is very successful with operation of on existing designs such as The Mac, ipod touch, iTunes and iPhone. Apple makes intricate things easy and graceful as it is easy now to get music directly into your pocket. Apple don't identify you categorize alternatively they try to take up shelf space that already can be found in prospects mind, apple focuses on the one thing they certainly better and then make that mater to us.

Baudrillard also declares that he is able to go one better and introduces another form of exchange which is symbolic exchange in the form of the sign. Baudrillard argues that in addition to the satisfaction of individual needs, commodities can provide social status something of increasing value in society. This value is portrayed in the form of the indication.

Three Empower Early Adopters, this aspect identifies that Early adopters are those who are genuinely Apple Fans and those who going for a risk to help Apple to succeed. Early adaptors are youthful in age and have money to spend. Steve M. Chazin says that they are the first ever to take Apple product to everywhere you go. iPhone users feel just as the PowerBook users felt in 1993. Early on adopters are the first to words Apples marketing drive through person to person as these adopters have arranged in addition to the group and their tool is a symbol of their expresses which they are proud showing off. http://www. dealgiant. co. uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/MacBook_Pro_MB990B-A_offers. jpg

Apples glowing apple logo design is always ugly to you and it was fixed to be right aspect up for others to see when you open you open up your Macbook you are showing others the brand and retailing the brand to others. What this makes is the fact that enables customer to make their choices by witnessing it in others. Baudrillard stated that "either prior development (polls, market studies) or after it (advertising, marketing, fitness), the overall idea "to change the locus of decision in the purchase of good from customers where it is beyond control to the company where it at the mercy of control" (p. 38). Apples purpose is to make customer come to them with no encouragement via the company. Apples secure customer commitment by considering its product strong design as it is basically.

Many consumers may possibly not ready to buy an Apple computer because of its price, but they are willing to give gadgets to try such as smart iPods or iPhone, as the products are cheap admittance to Apple Inc it offers the customer possibility to be introduces to the brand and its own quality products. Customers are more likely to buy apple computer in future if they are happy with these gadgets. Relating to Baudrillard he detailed the way of influencing customers wants "the infernal round of consumption is based on party of needs that said to be "psychological". They are distinguishes from physiological needs being that they are supposedly established through "discretionary income" and the independence of choice and consequently change at will" (Baudrillard p. 39). Apple can impact easily their existing customers who are employing iPhone, iPad and ipod device to buy their Mac pc book computer systems. http://www. itechnews. net/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/griffin-powerdock-2-iphone-ipod. jpg

Encoding / Decoding in Apple Inc.

Stuart Hall developed a theoretical model to clarify the impact of tv broadcasts such as advertisements called the encoding and decoding model. Encoder is wanting to copy information in a certain so this means centered way to decoder, while decoder is adapting this original meaning into a new version according to their own way of perceiving. "Production, here, constructs the subject matter" (Hall, 1980). Relating to iPod advertisements via Hall's ideas, arguing that his production-reception model is a good method of understanding modern media communications, especially advertising. This model assumed that the media tools had a pastime in production, blood circulation, distribution, consumption and reproduction somewhat than just conveying a note. Inside the encoding/decoding style of media discourses developed by Stuart Hall, this is of the text is situated between its designer and the reader (Hall, 1980). Therefore apple produces simple and not perplexing adverts towards customers as if the decoder perceiving in different ways to the encoder, the decoder will create their own version of the message with a completely different goal. When decoder functions under this position hall says that "He/she is functioning with what we should call an oppositional code" (Hall, 1980). Encoding decoding is not a important strategy for Apple Inc as their customers ready knows what things to perceive they don't be baffled.

Apple Branding

Marketing executives in a firm give values to add services to something and an attempt to improve their products like Apple with worth and links that are accepted and valuable to their customers which is then a brand. Recognition or distinction from other opponents 's the reason for branding gives them their own id. Apple is one of the instances which are now leading as a brand in IT arena. Apple (brand) which is auspicious acquired a consumer's loyalty by the effectiveness of their services and ideals which in turn lead the clients to duplicate a obtain the same company again. Advertising do have an enormous attraction for a person going to on an individual mind for an organization. Apple as compared to others is a well recognised brand and it definitely preferable by customers. http://www. damonchernavsky. com/Pictures/Creative_Ads/Evolution_of_Brands/history-of-apple-computers. jpg

Critical Evaluation and conclusion



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