The Production Of Kelloggs Corn Flakes Marketing Essay

Kelloggs is the greatest manufacturer of ready to eat cereals in world, where more than 13, 000 people and producing more than 1 billion pounds prepared to eat cereals per season for distribution in over 160 countries. After having a modest begin in Battle Creek, Michigan, has grown in global company with factories, distribution networks and markets worldwide. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his sibling Keith founders William Kellogg invented corn flakes in 1894 as a choice for a wholesome breakfaster. John's patients at the sanitarium. More than 100 years later still the most breakfast cereal popular throughout the world. This was mainly due to the Kellogg's dedication to quality and the refusal to make cereals for anybody else at a time when lots of the closest competition to send to the stresses on supermarkets and commenced to produce versions of the favorite stores under own brand Breakfast cereals. Corporate communication tools and strategies are examined in Kellogg's this report. For this function, a detailed description of visual communication and texts are created, using semiotics, rhetorical examination, discourse analyzes an intercultural strategy in an attempt to connect to the textual evaluation critical evaluation of organizational communication.

Kellogg Company was made to permit the production of Kellogg's Corn Flakes begannewly made Challenge Creek's WK Kellogg Company toasted flake Cup in 1906. Want the ready to eat cereals creativity change just how people eat breakfastworldwide. WK Kellogg's product technology and drive for market expansionKellogg Company and the effects of the meals industry worldwide today. WK Kellogg started in business growth in 1914. In 1938, Kellogg build factories in England and Australia. Pursuing W. K. Kellogg's deathin 1951, Kellogg sustained to grow its functions, building factories in America and Asia. In 1958, Tony the Tiger has earned your competition on the Kangaroo Katy One spokesman for the Kellogg's frosted Flakes personality and become column of American culture. Disruptive progressive products include Kellogg convenience food including: Pop-tarts pastries, Eggo iced waffles, Nutria-Grain pubs and restaurants. Kellogg has become a innovator on mental health, ground breaking Special K breakfast time option as all Bran cereal and 19. Kellogg is broadening its business by acquiring and innovating vegetarian food group based Worthington Foods in 1999 and based on organicKashi Food Group in 2000. Kellogg Feebler treat innovator found Foods Company in 2001

Company Description, KELLOGG

In 2006 with sales of $ 11, 000, 000, 000, Kellogg Company is the global leader in designer of cereal and a respected producer of convenience foods, including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit snacks, frozen waffles and veggie foods. Kellogg products are created in 17 countries and advertised in over 180 countries worldwide. Company Kellogg Company is divided into two main areas: Kellogg North America and Kellogg International. Kellogg North America, including detailed cereals, goodies and iced and specialty retail stations in both business United States and Canada. Kellogg International business is divided into in European countries, Latin America and Asia, and Australia (Asia Pacific). Group Company of North America Retail Cereal Many popular brands such as Special K and frosted flakes and Kellogg's kasha, our natural brand. Kellogg International business centers almost entirely on cerealsand types of healthy appetizers in their respected regions. Europe Business includes brands such as Special K cereal and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and healthy snack foods such as Special K Bars Activities in Latin America alsofocusing on cereals, including, for example brands and ZucaritasKellogg's cornflakes, and healthy treats, like All-Bran Pubs. Asia Pacific business includes cereals such as Kellogg's Bran Flakes and All-BranNutri-Grain in Japan and Australia. Our snack brands in Asia Pacificthe Special K Pubs, Nutri-Grain bars and muesli pubs.

Vision and Mission

Kellogg Company and vision statements to spell it out its mission to target unsustainable development, the broad explanation of interpersonal responsibility and real strength of the company- people and brands. Company vision includes all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, consumers and areas. Its quest Offers where these are as a firm today, and where they want to be in the future. Whose vision and autonomous mission. They are built-into their strategy and operating ideas and the foundations Company: K-values, people and community involvement.

Source Kellogg website

DEFINE commercial communication

Basically defined, corporate and business communications exchangebetween the components of society. Basically, this type of communicationequal to the amount known in neuro-scientific communication studies"The organizational communication. " Communication in an organization, manySkills needed in other forms of communication: clarity of disclosure,

listening, conflict management and various other basic communicationskills. If organizational communication differs from other formscommunication within the organizational composition and environmentcontexts present through the communication.

Corporate Marketing communications / PR:

-Є Develop and coordinate the programs for various commercial communicationsinternal and external customers.

