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The organizational composition of Initech


This research newspaper talks about the organizational structure of Initech office in the movie WORK PLACE. The paper refers to the movie in inspecting organizational behavior in terms of drive, group dynamics, and organizational composition and culture. The newspaper critically analyses these aspects. The function in which these elements have been uncovered in the paper is also brought out.

Plot Summary

The movie WORK PLACE revolves around the Initech office where Peter Gibson works. He's an office drone and exactly like other employees he hates the monotony in his life. His frame of mind towards work is further modified by the loss of life of the occupational therapist that he used to admire. When asked to come to focus on weekends he responds by confirming to work when he feels as though, in the event he accounts to work on weekends he spends the entire time playing computer games and making different design of any office furniture to give himself a much better view. The company affiliates this peculiar patterns with good managerial skills, so rather than being fired, he is seen as a potential supervisor. His life is chaotic since apart from being miserable along with his job, his sweetheart is cheating on him and he happens to have a very unbearable neighbor (O'Brien 2006).


The working environment at Intitech is not conducive. White (2006) records, that working conditions have to be favorable so the employees can feel determined to work. The author details the working environment as soulless. The employees aren't proud to be associated with this place. Milton complains that he has to constantly move to the cellar that is attacked by cockroaches yet he no longer gets paychecks. The working environment does not prefer Gibson and his workmates. Although the surroundings is probably not the key factor as to why these employees hate their workplaces, this can be a contributing factor. Milton's work of torching the building demonstrates he loathes the office. He was noticed expressing severally that he would torch the building and he did exactly that.

According to Leczkowski (2007), the work of the manager is to get the task done by the employees. Proponents of the motivational theory are of the view that mangers have the power to motivate their employees. Squire (2004) shows that for one to understand the art work of motivation, it's important to understand human being dynamics first. Bosses determine the degree of inspiration that the employees will screen. The four workmates specifically Gibson, Milton, Michael and Samir are constantly harassed by the management particularly Expenses Lumbergh, the vice president. The study of human characteristics can be very simple but at the same time very complicated. The understanding of the aspect is important since it improves employee motivation in the task place. The fact that the vice chief executive humiliates employees implies that he does not have the data to learn the needs and would like of individual employees, this is a de-motivating factor since as Khurana (2010) confirms, employers who openly show disgust to the employees act as the de-motivating factors. Employees will not perform duties well since they do not be expectant of praise even though they do the work quiet well.

The problem of having excessive management is uncalled for hence the recently appointed experts aren't important. Businesses only need a single management -panel to solve the problems surrounding the company. Employees become mixed up on whose requests to check out and who's never to. Aniston (2010) views the issue of having more that a person manager as needless unless the company is too large to be been able by one manger. There are incredibly many factors in Initech that aren't pleasant and this tops the list. Companies which have a straightforward management will tend to be more prepared than the one which is handled by many professionals. Effective management will not depend on the quantity of individuals in the management team, alternatively the skills of the in charge of the management is what matters most. The aspect of serving two experts is hard; you have to choose what expert to serve. It really is difficult to please all of them hence it is important to make a choice.

Promotion in work places comes about after one implies that they're ready to manage harder tasks. It is ironical to note that Gibson is marketed despite his bad attitude towards work, he does not work. Further, he explains to Joanna plainly that he hates his job. He does not deserve a campaign since the qualities that he displays are those of someone who is not willing to work. The writer suggests that he (Gibson) spends his time staring at his desk instead of carrying it out that he is designated to do. Any staff member appears forwards to the time when he or she will be advertised. Based on the Accwl-Team (2010) ones attitude towards the job assigned play a huge roe in deciding the way the job is going to be done. One wonders if other employees need to respond like Gibson in order to earn a campaign.

Gibson's promotion definitely acted as a de-motivating factor to people who was simply working hard to be marketed. Such people stop to start to see the need to work hard since their attempts are not strengthened, this will definitely have a negative effect to the company. There is no work related virtue in Gibson that other employees can imitate; he can be a nightmare to any company. The policies that govern the business can be placed into question. The laying off Samir and Michael cannot be understood well, they are really being among the most hardworking employees of the company. It is ironical that professionals lay off hard working employees and promoted a lazy person who is less worried about the work. Professionals do not consider his poor attendance record, laziness and rebelliousness at the work place.

Salary functions as a motivating factor for employees (Igbal 2010). Four of Gibson's workmates do not love the work place but being that they are paid at the end of the month they opt to remain there. They complain about the poor working conditions and the harassment from the supervisor but the issue of wages is not talked about. It is noticeable that if this was voluntary work, nothing of the employees would have opted to keep working there; therefore the issue of salary serves a motivating factor that motivates them to keep working since their efforts will be reinforced even if the manager does not feel that they put a great deal of effort to make things run properly. Gibson realizes that he needs the work since he has to pay bills although he hates doing so. This makes him never to stop his job at the moment since he realizes that the salary he makes is vital.

