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The quality to be able to do something to accomplish something

According to Carolyne Barry Creative Ent, expertise is a noticeable innate abilities, it is the quality to be able to do something for especially the physical, mental, financial, or legal capacity to complete something. Talent management is important for an organisation as gifted employees are the cornerstone of any competitive advantages. Talent management is the process of producing, integrating and keeping for both new and current staff. Talent management also allures those who find themselves very skilled to work for an organization.

Talent management is a formal system within an company to ensure effective and efficient use of real human talent to accomplish organisation goals. Therefore, companies have put into practice talent management to solve employee's problems. An organisation must work in business strategy to put into action in daily operations through a skill management. That is one factor as more companies' become successful available through noticing their employees' abilities and skills.

Talent management helps the business to focus on developing their ability integrate ideas and processes to observe and take care of their employees' skill. It's the responsibility of the professionals to build up the skill of their immediate subordinates. Talent management includes sourcing, getting, recruiting of experienced candidates with competitive backgrounds, managing and determining competitive wages, training and development opportunities, performance management processes, retention programs, advertising, transitioning as well as others.

Talent management is dependant on the planning that concern the competitive organisational strategy of the company derived with insight from talent management, which is the process of analysing and discovering the need for and availability of talent management so the company can meet its goals.

According to a journal, talent management process guide shows the three major phases to the expertise management process, each stage has lots of activities that cause tangible outputs. All of the stages included are senior management, line professionals and employees to ensure an wide open, transparent and honest process, this process relies on data provided by employees job development plans and once implemented, can be an twelve-monthly process that becomes a natural part of doing business.

Below is the diagram showing the process of talent management that includes planning, manage and identify. (Development and Progress)

Talent Management

The first level is preparation and the objectives of this stage are to ensure that departments are prepared to undertake the procedure and have the appropriate resources, context and materials to do so effectively, it is a simple preparation but it is crucial to the success of the process. By doing planning, communication and resources allocation, stakeholders will be well informed to the purpose, logistics and results of the procedure, that might not have to be repeated in its entirety in subsequent each and every time as skill management becomes a part of doing business.

The second stage is identify skill and the aim of this stage to find out key positions and identify existing departmental skill, it is fundamentally known as an information gathering level. This is by gathering relevant departmental staffing information, older management can make more educated decisions when responding to skill issues.

The third level is manage expertise and the objective of this stage to recognize and address gaps between existing expertise and critical business needs that the evaluation and action manage of skill management where ability issues such as recruitment, retention, management, diversity and job development are recognized and addressed, this is actually the manage where in fact the solutions happen and where the value of the process is best confirmed.

2. 0 The need for skill management.

More plus more companies are creating talent management. Companies attended to realize that their employees' ability and skills developed their business success rates. A successful business is dependant on their employees' skill such as new ideas, outstanding customer support or quick and appropriate decision-making and so forth.

By employing talent, the business can cut down a huge amount of unnecessary expenditures like training. This is because talents already know how to do the task given to them or little training is required as talents are able to learn the ropes rapidly.

3. 0 Identifying expertise.


Identifying skill is a stage of gathering information. Only by gathering relevant information can higher management make complete and right decisions in handling talents. Atlanta divorce attorneys organization, it is merely fair to state that their understanding of talent may vary as every firm may look for different aspects in identifying expertise. It is the responsibility of the business leaders to display screen skills as it concerns the long-term organization's success.

In a business, a talent is available when the average person achieves a higher result on the very first try on a predicament with limited direction, whereas a high performer may have battled before attaining that effect after using the same situation again and again for a period. In another simpler way to identify talent is by the conditions of a person's potential or predicated on their past career history.

An employee that has very high probable can demonstrate superior command attributes beyond their current work role; manage ambiguous circumstances extremely effectively; have significant impact and influence beyond their own work area; and also think strategically across the whole of the business. (Lanham 2010)

Talent Management is approximately minimizing long-term threat of success rates in the organization. However, for Talent Management to be successful, leaders must first define what Ability is before they can identify anyone with it. (Lanham 2010)


In Citibank, the characteristics requirements that they require from their talent employee are perseverance, multi-tasking, good communication skills and fast thinker when situations crops up and they must have the ability to handle the situation calmly. Citibank seeks for talented people since it is a loan provider and that banks give their customers the same end result but what varies is the service. However, the first impression of the candidate is vital.