-Є Develop human relationships with customers and clients, doing businessgrowth and profitability.

-Є Collaborate with industry analysts and editorial contacts, making sure the companymedia, periodicals and studies from experts.

-Є Analysis of the data to identify work at home opportunities, Communications Director

The top management to propose workable alternatives.

-Є online reports release development andpublications / news letters, the updating of staff / customers and newsproducing magazines such as brochures, leaflets, gross annual reports

-Є emphasize communication and problems communications, and multimedia interviews, electronic multimedia and online general public service organizationoutreach programs, camps, etc. to enhance the organization image.

Effective corporate and business communication

Efficiency can play an important role in commercial communication The success of the business or company. The reason is clear because the most people want to communicate with people rather than the computer vote saving system response. Consider how irritating it is when you do make an effort to get a upright answer your question in regards to a product or

service, the organization has processed but to call an robotic tone response system. Well, the same frustrations that happen in organizations that do corporate communications in a timely manner. On For instance, it is vital to communicate openly and truthfully with your employees. Today, employees are demanding rather than everyone thanks your deductible, nonetheless they will not forgive you anything less. A series of messages by standard channels, such as speeches, newsletters, business videos, beliefs №№statements, and so forth. The other group of messages

"Provided, " informally through the combination of "off the record" commentary and

daily activities. For the current rhetoric of public suspicion, without any

action quickly disintegrates into bare slogans and propaganda of the business.

According to Swenson, CEO of Cricket Communications, "What now ? in the Sue

corridor is more powerful than anything you say in the boardroom. "

Finally, in terms of the worker, the type of communication Behavior is influenced by 10 % "traditional" vehicles, 45 percent organizational framework (no matter punishment or pay back) and 45 per cent steering

1. 1

How come corporate communications strategy important in Kellogg?

The Kellogg's Corporate Communications to encourage primary and support physical activity in all industries of the population using resources for financing and applying physical activity-based Community Programs for consumers and the general public. Your he wants increase the association between exercise and Kellogg. Kellogg's has Using packages of cereals to the communication of "balance" for consumers to express and implementation of the labeling of foods that consumers can make decisions about the right balance of food.

Effective communication is vital for advanced methodology. Kellogg's success as a result of way consumers talk goals to help study how "the right balance. " He developed various types communication to transfer the meaning "eat for all customers.

Corporate communications link to corporate objectives

On April 7, the next company Kellogg's Global Corporate Responsibility Report, a full accounting of their strategies, the primary origin and route of the marketplace environment, work area and the general public. "In the wedding anniversary of 150 years on what could have been our founder, Kellogg Company pleased with our ongoing efforts to WK Kellogg's legacy to the report fortify the business and doing good for the environment and world, "said David Mackay, Chief executive and CEO, Kellogg Company. Attention has been given a comprehensive overview of the role of speech communication companies in Kellogg's personal information. Instead serve as a tool for visual uniformity and messaging tendencies Discourse of corporate communications is defined as a method affectualized participation in the work. In this respect, corporate communications discourse to the total amount of the symbols and the product as the two sides of same gold coin - the company's overall goal. In conjunction with its lovers and suppliers of environmental impact lowering Discourse can be an essential requirement of corporate and business responsibility.

Task 1. 3

Branding and corporate and business communication in Kellogg

Branding is a key concern for companies working intoday's international market. Kapferer (1992: 46-7) argues that branding means more than only a brand or product 'Brands immediate result of market strategy and product separation discrimination. "Companies use a blend of the characteristics of each brand customer specific needs in different economic circumstances. Lots Of Company and its products, brands, rivalling in global market segments. Corporate branding refers to the strategy, the brand same (Chernatony, 1997), the product branding marks is based identities for different products.

Kellogg was the main sponsor of going swimming in Britain. In this way Kellogg's is sponsoring the swimmers reached the pool associations the best support possible to get. Kellogg's sponsor the ASA Prize Plan more than 1. 8 million prizes given to the swimmers every year. This

relationship with the ASA Kellogg known somehow helped to how individuals live healthy and balanced achieve. This strengthens the brand position.

Working with the ASA Kellogg helped set up links with other companies and companions. For example, the united kingdom Sustains says lasting transport group. Sustains wants ways that individuals can meet their travel needs in a fashion that reduces environmental impact. The Coordinator of the National Routine Network. activities aim

encourage physical activity and promote support for development of Kellogg Roller timer free publicized on tv set in 2007.

Thus corporate and business communication increases up Kellogg to be set up brand in international market.


