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The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company In Jamaica Tourism Essay

Ritz - Carlton was founded by Mr. Cesar Ritz who in the beginning worked well in finest Hotels and restaurants in Paris. He managed grand Hotel Ritz and within twelve months he widened wings in London and opened up Hotel Carlton which became Ritz - Carlton Hotel Company. He presumed in excellent individualized services which satisfied the discerning guest. Ritz - Carlton broadened to THE UNITED STATES and ownership improved during 1983 to Johnson Company. During 1983 - 1987 Ritz - Carlton broadened domestically and internationally under new ownership.

During 1997 Marriott International purchased Ritz - Carlton and by 2000 it became primarily a management company working 38 Hotels and resorts worldwide with minority stake in 10 properties and outright possession of 3 hotels. The company used to acquire management agreements for new hotels and resorts round the world.

Over the year's hotel conglomerate won & acclaimed for its services and have been granted Best Hotel in Asia - Pacific in the eight Business Traveller Asia / Pacific newspaper Travel Prizes Subscribe Study and for two consecutive years Best Business Hotel in Malaysia.

The Ritz - Carlton Hotel Company for the first time now needs to open up a hotel in historic Foggy Bottom area of Washington D C in Multi - Use center complex managed by Millennium Companions. The Hospitality Complex is 162 Luxury Condos, sports golf club, splash Spa, three restaurant, and 40, 000 rectangular feet of block -level restaurants and retail retailers and 300-room hotel.

Millennium companions founded in 1990 that set up high end luxury apartments rentals and Lincoln square four building organic in New York was their first task and exhibited their future intensions. Millennium partners finished up in hotel business.

In this case study Substance of Ritz-Carlton experience, the Ritz-Carlton selling, the way the Ritz-Carlton creates "Ladies and Gentlemen" in only seven days. Also McBride, Ritz-Carlton GM, to lengthen the amount of time allocated to training hotel employees before hotel opening. McBride should consider a complete overhaul of the hotel beginning process.

Products and Services

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company builds up and Runs luxury hotels. Hotels were created and recognized to appeal to and suit certain requirements of major customers including achieving event planners, Business travelers and leisure travelers. Ritz- Carlton set out to open up any new hotel Ritz-Carlton including detailed evaluation of site selection, new product and service development and feasibility study. The detailed evaluation also includes goal customers, their needs and goals. The each hotel custom-made to meet local market demand. Innovation through make use of most advanced technology for enhancing client satisfaction level - Website link restaurant services through internet KobaltExpress. com. It allows customers to choose menus ahead of time and also choose the choice of table. Differential aesthetic look and best quality interior was several additional features.

Following are the core worth and Business model exist at Ritz Carlton:

Core prices: Trust, honesty, integrity and commitment.

A great emphasizing on human resources, believes it important and biggest assets

Foster work environment to fulfill individual aspirations

Focus on Service however, not sales

Guest greets at Airport terminal with mimosas and discount coupons on a sterling silver tray

Airport check - in concierge

Techno savvy to ensure customer's needs satisfied

Event Planners

Ritz -Carlton monitored properties for Millennium companions who were one of several hotel owners. Ritz - Carlton priced management fees of 3% of total income besides wholly managed luxury hotels surrounding the world. The customer segment was Indie travelers and Reaching Event planners. The key success signals of hotel business were "Average Daily Rate" and Revenue per Available Room".

Independent travelers were influenced through special services like providing discounting coupons at international airports, created accommodation at air port and also unveiled "Technology Butler". The specialized services increased customer convenience and outpaced the competition.

The nature of services is perishable and specific travelers are aiding in profitability. The event business / reaching business are growing and appealing for the sustainable profitability. The management deals tend to meet needs of owners and providers.

Quality at Ritz - Carlton:

Ritz Carlton has a great emphasizing on human resources. Robust HRM practices envisage right people for the right job and inducted to be perfect girl and gentleman. The full total quality management idea began to permeate the business. Company focused on new activities and actions including quality standards, continuous improvements for delivering better service & quality. New programs made to meet customer specific need and service quality signals. The Quality insurance plan feels in "Exceeding Standards". Warm and honest greeting, anticipation and compliances of visitor needs and warm good bye are key service steps.