In Citibank also, they have a tendency to look again on the candidates previous information. Citibank think that accomplished people are all over and they can be easily within shopping complexes, restaurants, banking institutions, front desks, and so many more. They would then make a commotion and see these talents how they take care of the situations. Apart from that,

Citibank identifies their potential employees through their past information, which is also gathering information about the applicants. Besides that, Citibank also requires their employees to handle situations calmly, which is also in line with taking care of ambiguous circumstances effectively. Apart from that, Citibank also creates commotions for abilities and observe would they deal with it. That is also a part where it is stated that talents are able to achieve a high result with limited help with the first try of the situation.

4. 0 Attracting Expertise.


Your business is branded to communicate advantages to customers about your products. But do your possible talents really know what it is similar to to benefit your enterprise? Do they know why it is better to help your business alternatively than your competitor? Producing strong recruiting brand to catch the attention of ability, recruiting brand is the key element of commercial brand since it communicates the organization's value, goals and culture to proficient prospects you want to draw in. For example, if a person lets you know they're working for Yahoo; you will have great admiration toward this person? People will feel the pleasure when they work in a large company like Yahoo.

Through developing a strong recruiting brand, the business may improve the company's degree of reputation, and this helps the business to appeal to and maintain their talent easily, because great people always seek out for great brand. The business is required to make sure that they aim for at the right talents, so that might not exactly waste the time and money and they can also build the recruiting brand effectively.

The company should understand the right expertise, for case find out which position is your concentrate on talent is fascination with. The other way to develop the recruiting brand is to select the very best communication programs, for example, the business can feel the online or offline public relationship articles, image and video tutorial that can inform the public the culture and value of the business. (Duffy 2009)

Benefits can be offered by a business to attract the talents. The business's benefits have been personalized to the talents' wishes and ideals, and the ensuing benefit programs have emphasized health coverage and retirement. Dental and eye-care insurance rounded out the power bundle, and the addition of even more powerful retirement living programs and, the hottest of the new, health personal savings accounts seemed to produce the intended result, satisfied the talents who saw the worthiness of benefits packages as a motivation to join the business. (Clark 2007, p. 47)


Citibank emphasize in expanding strong recruiting brand, they realize that brand name is an important concern to attract abilities work in Citibank. Obviously, employed in Citibank is a take great pride in to numerous as it is the 13th largest bank or investment company on earth, beside that the product quality and services Citibank provide will make them stick out. Moreover, Citibank can be an overseas banking industry which would supply the higher reputation in culture and among as called concerning be Citibank's employees.

The talents' profit is important for Citibank to get talent, the huge benefits they provide such as Outpatient Medical Expenditures Credits, Hospitalization and Specialist Medical Benefit, Dental Expenditure Credits, Maternity Charge Reimbursement, Health Testing, Group TERM LIFE INSURANCE & Group Personal Incident Insurance, Business Travel Car accident Insurance and so on.

5. 0 Recruit and Selection.


Recruit and selection can be an important part of the process in skill management, it is where to find the right person in the right place. Relating to Kathy Daniels FCIPD, the procedure of selecting individuals or talents includes two main operations which are brief listing and examining applicants to choose who should be made a job offer.

Talent management will interview those who find themselves chosen and consider those potential skills and carefully defined the work and days gone by performance is the most correct predictor of future performance, interviewer will measure the interviewee of the talent to execute well in future.

According to skilled staffing, prior to the collection of talent management the company should recruit the talents through figuring out the positions that will be required in the business, review and measure the existing applicant databases for qualified applicant, used all necessary methods and press or advertising to locate the right prospect to meet company needs, and screening to meet the requirements the employees such as complete application process, in-depth interview process to meet company requirements, skills assessment evaluation and testing and so forth.