Kellogg communications audit

In this chapter, to handle the communication audit Kellogg Company to increase the capacity of communication and determine strengthens regions of the organization and to identify deficiencies that may need to improve. How is the communication Downs & Adrian (2004)

supervisor that, officially or informally, capacity, or performance of essential communications practice. This determines what works, what does not and what my work better than the required adjustments. "WK Kellogg Groundwork (2010) Condition Communication audits are made to ensure that the organization: consolidation Fits on brand ideals №№and information needs Show the public the story holds true, but moreover the right words Create interest storyline above address with the most effective can.

Confirmation of communication and execution methodology

The audit of communication or common procedures of communication between

organizations and can be employed internally through a communication office or exterior consultancy services (CorporateCommunications. co. uk 2010). Some changes practice inspection systems you can use, some are arranged in 6 whist another step recruitment process only 5 levels, although, in most cases, these are They are extremely similar. The goal of this article is audited five-step We recommend Hargis &Tourish (2000) with only steps 1 -

4 will be used

2. 1

Internal communications

Application of inside communications, corporate communications communications

all others work. This includes all areas of the Company's personnel exchange

information. Internal corporate and business communications directors informed

employees, your employees alongside one another on an equal basis, between the

communication within different divisions of the same company, and other tasks.

Internal business associations based on strong corporate communications,

without the probability will never be the company's Exhibit to be able to build or maintain


2. 2

plan Developmental levels:

Step 0. 1

Understand the communication training.

Tynes (1999) identify this level as "an over-all idea on the useful level, the functional regions of organizational communication:

Stage. 2 - Give a rating range of way of measuring. AssessingStage. 1 should be defined in several measure or level can be attributed quantify the effectiveness of various communication tactics that already exist.

Stage. 3 filled up with the existing activities and communication to evaluate Kellogg'shealth issues existing business communications level. 1. Improvement

Step 0. 4

Because the matrix in the next areas will demand betterThe site has achieved optimized performance.

2. 3

Internal Marketing communications of Kellogg /The current level of practice

Internal communication occurs within the business. Kellogg many uses

different ways to talk to its employees. For instance, Kellogg publication publishes a house that is divided by all folks working for Kellogg. The newspaper has articles on topics just like a balance diet and proper exercise. It also lays emphasis on the work of Kellogg

hand in sport and the city. To encourage employees Trekking, Kellogg provided each staff with a pedometer. This Activities helped the employees understand the business Kellogg objectives and why the business made. In addition, it shows plainly that

He does achieve.

Kellogg's Intranet as well, that is very good use of the markand demonstrates the business.


3. 1

Define external corporate communication

No definition of corporate and business communication is complete without understanding of external communication. External communication and business is the wayBusinesses send their concept. This is how companies definethe outdoors world and exactly how to provide this message.

Included in external business communication is to set-up Web sites interacting fairs, distributing brochures, call the telephone customers plus much more.

External Communications

External communication is between the organization and outdoors world. If a sizable firm, Kellogg uses many forms communicate with his customers. For example, he uses the cartoon character Jack and Aimee note that emphasizes the necessity to get "shares

Right Balance. "Using Jack & Aimee, Kellogg is able to recommend parents and children on the value of exercise. The characters can be found at the backs of cereal packets.

The company also produces some booklets for clients on topics

such as food and health, calcium mineral for strong bones. They are available at website.

Source www. job. fidelity. co

Kellogg's scarlet qualifications with white custom logo that has an impact and it is

very memorable. Kellogg's custom logo working on different marketing, e. g. Internet, in magazines or on small business. This is actually the typical success logo-known, very simple and works on various multimedia and backgrounds. Logos must be trustworthiness on the basis that, as the foundation of all business particularly when the business on the Internet. The credibility will come in many different varieties, depending on your industry. For example, tech companies to beInnovation credible, but also painting and new, so we use modern but credible design. On the other hand, financial institution or related Say a firm needs to offer balance and dependability for strong and symbols and fonts stable. Market research proved that customers react to the strong brand image and successfully, and certain assumptions about your business predicated on the logo design of your organization before they released your product or service