Gibson feels de-motivated to the idea that he starts taking away items from work location to show his melancholy. He does not start to see the need to keep working since he hates his work and his supervisor. He even takes out inspirational banners since he will not feel influenced, all he desires is to give up working and do little or nothing (Contreras 2007).

His life long imagine 'doing nothing at all' motivates him to attempt to leave his job. At his workplace he will not perform the responsibilities assigned, he just needs to remain idle and do nothing at all this is exactly what he has wished to do always. He absents himself from benefit no clear reason indicating that he will not value his job. Motivational factors be based upon how bad you want to attain our goals; we follow the road that is reinforcing to be able to attain our goals. The idea of departing his work and keeping idle is prompted by the fact that through this, he'll realize his prolonged dream.

Group Dynamics

Group dynamics are the attitudinal and behavioral characteristics in an organization. They can affect business performance if the employees have negative attitude towards their work place. These groups are common where the worker welfare is not taken care of; this is mostly the truth if the management does not focus on complains of the employees. Mr. Expenses Lumbergh is cruel in the way he snacks his employees, he will not give them the treatment that they deserve. This makes the employees to team up and intend to attack the company. Rational treatment of the employees cannot lead to the forming of organizations that protest the management.

Gibson, Milton, Samir and Michael hate their office for different reasons. Gibson hates his work because he hates to work here, Samir gets irritated that no one in the company can pronounce his previous name properly, Milton murmurs to himself about how his workmates acquire his red stapler and his intend to torch the work area, Michael on the other palm complains that he stocks his name with a famous singer whom he hates. They are personal behaviour of the personas in this movie, aside from having different complains, these individuals share one thing in common; they hate the business they will work for. They have complaints that they would rather maintain themselves rather than present these to the management. That is a unifying factor that brings them together with the intention of having the business down.

They decide to interfere with the accounting system. They successfully interfere with the machine although they conclude stealing more than they intended to due to a misplaced decimal point. The three get together to lower the company given that they have been oppressed in the past. The three had agreed to take a lot less however the displaced decimal makes them to obtain more that they can have ever wished for. This was a way of getting back with the business management for the bad treatment they have tolerated over the years. The three also steal a making fax machine and conclude destroying it in the field. They may have all encountered difficult times under the management hence they see this as a good chance to get back at the company.

When group dynamics are bounded collectively by a will do perform cultural evils, then your driving pressure is very high. This might have been impossible if it were one of them who had been conspiring to execute such as take action. When people are in a group, the motivation to attempt sociable evils is quite strong since the group users encourage one another, also the accord that the group members sign regardless of the fact that it is dental or written further drives them into starting the act. Each one of the users must show commitment by at least doing something that plays a part in the successful conclusion of the process (Nicoteria & Clinkscales & Walker 2003). The idea behind the formation of such communities is to truly have a strengthened union that works alongside one another to accomplish arranged goals.

The three employees were a secured asset to the company. The author presents Michael and Samir as being among the most hardworking people in the company, the fact that they were laid off means that the business lost two dedicated employees. The promotion of Gibson was an additional waste of the business resources since he had not been up to the duty. He hated both his position and the business he proved helpful for hence he could not be lured into working fore the company by promoting him. What he needed was time off this job since there was various other work that he thought he could do better.

The three employees of Initech wanted to see the downfall of the company slowly. The virus infected in to the system is meant to divert only a tiny sum of money with their accounts. The three were therefore not planning to gain maximum benefit simultaneously; they wanted to bring down the business slowly without anyone noticing. In most instances, groups that not present their woes to the management plan such antics that will allow them to lower the company so the management can feel harmed because of the collapse of such a firm. Revenge is the generating pressure that motivates them to handle the social evil, they are sick and tired of the way the management has been treating them hence they see this as a good chance for the management to fit to their shoes. Apart from financial gain, the three friends were happy to visit at any duration to ensure that the company is rendered weakened in that you won't be in a position to carry out its businesses normally, generally, the three friends wanted to slowly but totally paralyze the operations of the business. Their involvement was seen as a way of preventing for their right which the company had didn't observe over time.