According to Vietnam works for employers, skill management must be considered when hiring a candidate, the first talent management must measure is whether does the company curently have the talent that is needed by the company so that they may consider current employees. Secondly the business should carefully establish the work and the requirements before you begin the recruiting process. Finally is the individuals past performance is the most appropriate predictor of future performance and carefully to check on the reference. The final is gauge the ability with the right experience, certification and personality.

The good individuals within an interview dependant on talent management would consider some important factors including the individuals' presentation, planning, clarity, self-assurance and professionalism. The conditions interview a skill there are simple ways how to ask the expertise people to find the right people with minimal effort.

Talent management chosen a good prospect used the simple ways to straighten out the good applicant and consider the candidate's demonstration itself and exactly how they well they promote themselves as first impressions is known as in selection of good prospect because prospect who seek to clothe themselves in line with the company's culture have an authentic purpose to work in the company.

Talent management considers a good applicant who well prepared themselves with the information about company and its own operation plus they should know very well what role they are simply applying for. If he or she can answer these questions effortlessly, it means that the individual is seriously seeking for a posture in the business.

Talent management selects a good applicant when he or she able to articulate them well and get each point across succinctly, and skill management may try driving them further to see if they can react more obviously.

Thus, the nice candidate should really be humble as a person but positive about their strengths in a position way such as good candidate may give recommendation for company about how to increase the company's performance or profit that are shows the business their confidence in their performance.

Besides that, ability management also searches for applicants who are professional, it can be seen when the prospect can relax through the interview and they could make themselves a simple changeover to the place of work.


CSOS is part of Citibank, they recruit abilities and require the characteristics of perseverance, multitasking, and perfect communication skills out of these. This is because they need talent people to take care of to customers when they ask various types of question and also to give good services to fulfill their customers' needs. Besides that, Citibank's main condition in recruiting skills and the main characteristics includes learning and thinking fast, patient, multi tasking and also communication skills. Citibank considers the first impression as a very important concern in their recruitment of skill, it is show how abilities present themselves how interested they are to work in Citibank.

In expertise management consider some critical indicators to interview talent people, it is comparable with Citibank they consider some criterion condition to recruit talent people. Besides that, Citibank also retain abilities through selection from other finance institutions and check the personal references for earlier performance before commence recruiting process, they gauge the talent person with the right experience, requirements and personality especially position of administrator or more level position. They might need the characteristics included communication skills, multi tasking, and patient and so on.

6. 0 Developing talent.


The competitive stresses facing organizations today require employees whose knowledge and ideas are current, and whose skills and capabilities can deliver results. As organizations remain competitive and change, training becomes even more critical than before. Employees who must adjust to the many changes facing organizations must learn and developed continually in order to keep and upgrade their capabilities. Also, managers must have training and development to improve their control skills and abilities.

Talent development should be associated with other learning and development initiatives. Appropriate learning and development interventions are needed at relevant phases in a job path for accomplished individuals to accomplish their maximum probable. Developing ability needs informal as well as formal learning interventions (retrieved from "the individual resource sixth edition"). These interventions includes classic development activities but addititionally there is the opportunity to use creative alternatives such as expertise coaching and ability to move. Developing ability benefits both organizations and individuals. Employees and professionals with appropriate experience and skills may improve organizational competitiveness and the ability to adapt to a changing environment.

Training is the process whereby people acquire capabilities to perform jobs. The commitments to set-up and keep maintaining a work area education program on a best practices, collaborative knowledge, competencies, conformity and other necessary organizational skills. Inadequately trained employees may perform poorly and make costly problems. Training provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their present careers.

Employee development induces employee engagement which is vital to a higher performance work place. For examples, the company provided interpersonal and problem-solving training. This training addresses both functional and interpersonal problems and looks for to improve organizational working relationship, such as interpersonal communication, managerial or supervisory skills, and turmoil quality. Job or complex training permits employees to perform their jobs, responsibilities, and obligations well, such as product knowledge, complex processes and types of procedures, and customer. Developmental and ground breaking training provides long-term concentration to enhance individual and organizational capabilities for future years.