An intercultural method of business strategy, Kellogg's

Many cereals on the taste and texture information generally accepted across social boundaries. For instance, in Kellogg's Cornflakes all countries where Kellogg send out their products. The

manufacturing techniques globally standardized, making produced their unique flavor and even throughout the global market. However, because restrictions on trade and the geographical boundaries of circulation Cornflakes across Europe are manufactured by using a different type of maize United States, the consistency and appearance of the resource product changes. If you Kellogg's Cornflakes were in the U. S. now, they pale yellow compared with the greater gold flakes distributed throughout Europe. Kellogg's global marketing skills, coupled with our know-how in grains and Results of Technology, Kellogg's cereal and capability of producing Foods that meet the unique needs of select high potential for


Other methods of business communication

After creating a goal and objectives, an activity KelloggPlans to develop a technique and some actions. They were created toobjective and opportunity of business objectives. In the area of №№food labeling, presented Kellogg's GDAs Kellogg's product packaging, including the suggested daily portions. GDA are doing these consumers to understand the amount of suggested daily amount supervision of nutrients in food, Kellogg's. Dealing with other groups

large manufacturers, Kellogg has launched a new format in-may 2006 with the Greater Dublin Area evidently top quality products and deals.

With Kellogg worked well for quite some time to encourage people to take part in more physical activity. The company began dealing with the Amateur Going swimming Connection (ASA) in 1997, with six long termobjectives. The ASA is the foremost organization to utilize Kellogg as goals closely represent that of society.

In addition, to encourage people to walk more often, if Kellogg Free pedometer with a variety of All-Bran, each individual can therefore be assessed their daily steps. In 2006, more than 675, 000 pedometers were said by consumers.

Kellogg will continue steadily to support the Global Food Banking Network, or NSG, with

Nonprofit Founded in 2006 to set-up, build and bankers to provide food and food banks

networks the earth. Kellogg, who gave the business $ 250, 000 last year 2009, was

three founding associates, and our vice leader for corporate public responsibility member

NSG directors. GFN Council manages in 18 countries to aid existing

food banking institutions and food to create a new loan provider in the neighborhoods where they are

necessary. In '09 2009, for example, the NSG has opened four food banks in South Africa

The first one in this country. Kellogg's Corporate and business Citizenship Fund initial money and our

Johannesburg office Helped launch the food finance institutions, which inundated with requests for help because they opened

Areas have to be Improved

After analyzing a matrix in the next areas look like improvement to attain the optimal condition or measured.

1. Quest clear communication and gain access to documentation, including external stakeholders.

2. The ongoing review of relevant activity overall business strategy to retain the focus on company's eye-sight.

3. Better alignment with organizational aims to mission supplying perspective and delivery is currently focusing.

4. The launch of feedback mechanisms on the performance communications equipment to understand how effective stakeholders and constituencies in which they were designed.



The performance of commercial communication can play an important role in the success of a business or organization. The clear reason is that most people prefer to communicate with people and did not record tone of voice response computer systems. Consider how annoying it is when you make an effort to get an obvious answer to a question you about a service or product, but the organization has filtered to call an robotic tone of voice response. Well, frustrations same devote organizations that fail to implement timely corporate communications. For instance, it is vital to be open and genuine communication with employees. Today, employees are definitely more demanding rather than everyone thank you for your integrity, but they would not absolve you for anything less. Open up and genuine communication will go beyond telling the truth when it's advantageous. Communicator must be considered a dynamic, even competitive, posting everything - chances, risks, errors, potential mistakes - and then invite visitors to collaborate with these issues (Goman, 2006).

Another factor to remember for effective business communication is a communication that's not compatible with the systems of business and management activities unnecessary. Business leaders begin the importance of communication predicated on action change management as a staple requirement for learning. Organizations submit general, two pieces of simultaneous text messages changes.

4. 1

Planning targets of Corporate Communications

Promoting the introduction of a communication plan in place, new and improved monitoring

Website link Policy

Far better programs for execution of public appointment and communication strategy and keep an eye on their efficiency;

Develop policies to help in communication;

Media relations (including the planning of resources for the marketing);

Coordination of advertising;

Internal communications (updates, intranet);

4. 3


simulating on multiple programs, built-in monitoring process operation and business brand individuality, and workflow aid quality control, communication experts to spend less time

project management and concentrate on the tasks accessible.


Kellogg's success in obtaining its goals because of the way they clearly they provide to customers. It uses cartoon characters to provide advice to children and parental working. It also produces leaflets. Internally, Kellogg use its interior magazine to market the communication. Kellogg Research Know well balanced diet and regular physical exercise to help people stay healthy. It is

communicate this meaning through its brands and deals. Communicated by the business in The article demonstrates Kellogg's has led to constant business communicationsstrategy.

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