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The Outsiders Movie Review Essay

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The Outsiders movie is dependant on a book compiled by S. E Hinton. The storyline takes place in Oklahoma in the 1960's. It is about two gangs or public classes known as the 'greasers' and the 'socs'. The greasers are the poor ones who live on the east area of town and the socs will be the rich ones living on the western part of town. The socs enjoy going to the east side to beat up greasers. The primary persona is Ponyboy Curtis, an orphan coping with his two older brothers. One evening, after a fight at home Ponyboy and his friend Johnny Cade who also has problems at home, try to escape. Growing action of the movie is when both boys spend the night at the area and get in a struggle with some of the socs. The socs wished to teach the males a lesson because earlier that evening they allowed themselves to go out with two soc females. One of them was Sherry Valance would go to the same university as Ponyboy and is Bob Sheldon's girl. Johnny stabs Bob to loss of life as he was trying to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. They try to escape and hide in an old church from town. Climax of the storyline is when the cathedral sets burning during a institution visit and some children become trapped inside. Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas Winston (Dally), a friend who came visit the two boys, run into the church to save the children. They in turn become heroes with their pictures spread all around the newspapers. Falling action of the storyplot involves Johnny residing in a healthcare facility because of his busted back and severe melts away. Also, after juvenile tests Ponyboy and Johnny are declared as not guilty of the offense and Ponyboy is permitted to stay in custody of his oldest sibling Darry Curtis. However, the two gangs didn't want to let their quarrels break until they fought a good fight. So they assemble for a rumble that your greasers won. In the denouement, Ponyboy and Dally go to the hospital to inform Johnny of the good news. Apparently Johnny dies through the visit. Out of anger and grief Dally robs a store and pushes the police to photograph him down when he won't transform himself in. Ponyboy finds a note that Johnny composed him before his loss of life.

The most obvious conflict within the Outsiders is the issue between the two different communal groups, a category versus class issue. Greasers are poor and most of them have to drop out of university to help funding their own families. Whereas the socs are wealthy kids with expensive automobiles and receive education with no worries. The difference between the two classes makes the socs look at the greasers as 'garbage' of the society. The school versus class turmoil gives go up to a physical turmoil between the socs and the greasers. Through the entire account there are physical battles between the two communities. Socs mainly undertake it for fun and to prove to themselves they are better and more powerful than the greasers. There are two other issues in the storyline both in which Ponyboy is included. Ponyboy appears to be in conflict with himself. At the start of the storyline Ponyboy is on his way home from the films. He is noticed by several socs who run after him and conquer him up. Ponyboy is well alert to the conflicts between your greasers and the socs and is aware of the threat of walking home on his own, but he still will so because he battling to simply accept the hard life he is forced to live. He thinks it is unfair that he must fret about simple things such as heading home from the movie when the socs can live their life the way they want to without any restrictions or worries. Furthermore, Ponyboy likes literature and characteristics which is strange for a standard greaser. He battles to reveal himself in front of others, because he understands they wouldn't understand him. The other conflict would be Ponyboy versus life or circumstances.

Ponyboy's parents passed on in an automobile crash. Since that time he has been around guardianship of his oldest brother Darry. He always compared Darry's activities with those of his parents. He thought if his parents were alive he would be better off with them because Darry was too strict. Ponyboy also interpreted Darry's strictness as hate. He noticed it was unfair for him to truly have a brother who only yells at him and tells him how to proceed. He also experienced life was unfair towards his other brother Sodapop who got fell out of university to work at a gas stop in order to help financing their family.