Development plan, development represents efforts to really improve employees' abilities to handle a variety of assignments and to cultivate employees' features beyond those required by the existing job. The development plan is very practical. Results of the diagnosis will flow automatically in to the development guide. Individuals can choose items within the competency to recognize goals and create action plans, activities and timelines. The action plan is preserved, and checked by individuals, mentors or coach, and administrator. The program administrator pieces the function to permit parties such as the mentor or coach or manager to see the participant's action plan.

It focused focus on prescribing a course of development for an employee on the basis of developmental target, departmental or organizational objectives, managerial inclination, competency assessments, and future point out modelling. By focusing and concentrating on development, training programs become more effective and aligned with organizational goals.

Participants complete a final program evaluation to rate their mentor experience and survey outcomes. The evaluation reporting provides you with valuable understanding to this program ROI. A company with skill management, it help the company determine the advantages and weaknesses and will identify the types of training that are the most appropriate for every single individual personnel or team.


Citibank has providing many training program for the expertise people. Working out program includes communication skill, the way to promote their company internal, promotion, the data, rules and regulations. Citibank will place the skills at the right position according to their characteristic. For instance, if the skills are good in communication, the supervisor may place the talents in the advertising team and give further training like communication training; let them have the data how to promote the business and services. Besides that, training will inspire the staff to boost themselves or adapt more skill by exhibiting them the Citibank is concern about the staff.

Through training, some of the staff may discover new ability, such as management. For example, the specialist will be given to talents who have the leadership capacity. Citibank also provide chances for training the skills to take care of the new job. Besides that, the supervisor will also monitor and lead the abilities when talents have never completely perfected their job. During the training steps, the talent management help the training staff benefit from the feeling of personal expansion and satisfaction that originates from the chance to develop their skills and better contribution with their team

Compare the theory part and Citibank's skill management; both are assisting the staff to recognize their potential, weaknesses and strengths. At exactly the same time, working out and development plan may improve the staff ability and enhancing their performances. The purpose is to maintain and revise the features, maintain a workplace education program on best practice. Besides that, the expertise development theoretically provide the personnel an opportunity to develop their skill and identify where they ideal in their job. By focusing on working out and plan it, it is effective that company are people oriented will increase the organization performance

7. 0 Performance Management.


From an applied research company, the performance management is part of specific procedures important in ability management, the target are to propel business by growing market show, reducing costs, increasing top-line sales, and helping companies are more competitive. The approaches for controlling performance must be focused on the bottom of what folks should do differently and where the people need to raise the bar for their performance. These activities of performance management is to ensure that goals are constantly being fulfilled in an effective and useful manner and focus on the performance of company, a department, abilities or even the processes to build a product and service as well as many other areas.

According to developing people web descries the performance management is the process of increasing the contribution of professionals and staff to enable the corporation to attain its strategy, goals and targets. It is has a series of constant activities that are aligned and integrated to ensure optimum skill performance, the element included traditional activities such as year-end expertise self-assessments, as well as high-impact activities for example skill training and the cascading of skill goals that align specific performance with business strategy.

This align performance are extensive opportunities with succession planning, learning and job development which result is a regular process and actions that create transparency for talent person and brand management. This features for goal alignment help move around in group from a paper-based system to a tactical engagement where can measure and encourage top talent.

According to Wikipedia, programmed tools is one of the most effective ways to evaluate talent person performance, advantages for employing this tools included increase the reporting and analytics with the automation of performance dimension process in organizations, it is saves money and time. Thus, it also give everyone in the business is clearly aware about the common organizational goal and targets. Besides that, technological advancements have lead to the expansion of alternative working agreements and skill performance management alternatives can be personalized in line with the needs of the business and overall flexibility environment.

Normally every group has some competencies that managed well is an effective and effective skill performance management and it is important factor for skill management because it help identify known competencies, develop succession strategies, it is notice talent gaps and set up compensation scales based on talent people analysis.

According to journal of employees performance management descries planning talent' performance include establishing the factor and standards of their performance appraisal programs that needs to be measurable, understandable, verifiable, equitable and attainable. The critical of elements, employees presented accountable as individual for work obligations. In talent performance plans that needs to be lead them versatile in order to be altered for changing program aims and work requirements so can be beneficial working documents that are mentioned often and reduce basically paperwork that is filed in a drawer and seen only once rankings of record will be required, so that can increase effectively these programs.


