The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company


A service is any work of performance that one party can provide another that is essentially intangible and will not bring about the ownership of anything, its production may or might not be linked with a physical product. Based on the research study, comfort with their visitor is their highest mission. They pledge to provide the finest personal services and facilities for his or her guest who'll always enjoy a warm and laid back ambience. High quality service has also made the Ritz-Carlton a popular among conventioneers. "They not only treat us like kings when we keep our top level conferences in their hotel, but we just never get any issues" reviews one convention spouse.

Most of the responsibility for keeping friends satisfied comes to Ritz-Carlton's customer conduct employees. The hotel calls for great health care in selecting its employees. "We want only people who value people" pointed out the vice president of quality. A lot more than 90 percent of Ritz-Carlton customers go back.

Employees are educated to do everything they can never to to lose a guest. Personnel found that anyone who gets a customer problem owns that complaint until it is settled. They are simply trained to drop whatever these are doing to help a customer regardless of what they can be doing or what their departments are, that's their policy. Each employee can spend up to 2000$ to redress customer grievance and each is permitted to break from his or her routine for as long as had a need to make a guest happy.

Employees learn to use the proper language with guests, to escort friends to another section of the hotel rather than directing out directions, to answer the telephone within three wedding rings and with a giggle, and to take pride and care and attention in their personal appearance. Ritz-Carlton's success is dependant on a simple school of thought: to look after customer, you must first look after those who look after customers. Satisfied employees deliver high service value which then creates satisfied customers. Satisfied customers in turn create sales and profits for the business.

An excellence service is a tactical concept. Gratifying both employees and customers, also satisfying customers problems. So a complain quality lead us to build up guidelines for fairness, to remove complaint obstacles and the most important thing is the standards for selecting and training the employees.

The Ritz Carlton's quality management and superior customer support permit the hotel properties to achieve superior service whatever the workforce or culture of an country where they operate their hotels. "Leaders recognize that only through encouraged and empowered employees can customers receive superior degrees of service, which is important whether a customer is waiting on line, on hold or in person".

*(http://corporate. ritzcarlton. com/en/About/GoldStandards)

They meet every week to review product-and service-quality methods, visitor satisfaction, market growth and development, organizational signals, profits, and competitive status. Approximately one-fourth of every executive's time is devoted to quality-related concerns. The Ritz Carlton instituted a set of Gold Standards to set the bar because of their success. The Gold standards contain the main element product and service requirements of the travel consumer.

The Staff Promise

At The Ritz-Carlton, our Girls and Gentlemen are the main resource inside our service commitment to your guests. By applying the concepts of trust, integrity, respect, integrity and determination, we nurture and boost talent to the good thing about every individual and the company. The Ritz-Carlton fosters a work place where variety is valued, standard of living is enhanced, individual aspirations are fulfilled, plus the Ritz-Carlton Mystique is strengthened.


At The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L. L. C. , "We could Women and Gentlemen providing Women and Gentlemen. " This motto exemplifies the anticipatory service provided by all workers.


In global competition, hotel chains are required to offer not only standardized facilities, but also standardized services. To meet up the different needs of customers in each individual country while maintaining the same benchmarks of services, global online marketing strategy plays a critical role. Being truly a innovator in upscale hotel chain industry, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel required a unique way. Founded on key points of groundbreaking levels of customer service, and with visitor satisfaction being the best objective, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, is the first in support of hotel company to gain the desirable Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Honor and the only real company to succeed the award 2 times, and this is because of their staff. *(http://www. ritzcarlton. com/en/Default)

Globalization identifies the increasing global interactions of culture, people, and economic activity. It is generally used to make reference to economical globalization: the global circulation of the production of goods and services, through reduction of obstacles to international trade such as tariffs, export fees, and transfer quotas and the reduction of limitations on the activity of capital and on investment. Globalization may contribute to economic progress in developed and producing countries through increased specialization and the principle of comparative gain. The term can also refer to the transnational circulation of ideas, dialects, and popular culture. *(http://globe. miis. edu/adaptingbusinessfunctions)

Today's international current market is becoming more globally included, yet companies have become more aware of national differences, such as words, cultural likes, legal requirements, and circulation channels. Companies that disregard these dissimilarities and over-standardize their products are at risk of ethnic blunders and failed ventures. Lately, there's been a dramatic upsurge in the number of companies providing localization services, plus more companies are establishing globalization/localization devices.

The key process of localization is obtaining information about overseas markets and applying this knowledge to the introduction of technique for global competition. Companies leverage information on foreign markets by causing adaptations to various business elements, such as product design, marketing and sales communications, or procedures. As companies focus on local differences, they must also explore potential global level or scope economies in order to achieve today's competition. To accomplish both targets requires advanced strategies, methods, and technology.

The idea of localization or adapting to overseas markets plays a role in several business functions, including international marketing, software/content localization, global new product development, global business development, R&D, and human resources.

*(http://corporate. ritzcarlton. com/en/About/OurHistory)

International Promotion Strategy

As with international product decisions an company can either adapt or standardise their promotional strategy and note. Advertising emails in countries may well have to be designed because of language barriers or the current message found in the countrywide market may be offensive to international residents.

The use of certain colours may also have to be considered. In India red is the color worn by the bride-to-be in weddings, white is the color for mourning in Japan. The amount of media development must also be taken into account. Many organisation go for a strategy of adapting advertising text messages to local marketplaces to best meet consumer demand.

In international marketplaces, we have to take into consideration consumers cultural record, buying habits, levels of personal throw-away income etc to be able to provide a designed marketing mix program to match their needs. The quarrels however for standardisation suggest that if you feel the procedure for adapting the merchandise to local market segments it can little but add to the overall cost of producing the product and weakens the brand on the global range. In the current global world, where consumers travel more, watch satellite television on pc, communicate and shop internationally online, the world now could be becoming a great deal smaller. As a result of this there is no need to conform products to local markets. Brands such as Coca-Cola, MTV, Nike, Levis are all successful global brands where they have a standardised method of their marketing mixture, each one of these products are targeted at similar groups internationally.


In many circumstances a company will have to change their product and marketing mixture technique to meet local needs and would like that cannot be transformed. Mcdonald is a worldwide player however, their burgers are adapted to local needs. In India in which a cow is a sacred dog their burgers are dished up with fowl or seafood. In Mexico burgers include chilli sauce. Coca-cola is some parts of the world preference sweeter then in others. Yes we can claim that standardisation is way better for the organisation because it reduces cost, however many organisations must 'think global, but take action local' if they are to successfully build themselves in foreign markets.


http://corporate. ritzcarlton. com/en/About/OurHistory. htm

http://www. ritzcarlton. com/en/Default. htm

http://world. miis. edu/adaptingbusinessfunctions. html

http://corporate. ritzcarlton. com/en/About/OurHistory. htm

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