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The Person Who Has Made a Difference in My Life Essay

Anyone Who Has Made a Difference in My Life When I think about "the one who has made a difference in my life", the first person in my mind is usually my mom. She trained me a lots of things, plus the most important factor is she helped me want to turn into a successful entrepreneur. When I was young, my own mother set on into life, the best way to live and turn into a good person. She is really the most influential person in my life.

Growing up and seeing my mother buying and operating a successful store helped put direction around me. She was the one who educated me how you can run a successful business and taught myself several tips to having a business. One of her keys to having a successful business was to always provide exceptional customer service also to satisfy every single customer. Regularly seeing my mother as a successful businesswoman has made me aspire to have got my own business one day.

Although she is a hectic manager in her organization and her own organization, my mother still has time for you to take care lifestyle, it would not need been feasible without having someone special like my mother around me. She has offered me countless support and love. I am incredibly thankful and blessed to learn my mom has made a positive change in my life.

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