When employees are motivated to destroy the business, the market is afflicted since they rarely work at attaining company goals, the duties they perform are completed because they have to but not because of their will. When determination lacks within an individual, then tasks can't be performed effectively. They either fail to work or do the work half heartedly. The forming of such groups acts as a unifying factor that brings them collectively to accomplish what they attempt to do. White (2006) recognizes that group dynamics as a highly effective way of presenting woes and making requirements recognized to that management, if the management fails to heed to that conditions set, then your group can apply drive to attain its objectives. This is basically because employees are important in virtually any business since success and failure of the business largely depends upon them.

Organizational performance and efficiency largely is determined by the frame of mind of group dynamics. In the event the employees create a good attitude towards that management, they will probably produce quality work, this is determined by how the employers have been treating them. Staff treatment determines the relationship between employers and employees, if the employees get good treatment, then it will be easy for these to air concerns when they believe that certain factors aren't favoring them. On the other hand, poor staff treatment is dangerous since employees are likely to form communities that target at destroying the company's reputation as well as interfering with the success of the company. Khurana (2010) records that if the employees are comfortable at their work places, then organizational performance and production will definitely produce positive benefits.

Organizational Framework and Culture

Effective organizational framework facilitates the working romantic relationships between the key players in the business. Organizational structure refers to just how that tasks and subtasks essential for the formation of a plan are set up. The organizational structure is supposed to offer an over-all idea on who performs given jobs within the company. The organizational structure of Initech does not look effective as the employees aren't comfortable with the task they are doing (Igbal 2010). It would appear like the employees were just set to work in the many departments without considering their certification and interest. This may be the root cause of most complains that the employees were presenting.

The organizational composition hasn't effectively handled the issue of the conducive environment for individuals. Milton complains that the cellar that he's regularly forced to visit is attacked with cockroaches. The working conditions aren't favorable because the Vice president of the business publicly harasses a few of the employees for no obvious reason. The employees are therefore under pressure since aside from working in poor conditions, the management of the company continues to treat them unfairly. This is very de-motivating especially to hard working individuals such as Samar. The staff may feel demeaned hence feel just like the company will not appreciate individual initiatives. Proponents of encouragement theory suggest that tendencies that is reinforced is likely to occur again as the odds of recurrence of behavior that has not been strengthened is low (Igbal 2010). The lack of kind words of appreciation or gift items to those who have performed well lacks, on the other hand, Michael and Samar who are thought to be very hardworking folks are fired while an extremely undeserving Gibson is advertised.

The environment around which Gibson and his friends work is very de-motivating. As the working conditions are poor, the company will not apply realistic strategies in offering special offers. It is noticeable that Gibson is lazy since he never does his work, it can be argued that the company will probably regress since it is clear that Gibson hates employed in this company and this no amount of advertising will compel him to execute his duties. The company allows external forces to make major changes to the organizational framework yet it is the management that might be best suited to do this since it recognizes its employees well.

According to Aniston (2010) the values of any given corporation govern the connections between the key players. There appears to be communication malfunction in the corporation since employees use mischievous means to get what they want. It has been fueled by the actual fact that employees and employers havent been communicating well. The only path that the vice president can talk to the employees is through use of tough words and harassment. This can't be regarded as communication in a organization because the plight of the employees is not looked into. Communication really helps to raise concerns and issues to the concerned government bodies for reviews. This company seems to have a brief history of disregarding the views of its employees even on issue that affect them.

The guidelines that govern the patterns of the employees are not strict. Gibson does not report to work frequently and when he will, he does not perform the obligations assigned to him. One would question the guidelines placed since any given business ought to totally follow the guidelines and regulations placed by the business, failure to get this done could land the company in danger since the degree of productivity may go down. The vice chief executive of the business does not have any privileges to over exercise his power, this act has been happening for a long period, hence the business's commitment towards making certain their welfare of employees is considered good care of lacks. Aniston (2010) confirms that where regulations are observed strictly operations run properly since the rules govern the conduct of the employees.

The current organizational culture of Initech demonstrates days gone by organizations. The information of the company creates a mental picture of an old building that hasn't seen any enhancements since background. Michael's complains show that the working conditions have been poor for a long time. The hiring of two efficiency experts was uncalled for since the experts did not bring any good to the business, their know-how in analyzing the best person for the promotion was not adequate. The so called skills deprives the company of two very hardworking employees and to make the problem worst, they give the promotion to the most undeserving staff in the company.


Office Space is a comic movie that revolves around the working condition of Initech Company. Peter Gibson, the protagonist hates his job that he will not perform the jobs that are assigned to him, all he will is stare at his workplace and complain about how exactly much he hates his job. The management and the surroundings for this company will not offer any desire to the staff because the welfare of the employees is not looked at well. Despite being sluggish, rude and rebellious Gibson is marketed while hardworking individuals such as Michel are terminated.

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