Human resources at Ritz - Carlton:

Human resources is crucial element along the way for knowledge of the service to be sent and priorities in doing so, are aligned tightly with customers' goals and marketing and sales communications by the organization. For professionals, the service local climate needs to support and praise employees in their attempts to deliver the service product reliably at the promised standard.

The value creation for customer -

If the client perceives quality of the service to be higher than the cost incurred, the client receives value.

The higher the difference between your quality of service and the cost, greater would be the satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Ritz - Carlton turnover rate was 20% in comparison to hotel industry average rate of 100%. This exhibits how Ritz - Carlton cares about their workers and viewed their employees among the important and biggest resources and has interest for individuals. Ritz - Carlton nurtured and maximizes talent of each specific. Through the comprehensive formal and informal training employee were prepared to meet current obligations and also higher duties in future. Employees were also trained to meet futuristic commitments and encouraged to cross teach and learn about many different aspects. Performance was not only standards but also been able by the employees themselves.

Employees monitoring their own performance and regarded for spectacular work.


To minimize failing in delivering services, key HRM methods like staff recruitment, selection and training centered and integrated. People having aptitude, skill and attitude to provide people, training routine made sure to condition out personnel for delivering exceptional services. The key of retaining exceptional service benchmarks was to keep high morale and motivation of each worker. Various tools were used to get applicants for the many positions include going to competitor's restaurants, advert in news papers and visiting hospitality colleges. Ritz - Carlton job good was planned for mass recruitment. Aspirants treated well including convenient getting to destination of job fair, offering goodies and beverages, make them aware about company.

"Service Oriented Approach of Ritz-Carlton

The customer service oriented way has three elements: For whom services and products created who'll deliver and exactly how will be shipped.

Customer Value

Customer relationships and customer loyalty

Different communication and prices strategies

Assessment of client satisfaction and complaints

Making customer value more tangible


Role of employees in value creation

Nature of competencies required to deliver services

Empowerment of employees

Reduction of stress

Operations and Technology

Designing processes to make value

Design and location of facilities

Role of technology

Capacity management

The Ritz Carlton having different value and school of thought in business which include plus they operate The Credo, The Motto, The Three Steps of Service, Service Principles, the 6th Diamond & the Staff Promise.

The company is take part in the services focused which have the initial characteristics for providing the services in order to meet the expectation of the customer. Some of the shows have been captured depicted below:-

Excellence in service not in Selling

The Ritz-Carlton School of thought states as they are not in the hotel business. The Ritz-Carlton is retailing an event, and experience that is based on brilliance of service. As stated by Schulze, "We are not in the hotel business. The hotel business is approximately selling rooms, providing food, advertising the club. We do those ideas incidentally, but our business is service. We demand for service. Our dedication to our customers is excellence in service".

Their commitment to customers is excellence in service. Service is their vocation. The full total service oriented strategy.

The Credo

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is a place where in fact the genuine care and attention and comfort of guests is the best quest. Pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities for guests who'll always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined atmosphere. The Ritz-Carlton experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being, and fulfils even the unexpressed hopes and needs of friends.


At The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L. L. C. , "We have been Girls and Gentlemen serving Women and Gentlemen. " This motto exemplifies the anticipatory service provided by all workers.

Motto of the business, Employee commitment, The credo, worker assurances and twenty basic principles are gold benchmarks and success mantras. Yellow metal standards reinforced on daily basis to be able to build the patterns of employees to provide the highest level of services

The three steps of service, - A warm and genuine greeting. Utilize the guest's name. Expectation and fulfillment of every guest's needs Fond farewell provide a warm good-bye and use the guest's name.

Service Worth:

Employees feel pleased To Be Ritz-Carlton as they may have opportunity to do following which gives them job satisfaction. The Ritz Carlton is known for service quality and follow pursuing principals to provide excellent service with their customers. .

1. Staff satisfaction.

2. Leadership participation.

3. Determination, commitment, and accountability.

4. Attend to "words of the clients. "

5. Two-way communication.

6. Freedom to act.

7. Employees as ambassadors.

8. Adapt service recovery model (L. A. S. T. : Hear, Apologize, Solve, and MANY THANKS. )

9. Anticipate needs.

10. Scripting to convey the right communication

The 6th Diamonds - is Mystique, Emotional Proposal & Functional, all of these cared by Ritz- Carlton and known 6th Gem.

