The Role of Chance in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

The Role of Chance in Romeo and Juliet

In William Shakespeare's classic Elizabethan Tragedy "Romeo &

Juliet" were asked to determine what events in the tale are possibility

coincidence or destiny. Although some scholars happen to be persuaded to relate about

just how chance and coincidence are tools of fate, I believe as though every thing

will either be chance or perhaps coincidence. If almost everything was handled by fate then

life will be pointless. We would don't have any decisions to create, it would every

be predetermined. That is why I don't rely on fate, and so, naturally My spouse and i

have determined that "Romeo & Juliet" is not manipulated by fate. I was

likewise told that people in the Middle East believe in fate full out. A lot

that they can travel at crazy rates of speed in their vehicles around edges without

thinking two times. Consider that if you have a car about that corner

then it was fated to happen and in addition they would nonetheless die if they were going the

speed limit. I really believe that Romeo & Juliet dug there own slots with negative


Chance plays a major part in the tale. Everything starts inside the

beginning when Montegue and Capulet servants simply happen to combination

pathways in a open public place. This is an opportunity meeting. Coincidence may not be

included now since it is too early in the story. Also simply by chance, the

maids are when we talk about their hate of the other as well as there

unwillingness to deal with insults. The opening line of the play is definitely, "Gregory

on my word, we'll not really carry black coals. "(pg. 6)" Meaning he may not stand for

virtually any insults. This leads to the combat that causes Prince Escalus to make

the rule that "If ever you disturb each of our streets again your lives shall pay out

the forfeit of the peace. inch (pg. 14) He is saying the next individual that

starts off a deal with will be executed. This kind of decree brings about Romeo's banishment

fantastic banishment is the reason00 Juliet not having her death, which triggered

they are all to pass away. One more act of chance is when Romeo climbs within the

Capulet house's wall right next to Juliet's room.

The very first coincidental celebration is on page 4, prior to actual

play starts, it is the Montagues and Capulets are fighting.

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