The Outsiders discusses a variety of styles. The first and major theme is the difference between the several social classes, particularly the gap between the rich and the indegent. The story implies that the abundant take benefit of their power. They look right down to greasers to see no value in them. They look at themselves as the better part of the modern culture, hence they allow themselves to do whatever they want. But greasers have restrictions. They are able to only protect themselves, they could never allow themselves to start out a attack with the socs because they would not escape with it like the socs do. When Ponyboy and Johnny were possessing a walk with Sherry and her good friend, Bob and his good friend Randy arrive and demand that girls leave with them instantly. Sherry asks Ponyboy not to take it personal if she will not say hello at institution. This event, on the other hand, means that socs could also have restricted activities due to the large gap between them and the greasers. Sherry worries of losing esteem of other socs if she talks to a greaser at university. The restriction or limitation that the gap has placed on Sherry might look not be as significant as the one located on the greasers. Still, it is of great matter because it shows that problems between your socs and the greasers impact both groups. The next theme is approximately bravery. The Outsiders makes a respected point with this theme, which is the fact that bravery is not in what class you belong to. Bravery is more about individualism. After the fire, when Ponyboy was in the ambulance car and informed the teacher associated him to the hospital that he was a greaser, the man was shocked and wouldn't really believe that him. This emphasizes that the culture judges the greasers and views them as uncivilized people. The contemporary society would have never expected such courageous action from a greaser. Another vey important theme will be the gratitude of family. Prior to the fatality of Bob, there is not much harmony between Ponyboy and his brothers. Darry was almost always offering Ponyboy purchases or shouting at him, which annoyed Ponyboy. Sodapop was torn between your two factors. When Ponyboy ran away with Johnny, the brothers discovered to appreciate one another, especially Darry and Ponyboy. Ponyboy finally grasped that Darry enjoys him and Darry learned that he should just change the way he treats Ponyboy so they might have a much better life. The final theme is the changes one undergoes during adolescence. Ponyboy matured throughout the story becoming more sensible, understanding and less judging. After recollecting his talk with Sherry and her activities, Bob's loss of life and a chat with Randy, Ponyboy realizes that socs have different sides too. They may be good people too.

Ponyboy is the narrator and the main character of the storyline. He is a dynamic figure and develops in several ways. Ponyboy is a greaser like his brothers and his friends, but also differs from them in many ways. Ponyboy is dreamy and innocent when compared to most greasers. He's not as tough and experienced as others. Despite the fact that he is poor and the environment he lives in is quite uncivilized, Ponyboy is an excellent student and also enthusiastic about literature, dynamics and films. Ponyboy knows that this isn't normal for a greaser, so he retains his thoughts mainly to himself. Sometimes however he shares them along with his brother Sodapop because he does not evaluate him and will try to be knowledge of Ponyboy's different part. When Ponyboy ran away with Johnny to cover at the cathedral, he used to learn to Johnny "Gone with the wind". Also, once while watching a sunrise with Johnny, Ponyboy cited a few lines from the poem 'Nothing Silver can stay' by Robert Frost. Johnny was impressed by the lines and Ponyboy learned that Johnny had a different part too. He could understand books and was appreciative of the beauty of character like Ponyboy was. This urged him to open up and reveal himself to Johnny.

Throughout the story Ponyboy becomes more capable, mature and understanding. He discovers too go through the full picture rather than take things only from his viewpoint. When Dallas visited visit Ponyboy and Johnny in the church, his brothers send him an email telling him how much they miss him and they want him back home. It is then when Ponyboy realizes that Darry's strictness comes out of love. He learns to comprehend that Darry enjoys him and that he concerns that through any faults or misbehavior Ponyboy is might recinded from him and put into children home. Ponyboy learns also not to be one-sided and not to guage people with what group they participate in. When Ponyboy goes back to town, he gets in a dialogue with Randy. Randy explains to him that he considers his actions are daring and heroic and that he wouldn't have preserved the kids in the getting rid of chapel. Ponyboy also gets to know from Randy that he grieves over Bob's loss of life and that he regrets what occurred, and that he's tired of the on-going conflict between socs and greasers. For the fist time Ponyboy talks about Randy as a standard guy rather than as a soc. Ponyboy realizes that socs are not simply sophisticated and materialistic people, they too have problems in their lives that appear almost perfect. When Sherri testified in the studies declaring that Bob was the one looking for a deal with with Ponyboy and Johnny, and chose work as a spy for the greasers providing them information about the soc's ideas for the rumble, Ponyboy involves understand that not absolutely all socs are the same, not absolutely all socs are for injustice. Ponyboy also realizes, with the help of Johnny, that he has other options than all of those other greasers. Johnny still left Ponyboy an email, in which he advised him to "stay platinum", like in Robert Frost's poem. Johnny desired Ponyboy to understand that there is much more alive than simply the conflict between the greasers and the socs. By revealing Ponyboy to "stay gold", Johnny sought Ponyboy to remain innocent and clean, and not let the problems with the socs make him rough, competitive, and careless like most of the greasers. This made Ponyboy accept himself and the fact that he is different from others.

To conclude, the storyplot of this Outsiders has good content, though it is an more aged one. I believe its themes or templates and issues are highly valuable as they still solve many of the issues nowadays. It might be a good movie for the young people to view because there are things they could learn from the movie.

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