Employee Promises - At The Ritz-Carlton Females and Gentlemen are the main resource in service commitment to guests. Through the use of the principles of trust, credibility, value, integrity and dedication, they nurture and take full advantage of ability to the benefit of every individual and the business.

The Ritz-Carlton fosters a work environment where diversity is valued, standard of living is enhanced, individual aspirations are satisfied, along with the Ritz-Carlton Mystique is strengthened.

Creating Service Oriented culture through orientation

Servitisation approach means bundling goods & services and makes a built in package. This approach more give attention to associated services than product

Four steps in creating servitisation approach:-

Knowing your customers

Organizing service delivery systems

Making sure employees have appropriate skills

Employing technology

A services self-control is defined by the next main features:

The benefits it offers to customers

The need to incorporate, control and deliver processes

The importance of establishing and maintaining relationships

The Ritz-Carlton As a premium hotel whose extreme quest is to provide "genuine good care and comfort to guests, " The Ritz-Carlton pledges to "supply the finest personal service and facilities to the guests who will always enjoy a warm, calm yet refined atmosphere. "And this objective can only just be fulfilled by satisfied and involved employees.

The three goals of Ritz are financial results, customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction. These goals are not exclusive from each other. They are very directly interrelated. Without satisfied and involved employees, there is no way to attain excellent financial results and guest satisfaction.

To ensure such high service specifications, Management team look for individuals who'll fit the prevailing culture and start to see the following features in people.

People who share the same ideals and purpose.

People who care for and value others.

People who smile in a natural way.

People who seek a long-term relationship.

People who have ability for the job

Process of Ritz to generate "Girls and Gentlemen" in only 7 days

The seven days countdown was created for hotel starting process which was refined during along the way of last many years, this was the new employee's first come across with hotel, which started exactly a week prior to the grand opening of the hotel.

The first two (2) days and nights were devoted to orienting employees to the business culture and worth.

The next five days were devoted to more skills training and trial runs of service delivery.

To ensure that employees are get aligned with company mission and key values.

Trainers from 23 nationalities

The orientation process is slow-moving and complete, and ensures that the employees are aligned with the organization's quest and a great deal of focus is kept on the conveying the principles of the business.

The trainers for the orientation program are compiled from 23 different countries, all considered the "best of the best" in their role within the organization. These coaches are responsible for making certain each employee reaches the mandatory level or standard in their specific job function at the hotel.

Schulze addresses the new team by stating, "You aren't servants. We are not servants. Our career is service. We are ladies and gentleman. Our company is girls and gentleman and should be respected therefore. " He conveys a note of unity, a note of equality and team work during his address, and he again insists that "Our company is women and gentleman portion women and gentleman", as per the Ritz Carlton motto.

The Ritz-Carlton utilized the "Silver Standards" to ensure this message was communicated effectively to all employees; the Gold Standard included "The Credo, The Three Steps of Service, The Motto, The Employee Promise and the Twenty Fundamentals" to ensure employees were centered on the organizations worth.

Through ongoing communication and brain storming treatment and directives from top to down level and intensive training, skill development and an aligned HRM strategy, within 7 days the Ritz-Carlton were able to create ladies and gentleman out of their workers.

The steps for making Gals and Gentleman

Training and daily line-up:

During the first two times employees were aware, trained and dipped into the culture and values of the organization and remaining five days specialized in specific skill training and trial goes of service delivery making sure everything perfect and getting together with service criteria. The orientation process ensures aligns the worker with the mission of company and ensured service philosophy ingrained in all its employees, they ingrained the communication that employees are in the service business rather than the hotel business.

The professional team and Human Resources clarify The Ritz-Carlton Credo, Staff Assurance, and 12 Service Principles. After that, they will receive 30 days of training from a certified trainer from the department. On Day 21, new employees are asked to give the management reviews on how they can enhance their training curriculum for future training and recertification. Furthermore, every employee gets a minimum of 130 hours of training every year, which spans training with regards to department, company culture, and language and computer skills. Day 365 is reputation of one time of devoted service and can be an opportunity to reinforce the hotel's culture. Every staff will also go through annual recertification once they pass written tests, role-play and interviews on culture and skill.

