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The Ideas of Nursing and Health


This task into ideas of nursing and health will explore dimensions of health; it will give an insight to someone who has an ailment called multiple sclerosis. Viewed will be what determinants of health are to the person. Underpinning professional, legal and moral implications encircling health should the individual require nursing good care is of great importance. Finally the task will give a representation of what information has been gained and health concepts on an individual level.

1 Sizes of health

'Health is circumstances of complete physical, mental and interpersonal well-being rather than merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ' World Health Company (WHO 1946) cited in Naidoo (2009). Health means so many different things to differing people, someone viewed as having a disease or impairment can also feel like they are simply healthy, as can a person who is physical fit feel harmful. Proportions of health determine health to every individual. You can find six different proportions of health that are; intellectual, physical, mental, spiritual, interpersonal and environmental. Health is considered a whole and when being cared for, a holistic way could be used taking into account all of the measurements of health. Dimensions in greater detail are; intellectual this is when a person has the ability or lack of ability to make decisions and judgements relatively, understanding decisions and repercussions of decisions. Physical health is exactly what you can see the size, form and body function. Emotional is whenever a person is empathetic towards other's feelings and has an understanding of their own, and can offer with various different types of emotions as and when they occur. Religious health can be having a notion in a god or religion nonetheless it has more of a direct effect on someone's ethics, satisfaction and principles. Social dimensions is having connections with all different types of individuals for example work acquaintances, family and childhood friends. Environmental can be where a person lives and works it could be an unhealthy area or poor working conditions. Across all the measurements if an example may be affected this could have a knock on result to other dimensions or most of them, they often all go hand in hand, Brooker (2007).

2 Person overview

To put principles of health into a reality and have an understanding an example could be an individual's health. Chosen for example is David Anderson; David is fifty-five year old men who was identified as having multiple sclerosis in his early on thirty's. Multiple sclerosis is a condition which causes a defect in the central stressed system. The myelin sheath which surrounds the nerve fibres comes under episode from the autoimmune system, Corcos (2008). The condition is unstable and can affect different people in various ways. Common symptoms are numbness in limbs, involuntary motions, lethargy, blurry or double vision the list continues on. Multiple sclerosis was determined by the French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot in 1863 who proved helpful in a medical center called Salptrire in Paris. He discovered the problem as 'aclrose en Plaques', Burgess (2010) which signify hardening, this relates to the scaring which causes the damage to the nervous system. David has worked in the same job for over 30 years, it is an outdoor manual position where he strolls for extended periods of time in a country setting up as well as working in a country environment he also lives four miles from his place of work and has no commuting stress. David has been committed for 35 years he has three developed children and three grandchildren. David enjoys spending time playing golf in the summer months and viewing sports activities live and on the TV he also enjoys picture taking. David's health has always been very good despite his condition; he has never been on medication apart from over-the-counter analgesics and has never required any type of treatment. At times the effects of his condition do show but in a very slight way which he has always coped on the surface very well.

3 Determinants

Determinants are factors which might affect a person's health; this can be in a good way or a negative way, generally and in the health of the aforementioned person. Determinants are factors which impact how healthy a person is. They are socio-economic that are ethnic and environmental for example where in the country the individual lives, living and working conditions for example are the conditions good is there stress involved, communal and community systems will there be support set up in the community and socially, specific lifestyle factors for example if the individual takes regular exercise and eats an equilibrium diet, and era, sex and hereditary factors. Naidoo and Wills as cited in Brooker (2007). Determinants which impact David are difficult to recognize, possibly determinants have an impact on him in an optimistic way. David has a very good life-style, and has had a steady job for a long time environmental factors have possibly improved the grade of life for David. He spends a lot of time outdoors and seems this has a good effect for long periods of time he lives symptom clear of his condition. Public and community factors again are strong in his family who encircle him and the sites of doctors in the local GP office are also strong. All over the world the uk has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis on the globe, Rog et al (2009) cited in Burgess (2010). It has been said by Ebers et al (2007) cited in Burgess (2010). One in one thousand people in the united kingdom have MS. It's been shown in studies that the further from the equator the higher the volume of individuals recorded to obtain MS. This may be because of the periods of time these areas have sunshine, a supplement related to sunshine is vitamin supplements D, the body requires sunlight to synthesize supplement D this vitamin supplements is found in most immune skin cells and is also associated functions including inhibition of the creation of cytokines this is known to have a poor impact in MS, Ponsonby et al (2005) cited in Burgess (2010). Shetland and Orkney in the north of Scotland have the highest rate of situations on earth. Interestingly studies have also shown people who emigrate from country to country before the age of 15 will develop the risk from the country which they have resolved in, if the move occurs after the persons 15th birthday it is said the individual will retain the risk factor from the united states they are at first from.