In Citibank, they perform the talent performance through the Tele services marketing and Trainer office. The Tele marketing is evaluating phone calls hear back goal and points accumulated. The trainer team is performance of follow trainee, ensure that you interview after two months in Citibank to really know what employees want and ask for. Because of the opinion of Citibank the talents people will willing performs well in the company skill people will perform regardless of what because employees are talented and they're given birth to with it. Citibank make employees perform example the talent person in reading people and persuading people well there is no point adding them in marketing because will suit the service alternatively than marketing because marketing need more ambitious and multi tasking, as well as communication. Besides that, Citibank provide adaptable environment that can make ability people show their performance as well.

In the performance management process is compasses the actions for talent visitors to enable the business to accomplish its strategy, goals, and goals through training or training and cascading of worker goals that align specific performance with business strategy, it is similar with Citibank Trainer section and Tele service marketing. However, Citibank never have operation for goal alignment help move in company to measure and encourage top talent nonetheless they make their workers perform as suit the position when needs of employees. Citibank supply the talent people adaptable to do their work, it is similar with talent's performance programs.

8. 0 Retention Initiatives.


High labour turnover in a company can affect the whole company process, in order that they want to avoid this happen. To wthhold the talents, the company can provide their talent more difficult work like assignment or assignments and also provide opportunities for professional development, so the talents may have determination when working. A complicated task can make the expertise feel interest, because the skilled employees interesting in overcome the problems. (Slot and Wilson 2009)

Talent management team should identify their efforts and should reward them appropriately, appreciate them, moreover the management can also give promotion who done well in the project, give them the chance to grow as a person and also as a part of the business, when they effectively handle a complicated situation or project. For example workplace can send an email expressing the thankfulness and valuation when the worker (skill) done a good job. Employer also can duplicate this email to all or any people in the section, and this can enhance their drive. (Morrison 2010)

According to Levey, implementing a target decision making process for ability was important. Skills leave companies that are unstructured and make random decisions. Give skills a feeling of involvement in the decision and making process. Abilities want to work in organizations where they know that their ideas and viewpoints matter. The greater an individual seems they are really making a direct effect, the more likely they are to remain.


The theory and practice (Citibank) are almost the same, Citibank always supply the challenging task for his or her skills, because they notice that normally talents like to overcome the task. They'll feel motivate when working, otherwise they'll feel bored easily.

Citibank only focusing on pure ability and whoever has that could survive well here in the program of working as all are given fair chance to offer and show their skill and the advantages here is no matter the space of service or time we are willing to promote them so long as they have expertise even it is at 5 to 6 month time. For example, a skill who just work in Citibank around 8 weeks, when the director provide the challenge task for him, he is able to get over it and he was promote as a supervisor now. Citibank also provide Spot Honor for the talents, all talent are eligible to be considered for the Spot Award. This award is designed to reward talents who have exhibited performance well beyond their current job opportunity. The maximum award is RM2500. Citibank provide race among the list of supervisor and their associates, if their end result are in top are certain to get allowance each one will obtain RM 300. Skills who done a good job or succeed will acquire 1 Citibank coin, after collecting 12 cash within 1 year, they can get a holiday in London for free.

Citibank cares about what their talents are planning, the manager gives the opportunity for talents to giving impression. Conduct a gathering for to discuss the problem, let the talents take part in the conference and decision making process.

9. 0 Conclusion

Talent is something that many people are just delivered with and many value it. Citibank ought to be the prove where the talent management is very much important to the business in ways it contributes to the companies success and it as well give a valuable performance within the company as now Citibank is one of the very most successful bank in the world. Company applications and the theory are similar but not perfectly same and in reality the Citibank take a lot more effort in taking care of their talent as for the rewards and attention they give to their abilities but their means of identifying talent differs that theory where theory is more on start recruitment and how to identify them out of most their employees whereby Citibank goes more to the experienced people and they would like to see reasonable and square of their talent's skill. Citibank are being more practical in terms of recruiting, and worthwhile, managing and making them stay. Without ability a company could not perform and achieve and Citibank does well on the talent management and they're having it more similar but not exactly with theory.

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