Daily line-up - is a regular briefing to reiterate the business's standard and present important business text messages. It requires place each morning in each division. While each office may perform briefings in a different way, the subject matter they present is the same worldwide: they will speak about one of the 12 Service Ideals.

Listening and communication: -

Communication is important and creates considerable opportunities to connect to employees beginning with the interview and carrying on through monthly breakfast meetings and his daily rounds of the hotel: RECRUITING also supports a monthly opinions session with randomly selected employees for 1 to at least one 1. 5 hours to go over their concerns. Overall, every employee has one opportunity each year to speak with the General Supervisor or HR Director in private. Furthermore, the hotel conducts total annual employee satisfaction surveys, and on an ongoing basis, collects views on worker issues and posts them in public areas determining those responsible for solving them. The professional team then records the number of issues solved and methods the satisfaction of the employees.

Empowerment and continuous improvement:

Employees are also prompted to be impressive and creative as it pertains to enhancing their careers. Money is not the main element motivator; employees are rewarded for increasing the goals assessed by guest satisfaction, financial performance and employee satisfaction at year-end. Employees are rewarded and regarded for their excellent customer service.

Information support:

Through their numerous interactions with guests throughout their stay like check in, room service, and housekeeping, employees continually record guest personal preferences and needs in Visitor Preference Forms. Every night, such preferences and needs are entered into The Ritz-Carlton's worldwide data source Job Mystique, so whenever guests make a reservation at a Ritz-Carlton hotel, their needs and tastes are known and looked after.

Reward and identification:

At The Portman Ritz-Carlton, employees are accepted and rewarded both economically and non-financially. Tag DeCocinis believes if you want your visitors to be the best, you must pay them top market salaries. While money is not the key motivator, employees are rewarded for bettering the goals measured by guest satisfaction, financial performance and employee satisfaction at season end. Employees are rewarded and accepted for their fantastic customer service. Every 1 / 4, a Five-Star Staff Award is granted; with the victor obtaining a five-night stay for just two at a Ritz-Carlton all over the world, along with round-trip tickets for two and US$500 allowance.

At Ritz -Carlton human resources are very well planned they treat with hospitality. According to their Chief executive who says you are not servant. We are not servant. Our vocation is service. We live females and gentleman, as the friends are whom we value as ladies and gentleman. If you impart such culture make certain you will create ladies and gentle to provide.

Give the respect & take the admiration, which costs nothing at all only is victorious, the heart of the customer who's taking the service & will have respect for the service provider.

Employee orientation schedule

Employee orientation is key part of the training and development process which introduces employees to the jobs, colleagues and organization. Researchers have found that formal orientation can perform significant cost savings by reducing panic of new employees, fostering positive attitudes, job satisfaction and sense of dedication at the start of the employment romance.

The 7 day countdown was a Hallmark of Ritz Carlton's well defined hotel beginning process which synchronized all steps leading to the starting of a new hotel. It had been Ritz Carlton's orientation process aimed at aligning the worker with the vision and mission of the organization. The 7 day orientation process was standardized and guaranteed that Ritz Carlton gets the right employees to support its vision that was "Excellent Personalized Service".

The seven day countdown was a worldwide best practice for the business but in our judgment McBride should extend the 7 day countdown due to following reasons:

Current difficulty encountered in training new hires to meet the high expectation of Ritz Carlton's specifications in only 7 days. A rise in working out period would help employees understand their role in obtaining the key success factors and creating the 'The Ritz Carlton Mystique'.

By lengthening the 7 day countdown the service could become flawless which in turn could help translate the 5% dissatisfied customers to satisfied customers. This would lead to occupancy increasing from 80% to 88% credited to increase in satisfaction level translating to $300 million.

Extending the 7 day countdown means investing in long standing excellence in areas such as staff orientation and customer focused training resulting in increased customer engagement and satisfaction. Research on guest-spending habits indicates that a four percent upsurge in customer proposal company-wide would generate a supplementary $40 million in incremental revenue.

Employee's morale is boosted as they are protected from sense overwhelmed. An extended employee proposal would also imply further decrease in the total annual turnover which stood at 18%.