Underpinning professional, legal and ethical principles.

Nursing attention may be required for David in time and there are a great number of factors to consider when any person has been nursed. Viewed are the underpinning professional, legal and ethical principles involved with nursing a patient. As a specialist a nurse must follow rules that are arranged by the NMC. The NMC is the Nursing and Midwifery Council they are the governing body for any nurses and midwifes, the NMC have produced a code and within the code there are rules, standards, instruction and advice. NMC The Code (2008).

The NMC are a council who if find or have any happenings reported to them can make decisions about fitness to apply, and can discipline or punch a nurse from the subscription if the nurse has didn't follow the code or dedicated an offence. The main matter of the NMC is to guard patients and people of the general public and how they are cared for by nurses and midwifes. It is stated in NMC, The Code (2008) Individuals must be respected and dignity must be preserved. Individuals shouldn't be discriminated against and must be cared for with awareness and kindness. Where required a nurse must seek out help and support from relevant firms and support sites in medical and social good care setting. Respect is an essential part of guarding an individual's confidentiality, information shouldn't be shared other than with relevant people or professionals associated with the treatment of the person. Additionally it is important that information should be distributed if the person is at risk or damage. Yet another part of respecting a person may be concerning their likes and dislikes, communicating is essential when caring for a person or there family to ensure the best possible treatment is given, this may be ensuring communication can occur without any blockage for example terms or communication requirements possibly providing some type of aid. Consent is a large part of care giving each and every time cure is with all this could be from bathing to providing medication consent must be obtained, if an individual declines consent for treatment this must be well known, as it is someone's right to be engaged in virtually any decisions regarding treatment however there can be an example when decision making could be studied from a person this happens when the mental capacity is compromised. there's a part of legislation which ensures a person who is not capable of making decisions regarding health care is safe guarded. As a specialist nurse restrictions must be looked after between patients and nurses it is undesirable to accept products, loans or personal human relationships from patients and their families. It is area of the role of a professional to identify dangers and folks who are taking risk's, it is also a responsibility to article any practices that are putting others vulnerable. Record keeping can be an essential skill which nurses must practice in an accurate way as the details include all the patients care which has been given or is because of be given, keeping accurate files is essential as poor documents can harm a patients security and confidentiality. In the event for David he might become ill in time and require medical care and it may become costly to the federal government, it is his to receive attention as so when required and become treated with admiration and dignity, he might decide he will not want his suffering to be extended if his life is nearing an end and any decisions he may take must be upheld.

"Most probably and honest, action with integrity and uphold the reputation of your career" NMC The Code (2008). Following the above assertion ensures you comply with the code and also by following law, being genuine and in a position to identify problems and package with them in the correct way if anything were to occur in practice. This will likely ensure attention given can be without prejudice and the integrity of the nurse remains intact. NMC (2008)

Legal issues that could arise could be in two ways they are civil and legal. A civil court docket of rules is where an individual person can record a case against someone else or organisation when a person has come to harm possibly by neglect. Criminal laws is in which a person has determined a crime and it is in the public's interest for the individual who determined the crime to be prosecuted with a court of law and punished.

Personal Concept

As I've analyzed and read more about ideas of health it has already established a major impact on the importance of knowing what the sizes of health are, and understanding why a person has maybe become unwell or in clinic, and what can be done to help or teach an individual to get a better life style that may lead to improved upon health.

Looking at an individual in addition has given me an understanding that determinants of health can maintain positivity as well as negative, as possessing a good life-style for someone who has a condition like MS can enhance standard of living. Also if someone has a very poor life style this can lead to conditions like type 2 diabetes, this is generally caused by a inadequate diet and by being overweight.

Being a nursing is an extremely important role and has very tight recommendations which must be implemented. This may ensure accurate information and treatment is given at all times. By following NMC code it will ensure that I am respectful of individuals and value people from all walks of life, always leading by example, being in charge of my actions and can always treat people pretty.


This assignment has looked at sizes of health, and exactly how different proportions can impact all the measurements, there are six different dimensions which range from psychological to physical, each one is of similar importance in case anybody is impaired it could influence health. An overview of somebody who has MS has been given and what determinants affect this person's life, could it be good or bad? Professional, legal and honest concepts have been viewed, also and the importance's of how these enter into play whenever a person has been nursed. Identifying the way the assignment has enhanced a personal view of the medical profession in addition has been discussed. It's been identified the value of being exact regarding care giving and in record keeping to ensure the best attention is given at all times.


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