Adults by virtue of having lived longer accumulate greater level, knowledge and mind-sets. It would help to have significantly more time for the employees to o un-learn and learn new things.

Continuous improvement was absolutely critical to keep carefully the dedication to customer for excellence in service and stretching the 7 day countdown would help the process.

Would help thwart competition from 'The Four Seasons' by offering perfect service which may be attained by increasing the orientation period.

Would help meet the prospects of the Millennium Associates relating to this hotel offering 'great great service' which means it expected Service par excellence.

Thus we believe Ritz Carlton should therefore raise the length of the orientation to further ingrain service excellence in its new employees that will ensure higher production and foster competitiveness.

An assessment of 7 days vs 2 weeks training program

50% occupancy earnings = $5, 000, 000

Cost of the 7 day training curriculum = $10, 00, 000 (estimated)

80% occupancy earnings = $8, 000, 000

Cost of the 14 day training curriculum = $20, 00, 000 (estimated)

Benefit of the program = 3, 000, 000

Additional Cost = 1000, 000

Return On Investment = 300%

Every investment including investment for worker training associated with cost and benefit. The price and profit mean cost involved in training of employees, direct revenue profit, intangible benefits. The increase / decrease training program also adversely / favorably impact.

Ritz - Carlton is well known name to the industry and known for service centric way. Initial Occupancy may not influenced by training period but note of customer care approach have to be ingrained. Local culture also affects the training routine as tendencies of specific employees need to framed up in type of the global methodology.

Change in hotel opening process

Change is part of life. World situation is becoming active and industry is coming up with progressive products to lure customers. To be able to stay forward in competition, Ritz - Carlton also have to think diversely.

The whole training component, customer expectancy needs overhaul of the hotel opening process. The defects need to remove within shortest timeframe. . Additional training and development will improve the cost but it will build up self-confidence and establish new industry bench draw.

Ongoing operation is completely different from the opening a fresh hotel. The starting hotel require two core competencies

One is coping with the introduction of the site.

Human resource techniques necessary to have the hotel up & working.

Ritz-Carlton deemed employees as the cornerstone of its exceptional service culture. The business grasped that, as a service organization, the quality of its end product was only as good as individuals providing it. Therefore it took good care to see that it not only recruited the right type of employees, but also provided them with the necessary inputs to permit those to provide exceptional service.

Although Ritz-Carlton's salaries were not significantly greater than those of other comparable organizations in the hospitality industry, the company was a preferred employer because of its organizational culture and just how it cured its employees. Ritz-Carlton's organizational culture not only helped the company provide exemplary customer service, but also created an atmosphere where employees believed valued.

It is difficult to train new hires to meet the high expectation of the Ritz Carlton service criteria in only a week, but it worked in Ritz Carlton. Training should not be longer that will not be cost effective in the brief span of the time.

The employees already working should be given chance to in the next starting millennium to avoid taking risk at the opening itself.

Recruitment should be done for the Ritz Carlton not for the millennium because the worker can be moved as per the necessity.

The employees of the Millennium partners can be taken for the beginning, as the partner's employees will feel pleased to work jointly as a team. This gives chance to the partner's worker who is aware of the brand & fame of the Ritz Carlton by giving the Ritz Carlton fundamentals.

Ritz-Carlton management takes the following four steps to ensure that employees maintain the company's high criteria for quality and service

Excellence, as articulated in the Platinum Benchmarks: (i) strenuous worker selection process, (ii) employee orientation, (iii) staff training certification, and (iv) constant coaching.


The service industry is now more competitive. Global aspirations and technological innovations are challenges for the industry. Customers are loyal to the assistance alternatively than company. The assistance need to revisit and offer latest offers. World's best organizations believe in defeating their own requirements and growing innovating products to provide and get customer hearts.

100 % employee pride & Delight, No customer difficulty and 100% customer commitment are performance conditions of performance quality place by Ritz - Carlton Hotels. The street map designed for performance quality through tactical planning, leadership, Recruiting, Techniques & Systems, customer focus, information & evaluation finally business results.

Employees groomed and equipped to surpass (Not meet) customer requirements. Regular upgrading training needs, deliverance evaluation, PDCA (Plan, Do Check, Act) and Z- again way; unlearning - learning methodology aided in getting together with industry challenges.

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